Tailgate Party Recipe: Beer Punch & Spicy Hot Dogs!

Check out this video from Nicole and Ari of Drink and Dish with two great recipes for your Tailgate Party. If you love hot dogs and you love beer then you’ll want to see this (so, basically that’s everyone!). It’s a nice twist on two traditional tailgate party staples and looks like a lot of fun to prepare. Plus it only takes them about 5 minutes while chatting…

Oh, and I looked into what beverage dispenser they are using because I wanted to know where you can get one like that with the cool little spout build-in. Looks like it’s the Anchor Hocking Beverage Dispenser.  I’ve already ordered mine!

If you have any tailgate party recipes that you want to share leave a comment below with your favorite food, recipe or go-to site for tailgate party recipe ideas.

Farewell Candlestick Park’s Parking Lot and the Smell of BBQ!

Tonight is the last game at this legendary stadium where the 49ers  battled it out with many teams over the decades.  It’s been a windy, rainy, foggy venue since 1957, beset upon by the elements including an earthquake.  Dynamite will finish this old park which will be replaced by an upmarket development and all sport will move south with the 49ers to Silicon Valley.  The parking lot will be missed more than the stadium, being the venue for many a spread of BBQ and mac’n’cheese and corndogs.

All hail, the ‘Stick! (Well, yes, there was hail occasionally and the weather there was always bad)  All hail the friendships made in the parking lot!

How To Clean A Kegerator – Video

Clean your kegerator after every keg. Trust me – do it! You don’t want to ruin the pure, fresh taste of a quality beer. Actually – you don’t even want to ruin the taste of a cheap beer because, if you don’t clean out your kegerator every time you replace the keg, you risk build up of bacteria, yeast or all sorts of nasty germs. Bugs and flies can crawl in as well and I’m sure you don’t like the taste of insects with beer.


Tailgate Party Video: How To Do A Keg Stand

What’s that? You’re in college and you don’t know how to do a Keg Stand?!!? Well, lucky for you video jug have put together this informative guide to one of the toughest manoeuvres in the world of college drinking games.

You will need:

  • a tapped keg
  • two spotters
  • a pumper
  • an appetite for beer

The technique:

  • Place your hands on the handles on top of the keg
  • The spotters lift you up by the legs, moving you into a handstand over the keg
  • Drink! Get someone to place the working end of the tap into your mouth then the pumper will pump a steady flow of beer into your mouth while you perform the handstand over the keg.
  • The audience will count the number of seconds you continuously drink before stopping, regurgitating, drowning, passing out, or possibly dying.
  • You can let the spotters know that you are done by shaking your legs and they will let you down.

Remember: a keg holds the equivalent of 165 cans of beer so drink in moderation and don’t waste beer by vomiting!


Tailgate Party Video: An Art & A Science

This is a neat little report from ABC news on the evolution of the tailgate party titled Art of tailgating: Pre-game partying to the extreme. It’s a short piece about how the humble beer and burger have been replaced by extravagant tailgate gear and gourmet foods. As the host says:
“When I was in college tailgating involved a 6 pack of beer in the parking lot… now they are doing some incredible things.”

And, incredible things at these tailgates means chandeliers, barbeque alligator, jumbalaya, pastalaya, seafood dishes and incredible drinks.

There’s some awesome footage from the Washington tailgate where at least 200 boats turn up and they have the tailgate party on the water! Awesome.

But the report is best summed up by Ole Miss Tailgater Curtis Wilkie who emphasizes that the tailgate party is more like a family reunion or a class reunion.

“We may lose the game but we’ve never lost the party.” – Curtis Wilkie, Ole Miss Tailgater.

What do you think? Are you into gourmet cooking at the tailgate party or still devoted to beer, burgers and wieners? Do you have any tailgating recipes to share or some great ideas for the pre-game party? If you’re looking for inspiration, head on over to our tailgate food section which has some great tailgate food ideas, tailgate recipe book reviews as well as some delicious recipes of our own!

Tailgate Party Video: Amazing Cornhole Tricks

Checkout this video for some amazing Cornhole tricks ever! This is really taking one of the most popular tailgate games to the next level. Crazy stuff – especially the 109ft toss! For any of you who don’t know cornhole or haven’t played it before then this should be inspiring – or maybe frightening! The players are from team Toss.0 and they are all about playing extreme cornhole shots like shooting through a basketball hoop. Jason Vadnie was the long toss thrower, breaking what was at the time the Guinness World Record for Longest Cornhole shot ever.

There are no rules in cornhole regulating how you toss the cornhole bag but many purists believe it to be traditionally underhand. So, as you can see in the video, Jason’s shot was thrown underhand whereas the previous records of 100 and 106 feet were thrown overhand which is much easier to get distance with.

Keep an eye out on their wrist action and see how it affects the way the cornhole bag moves through the air and ultimately lands. Sometimes it bounces, sometimes it spins and other times it comes to a dead stop or it slides. All these factors affect your game of cornhole so learn how to throw the bag correctly and reap the benefits! Watch master cornhole players in videos like this one and you will soon be playing like a pro!

And note that there are a few comments in the video questioning how good these guys are in an actual match. Um, I’m going to guess they’re pretty good since they seem to have full control over exactly where they want to put the cornhole bag regardless of whether they’re throwing from a balcony, a baseball field, basketball court, a bridge or a tunnel! That’s some sweet cornhole wrist action guys!

Tailgate Party Video: Beer Pong Fail

Gotta love a homemade Beer Pong Table! Check out this hilarious video of a one in a million shot: getting the pong to rebound off the competitor’s cup and back into your own!