Tailgate Party Games – Best Scoreboards To Take To The Party Site

OK, so let me make myself clear, here.  I am not talking about a scoreboard where you can see a gi-normous shot of yourself on the Kiss-cam.  These are compact models for the serious tallying of scores in drinking games, tailgate party games and other pursuits that need honesty and accountability to avoid a car-park punch-up.  Hmmm. TMI there perhaps.  Anyhow, I have chosen them on the criteria of their simplicity to use, sturdiness and price plus ease of putting together and ability to transport and appropriateness for cornhole, washer toss, bocce and other simple games that go from scores of 0 to 21.

Here’s what I found.

ScoreTower Combo Set

Score Tower Combo Set

Score Tower Combo Set

This combines two excellent pursuits: playing games at tailgate parties, and drinking.  You can see why the scoreboard is necessary when you try to keep score by memory after playing games involving drinking shots.

Perfect for Cornhole so that you don’t need to keep the scores in your head.

The clips that hold it together are not super-strong, but the supplying company will replace them free if there is a problem.  Maybe they should ship the item with two sets of clips!

The main board is 58” tall and the smaller one is a backup with a drink stand and small board that you can write on with whiteboard markers.

Drink holder will take a bottle or can with a koozie easily.

Note that it is mounted on a spike which you need to drive into the ground.  If you are tailgating in a car-park, allow for this.  In similar situations, we use a beach umbrella base and stand it in that, shoving something (a soft rubber wedge) in the tube to stabilize it.  In a patio/garden situation, it is perfect – just poke it into your lawn.

Terrific tailgate party host gift or holiday gift for avid tailgaters.

Not 100% weather proof so don’t leave it out in the elements.  Once assembled, it’s a good idea to trek down to Home Depot and find a plastic storage box for all your cornhole gear/party games and keep them together neatly.

Made from laminated cardboard and powder-coated black steel.

Double sided.

Weighs four pounds and ships in a box disassembled and costs arounf $4 for shipping.

JDT Kaddy Elevated Drink Holders (Set of Two)

JDT Kaddy Elevated Drink Holders

JDT Kaddy Elevated Drink Holders

Here is a free standing scoring device designed around a drinks holder.  There are two in the set which has a tripod effect on the base so that you can set it up anywhere good games are played.  No need to shove that spike in the newly concreted car park.  The tripod stands easily on hard or soft surfaces.

Tailgate parties traditionally combine games and drinking and having a foolproof way of remembering who scores is essential. Score is kept on a molded ring by way of small pegs that keep tally from 1 to 21 points.  Easy and no need for a marker. A benefit is that it comes with its own nylon carry bag. But again, as it is plastic, store in a box with your game equipment so that it doesn’t get broken.

There’s a neat pocket on the caddy to hold your keys, wallet or other bits and pieces you may lose at the party. The drink holder is flexible and will hold bottles, cans with or without the koozie.

Orange and black in color. Indoor or outdoor use.

Excellent gift for avid tailgate party attendees or homegaters or just people who like to play cornhole games.

Tall Boy Scoreboard

Tall Boy Scoreboard and Drink Holder

Tall Boy Scoreboard and Drink Holder

The ‘Tall Boy’ is an American crafted powder-coated scoreboard that is universally praised for its sturdiness.  It’s only drawback as far as I can see is that it is only suitable for soft soil surfaces as it needs to be poked into the ground to stand up.  Unless you purchase a tripod.  You can’t easily jam it into an umbrella holder as it has a two pronged steady stand.  However, this is such a well-made item, it is worth looking for a tripod to anchor it onto any concrete/black top surface.

It has space for two cans/bottles with or without koozies. Weather resistant and pre-assembled.

Corn Hole Game Bag Toss Decal Overlay Magnetic Scoreboard Black on White

Corn Hole Game Bag Toss Decal Overlay Magnetic Scoreboard

Overlay Magnetic Scoreboard

Here’s an idea so simple that I can’t imagine I didn’t think of it myself. Instead of buying a complex scoreboard/drink holder, just put one of these decals over your cornhole target board.  Made of powder coated metal, it attaches simply and stays on your board in view at the end.  The scoring devices are magnetic and are shaped like chess pawns in a travel set and you move them along to the appropriate score.

Nothing extra to store.  There’s even a space to store your ‘pawns’ by attaching them (magnets) to a supplied metal washer beneath the board.

It’s not complex at all and if you lose the magnets, just replace them with cheap ones from the craft or hardware store. Follow the links to order other colors (you’ll want to match your team colors).

Scorzie – The only koozie that keeps score

Scorzie - The only koozie that keeps score

Scorzie – The only koozie that keeps score

This is a brilliant idea and, given how when you are tailgating away from home, space in the vehicle is of the utmost importance.

It’s a koozie (drink cooler) that has score rings around it that click in to place for keeping score from 0 to 21.  There are blue and red rings representing two teams.

The inside is lined with high quality foam, the base has non slip foam to prevent rings and slipping and the exterior is clad in shiny, classy brushed stainless steel. It’s a great looking item and essential in the tailgate party box to have a couple of these.  Actually, every tailgater should have one of his/her own!

Then when the urge to drink and play games hits you, or you want to keep track of any scores, you will be ready to roll.

HINT: If the rings at any time fail to turn, give them a spray with WD-40 and they will work well.

Portable Bocce Scoreboard Combo with Drink Holders and Tailgate Stands

Portable Bocce Scoreboard Combo with Drink Holders and Tailgate Stands

Portable Bocce Scoreboard Combo

This scoreboard combines with 2 drink holders, each with tailgate stand options.  It’s designed as a double-sided free-standing scorekeeper for Bocce and other outdoor games played at tailgate parties and the manufacturers have ensured that it easily pushes into the ground the display being at a convenient viewing height for all players.

The step-stake is made from heavy gauge steel with black powder coat paint for weather=proofing and toughness. The scoreboard itself is made from all-weather plastics designed to stand up to transport and all-weather use. A tailgate stand is included so that it can be used on concrete or blacktop, when it needs to be supported on a non-diggable surface.

It’s 58″tall and the graphics are double-sided with 2-column scoring and 2 Tailgate stands are included.

NOTE: It is designated for bocce but you could easily use it for cornhole or washer toss or any other tailgate party games.

Tailgate party on!