Sports Trivia Games – Best For Tailgating 2016-17

Playing sports trivia games at Tailgate parties is a tried and tested tradition.  It takes you gently through all kinds of weather and states of sobriety. No matter how many beers you have had, it’s always fun to display your knowledge, or not.  In fact, “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’ would be great if they filled the Green Room with booze and the contestants had to be buzzed or above.  IMHO.

A lot of party animals make up their own questions and score in a random way but I have found some really great kits that do all this for you.  Check them out!

Ways to play are via phone, Kindle or computer or you can fall back on (and this is what we prefer) those packs of trivia cards for a specific sport or for all sports.  Let’s start with the apps.


Android Smart Phone NFL NHL MLB NBA MLS Logo Quiz App – Free

Logo Quiz App for Android - free

Logo Quiz App for Android – free

FREE is good, right?  So here’s a range of free apps  for sports trivia games that are based on team logos and knowledge.  They appeal to all ages and are designed to run on Android phones.

There are 140 logos, 6 levels to conquer and 4 hints per logo.  Correct guesses give you additional hints. The app is updated and is a developing game so the numerous typos and spelling errors probably can be forgiven but it may frustrate those used to more precise quizzes.  For group play, Bluetooth it into your Smart TV and play in teams.

There’s no NHL on there.

Soccer levels are hard for non-fans.

New versions could be worth looking at and as it is free, hey, what’s the problem?

From Bubble Quiz Games

Android Smart Phone – All Star Sports Trivia Games

Best Sports Trivia - Mobi app for NFL

Best Sports Trivia – Mobi app for all sports

OK, so this paid-for sports trivia games app is a definite must for blue-toothing to your big screen, all gathering around it and taking turns in answering a set.  Speed and accuracy of picking the multiple choice answer is paramount and the questions range around all sports or you can pick a particular game that you’ve got some expertise in.

This is real Sports Bar stuff and the questions range from easy to darn hard.  Do some prep for your tailgate party quizzes by working through this large selection of questions.  Mobifusion, the makers are still working on it, fixing any glitches.  The display looks like ‘Millionaire’ and your sports trivia game results can be posted on Facebook. Compete against your buddies or against the computer.  It has bookmarks and is user-friendly intuitive interactive.  Hey, it even has car racing and don’t forget tailgating happens at rallies, F-1, stock-car, burn-out and other 4 wheeler events.

Trivia. No sport is off limits and questions- ranging from easy to hard- cover football, basketball, hockey, baseball, soccer, and more! Challenge a friend to the All-Star Sports Trivia game, save your score, and post your all time best record on Facebook. Invite your friends to play and impress your buddies with how much you know about the best sports teams and players of all time!

I had a wild time playing this sports trivia game with the computer but then some friends came over to visit.  After a few beers, we were shouting out answers and it really was fun.  Particularly useful in the car-park when you are restricted by small spaces or weather but always great for home-gating.

From Mobifusion.

Not free.

NCAA March Madness Basketball Trivia Game app.


NCAA March Madness Trivia

NCAA March Madness Trivia

The trivia in this app is pretty much off the wall stuff from the Collegiate league (unauthorized) and it is competing with the highly established ESPN game.  There are over 1000 questions but believe me, you will burn through those in no time.  Its saving grace is that it is from Mobifusion and they do other games as well and are upgrading apps continually and adding questions so it won’t get outdated if you continue to load the notified updates.

Challenge a friend to the game, save your score, and track your success statistics. Questions are timed and points are based on how fast an answer is supplied. If a player leaves a quiz and returns the game will pick up where it was left off. Players can e-mail or SMS their friends for help on a question by tapping the mail icon on the bottom menu bar.

Again, Bluetooth and a big TV will make this more fun, but you could make it a car for the journey to and from the tailgate party.

From Mobifusion.

Not free.

Android Smartphone Pocket Trivia: NFL Football


Best Sports Trivia - football

Best Sports Trivia – football

Based on American Football, it isn’t an authorized NFL app, but it has umpteen questions for sports trivia games based solely on that conference and its stars over many years.  It has a randomizer feature that ensures that games are not repeated verbatim over and over,  it’s good for tailgate parties and will initially provide a quiet respite from more boisterous games unless, of course, you are playing Extreme Trivia.  This requires that people who choose a wrong answer must Skøl a shot or a beer.  As an app it is timer based so it keeps the party moving right along.  Can become hilarious, and again, synch it up with your TV or big screen display so that everyone can see the questions and chime in with their answers.  Good for team playing as well as one-on-one or alone.  Or everyone except the driver can play on the way to the game.

Based on multiple choice questions.

Use it to train for ‘Jeopardy’ … go on and win the big prize and then you can say you ‘owe it all to tailgating’.

Not free, but not expensive either. From Trivia Labs


New York Yankees All About Baseball  – sports trivia games – cards

Best Baseball Trivia Game

Best Sports Trivia Game – All About Baseball

Here’s a specialized Yankees baseball sports trivia games with 250 questions written by a sports expert on sets of cards.  250 questions is not too many and as a hostess gift at a tailgate party, stocking stuffer or any occasion present, this is a nice item for a Yankees fan.  It’s handy on a car or plane trip (though on a plane you might annoy the people around you) but I think as a component in your repertoire of drinking games this is worth its price.

How do you turn this into a drinking game?  Say, a chug for every wrong answer …

On the listing it does state that it is “recommended for ages 1” and yes, there are some hard-drinking, tailgating baby geniuses out there who just happen to root for the Yankees, but I am thinking it is probably a misprint.

Yankee fans any age would enjoy this and should take a pack in their pocket at all times.


NFL Gridiron Trivia Challenge

Best Sports Trivia - NFL Gridiron Trivia Challenge

Best Sports Trivia – NFL Gridiron Trivia Challenge

You can either read the cards to learn stuff about Gridiron and how it is played or actually play the game.

It is presented in a 10” square chunky box similar to other board games with cards and a board included.

To win, you’ll need more than football knowledge and luck on your side because strategy is what separates this unique trivia game from the pack. Every move must be calculated – offense or defense – just like the real thing. 5 categories of questions – Offense, Defense, Honors, Teams & Audibles – it can actually train players in the language and art of Football plays.

The object is to control a 25-box playing field by strategically picking questions (straight from the NFL Archives) and correctly answering them to win boxes and points while blocking your opponent from doing the same.. Ages 13+ and can be played by 2 players or teams

I like the idea of this game as it does contain that chess-like thinking process (as does the game of football).  Ideal for existing fans of the game, wanna be fans and foreigners who have no idea what the game is about.  They’ll learn, believe me.

In summary, this is a great game to pull out and play at tailgate parties because you can play as individuals or in teams.

Again, you can adapt this for drinking games by penalizing the losers or rewarding the winners.  My preference would be to do that on every play and use a shot glass, refilling it after every draining.

ESPN 21st Century Trivia – sports trivia games

Best Sports Trivia Games -ESPN 21st Century Trivia

Best Sports Trivia Games -ESPN 21st Century Trivia

This game has been around and popular for five years and even though it is dated, has the fundamentals down pretty well.

Say your tailgate party is rained out – you can’t play Disc Golf or other outdoorsy games.  What to do?  Well, this popular trivia game – ESPN 21st Century Trivia – is fun and has a number of features that set it apart from other board games.

Sports trivia questions and fast-action game play include Chalk Talk and Instant Replay which challenge you to get your head thinking and your heart pumping, everything being on a time limit. Beat the shot clock as you battle your opponents; race around the board and win the game.  There are 1,000 questions about your favorite sports like football; skateboarding; BMX racing; baseball; college and more! The “Chalk Talk” card feature requires that you sketch sports terms like “Kiss the glass”; “Snow cone” or “Half pipe”; the “Instant Replay” card requires you to act out a “Hail Mary”; “No look pass” or “SportsCenter”. It’s fun, and even better when beer is involved.

The Game box includes 1,000 trivia questions; 150 “Talk Chalk” and “Instant Replay” challenges; stopwatch; dice; game board and 4 sport-themed movers.

Recommended ages 8+ but there is a whole new level for adults playing this at a boozy tailgate party.  You can play in teams and watch the fun unwind.

ESPN All Sports Trivia Challenge Game – Tailgate Edition

Best Sports Trivia Games - ESPN All Sports Challenge

Best Sports Trivia Games – ESPN All Sports Challenge

This ESPN Trivia Game is similar to the one above, but built around the full range of sports and has half the questions so these people have the attention span of the tailgate partiers figured out nicely.  It’s the tailgate party edition.  You might want to buy some additional question packs from any of the trivia cards available.  Otherwise you will know this one off by heart in no time at all.  Then again, if you are using it as a drinking game, you won’t remember much at all.

ESPN has released many versions of the boxed game.  It is a quality item but I am for buying a few sets and combining them to make the game last longer for a morning-afternoon-night of chugging as the winner or loser.  More fun as a drinking game.

I like the idea of including all sports but if you prefer the more specialized games, then you have that choice in the kits above.

Pressman ESPN Jeopardy Game

Best Sports Trivia Games - Jeopardy

Best Sports Trivia Games – Jeopardy

Combining Pressman and ESPN to create a Jeopardy Sports Trivia game is a good idea.  It contains an electronic unit for buzzing in and each player has their own sports-themed sound effect. Final Jeopardy counts down with the ESPN Sports Center theme.

There are 1000 well-researched and verified questions as is expected with the Jeopardy team.

3-5 players – Age 12 to Adult.  Requires a certain stash of sporting trivia knowledge and is aimed at ESPN viewers which is why team playing may be more fun than solo.

Of course, you can convert this to a drinking game by penalizing wrong answers and rewarding right ones.  The urbane, smooth as silk Mr. Trebek, is not included with the game.

You need batteries for the unit.

Note that this game is now discontinued and discounted  and has been replaced by DVR based Jeopardy games but there are still some available.

Cardinal Industries Sports Illustrated Trivia Tin

Best Sports Trivia Game - Cardinal Industries Sports Illustrated Trivia Tin

Best Sports Trivia Game – Cardinal Industries Sports Illustrated Trivia Tin

Now ya talkin’!  This is the Sports Illustrated Trivia tin.  Contents are low tech, cards and a scoring pad. It’s really well packed in a collector tin which makes it so easy to bring to the tailgate party.

Inexpensive but contains 1000 questions on all sports and my advice is to immediately see this as the tailgate party drinking game to break the ice.  The questions are designed to inform players about a heap of sports.

And the ‘Sports Illustrated Cover Girl’ of 2017 will be ….

NHL All About Hockey Trivia

Best Sports Trivia Games - NHL

Best Sports Trivia Games – NHL

NHL has its own officially licensed hockey trivia game and an excellent range of easy to difficult questions spanning the history of the league from the beginning to 2008/09. Most trivia games are no fun because nobody can get any of the questions right, especially when there is beer involved which, even I must admit, there usually is at a tailgate party.  I like trivia games as an icebreaker and put people in teams.  When the question is answered correctly, everyone downs a shot or a beer.

It’s nice to find a boxed set like this that is based on that brave, northern sport where the yelling out of the word ‘Puck!” doesn’t raise an eyebrow.  Contains 1000 expertly written questions.

Love hockey? Well, here’s another great Hockey-themed game:

Spot it NHL

Best Sports Trivia Games - Spot It

Best Sports Trivia Games – Spot It

You can buy an NBL version too, but the hockey one is cute as it is packed in a puck.  The object of the game is to learn the teams by logo and kids love this as much as drinkers.

It’s a speed game, the players having to recognize the logos of the teams fast to keep things going sort of like a sophisticated version of ‘Snap’ but with a purpose.  Buy the kids their own set and keep one in the tailgate party kit.

The NBL version is:

Best Sports Trivia Games - Spot It NBL

Best Sports Trivia Games – Spot It NBL

Has similar features to the hockey version  but of course, is all about baseball.  I am hoping that all the other sports are released soon as this game is a lot of fun.


FX-318 Fox Sports Baseball Trivia

Best Sports Trivia Games - Fox Baseball

Best Sports Trivia Games – Fox Baseball

Not sure what people who have trivia apps and smartphones would think of this very 1980s style trivia game, but it’s kinda cool in its own retro way.  Contains 1500 questions and tons  of sports info.  Based on baseball. Pardon the pun.  Features a stadium locator/ electronic game of which I am not sure of the currency – those stadiums change their sponsors a lot. Needs batteries and is supplied with the first set but all that buzzing and display will chew through them.  This game is getting hard to find so if you think your tailgate party kit could do with some inexpensive push button fun, then this may be for you so nab it fast.

I’ll add games to this list when I find good ones.  There are some pretty rank ones on the market (with just a few cards or only 50 questions) and they are not really worth buying unless they can be constantly updated and added to.

And if you find some you love and we haven’t listed, let us know!

Happy tailgate partying!





Tailgate Party Games: Frisbeer

Who really knows what the origin of the popular tailgate party game Frisbeer is?  People love to claim it as their own invention.  One theory is that Beer Frisbee (Frisbeer) is Canadian. Players there were rumored to have used old, sawed off hockey sticks with pucks tapped to them to stand beer bottles on, but this seems like a load of hogwash to me. Since then, variations of the game and rules have emerged in every nation (well, maybe not North Korea or Iran) , wherever people tailgate, get together around a beer or go to have fun. Although Frisbeer has a strong following and is fast gaining popularity, it is still relatively new and is still being formalized with rules and standards. But in fact, it’s a simple process that is the best icebreaker at tailgating events.

Frisbeer is like tee ball with a Frisbee.

Matching cups or empty beer bottles (use the fake ones that don’t shatter) are balanced on top of tees or posts that are roughly 4 feet high (chest height) and hammered into the ground or mounted solidly in stands. By the end of the game, you too will be hammered.

The aim is to throw a Frisbee, one-handed, at the cups or posts from about 25 yards away (1 car space = 10 feet wide on average) . Players stand at the poles, opposite ends.

Each player must have a beer or full cup in the non-throwing hand on every play, thus you are throwing and catching one-handed. The goal is to catch the Frisbee before it touches the ground, or if it hits the post or cup to catch the cup without spillage before it hits the ground.

Players/teams alternate turns throwing one at a time and the non-throwers have to defend their poles by preventing the bottle from hitting the ground, catching the disc and not spilling their beer.  No striking the poles is allowed.

First to 21 hits wins and you get your points like this (or ad-lib your own rules)

Successful bottle hit = win point

Spilled drink = lose point

Successful disc catch = win point

Loser chugs his/her drink.

Winner get to drink his/her drink.

So you see, the point is to get inebriated.  But you’re getting exercise, right?

The Best Frisbeer Equipment

When you are buying Frisbeer equipment, check the following characteristics:

All equipment should be durable – Frisbees and posts get knocked around quite a bit.

Look for a weather-proof set – bits and pieces are sure to be left in the elements if you play it in the yard, and you do need them to be UV resistant.

Discs should be light.  The heavier ones will hurt when they hit you and are much harder to catch one-handed.  The official Frisbee weight is 175 grams but some sets contain discs that are as light as 110grams.

As an option, see if you can track one down that matches your team colors and keep that theme happening.

Easy to set up and easy to store.

Check that poles can be mounted either in the turf, garden or on blacktop or concrete.  There should be an optional tripod system or stands for the poles.

Frisbeer combines elements of virtually all outdoor games and lawn sports. Throwing, catching, strategy, teamwork, offense, and defense are part of every toss in game play. The game can be played with 2 players or 2 teams and teams are way more fun – never thought I’d say this but one on one demands too much drinking even for me and watching some of the nerdy guys for college getting into it – priceless.

Portable Metal Disc Frisbee Golf Goal Set Comes with 6 Discs – By Trademark Innovations

Ideal for Frisbeer, frisbee golf game

Ideal for Frisbeer, frisbee golf game

The set includes 6 Frisbees, stakes for stability and an upper and lower basket.  Easy to transport and put together on site. Good for playing in small spaces.  Designed to play on turf or other soft surface and if you take this tailgating you will need to purchase some tripods for the poles separately.  It is easy to set up and take down.

Poleish Sports Standard Game Set with Soft Surface Spike

Poleish Sports Standard Game Set

Poleish Sports Standard Game Set

The game can be set up in less than a minute.

Suitable for 20, 30 or 40 foot long areas so is equally good for kids and adults.

Contents of the kit are 2 x non-breakable ‘bottles’, 2 x telescoping metal pols for use on sand or turf

Built in scoring system on the pole.

Holders for use on hard surfaces (pavement, gymnasium floor or blacktop).

Has a metal frame which is sturdier than many plastic versions.

The disc is quite hard plastic, however, it is weighted so that it will not fly away in the wind.

Accessories sold separately include a multi-surface base with built-in cup.  If you don’t want to buy that one, you can dummy up a couple of crossed planks and using a hole-cutter of the same size as the poles, make a stand.  But that seems too much work and the stand is not expensive.

Base for above system.

FYI, here’s the base that you can buy for the My Pole-ish game.  Seems pretty good and could be useful for other applications especially on windy days.  You can fill it with water or sand to make it super heavy duty.  Water is quite enough for most tailgate party situations as it would be a drag to be lugging sand to the game.  Just be sure to drain well before you put it back in the car and dry it before storing.  Note that the supplied game bag is big enough to contain 2 of these.  They are shipped free if you buy the game so that is a bonus!  Personally, I prefer to use these than the spikes as digging divots in lawns is just not friendly behavior.

Regent-Halex Tailgate Disc Stix Game

Regent-Halex Tailgate Disc Stix Game

Regent-Halex Tailgate Disc Stix Game

This is a nice idea for a game set, packaged well in its own carry bag, but appears to be way too flimsy to take a Frisbee being thrown at it over and over.  The poles are not sturdy and PVC will bend if too thin but it does come with its own built in stand.

The Best Frisbees / Discs For Throwing

Even just throwing a disc or Frisbee is great tailgate party fun as there are so many variations on ways to play.  Throw, catch, do spins, throw high or play in teams, play Ultimate or disc golf.

You need to check that the disc (Frisbee is a registered name and there are many knock-off versions) is heavy enough to fly but light enough to catch.  If you are swamped with ankle-biters, just get them their own size.  Adult Frisbees are often too rugged for little hands.

Discraft 175 gram Ultra Star Sport Disc (Many Colors) – official disc of the USA 1991

Discraft 175 gram Ultra Star Sport Disc

Discraft 175 gram Ultra Star Sport Disc

Listed among the 31 things all men should own by Esquire Magazine, this is the world standard for the sport of Ultimate.  The USA won the gold, Australia the silver and Canada the Bronze in the 2013 Ultimate Championships in Colombia.  Never heard of it?  What is Ultimate, do I hear?  It’s a game that requires a heck of a lot of space, is like a Frisbee version of soccer and combines fat passes/throws with a heap of running and catching.  At a tailgate party or home-gating, you can play a scaled down version quite successfully and why not go for the pro-discs as they cost less than $10 which makes them extremely affordable for you and your guests.  This model comes in a heap of designs and colors.  It’s 175 grams and the foil color on the discs vary so that you and your guests never need to be confused about which one is in play.  Everyone loves Frisbees, from Dad, Mom to the family dog.  Takes up no space at all, you can make up game rules on the run according to the location of the tailgate event.  Keep one in the car at all times in case you pass an empty football field.

Good for all weathers.

Ergonomcally well balanced and designed.

Simple fun for the tailgate party.

Made in the USA.

High quality.


Innova Blizzard Boss Disc Golf Driver (variable weights)

Best Frisbeer Gear - Innova Championship Disc

Best Frisbeer Gear – Innova Championship Disc

There’s a range of price points for the Innova Blizzard Boss and that’s because it is a high tech version for specific throwers. A super long range, super fast little disc for sidearm or backhand throwers in particularly.  It handles moderate headwinds well because of the design, will float, dependable stability.  Pro and advanced users say that it has a slight high speed turn which helps maximize distance with a predictable fade.

Comes in many colors.

Sturdy engineering and manufacturing makes this a popular item. Doesn’t shatter when you hit a tree or other obstacle.  Ideal for Disc Golf due to the potential precision of its turns and directions.
Weight is 130 grams.

This is also a good substitute disc for any of the frisbees that come as standard in boxed games of Frisbeer as it is lightweight.

Discraft Ultra-Star 175G Ultimate Disc – Eagle Full Color

Best Frisbeer Gear - Discraft Ultimate 175 g disc

Best Frisbeer Gear – Discraft Ultimate 175 g disc

Here’s the ultimate in patriotic discs and yes, it has the word ‘Ultimate’ in its name.  Emblazoned with a eagle, it would have to make you proud to take and use this at a tailgate party.  Good gift for our troops too.

Well manufactured and its graphic alone is worth the price even if you didn’t know that it is ‘official’ 175 grams and therefore, competition standard.  But hey, even though we only want to play at a tailgate party we want something that flies well, is easy to catch and manipulate and good looking and this ticks all those boxes.  Excellent for small spaces as well as on wide open courses and good for throw and catch as well as Frisbeer and Disc Golf.  A very versatile disc.

Enjoy the game and happy tailgating!



33 of the Best Tailgate Party Games – A Monster List for 2017!

Best tailgate party games are those involving beer – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Despite what your mother says, beer pong is a sport – Abraham Lincoln

Ok – the source of those quotes might not be accurate but surely Lincoln had some knowledge of the best tailgate party games out there and Emerson had to drink something while pumping out his philosophy. And, so will you after reading this monster list of the 30 no make that 33 best tailgate party games for 2016 including the classics like cornhole, beer pong and ladder toss as well as games you might never have heard of like Barbuzzo, Ringstix and Rollors.

The Best Tailgate Party Games Bring out the Kid in You.

Beer Pong Champ trophy

Beer Pong Champ trophy

Beer Pong Champion award

Beer Pong Champion award

But you can still drink beer, right?  Of course, tailgate games aren’t just about laughs in the parking lot at tailgate parties.  Some are now becoming recognized as a Pro sport – The American Cornhole Organization offers $20k to the winner of The Cornhole Cup!  So don’t let your Mom tell you you’re wasting your time tailgating. Because you’re not. You’re in serious training mode and testing the capacity of your bladder is just part of the skill.

Here’s an ever growing and always updating list of almost all known tailgate games with links to the best products you can buy for the ultimate game-play experience. No more broken cornhole boards, bent dizzy bats or rickety toss boards though. Gaming these days is serious business at tailgate parties and the game sets themselves are made of high quality materials.

Winning this would be a life highlight.

Beer Pong Personalized trophy

Beer Pong Personalized trophy

They  include your team’s logo and come with all the accessories you’ll ever need.  Some are even made in the U.S.A. and not imported from you know where.

So grab a cold one, head out to the pre-game party site and get ready to play the best tailgate party games available!

Best tailgate party games:

Let’s start with the new kids on the block.  We were told about this game by one of our readers and followed it up.  Yes, it’s a pretty good game and gaining in popularity.

Pocket Passer Football – Throwing Backyard and Tailgate Party Kit

Pocket Passer Football boards

Pocket Passer Football boards

Pocket Passer Football in play

Pocket Passer – a new tailgate party game

Pocket Passer is a great game that combines cornhole, beer and footballs for the most fun you can have at a tailgate party.  It was created in Colorado where beer and games go together like love and marriage. Yep, a lot of fun and sometimes there’s shouting.

Anyway, the game was designed by a mechanical engineer who is a great sports fan and tailgater so of course,the game combines a lot of his interests.  Think cornhole but then imagine throwing a football and winning points according to the markings on the boards.  And there is drinking….

There’s no assembly required and everything you need is in the kit. Made in the USA and that’s a rare thing.

And here’s another one (prepare to see this one on one of those TV investment type shows – we think it will sell really well)

The QB54 Football Toss Game

QB54 combo chairs and football toss game

QB54 combo chairs and football toss game


What can I say?  It’s multi-purpose, folds into a small space so that’s great for transporting.  it can be played at a tailgate party, home-gating, back yard, beach, local park or anywhere.  It is not expensive as far as games go.   You get the whole kit which is 2 chairs, football, goal posts, carry bags and instructions.

I haven’t yet tracked one down to get my hands around and play but the maker is insistent that we will love it.  Plus it is the latest big fad.

Free shipping too!

If you buy it, please leave some feedback as until I see one in person, I’m just reviewing on the basis of loving the idea behind it.  I don’t know how many pounds the chairs hold etc. but I am sure someone out there will let us know!


Cornhole – tailgate party game perennial:


Cornhole is a perennial tailgate party game

Cornhole is a perennial tailgate party game

71kwScZlZrL._SL1500_The game is said to have been invented by Native Americans (or 14th century Germans, or Kentucky farmers depending on who you believe).  Cornhole is the staple game of any tailgate party so it deserves a permanent spot on our Best Tailgate Party Games list.  It’s probably the most popular, being super easy to learn and the most fun, with or without being liquored up.

Two raised rectangular boards, each with a hole on the far end (the ‘cornhole’), are placed 27 feet apart. Players take turns to toss bean bags (or other soft missiles) towards the opposing board, scoring 3 points if the bag lands in the hole and 1 point if the bag lands on the platform. The first to 21 points wins.

AKA: Tailgate Toss, Bean bag toss, corn toss, bag, bags.

Gear required: Two boards, 4 bags each team, Scoreboard, drinks holder. Beer.

A lot of people claim that this is the best game ever for tailgate parties with great prices at the moment.  You be the judge!

Ladder Toss (or Testicle Toss as it’s known as in some parts):

Ladder Toss Game for tailgate parties

Ladder Toss Game for tailgate parties



Played by throwing two balls connected by a string (a ‘bola’) at a ladder with three rungs, Ladder Toss is an old, traditional favorite at tailgate parties. Each rung has a different point value (usually 1, 2 and 3 from top to bottom). The awesome thing about ladder toss is that you can play either offensively (by aiming to get the highest points in a round) or defensively (by knocking your opponent’s bolas off the ladder). The first to 21 points is the winner.

AKA: Ladder Ball, Football Toss, Balls Awesome, Hillbilly Golf, Testicle Toss, Ghetto Golf, Dog Balls, Lasso Golf, Dangle Ball, Sling Nuts, Ladder Golf (which is a patented version of the game).

Gear required: Two ladders, 6 bolas, scoreboard, drink holder. Beer.

Beer Pong for tailgate party games booziness:

OK, who doesn’t know this game?  (No hands went up …)

Beer Pong is an awesome sport because it has beer!

Beer Pong is an awesome sport because it has beer!

The core of the action involves copious drinking of beer. Nothing wrong with this so far. I look forward to many training sessions.

Beer Pong

This is also a game that you can play with up to 8 people (who all get to drink beer). So, after you’ve drunk some beers, fill up a few plastic cups (with beer) – it really doesn’t matter how many cups, as long as they are arranged in a triangle (usually five or six). Each player (or team) takes turns to shoot or bounce ping-pong balls into their opponent’s cup and then when the target has been achieved, the player then has to drink the cup’s contents. The empty cup then goes back into the triangle and if you land a ball into that empty cup, you must drink one of your own cups of beer. The first player (or team) to eliminate the other team’s cups wins.  That description made more sense before I started training.

AKA: Beirut, Throw Pong

Gear required: 1 x Regulation size Beer Pong Table (8′ x 2′ x 27.5″); Six, ten (or more) 16-US-fluid-ounce (470ml) disposable plastic cups (eg. red Solo cups) – the best ones to use have ridges for precise measurement of beer – plus a cup per team (for rinsing the ball with water between plays); 38mm or 40mm ping pong balls and I recommend the hydrogen filled style; Paddles if you are playing the paddle version. Note that the table is available in team livery and you can pick up this table for a really good price right now!

Beer, beer and more beer (light beer is recommended if you are planning several games, dark beer for the nursing mothers (come on, I read somewhere it’s excellent for lactation) and normal brewski for the read of us, but I’ve heard that sometimes… *shudder*… root beer or coke is used…). Mucho cerveza makes the tailgate party games even more fun.

Pong on Fire 2.0

Best Games for Tailgate Parties - Pong on Fire

Best Games for Tailgate Parties – Pong on Fire

This exciting game combines ‘Capture the Flag’ and Beer Pong consists of a set of round cards that protect your beer from being polluted by ping pong balls.  Some of the cards also have the flag on them and three hits on three cards and that player wins.  The cards fit nicely into the standard Red Solo Cup and the cards are sturdy and well printed with fun stuff on them.  I think it is a great twist on an old game.  Beer, of course, is always the reward.

Washer Toss – an olde worlde tailgate party game:

This is very similar to Beer Pong but with some variation.

Washer Toss is a great tailgate party game

Washer Toss is a great tailgate party game

Washer Toss Game set

You can make your own washers or buy one of the smart, multi-colored sets available and supercheap in the leadup to tailgate party season.

Standing approximately 10 paces from the washer box (a 2′ x 2′ box with a 6-inch pipe in the middle) players pitch a washer, aiming to get it in the cup or at least 1-foot from the box. Scoring is 5 points for a washer that lands in the cup, 3 points inside the box, 2 points lying on the top edge of the box and 1 point if it lands within 1 foot of the box. First to 21 wins.

AKA: Washer Pitch, Holeyboard, Portuguese Horse-shoes, Washers, Washer Toss.

Gear required: 2 x Washer Boxes; Carpet; Pipe; 4 x Washes, scoreboard, drink holder, Beer.

Flip Cup – this tailgate party game is fun

All you need is a table and some cups.  Oh.  I forgot to mention. Beer. You can use your beer pong table which is a versatile piece of equipment.

Flip Cup or Beer Pong Table

Flip Cup or Beer Pong Table

Hilarious, challenging and perfect for a large group since each team must have at least three people lined up on each side of a table.

Each player holds a cup filled with their beverage of choice and the game works kind of like a relay except, rather than pass a baton, players skøl the drink, place it on the edge of the table and flick the cup from underneath so it lands mouth down and then it is the next player’s turn. The aim is to be the first team to finish. Fun times will be had by all.


AKA: Taps, Flippy Cup, Tippy Cup, Boat Race, Beer On A Table Race

Gear required: Table (which can be used for other games and serving if you like), Plastic Cups, Beer

NFL Trivia – tailgate party game in a small box

NFL Gridiron Trivia Challenge

NFL Gridiron Trivia Challenge

Great game for a big group or just two people and even funnier after you’ve had a few drinks. One person calls out the name of an NFL player from any era and the other has to name the college that the player attended within 10 seconds. This game is always more fun when bluffs and outrageous insults and lies are involved but when that gets a little tedious try using the questions from board games like this one.

It has over 1500 NFL related questions on Offense, Defense, Honors, Teams & Audibles it’s definitely for die-hard fans.

AKA: Game-Day Trivia, Q & A

Gear required: List of questions and answers. Scorecard. Beer or shots to reward the winner after each round or after each question depending on your liquor tolerance.

500 – a throwing/catching tailgate party game

I don’t know if 500 is more fun before or after beer – maybe that’s a metaphor for life. Anyway, we all know this game since we’ve been playing it since pre-school. But just in case you’ve never heard of it, the idea behind 500 is for one player to throw the ball to a large group of people who battle it out to catch the ball in the air. Rules do not include ‘no interference’ so you can slap the arms of your opponents, knock them to the ground or just cuss them out etc.

Catching the ball in the air is worth 100 points, one bounce is 50 points. First to 500 wins and is quarterback for the next round.

What usually happens is that your sedate game of pitch and catch soon attracts every gamer in the parking lot and becomes a free-for-all as the players grapple for the ball. More fun that way but maybe only let people join your game if they bring a beer or two or you’ll be wishing you had invested in the large sized kegerator.

500 is similar to: Ultimate Frisbee; Kickball 300 (kicking is involved… of the ball).

Gear required: Ball, Frisbee, Beer as reward for winner, penalty for losers, you decide.

Tailgate 500 The Tabletop Game (not 500 the ball/Frisbee game or the card game).

Tailgate Party 500 Game

Tailgate Party 500 Game

This game was designed by tailgate party animals but they also made it kid friendly so you need to make a choice whether it is for the ankle-biters or for you.  A clue here is that the ‘course’ is made of vinyl resistant material to avoid spilled beer.  I have never played this game but if you are taking a table, it would be fun to set it up.  Everything is in the box.  I note that it is listed as unavailable on but I am thinking that a few orders would make them ramp up their production again.

Gear required: Everything is included in the kit. Rules, chips, markers and course printed on heavy duty vinyl etc..

Frisbeer – frisbee meets beer for a tailgate party game:

Discraft 175 gram Disc

Tailgate Party Game: Frisbeer

Frisbeer frisbee

Frisbeer frisbee

The best rule in this game is that each player has to have a beer in hand on every play. It’s kind of like a hybrid of horse-shoe toss and flip-cup with two sets of goals at least 20 feet apart. The goals should be only slightly wider than the frisbee and with 4 solo cups placed upside-down on top. Usually I use the 12 oz cups but you could use the 18 oz cups for a quicker mellowing of your tailgate party guests.

Red Solo Cups Wholesale

Red Solo Cups Wholesale

Each player stands behind the goals and attempt to catch the frisbee before it hits the ground. 3 points for a clean pass through the goal, 1 point if you knock a cup onto the ground. A team loses 1 point if they fail to catch the frisbee before it hits the ground and there is a 3 point penalty to a player who drops their beer plus you must finish everyone’s beer before playing continues. First to 11 wins.

AKA: Beer Frisbee, Polish Horseshoes, Spanish Horseshoes, Frisbeer; French Darts; Beersbee; Poleish™

Poleish equipment for tailgate parties is essential and versatile

Poleish equipment for tailgate parties is essential and versatile

Equipment: Frisbee, 2x Goal Posts such as these Sea Turtle ones, Beer, Cups

Chandeliers – similar to the tailgate party game of beer pong:

Li'l Reds Mini Party Shot glasses

Li’l Reds Mini Party Shot glasses

This game will get you drunker faster than any other tailgate game in this list. A small shot glass of liquor is put in the center of the table and each player has a larger glass of beer arranged in a circle around the shot-glass. Players bounce quarters into the glasses and if the quarter lands in their glass, they have to drink. If it lands in another player’s glass then they have to drink. If the quarter lands in the center glass then every player chugs and the last one to put down their glass also has to empty the center shot-glass. You can also play this with plastic cups and a ping pong ball but playing with some unusual little shot glasses really adds to your personal tailgate party style.

AKA Quarters

Gear required: 1 Shot glass (or plastic cup), 1 x larger shot glass (or plastic cup) for each player, Quarters (or ping pong balls), Beer, Liquor, probably a bucket and a towel…


Ring Toss:

In other lands this is known as Quoits.

Ring toss set is easy to pack

Ring Toss Set is easy to pack

You don’t really see too many people playing this while tailgating unless they have free-standing stakes (you can’t hammer the stakes into the ground).  I’ve included it because without this simple version of the tossing game we might never have had those greater versions.  Plus I noticed that at this site the kit is really cheap at the moment and it is suited to all ages. Players toss plastic, rope, rubber or even braided fabric rings over five large pegs or stakes which are traditionally placed in the formation of an ‘X’ with one center peg and four marking each point. You can also use narrow beer bottles – which is where it becomes important for tailgating parties as the player gets to keep any of the bottles they toss a ring onto. 5 rings per round, 1 point for each ‘ringer’.  Kind of like a fairground game.  Winner takes all, each stake representing a drink or a can or a bottle, however you want to set it up.

AKA Horse Shoe, Ring-a-bottle (when you use bottles instead of pegs);

Gear required: 2 colored rope, rubber, fabric, plastic or other throwable rings each player. 5 stakes, bottles, cans.  You can improvise.  Beer as needed – for awards, for consoling losers. Whatever you decide.

Dizzy Bat – a tailgate party game that doubles the buzz

Dizzy Bat tailgating

He who drinks fastest plays longest

Dizzy Bat is a perfect drinking game as it neatly combines drinking with an acceptable physical activity.

The full description of the game plus instructions on how to play can be found here.

It can be played anywhere such as on the beach where bikinis are suitable attire.

Dizzy Bat on the beach

Dizzy Bat on the beach

But mostly, I like this game when tailgate partying because people actually expect noise there.

Gear required: The bat, a stopwatch if you want to be accurate. Some chanting.  Beer.


Kan Jam is America's Tailgate Party Sport

Kan Jam is America’s Tailgate Party Sport

This is a highly accurate flying disc game suited to parking lot tailgate parties.  The player needs to aim the disc at a slot on specially manufactured cans and plunk it into the cans.  It is challenging, needs an accurate throw and great fun and the winners of each round really earn their beers.  This is available in a smart, easily transportable inexpensive kit but of course if you are a cheapskate, you can make your own white-trash version from a couple of Frisbees and a beer box with a wide slit cut in it with a box-cutter. Transfer the contents of the aforesaid box to a cooler and drink the contents as you play rewarding each successful throw with a bottle.

Gear required: 2 frisbees or other flying discs, 2 cans with slits and weighted at the base so that they don’t tip over.  Or you can just by the kit by clicking on the picture above.


Poleish Bottle Bash game tailgating for Volley Ball

Poleish Bottle Bash game tailgating for Volley Ball

Poleish is really Ladder Toss by another name but it can be optimized for tailgate party games in the parking lot with the Poleish Sports Multi Surface Bases which let you play what many feel to be one of the best Tailgate Party games on hard surfaces like concrete or gyms.  Note that there is a trend now to tailgate at some volley ball matches and surf championships.  Be very aware of the local By-Laws on alcohol and at least carry yours in a respectable container.

This is the Glask.

Glask - glove-flask hybrid for, well, you know.

Glask – glove-flask hybrid for, well, you know.




Spikeball is an ideal tailgate party game

Spikeball is an ideal tailgate party game

Here’s a fast and furious game played 2 on 2 that is kind of a shrunken down volley-ball match.  Central to the game is a small hula hoop sized trampoline style net which is placed at ankle height between the players. You whack the palm-sized ball down on the net so that it ricochets up at your opponents. They have up to three hits between them (just like volleyball) to control it and bounce it back to you. When they miss, you score. First team to 21 wins. That magic number again.  21. Winning team gets to drink and play against the next 2 players and this could go on until the champs are frothing at the mouth.

Perfect for the parking lot at the tailgate party as it takes up so little space, transports easily. Also it is selling for quite a bit cheaper than the MSRP at the moment so maybe pick up a set.

Gear required: Springy net on its stand,  ball (3 are supplied), scoreboard, beer.

Speedminton S600 new version of old tailgate party game for 2016.

Updated Speedminton game for tailgate parties

Updated Speedminton game for tailgate parties

Depending on the location of your tailgate party, you may like to set this fast, heavy-bird version of badminton up.  You do require a bit of space but there is also an 8 player version that will allow you to include your neighbors.

A game is played to 16 points. Serve from the center of your playing field and players alternate service every three points. Play best-of-five to win a match.

You can insert a light into the base of each Speeder to allow for night playing or in dim to dark conditions.

It all comes packed in a neat carry bag which contains 2 Speedracquets, 3 Speeders, 4 Speedlights, wind-ring for all-weather play which makes the Speeder heavier and more controllable, 8 cones for court marking.  But freestyle playing (no court) has its own anarchical fun and a beer a point scored is protocol and fair.

The advantage of buying the kit is that it is neat and compact.

What you get in the basic Speedminton kit

What you get in the basic Speedminton kit

Gear required: The kit. You can extend the game by buying multiple kits. Click on the picture for details of where to purchase.  Beer.

Basketpong – variation on an old tailgate party game

BasketPong for tailgate party fun

BasketPong for tailgate party fun

Basketpong is what you do if you don’t have space for, or don’t own a Beer pong table.  It’s loads of fun and there is also a half court version (one stand).  Quite solidly made, it has the fun capacity and compactness you need for transporting to the parking lot tailgate party.  Durable and cleverly designed. The manufacturer says that  ‘Xtreme Pong Sports’ Portable BasketPong Game is a revolutionary and portable tailgating game with a compact setup and vertical backboard. The backboard has 8 slots to insert rims in 1 of 3 skill level patterns – Pro, All-Star or Xtreme. BasketPong is designed for 1-on-1 competition or for teams of 2 with a shooting distance of 8 feet and playing height of 6 feet. This product contains 2 games for full court play. Each unit is designed for portability and breaks down to it’s own self-contained carrying case (28″ W x 22″ L x 4″ D) that weighs approximately 12 pounds per game. Backboard color may vary ( blue/ red). ‘

Looks great and I am looking forward to trying it out (which I have yet to do).  Check out the picture as it is quite clear how the game is played.  I am leaning towards this as an alternative to the tabletop version as I like the idea that it packs into a suitcase really compactly, the base of which becomes a splashboard for your booze.

BasketPong packs compactly for tailgate party fun

BasketPong packs compactly for tailgate party fun

Gear required: Kit, cups, a ton of ping pong balls, Beer.

Barbuzzo – Spin the Shot

Barbuzzo Spin the Shot

Barbuzzo Spin the Shot

This is self-explanatory and graces the bar.  Anyone sitting around the table or bar can have a spin and whoever the red pointer lands on must skøl the shot.

Drink that Shot! Drink that Shot!

Drink that Shot! Drink that Shot!

Gear required:  This little gadget, a bottle of Don Julio or Patron’s finest or just play it with beer.  You do need a stable surface to stand it on or it won’t swivel effectively.  Did I say it is an ideal inexpensive gift for Dad, Bro or Man Crush?  Well, it is.


Ringstix in action for the tailgate party

Ringstix in action for the tailgate party


This is a totally new type of game, winner of some toy awards, inexpensive and challenging, as the missile launcher swords require some skill and practice to be able to project the rings a long way. Manufacturers claim that the rings can fly up to 50 yards and as the game has caught on, players are building in some tricky moves.  Seems like a fun idea once you get used to the twist of the launcher. Otherwise it is a game of catch with that high tech variation.  Fun in the parking lot at your tailgate party as there is a glow in the dark ring which will take you through dusk.  (Charge it up by leaving it in the sun to attract the rays during the day or under a light at night).

You can play in teams each team member taking it in turns.  Winning teams gets – you guessed it – beer.

Gear required: Launchers and plastic hoops/rings. Beer as prizes.

Sports Catchers

Louisville Slugger Canvas Sports Catcher

Louisville Slugger Canvas Sports Catcher

When you are in the parking lot, it is a great idea to have something that stops your ball from flying clear across the lot.

You and your friends can pitch or throw to your hearts content without the fear of pitching into someone’s car or into outer space.

We suggest that the beer should be given to anyone who hits 5 targets in a row.

The catcher can be assembled at your tailgate party and is a smart looking and good value, sturdy accessory for your games.  A nice windbreak too. Frame size: 75″H x 48″W.

Gear required: Catcher, balls, beer.

Anywhere Table Tennis

Wild Sports Anywhere Table Tennis Set

Wild Sports Anywhere Table Tennis Set

This little table tennis set can be erected anywhere even on your Beer Pong table.  It contains the net, stands, balls and paddles all packed in a mesh bag.  You just provide your scoreboard.  Of course it’s not regulation but then awarding a shot a game isn’t either.  To ramp it up, I like to impose a time limit on the game.

Gear required: Kit from Wild Sports, Scoreboard, Table with an edge for the net to clamp to as it is spring loaded.  Perhaps bring a couple of heavy duty clamps as a backup if you are using the beer pong table. Beer.

Drunken Ships

Drunken Ships - battleships with booze

Drunken Ships – battleships with booze

We used to play Battleships in class but Drunken Ships would have been so much more interesting, especially in Mr. Kelly’s math lessons.  It has been called the Drinking game of the year.   Play one on one or in teams on the familiar grid, but shots are key to how the game operates. It’s easy to transport to the parking lot.  All you do is provide the beverage (often vodka or tequila) and bring a couple of whiteboard markers to spare.

OK, the object of the game (instead of guessing where the ships are located) is to guess the opponent’s drink location and if you guess right, they have to slam it down.  Mark your guesses on the erasable grid with the marker.  Easy. Last player standing wins.

Gear required: Drunken Ships Kit. A couple of spare whiteboard markers (erasable). A couple of spare shot glasses in case of breakage. A table to sit at. Booze.

Cross Boccia Urban Bocce – fabric balls play anywhere

Cross Boccia Bocce game

Cross Boccia Bocce game

Bocce is a great game but often at the parking lot, there’s really nowhere to play.  Cross Boccia rip-stop fabric ball bocce balls are the answer, being perfect for playing anywhere there is no special gravel playing surface.  The balls are constructed of durable rip-stop material that will play on any surface – lawn, blacktop, concrete, carpet – and are double-stitched for long-lasting play. The set includes 6 player balls with scoring marks and one target ball in a bright white color for easy score-keeping. Game rules and instructions are included and it’s all packed in a mesh bag.  Winning teams get beer to celebrate. Losing teams get beer to drown their sorrows.  You could, of course, play ‘a Shot for a shot’.  It’s up to you.

Gear required: Kit. Chalk to mark out your course.  Scoreboard. Beer.

Maranda Enterprises Rollors Game Kit

Rollors is one of the best games for 2016

Rollors Game kit is solidly made and suits all ages

Rollors Game Kit 2

This combines the fun of horseshoes, bocce ball and bowling with a goodly amount of liquid refreshment.  That is, if you add the rule that losing players must quaff a shot or a draft.

This was invented by a US Airforce Airman as he was flying 35,000 feet over Afghanistan so kudos to him and may he prosper.  Designed in great-looking wood, it has a set of discs that you need to roll on edge as close to the pyramid shaped goals without the discs falling over on their flat sides.  The rollors are not super heavy so it can be played by any age yet it combines the skills you have picked up from cornhole and ring toss and maybe bocce. The game is picking up in popularity and is comparatively new and average affordable price point but a few are popping up in parking lots at tailgate parties as the differences in the courses you set up just add to the fun.  Winners get beer.  Losers get … beer.

Gear required: The kit. A small measuring ruler such as a bowls measure to determine winners in close calls or otherwise you will end up duking it out. Beer.

Tackle Buddy

Inflatable Tackle Buddy NY Giants

Inflatable Tackle Buddy NY Giants

I’ve included this as it’s not just a cute item for kids, but could become the target of a pitching or disc throwing game.  Or you can stand it on your car roof so that your friends can find you in the parking lot so they know where your tailgate fun is going to be.

It’s an inflatable, team-themed critter that you can punch, tackle or throw stuff at to knock it over and it will get right on back up.  It’s pretty cheap and a fun novelty, probably won’t last for years, more like a season but that’s OK at this price.  You can play knock-em-down with the bocce balls listed above too.  This one is NY Giants but of course, you can get them for most teams and conferences.  Very cheap at the moment.

Gear required: Maybe a pool toy puncture kit in case you wreck it on the first day. Beer.  No particular tie up to drinking and this toy is really just for a bit of added fun.

Franklin Sports Fold N Go Shooters Tailgate Game

Franklin Fold-n-go shooters tailgate game

Franklin Fold-n-go shooters tailgate game

Franklin Fold-n-go shooters tailgate game2 Franklin Fold-n-go shooters tailgate game3

Portable cornhole kits are easy to find but this one is highly recommended, folds neatly, compact (25 x 10 inches and 5 inches high) and contains instructions, rules, balls and everything you need for a game.  All packed neatly in its own bag which is what you want for transporting to the tailgate party in the parking lot.

Supply your own…you guessed it ….beer.

•••The update on this is that availability is tough at the moment.  Send them a message, say you are putting in an order and a few orders may generate a reprint/re-cut of the boards.  It is a great products.


Mölky Scatter Outdoor Game for tailgate parties

Mölkky Scatter Outdoor Game for tailgate parties

Scatter Outdoor game

Mölkky is a skittles/scatter game from Finland and has gained in popularity all around the world with its neat, wooden kit.  The object of the game is to knock down numbered skittles and first to 50 wins.  Winner gets a beer unless they are under 21, or 4 in Europe.  The set is beautifully crafted, sturdy and is packed in its own box which is compact to pack when you are tailgating.  Does not require a heap of space so is ideal for the parking lot.  You can also play indoors.  Suits anyone over 4 years old and is fun at any age.

Gear required: Kit. Plus beer, wine for the 4 year old Europeans and Solo cups.



Kubb Game - What Vikings do at a tailgate party

Kubb Game – What Vikings do at a tailgate party

What Vikings do at a Tailgate Party

As we are in the Scandinavian region where nights are white and long, let’s look at another of their fun pastimes.  Kubb.  It’s another game for the whole family, compact, beautifully made and fun to play.  The Original Kubb Game Red Crown is made of sustainable, plantation grown, 100% hardwood. Europeans play this well known game on the lawn, party, beach, camp game and carpet. The box contains 1 pc King w/ Red Crown, 6 pcs Throwing Sticks, 10 pcs Knights, 4 pcs Area markers, 1 pc Carrying Bag Rule book, Full Color Recyclable Carton which you can store the pieces in.  Suited to all ages and inexpensive considering the craftsmanship.  Winners get beer.

Gear required: The kit.  Solo cups. Beer to award to winners.

H-Box Pro Hockey Box Game with Aluminum Sticks

Box hockey game for tailgate parties

Box hockey game for tailgate parties

Box hockey would be perfect to take to the parking lot for NHL games and your tailgate party would be the envy of all.  This skill-building set comes in an easily erected kit featuring aluminum hockey sticks with nylon tips.  The course has a specific surface that ensures high speed playing. Takes a lot of energy, but sit down between games and have a beer.  The game is set up the same as a real hockey game but in miniature.  You can play with 20 people tournament style, fast and furious, using all the same muscles and stick play as in hockey.  It’s a bit spendy but will last for years and is also suitable for kids (sans beer).   Pro hockey players sometimes use this as a warm-up game!  So in actual fact, you can turn your tailgate party into a fitness regime.

Gear required: Kit. Scoreboard. Beers.

Tejo Tailgate Party Game

Tejo Tailgate Party Game

Tejo Tailgate Party Game


This is the Tejo Pro kit and really the only one I would consider as it will last for years.  Made in the USA and packed in a great backpack, its pieces are smooth and easy to play with.  Best played on sand and lawn (and the pucks are guaranteed for life in that case) you can adapt this to the parking lot tailgate party and that also can motivate you to find the space nearest to a stretch of nice green grass.  The game is similar to horse-shoes but you don’t need any strength to throw these little beasties.  The container is quite compact and we just leave ours in the trunk of the car and play when we are out anywhere.  Quite an addictive game!

Gear required:  Tejo Kit.  Beer.

Point Pong Beer Pong Set

Point Pong - the kit at a tailgate party

Point Pong – the kit at a tailgate party

Point Pong at a tailgate Party Game tourney

Even though for the purposes of the tailgate party this is no selling point, the makers want you to know that Point Pong is ‘taking the beer out of beer pong’ and it can be a family point game. This could be played in the backyard, pool, tailgate, house party or in the Man Cave. It would be great competition for intramural teams or individual games. With Point Pong, the cups do not need any liquid as they are recessed in the table. I like that idea except for the fatal flaw.  What does the winner (or loser depending on your rules) get to drink? Fill up those cups anyway! It comes complete with 2 tables, 22 cups and 6 balls in a light weight carry bag. It also floats in the pool. Point Pong won the “Best non licensed Tailgate Product Award” at the 2015 Sports License & Tailgate Show the “Best Tailgate Game” award by Tailgater Monthly magazine in 2012. Very portable game – at 13 lbs, Point Pong, is 1/2 the weight of regular pong tables. Point Pong has just been awarded a US Patent. Buy local !


You can write your own chants at the tailgate party and shout them loudly when games are in progress.  You have to make your presence felt in the parking lot and it really adds to the atmosphere.

Here are some I collected and you can adapt these to you teams, games and group and while you are partying in the lot, you can practice the team chants as well:

1. Two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar,

All for the (team name), stand up and holler!

2. We don’t wear tights and skirts,
we only wear our drinking shirts!
GO (player name here)!

3. Vic-tor-y, vic-tor-y
How do you spell vic–
Split that V, dot that i,

Curl that C-T-O-R-Y!”

“Let’s go, Let’s go
L-e-t-s g-o
Let’s go!”

4. Pump, pump, pump it up, pump that (PLAYER) spirit up!

5. (Player name) fans, in the stands, yell go, go!
(Player name) fans, in the stands, yell fight, fight!

6. Move it, move it, move that ball!
Down, Down, down the field
Up, Up, Up the score
Down the field
Up the score
We want more!

7. Berries, berries,
berries ‘n cream,
what’s the matter with the other team?
Nothing, nothing, nothing at all,
They just can’t play ball!

8. What time is it?
Game time!
What time is it?
Game time!
Any dogs in the house?
Roof, roof, roof!
Any dogs in the house?
9. Gold and Green

Gold and green

go Packers go!

10. We are (clap clap) Sea-Hawks! (clap clap) We are (clap clap) Sea-Hawks! (clap clap)

11. Maori Haka:

Ka mate, ka mate! Ka ora! ka ora!
Ka mate! Ka mate! Ka ora! Ka ora!
Tenei te tangata puhuruhuru
Nana nei i tiki mai whakawhiti te ra
A upa … ne! ka upa … ne!
A upane kaupane whiti te ra!


13. (Flip Cup) Down, Up, Down, Drink!


Tailgate parties at Penn State

Tailgate parties at Penn State are awesome – trailers and RVs wall to wall.














The Best Ring Toss Sets For The Tailgate Party

Ring toss games or horseshoe games are almost the most fun at a tailgate party.  Everyone knows how the game is played – it’s in the national consciousness.  The echoing ker-clunk of metal ring on stake is almost deafening in parking lots and a sweet, sweet sound that says ‘fun’ with every contact.  Judging by the number of successful throws, beer-drinking is no impediment to the game. There are a lot of sets out there. But if you want to know where to find the best ring toss sets then read on!

Did you know that there is a National Horseshoe Pitchers Association of America?  Yes, that is what ‘NHPA’ stands for.  It’s official, the art of Ring Toss  (interchangeable with the game of horseshoe pitching) is a serious sport, not just something played by drunks in a parking lots at tailgate parties.

That being said, some of my favorite throwing games have been played with a bunch of inebriated, liquored-up buddies and Ring Toss is one of the best.  You need some equipment of course, so I thought I would take a look around at the choices and see which ones measure up.

There are many kits on the market from Target, K-Mart and other chains but those put together by specialist suppliers seem to stand up to all the stuff you can throw at it way better.  Choosing an NHPA approved set designed by the pro-players is vital.  This will ensure high quality and balanced playing parts without defects so you have more control over your game. High quality materials and finish will prevent chipping, abrasion, corrosion and weathering. Of course, if it’s ‘Made in USA’ there’s a guarantee of quality and you’re creating some job opportunities for the locals. It’s worth the investment to buy a good set that will last for years.  Let’s start with the best, the highly rated Pro brands.

St. Pierre American Professional Horseshoe Set

St. Pierre American Professional Horseshoe Set

St. Pierre American Professional Horseshoe Set

This Professional American horseshoe pitching set is designed by a former world champion.  It’s approved by the NHPA for professional and tournament play. The shoes are engineered to ring the stake with a dead fall, and more weight is forged into the toe calks (tips) for better balance in the turn and its longer tips grab the stakes for more ringers. Ideal for leagues, clubs and serious players. This set includes 4 American horseshoes, 2 solid steel 24″ long stakes, the official rulebook according to the pro leagues, and court layout instructions. St. Pierre shoes are drop forged of solid steel and then given exclusive smooth, electrostatically applied baked-on powder coating, a finish that’s more resistant to chipping, abrasion, corrosion and weathering than ordinary paint. You can’t beat powder coating for durability and lack of rusting though they can chip during normal wear.  The finger positioner lets you play like a pro and the raised thumb grip allows for flipping. Only St. Pierre offers this durable, attractive finish. The weight is distributed for maximum balance and control, and each component meets the official size and weight requirements of the National Horseshoe Pitchers’ Association. Made in the U.S.A.

HINT: The powder coating may chip and if you need to repaint, don’t throw the item away.  It is easily fixed by sanding off rough edges and loose paint, use some spray metal primer, dry that coat and then recoat with the matching spray metal paint.  Keep some on hand and touch up your gear and you will prolong the life of your set.

Some people like to set the stakes in concrete stands which they then transport to the parking lot.  This stops them from loosening during the game.  They need to protrude 15” out of the ground.

This set is shipped in a plastic container but I would invest in a better carry bag to keep it in so that you don’t lose the parts.

St. Pierre Presidential Edition Horseshoe Set

St. Pierre Presidential Edition Horseshoe Set

St. Pierre Presidential Edition Horseshoe Set

The St. Pierre Presidential Edition Horseshoe Set lets you enjoy the unique design and quality of a professional set along with an eye-catching durable wood storage case.   Each horseshoe has a specially created tip that will circle the stake with a better balance and a heavier fall and this allows more ringers to be thrown. Those who enjoy a friendly competition or love the game of horseshoes will surely enjoy the top quality of this set. Set of four professional-quality horseshoes 2 silver and 2 gold. Professional-quality steel horseshoes. Durable wood storage/carrying case included. Tip is created for better balance and heavier fall. Includes 2 x 24-inch stakes which can be mounted into a concrete block when you are in the parking lot.

High quality rig and this version has a great carry case.  The shoes are silver and gold, but many users like to spray paint to their team colors which is obviously great and the added bonus is that the rings are easier to see when they fall.

Gordon Professional Pitching Horseshoes

Gordon Professional Pitching Horseshoes

Gordon Professional Pitching Horseshoes

Fills the bill for size and quality as they are NHPA Sanctioned for Tournament Play.

Tough as nails as they are made blacksmith style, with drop-forged construction and they are made from carbon steel.

The finish is a high quality electrostatic black surface, rust proof as long as you care for it as you would a seasoned iron pan. (oil it)

Guaranteed for a year against breakage.

They weight more than a kilo or 2 pounds 8 oz which is classed as ‘medium weight’ for competition.  (Your package will be around 5 pounds).

Note that there are no stakes with this pair of shoes; you need to supply your own.

Many World Champs swear by this brand for its choice in colors, durability and finish and its forged shape is very player-friendly for all levels of the game, pitching styles and skill levels.  Note that some people who buy the colored, powder-coated ones leave the tips colored and sand-blast the rest of the paint off.   Your choice!

They are made in China but to the USA Gordon company specifications.

Tejo (alternative for those without the strength for Horseshoes)

Tejo Pro Game Set

Tejo Pro Game Set

Tejo is a new addition to the tailgate party game scene, patent pending with its proprietary material disks and target.  Most people are addicted after the first game. Anyone can play – kids of all ages and adults.  It’s very lightweight.  Strength does not determine playing ability. It won’t weigh your tailgate party games kit down and very easy to transport in its own carry-bag.  It’s sort of like a combination of horseshoes and bocce or petanque and special site or equipment are not required.

Rules and how to play are included and the set is almost indestructible.

Made in the USA which these days is really unusual!

Cactus Ring Toss

Cactus Beverage Cooler Ring Toss Game

Cactus Beverage Cooler Ring Toss Game

Here’s a combo of a game and a drinks cooler.  More of a toy than a sports set, it can be taken to the tailgate party site, inflated at your party, filled with ice around the base to keep it stable.  There’s a set of light-weight rings to toss over the arms of the cactus.

Nice little novelty item, but for hard-core players and drinkers, it probably wouldn’t last very long.  Great for kids’ parties though.

Vinyl Inflatable Alligator Ring Toss Game

Inflatable Alligator Ring Toss Game

Inflatable Alligator Ring Toss Game

OK, so you root for the Florida Gators NCAA football team?  Then this (also inflatable) cute ring-toss game might just be for your tailgate party.  Another inflatable, it’s a ‘gator indeed.  Has a perky tail and head over which you, drunk or sober can pitch lightweight rings and keep score.

You might think this is a little below you beefy pro horseshoe toss champs but it is cheap and a lot of fun, not just for kids’ parties but for parking lots where the more injurious games are prohibited.  And hey, the whole family can play this.

HINT:  if you find the ‘gator deflates, put a square of duct tape over the mouthpiece after you blow it up.

Front Porch Classics Tailgaters Ring Toss

Front Porch Classics - Tailgaters Ring Toss

Front Porch Classics – Tailgaters Ring Toss

A classic approach to the ring-toss game is this very inexpensive one from Front Porch. It is packed in a traditional wooden crate and contains everything you need, 6 rope rings, 6 bottles, 2 elevation game blocks and 2 wooden scoring gadgets.  The crate is excellent for transporting it and basically, the game is as olde-worlde as you can get, similar to that old game of quoits.  Easy to take to the parking lot and suits any age.  It just doesn’t have that exciting clang of the metal horseshoe toss kits,

Champion Sports Rubber Horseshoe Set

Champion Sports Rubber Horseshoe Set

Champion Sports Rubber Horseshoe Set

While this set is somewhat of a toy, its benefit is that it is perfect for indoor-outdoor tailgate party games. I mean, you are not going to want to be throwing your forged iron rings around inside the man-cave, are you?  This set fills that indoor need as it  has rubber mats that hold the stakes up so you don’t need to dig holes for erecting the targets.  Come to think of it, that’s OK for the parking lot as well as you don’t want to hammer spikes into the blacktop.  The kit is completely self-contained, made of durable, multicolored plastic and rubber, and will withstand quite a bit of punishment, travel to the parking lot for the tailgate party, heavy play and throwing in the back of the truck to take home. Made in China.

More St Pierre sets

This is where to find the the legendary St. Pierre sets including many of their other games.  If you are the kind of person who likes to buy quality and own if for a long time, then their games are for you.  Most times it is far more economical to lay out the money for a superior set as it will last for many years and many games, whereas the cheap stuff generally needs to be replaced after a season.

Tailgate Party Games: Dizzy Bat

All these years I had  been whittling the top off a wiffle ball bat and using that for this game and now there is a superbly designed bat with the holes in the right place and the ability to hold (and that means ‘chug’) not one, not two but three 12 oz beers.

Dizzy Bat, (also known as Louisville slugger, D-bat, and The Spins) is a tailgate party game par excellence. It’s a fun drinking game for tailgate parties in car-parks as it combines drinking with dizziness and chugging.

Tailgate Party Game - Dizzy Bat

Dizzy Bat

How To Play Dizzy Bat Version 1

You need a bat, some cans of beer, a stopwatch for timing, some good repertoire of drinking chants to encourage the players.

Pour some beers into the hollow bat (you can use a wiffle ball bat and cut the top off but the one above works perfectly).  Keep the empty cans as they will be used in the game.

Players take turns. This is an individual game.

Player in play must chug the contents of the bat while the audience chants.  Someone times the turn.

Working at speed the player then must to 5 spins with his/her head on the top of the bat, and the hand on the ground.  At all times Player must be in contact via his/her head with the bat and the bat must also be on the ground.  (The audience counts down the spins the louder the better – ‘5-4-3-2-1!’.)

At the end of the 5 spins, the ‘pitcher’ takes an empty beer can and crunches it and pitches it to Player.

The Player must hit it with the bat.

If Player misses the pitch, he/she must refill the bat, chug, do the 5 spins and try again.  Any collapsing during the game means instant disqualification.

Dizzy Bat Spin

Dizzy Bat Spinning

The time is recorded and at the end of the round, one person is crowned Dizzy Bat champ.

Dizzy bat is a registered trademark of the company producing bats for the drinking game it got its name from.

How To Play Dizzy Bat Version 2

The Player chugs a full beer out of the holding end of a wiffle ball bat.

While the person is chugging, the surrounding audience counts off in seconds how long it takes for the person to finish the full beer.

The audience cannot stop shouting numbers until the batter turns the bat upside down to prove that every last drop has been consumed.

Then the Player must lean over and spin around forehead placed on the end of the bat for however long it took to finish chugging (in seconds). This could be a very long time!  Or not!

Once the Player has finished spinning, a person designated the pitcher throws the empty beer can and the Player must hit the can with the wiffle ball bat.

If the Player misses the can, they must spin an additional three times and try again to hit it again.

Dizzy Bat Chug

Dizzy Bat Chug

How To Play Dizzy Bat Version 3

“Team Dizzy Bat” requires two even teams with two bats competing against each other in a relay race, with the bats acting as the baton.

Each team splits into two even groups facing each other about fifteen yards apart with both bats starting on the same side.

Instead of the players drinking a full beer from the inside of the wiffle ball bat, they must drink a full beer (can, cup, or bottle) then spin around ten times and run over to their other group passing the bat to next player. Whichever team finishes first is the games winner.

This Dizzy Bat is made with high durable plastic, an easy grip handle and custom air hole for easy venting and fast drinking. It’s excellent for tailgating, and clearly this Dizzy Bat will become a staple game at your parties once you discover this bat.

Note that the longer you take to chug your booze, the more spins you will need to do so speed is important in the game as well as accuracy in the hitting.

The instructions on the package are:

To play fill the Dizzy Bat with the desired amount of liquid (make sure to plug the venting hole). Tip the bat back to your mouth, uncover the venting hole and chug away! Then the game gets fun. The number of seconds it takes you to drink the liquid equals the numbers of spins you need to do so make it quick. Put your forehead to the bat and start spinning (face down)! Once you’ve spun around the required amount of times, try to hit an incoming ball or can thrown by one of your buddies! Pass the bat to the next participant and keep the party going. Dizzy Bat is an awesome way to get everyone involved to have a good time. Dizzy Bat is intended for those of a legal drinking age. Have a good time with Dizzy Bat –  drink responsibly. Don’t drink and drive.

Homemade Dizzy Bat

Here’s the home-made game version.  Participants in the game of Dizzy Bat use any number of plastic, hollowed bats. Players can create their own bat using a standard Wiffle Ball Bat by removing the handle end to create an opening and punching a hole on the bat end to create air flow. Alternatively, players can purchase one of the commercially available bats, such as “The Dizzy Bat”.

32" Wiffle Bat

32″ Wiffle Bat

Nowhere does anyone mention that the bats are food-grade plastic so be aware and don’t chew on the bat just in case.

One day it will be an Olympic sport, mark my words, as you need some pretty awesome hand-to-eye coordination, speed and accuracy, not to mention bladder control to win this game.

Tailgate Party Games: Chandeliers

There is no more iconic Tailgate Party Game than Chandeliers, that ice-breaking combo of beer pong, flip cup and chugging.

Chandeliers can be played with any glasses or containers as long as they are all the same in the outer circle and a large one in the center. However, the Red Solo cup is King.

OK, so for those of you who have been walled up in a convent for the last few years and are out of touch with the rules of Chandeliers, here’s how you play.

What you need:

1 small red cup per person (a cup set in front of each player).  I like the shot sized ones because the game can continue longer but any size is fine, even the 12 oz but don’t fill it. Leave room for the ball or quarter.

Lil' Reds Mini Solo Cup Shot Glasses

Lil’ Reds Mini Solo Cup Shot Glasses

1 x 18 oz Center Cup filled to the brim for chugging.

1 ping pong ball (plus a few spares).  Wash’em if you don’t believe that beer cures all ills.  Some people use quarters but you never quite know where they’ve been.  If you decide to use quarters, then soak them in bourbon to kill the germs.

Stiga 3-Star Orange Table Tennis Balls, 6-Pack

Stiga Orange Table Tennis Balls

Table – a round one is best.   In any case, sit or stand in a circle around it.  OK – realistically, you will start off standing, slip into a chair after a few rounds and end the game on the ground.

 NFL Rally Towel

NFL Rally Towel

A bar towel or two to soak up spills.

Fill a cup with a drink of the party’s choice (say, the signature beer, cocktail, shot or wine) to the brim and place it in the middle of a table.

Players sit/stand (or lean) in a circle.

Each player has a filled cup (for a Solo cup pour to the top line, not the brim – leave room for the ball) in front of him/her.  Player cups surround the center cup in a circle.   Note that this works best with beer as many drinks go down the hatch in the course of the game.

Players take turn bouncing a ping pong ball into the cups from the edge of the table, and whichever cup it lands in the person who owns the cup must drink the contents and then refill it.  If using a quarter, just throw it.

If the ball lands in the bouncer’s cup, then the bouncer has to drink everything in his/her cup as well as the center cup.

If the ball lands in the center cup, then everyone has to drink everything in his/her cup, flip it on the table edge and the last person to set his or her cup down has to chug the center cup as well.

If the bouncer misses all cups, he/she passes the ball to the person on the left.

Whenever a cup is emptied in the course of the game, it is to be refilled.

The game continues till everyone is too wasted to continue.  A curve ball can be thrown into the mix by targeting a specific person’s cup.

VARIATION: While it’s really not fair to mix containers sizes and shapes, you may draw for cups and then each player has an advantage depending on what they choose for their cup.  And also, that system will allow for individual tastes.  So if you are a beer drinker and the missus is a tequila drinker, you can choose your red cups or glasses accordingly putting your signature cocktail in the center or a massive beer.  Trawl through our reviews of glasses and Solo cups for some inspiration here.



Tailgate Party Games – Best Scoreboards To Take To The Party Site

OK, so let me make myself clear, here.  I am not talking about a scoreboard where you can see a gi-normous shot of yourself on the Kiss-cam.  These are compact models for the serious tallying of scores in drinking games, tailgate party games and other pursuits that need honesty and accountability to avoid a car-park punch-up.  Hmmm. TMI there perhaps.  Anyhow, I have chosen them on the criteria of their simplicity to use, sturdiness and price plus ease of putting together and ability to transport and appropriateness for cornhole, washer toss, bocce and other simple games that go from scores of 0 to 21.

Here’s what I found.

ScoreTower Combo Set

Score Tower Combo Set

Score Tower Combo Set

This combines two excellent pursuits: playing games at tailgate parties, and drinking.  You can see why the scoreboard is necessary when you try to keep score by memory after playing games involving drinking shots.

Perfect for Cornhole so that you don’t need to keep the scores in your head.

The clips that hold it together are not super-strong, but the supplying company will replace them free if there is a problem.  Maybe they should ship the item with two sets of clips!

The main board is 58” tall and the smaller one is a backup with a drink stand and small board that you can write on with whiteboard markers.

Drink holder will take a bottle or can with a koozie easily.

Note that it is mounted on a spike which you need to drive into the ground.  If you are tailgating in a car-park, allow for this.  In similar situations, we use a beach umbrella base and stand it in that, shoving something (a soft rubber wedge) in the tube to stabilize it.  In a patio/garden situation, it is perfect – just poke it into your lawn.

Terrific tailgate party host gift or holiday gift for avid tailgaters.

Not 100% weather proof so don’t leave it out in the elements.  Once assembled, it’s a good idea to trek down to Home Depot and find a plastic storage box for all your cornhole gear/party games and keep them together neatly.

Made from laminated cardboard and powder-coated black steel.

Double sided.

Weighs four pounds and ships in a box disassembled and costs arounf $4 for shipping.

JDT Kaddy Elevated Drink Holders (Set of Two)

JDT Kaddy Elevated Drink Holders

JDT Kaddy Elevated Drink Holders

Here is a free standing scoring device designed around a drinks holder.  There are two in the set which has a tripod effect on the base so that you can set it up anywhere good games are played.  No need to shove that spike in the newly concreted car park.  The tripod stands easily on hard or soft surfaces.

Tailgate parties traditionally combine games and drinking and having a foolproof way of remembering who scores is essential. Score is kept on a molded ring by way of small pegs that keep tally from 1 to 21 points.  Easy and no need for a marker. A benefit is that it comes with its own nylon carry bag. But again, as it is plastic, store in a box with your game equipment so that it doesn’t get broken.

There’s a neat pocket on the caddy to hold your keys, wallet or other bits and pieces you may lose at the party. The drink holder is flexible and will hold bottles, cans with or without the koozie.

Orange and black in color. Indoor or outdoor use.

Excellent gift for avid tailgate party attendees or homegaters or just people who like to play cornhole games.

Tall Boy Scoreboard

Tall Boy Scoreboard and Drink Holder

Tall Boy Scoreboard and Drink Holder

The ‘Tall Boy’ is an American crafted powder-coated scoreboard that is universally praised for its sturdiness.  It’s only drawback as far as I can see is that it is only suitable for soft soil surfaces as it needs to be poked into the ground to stand up.  Unless you purchase a tripod.  You can’t easily jam it into an umbrella holder as it has a two pronged steady stand.  However, this is such a well-made item, it is worth looking for a tripod to anchor it onto any concrete/black top surface.

It has space for two cans/bottles with or without koozies. Weather resistant and pre-assembled.

Corn Hole Game Bag Toss Decal Overlay Magnetic Scoreboard Black on White

Corn Hole Game Bag Toss Decal Overlay Magnetic Scoreboard

Overlay Magnetic Scoreboard

Here’s an idea so simple that I can’t imagine I didn’t think of it myself. Instead of buying a complex scoreboard/drink holder, just put one of these decals over your cornhole target board.  Made of powder coated metal, it attaches simply and stays on your board in view at the end.  The scoring devices are magnetic and are shaped like chess pawns in a travel set and you move them along to the appropriate score.

Nothing extra to store.  There’s even a space to store your ‘pawns’ by attaching them (magnets) to a supplied metal washer beneath the board.

It’s not complex at all and if you lose the magnets, just replace them with cheap ones from the craft or hardware store. Follow the links to order other colors (you’ll want to match your team colors).

Scorzie – The only koozie that keeps score

Scorzie - The only koozie that keeps score

Scorzie – The only koozie that keeps score

This is a brilliant idea and, given how when you are tailgating away from home, space in the vehicle is of the utmost importance.

It’s a koozie (drink cooler) that has score rings around it that click in to place for keeping score from 0 to 21.  There are blue and red rings representing two teams.

The inside is lined with high quality foam, the base has non slip foam to prevent rings and slipping and the exterior is clad in shiny, classy brushed stainless steel. It’s a great looking item and essential in the tailgate party box to have a couple of these.  Actually, every tailgater should have one of his/her own!

Then when the urge to drink and play games hits you, or you want to keep track of any scores, you will be ready to roll.

HINT: If the rings at any time fail to turn, give them a spray with WD-40 and they will work well.

Portable Bocce Scoreboard Combo with Drink Holders and Tailgate Stands

Portable Bocce Scoreboard Combo with Drink Holders and Tailgate Stands

Portable Bocce Scoreboard Combo

This scoreboard combines with 2 drink holders, each with tailgate stand options.  It’s designed as a double-sided free-standing scorekeeper for Bocce and other outdoor games played at tailgate parties and the manufacturers have ensured that it easily pushes into the ground the display being at a convenient viewing height for all players.

The step-stake is made from heavy gauge steel with black powder coat paint for weather=proofing and toughness. The scoreboard itself is made from all-weather plastics designed to stand up to transport and all-weather use. A tailgate stand is included so that it can be used on concrete or blacktop, when it needs to be supported on a non-diggable surface.

It’s 58″tall and the graphics are double-sided with 2-column scoring and 2 Tailgate stands are included.

NOTE: It is designated for bocce but you could easily use it for cornhole or washer toss or any other tailgate party games.

Tailgate party on!




This Beer Pong Poster Will Brighten Up Your Tailgate Party!

This poster brings new meaning to the phrase “The Art of Beer Pong”. Tailgate Party fans will want to get their hands on one of these!

It’s a parody of Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam” –  after God created Adam, he created beer pong!  Imagine that laminated, framed or mounted on MDF and behind your bar in your man cave or clamped to your canopy in the car-park.

Are you more  of a home-gater than a tail-gater?  Do you have a man-cave? Or do you like to take your style to the car park?

No matter what, you have to agree that this is a fabulous piece of art!  It’s called

‘The Creation of Beer Pong’ and is a Poster available in many sizes and prices.

Perfect gift for that tailgate party animal and beer pong champ in your life.

60” x 20”


The Best Games, Gadgets & Music For Tailgate Partying! Update 2017.

A totally amazeballs tailgate party experience gets down to the host’s ability to figure out in advance everything that is needed.  Think comfort, effortless presentation but most of all, FUN.  You don’t want any aspect of the day to stress you out.  (Awwww gee, maybe the game can cause a bit of angst if you’re backing the wrong team) …

We’ve got a heap of it covered at the Tailgate Party Site but here are a few of the more unusual things you could invest in to rock your tailgate party.

Play A Game

1. The PDGA Approved Deluxe Disc Golf set.

PDGA Approved Deluxe Disc Golf Set

Deluxe Disc Golf Set

If you have a bit of space in your site, then add Disc golf to your party games.

It is played kinda like traditional golf. Balls and clubs are replaced by flying discs, or Frisbees®. People played this for years but in the 1970s the rules became standardized. The object is to progress around each ‘hole’ in as few throws as possible starting with a ‘tee’ area and ending at the target (‘hole’) which can be one of a number of disc golf targets, such as a Pole Hole® which is an elevated metal basket.   Otherwise, it’s the same as golf, the landscape or area played in providing the obstacles and challenges.  There are no snobby green jackets, no caddies needed (yaaay no tip there) no massive club fees, no age or sex limits and in most places, it is free to play or to practice.

You can play this around the whole car-park or your garden or in a park.  As a player progresses down the fairway, he or she must make each consecutive shot from the spot where the previous throw has landed. The trees, shrubs, and terrain changes located in and around the fairways provide challenging obstacles for the disc-golfer. When the disc lands in the basket, the hole is completed and player #2 begins at the starting point.  Instructions are on the package and there are some great YouTube demos as well and these pros make our drunken efforts look … well, like the drunken efforts that they are.

Scare Off The Bugs

2. Thermocell Portable Mosquito Repeller

So you’re tailgating down in the car-park of, say, the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and out come the flies and mosquitoes spoiling your BBQ and stinging your guests.  Here’s a really effective way to beat the bugs.  It’s a portable mosquito repeller that provides relief from the airborne pests in any outdoor situation.  It’s around the size of half a drink can, is cordless and sends out a safe, subtle scent to repel mosquitoes, gnats, and midges.  No more spraying chemicals.  Just put it on your patio table.  I also like to put one under the table to protect bare legs and ankles.  Coverage is 15 feet square feet.  The Thermocell butane cartridge will last for around 12 hours protecting your fellow tailgaters from nasty bites. Insect mats last 4 hours.  You get 3 in a pack.

Bring Your Own Music!

3. ION Audio IPA17 TAILGATER AM/FM Lightweight Speaker System for iPOD

Ion Tailgater AM_FM Portable Speaker with iPod dock

Ion Tailgater AM_FM Portable Speaker with iPod dock

You need music at any party.  The best way is to play off your special tailgate party mix on your iPod or iPhone. Here’s a great iPod Dock speaker system with an eight hour battery (with level indicator) and a sound that will fill your tailgate party space.  It has inputs for microphones and other audio sources so that your crowd can belt out those team songs.

Comparable with the Bose unit, the Pioneer unit and the Bowers/Wilkins Unit it is cheaper and without the stellar sound of those three, but performs well enough whether outdoors or in the man cave.  Very portable and sturdy, kind of industrial looking rather than glamorous but that’s OK with me and it’s light enough to carry using one of the handles rather than both (which is a bit awkward).  You can run it while plugged in or for 8 hours battery.  The AM/FM tuner is a bit of a bust as it takes a while to set it and doesn’t save stations or have presents but you could use your iPhone as the radio and use an input instead. This is the old model so is incredibly barganacious at the moment and will give you a few seasons before you need to replace it.


If you want the grand-daddy version, have a look at the…


4. ION Audio Block Rocker Rechargeable Wireless Speaker

Ion Audio Block Rocker with Lights

Ion Audio Block Rocker with Lights

The difference between the Block Rocker and the Tailgater is that this rechargeable battery lasts 12 hours and the sound, well, I guess it can be heard all round a neighborhood block.  It’s portable and the sound is beefy enough for all massive scale tailgate parties, BBQs, neighborhood events, weddings and anything.  It’s not too strong on the bass, but that probably means the battery life is longer and also your neighbors won’t totally hate you.

So big, it needs wheels.  The AM/FM radio and antenna can be tuned to the Game of the Day and keep everyone informed just in case the party keeps you from actually getting inside to the game.  Just note that there is no control to save your station selections.  It just has to be scrolled through again from the start. Ugh!

Great performance and value for money and has independent volume controls for all sources. Tough as nails with metal edges to protect from dings.

90 day warranty.
Note:  Allow the unit to drain the battery totally before recharging.  This will protect it and give you a better unit life. Read the instructions carefully.

5. Riva Turbo X Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Riva Turbo X Wireless Speaker

Riva Turbo X Wireless Speaker

OK, so from the biggest, to this compact and sleek little speaker.  It operates via Bluetooth so no need for a dock for an iPod.  Just link to the iPod you stash in your picnic set.   It is not even 6” in length and around 9.1 x 4.1 x 3.5 inches and weighs 3 pounds.  Sweet!

Perfect stereo sound for your tailgate party and the sound won’t blast your neighbor sites into kingdom come.  The battery lasts 26 hours and is rechargeable (Lithium-ion battery).  It is very compact but has a volume that is excellent for the tailgating party.

It comes in a wide range of colors so you can select one to match your team logo!

USB charge port for charging other devices& USB data port.

Speakerphone with noise & echo cancellation technology

You can connect with 2 devices at a time so you can double up your music library.

Choose The Right Tailgate Party Songs!

6. Top Twenty Sports Songs For Tailgate Parties

Ok, so now you have your great speaker, what music do you want to feature at your tailgate party?  Here’s a list for your reference!  You can get these all from iTunes.

20           Kenny Chesney – “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems”

19           Craig Morgan – “Redneck Yacht Club”

18           Brad Paisley – “Alcohol”

17           Joe Nichols – “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off”

16           Jason Aldean – “She’s Country”

15           Trace Adkins – “Swing”

14           Alan Jackson – “Good Time”

13           Big & Rich – “Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy)”

12           Zac Brown Band – “Toes”

11           Billy Currington – “Pretty Good At Drinkin’ Beer”

10           Toby Keith – “I Love This Bar”

9              Gretchen Wilson – “Here For The Party”

8              Billy Currington – “People Are Crazy”

7              Hank Williams, Jr. –“All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight”

6              Eric Church – “Smoke A Little Smoke”

5              Zac Brown Band – “Chicken Fried”

4              Trace Adkins – “Ladies Love Country Boys”

3              Jason Aldean – “My Kinda Party”

2             Alan Jackson – “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere”

1.             Blake Shelton – “The More I Drink”

(These are as voted by the GAC network fans in August 2013.)

My two bonus picks are:

Deaf Havana – “Nicotine and Alcohol Saved my Life”

Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs – “Most People I know Think that I’m Crazy”.

7. Classic Collection from that icon of taste, Larry the Cable Guy.

Larry the Cable Guy

Larry the Cable Guy

Just go the whole hog and buy the Tailgate music collection from Larry the Cable Guy.  Self-explanatory.  Very appropriate.  Politically incorrect.  To inspire you, just think about these classic, uplifting and motivating tracks:

‘Prostate Professional’, ‘Half Cocked’, ‘Boob Tube’, ‘Male Enhancement’ – ahhh, that’s sure to get the party started.

Larry Cable Guy Tailgate Party CD

Tailgate Party CD - Larry The Cable Guy

Tailgate Party CD – Larry The Cable Guy

Finally, how about a bit of a disguise?  You may want to at some tailgate parties.

Here are some suggestions and you may want to haul these out for tailgate parties at horse racing events:


8. Magical Unicorn Mask

Magical Unicorn Mask

Magical Unicorn Mask

Nothing says you’re here to have a magic time than a Magical Unicorn Mask.  A bit eerie, but there’s still space for a beer bong in that cavernous mouth.  Made of latex, can be cleaned depending on just exactly what you intend doing in the mask.  It has a full head with a confronting stare. Air any of these masks out well before wearing to minimize the rubber smell and if you have a latex allergy, give them a miss. Please remove it while driving.  Unicorns are not eligible to pass a DMV test.


9. Horse Head Mask

Horse Head Mask

Horse Head Mask

More into horses than unicorns? Then here’s an awesome one which is not just suited to wear at, say, The Dallas Cowboys, the Denver Broncos games but also for horse racing events:



10. Pig Head Mask

Pig Head Mask

Pig Head Mask

Look, I’m the last person to point the finger, foam or otherwise, but some people just should be made to wear this mask.  As the sellers say, ‘We recommend this mask while grilling at your BBQ this summer or just ordering at the butcher counter.’  It’s worth checking this mask out just to read the witty reviews …

Finally, just remember that in the words of the philosopher, Homer – that’s Homer Simpson –

“We’re not here for the game. The game is nothing. The game is crap. The game makes me sick. The real reason we Americans put up with sports is for this: Behold, the tailgate party. The pinnacle of human achievement. Since the dawn of parking lots, man has sought to fill his gut with food and alcohol in anticipation of watching others exercise.”


Tailgate Party Games: Flip Cup

Flip Cup Rules:

Flip Cup is an awesome tailgate party game for a large group since you need at least 6 people to play (yes, it’s possible to play 1-on-1 but you will be hammered after a few games). So, that’s at least 3 on each team who line up on each side of a table. One end of the table is the start and the other end is the anchor. The anchors begin the game by either a toast (a chant) or via the “gentleman’s start” which is both players tap each other’s cup and then the table. Each player has a cup filled with their beverage of choice (usually beer) and the game works kind of like a relay except, rather than pass a baton, players chug the drink, place it on the edge of the table, face-up, and flick the cup from underneath so it lands mouth down and then it is the next player’s turn.

You can only use 1 hand to flip the cup (the other hand can only be used to prevent the cup from falling off the table). The cup must be touching the table when you flip it: mid-air flips are not allowed. It is also illegal to interfere with the opposing teams cups.

The aim is to be the first team to finish. For the next round, player #2 now becomes the new ‘anchor’. You can have up to 2 reserves/alternates and, officially, a ‘match’ is defined as best out of 7.

aka Taps, Flippy Cup, Tippy Cup, Boat Race, Beer On A Table Race

Equipment Required: Table, Plastic Cups, Beer

The Best Flip Cup Tables & Accessories

You need a long table to play flip cup. The more people playing, the longer the table should be. The best tables to play flip cup on are the beer pong tables–these are usually high quality, light, portable and are built to cope with lots of beer spills. Also, once you’re done with Flip Cup, you can start a few rounds of beer pong (which is always funnier when you’re drunk). You don’t really need a dedicated Flip Cup table since any long table space will do. But if you are out at the tailgate then you need a good portable table that’s sturdy and balanced.

Go Pong 8-Foot Portable Flip Cup Table

Go Pong 8-Foot Flip Cup Table

Go Pong 8-Foot Portable Folding Beer Pong / Flip Cup Table The perfect 8-Foot table for Beer Pong is also the perfect table for Flip Cup. Built to be very sturdy, with a strong aluminum frame and a water-proof (read: beer proof) melamine MDF surface it is also ultra portable, folding up to the size of a briefcase for easy transportation and storage.

  • Pros: Solid construction. Portable. Easy to Clean. Also Beer Pong table.
  • Cons: Regulation Beer Pong means it’s a low table.
  • RRP = $89.99
Flip Cup Red Plastic Cups

Flip Cup Red Plastic Cups

Bakers & Chefs Red Plastic Cups – 18 oz./240 ct. These are the cups everyone uses for playing flip cup. They are heavy duty enough to be smacked around and don’t squish when you grab them. But they are cheap enough to be disposable. Remember not to fill them to the top when playing flip cup! Just a quarter or a third is plenty if you want to last more than a few rounds.

  • RRP: $14.35 (for 240 cups)
Flip Cup Flipadelphia Shirt - Men's

Flip Cup Flipadelphia Shirt – Men’s


Flipadelphia Flip Cup Shirt - Ladies

Flipadelphia Flip Cup Shirt – Ladies


If you want to get really serious about your Flip Cup game (while not being at all serious) then grab a couple of these cool It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia shirts, dedicated to the game. You too can be the Flip Cup Legend of Flipadelphia.

Flip Cup Champion ShirtFlip Cup ShirtFlip Cup Champ ShirtFlip Cup Shirt Cafe PressFlip Cup Apron

Or this series from Cafe Press which have a heap of shirts, sweaters, hoodies and other tailgate themed gear.

Flip Cup Tips:

  • Don’t fill the cups with too much beer. No more than a third of the way up. Otherwise you won’t last many games.
  • When flipping the cup, just a light tap is enough to flip the cup properly. Too much force will make it fly into the air.
  • Control the flip – that’s the key. You don’t want to be chasing the cup around during play.
  • Learn how to intimidate your opponent. Or, make them laugh. It’s a lot harder to chug when you’re laughing.
  • Come up with a great Flip Cup chant. It makes a big difference to the fun of the game when you kick it off with a funny chant that everyone knows.
  • Flip cup gets messy since cups of alcohol end up flying through the air and there can be a lot of spill. Get a good waterproof table and don’t play on carpet!