This Beer Pong Poster Will Brighten Up Your Tailgate Party!

This poster brings new meaning to the phrase “The Art of Beer Pong”. Tailgate Party fans will want to get their hands on one of these!

It’s a parody of Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam” –  after God created Adam, he created beer pong!  Imagine that laminated, framed or mounted on MDF and behind your bar in your man cave or clamped to your canopy in the car-park.

Are you more  of a home-gater than a tail-gater?  Do you have a man-cave? Or do you like to take your style to the car park?

No matter what, you have to agree that this is a fabulous piece of art!  It’s called

‘The Creation of Beer Pong’ and is a Poster available in many sizes and prices.

Perfect gift for that tailgate party animal and beer pong champ in your life.

60” x 20”


Tailgate Party Video: Beer Pong Fail

Gotta love a homemade Beer Pong Table! Check out this hilarious video of a one in a million shot: getting the pong to rebound off the competitor’s cup and back into your own!


Tailgate Party Games: Beer Pong

Beer Pong Rules:

Beer Pong isn’t just a mash up of ping pong, darts and basketball. It’s a mashup of ping pong, darts and basketball with copious drinking of beer. It’s also a game that you can play with up to 8 people (who all get to drink beer). So, after you’ve drunk some beers, fill up a few plastic cups (with beer) – doesn’t matter how many cups, as long as they are arranged in a triangle (usually six). Each player (or team) takes turns to shoot or bounce ping-pong balls into their opponent’s cup who then has to drink the contents of the cup. The empty cup then goes back into the triangle and if you land a ball into that empty cup, you must drink one of your cups of beer. The first player (or team) to eliminate the other team’s cups wins. Oh, and you might want to grab a copy of The Book of Beer Pong: The Official Guide To The Sport of Champions before you start playing.

aka Beirut, Throw Pong

Equipment Required: 1 x Regulation size Beer Pong Table (8′ x 2′ x 27.5″); Six, ten (or more) 16-US-fluid-ounce (470ml) disposable plastic cups (eg. red Solo cups) – the best ones to use have ridges for precise measurement of beer – plus a cup per team (for rinsing the ball with water); 38mm or 40mm ping pong balls; Racks (Freezable ones are better – keeps the beer cool!), Beer (light beer is recommended if you are planning several games and I’ve heard that sometimes…shudder… root beer is used…)

For: Singles; Doubles, Triples, Quads – etc.

The Best Beer Pong Tables

Look for:

  • Portability: Does the table fold up and pack away? Easy to store?
  • Is it easy to set up?
  • Regulation dimensions? Regulation balls?
  • Can the table be customised with your team logo?
  • Durable? Weather-proof? Warp-Proof?
  • Easy to clean?
  • Is the table surface quality good? Melamine coated?
  • Light weight?
  • Some come with a bottle opener.
Go Pong 8-Foot Portable Folding Beer Pong Table

Go Pong 8-Foot Beer Pong Table

Go Pong 8-Foot Portable Folding Beer Pong Table Go Pong make some of the best quality Beer Pong tables on the market. They are made to regulation specifications and are also available in 6-Foot length. Both versions are very sturdy with a high-strength aluminum frame and a waterproof melamine MDF surface. The table surface gives an even and true bounce and the whole set folds neatly up into the size of a small briefcase for easy transportation. Though 8-foot is regulation length, the 6-foot version tends to be easier and makes the games go faster.

  • Pros: Regulation. Solid construction. Portable. Compact. Easy to clean.
  • Cons: Not as sturdy as more bulky tables.
  • RRP: 8 Foot, $89.99 – ($81.57 on Amazon); 6-Foot, $74.89
Go Pong Pro 8 Feet Premium Beer Pong Table (36-Inch)

Go Pong Pro (36-Inch)

Go Pong Pro 8 Feet Premium Beer Pong Table (36-Inch) Go Pong’s professional table with a more solid construction and elevated playing surface increased to 36-inches. A lot of people prefer playing at this height since regulation Beer Pong tables tend to be knee-high for many. The Go Pong Pro is taller, more solid and much more handsome than most Beer Pong tables with a thicker, black power-coated aluminum frame with center scissor legs. Even with the bulked up feature the table can still fold up for compact storage.

  • Pros: Very solid construction. 36 inches. Cool looking table. Portable.
  • Cons: Not regulation.
  • RRP: $199.99
Red Cup Pong Football Table

Red Cup Pong Football Table

Football & NBA Sports Tailgate Beer Pong Table w/ Bottle Opener, Ball Rack, & 6 Pong Balls Red Cup Pong make high quality, sports themed Beer Pong tables for NFL, MLB and NBA tailgating fans. These tables have a unique design and, as an added bonus, features a stainless steel bottle cap opener attached to the table, a ball rack, 6 custom balls as well as a ping pong ball holder. Basically everything you need for Beer Pong apart from the beer! It’s regulation, 8-foot and has a durable, hard surface that’s easy to clean. It’s also easy to store and portable since it folds up and has carrying handles. There is a Football themed Beer Pong Table; a Sports Themed; NBA themed amongst many more.

  • Pros: Good construction. Light and portable. Good price. Nice print.
  • Cons: Not the most solid Beer Pong table out there.
  • RRP:$89.99 (as low as $76.99 on Amazon)
Bpong Tailgate Beer Pong Table

Bpong Splatter Edition

Bpong Tailgate Table Splatter Edition BPong make some great tables with regulation dimensions and solid construction. It’s easy to clean, lightweight and portable with a fold-up mechanism. Above all, the designs are unique and very cool

  • Pros: Unique design. Solid. Good construction. Easy to clean. Portable.
  • Cons: A little more expensive than others.
  • RRP: $199.99
The Pong Squad Beer Pong Table With Predrilled Cup Holes

The Pong Squad Pre-drilled

The Pong Squad Beer Pong Table With Predrilled Cup Holes The Pong Squad is another big name in the Tailgate Party Game scene with their very solid construction and unique designs. Along with NFL-themed and NBA-themed Beer Pong tables they have blank-canvas tables that can easily be customized with a decal. The most important feature though – and the one that makes them stand out from other Beer Pong Table manufacturers is the pre-drilled holes designed for easy re-racking as well as prevention from cup knock over when swiping at a bounced ball as well as being perfect for outdoor use on a windy day. It’s regulation sized but folds down to 2x2ft for easy storage.

  • Pros: A high-end, quality table. Unique designs. Portable. Easy storage. Easy set up. Sturdy construction.
  • Cons: More expensive than some of the other tables.
  • RRP: $125-$135
Beer Pong Portable Table Top Game

Portable Table Top Beer Pong

Beer Pong Portable Table Top Fabric Set The answer to our prayers! This portable table-top set is made from an ultra-portable fabric that sits on top of any table. It’s regulation game size and even includes the Beer Pong cups and balls. Perfect for road trips, spontaneous house parties, or smaller spaces. It’s a fantastic idea since you can set up a Beer Pong game on almost any table, at any time, in any situation.

  • Pros: Ultra Portable. A complete set.
  • Cons: Not for purists.
  • RRP: $24.99

Beer Pong Cups, Balls & Racks and more!

Now that you have your table in order you are going to need some Beer Pong cups, Beer Pong balls and a Beer Pong rack. Here are the best ones along with a bonus list of must-have Beer Pong accessories. Ok, they’re not all ‘must have’ but some are down-right funny and you’ve gotta see them!

PRO Quality Beer Pong Balls

PRO Quality Beer Pong Balls

PRO Quality Beer Pong Balls Not All balls are created equal! Have you ever bought cheap convenience store pong balls and wondered why your game was off? No you didn’t magically lose your edge over night, chances are you where playing with cheap pong balls. Worry no more! These PRO pong balls are regulation size and provide the correct amount of bounce and fly needed to pinpoint your beer pong accuracy. These balls are filled with pressurized Hydrogen, not air like cheap balls, giving these Pro balls awesome flight and better air time so you can float the ball right to it’s target (Hydrogen is lighter then air). Each ball comes complete with a pong themed decoration that adds to the fun! This set comes with 6 premium quality Pro grade competition style Beer Pong Balls.

  • Pros: Hydrogen Filled. Professional Grade.
  • Cons: Designs may not suit everyone.
  • RRP: $9.99
Beer Pong Ball Sack MySack Ultra-Suede Regulation

Beer Pong Ball Sack

Beer Pong Ball Sack MySack Ultra-Suede Regulation If you’ve got no balls, you’ve got no game. MySack is an ultra-suede beer pong ball holder, stuffed with 2 regulation size ping pong balls. Attaches to belt loop via convenient clip.

  • Pros: Somewhere safe to keep your balls.
  • Cons: Cons? There aren’t any cons!
  • RRP: $15.95

Reusable Beer Pong Cup Set

Reusable Beer Pong Cup Set

Reusable Beer Pong Cup Set Use the beer pong cup designed to improve your game. Made with practicality and purpose in mind, these reusable pong cups have the same size opening as a standard party cup with a unique wide base to prevent them from tipping over or sliding off the table mid-game. Four fill lines let you know exactly how much to pour and distinctly separate the “freshmen” from the “seniors”. Great for your Beirut game and tons of other drinking games (like flip cup), they’re made from translucent plastic so you can clearly see exactly how much beer is in each cup and make sure every contest is fair. In stock and ready to ship. Features: Made of sturdy translucent plastic (you’ll never hear “is there any beer in that cup?” again). Made specifically for beer pong. Equipped with 4 fill line levels to accommodate everyone from beginners to the pros. Unique design has a wide base to prevent cups from tipping over. Great for many other drinking games including flip cup. 100% dishwasher safe (place cups on the top shelf of dishwasher). Specs: Dimensions: 4.9″H x 3.9″ Diameter (top) and 2.9″ Diameter (bottom). Due to the cup’s wide base, they do not fit into most specialty inflatable tables or racks. Includes: (20) Red Beer Pong Cups. (2) Black Water Cups.

  • Pros: Reusable. Sturdy. Designed for Beer Pong.
  • Cons: Not regulation sized (wider base)
  • RRP: $30.20
Beer Pong Party Pack Pong Star Beer Pong Kit

Pong Star Beer Pong Kit

Beer Pong Party Pack Pong Star Beer Pong Kit A complete set with everything you need except the Beer Pong table! Includes: 20 Playing Cups 4 Seamless Pong Balls 2 Non Slip Mats 2 Wash Cups Pen & Players List Game Instructions

  • Pros: Complete Set
  • Cons: Not the highest quality
  • RRP: $18.99 – ($12.99 on Amazon)
Go Pong N-Ice Rack Freezable Beer Pong Rack Set

Go Pong N-Ice Rack

Go Pong N-Ice Rack Freezable Beer Pong Rack Set, Includes 2-Racks, 3-Balls and Rules  The days of tossing warm beer at the end of games are over! This genius is a rack, cup holder and cooler in one. Simply fill up each rack with water and freeze to keep your drinks cold for hours. Rack system also keep cups from sliding or spilling!

  • Pros: Keeps beer cool. Keep cups from spilling.
  • Cons: Awkward to fill.
  • RRP: $20.77
Beer Pong Champion - Trophy Award

Beer Pong Champion Trophy

Beer Pong Champion – Trophy Award It might be a bit of overkill but it would be hard to not buy this for the serious Beer Pong player. Or, maybe that’s for the not-so-serious player. Either way it would be a perfect finale to an awesome match.

  • Pros: I don’t think we need to talk about pros and cons here…
  • Cons:
  • RRP: $39.50
The Book of Beer Pong

The Book of Beer Pong

The Book of Beer Pong: The Official Guide to the Sport of Champions This is the book you need to study before playing the game. It’s not only useful to have around while you’re playing as a reference for the rules but it’s also hilarious. The creators of,, and the Official Bombed Beer Pong Kit have written the first and only guide to the worldwide craze. Featuring everything from basic etiquette to expert techniques, tactics for smack talk, cutting-edge ball grips and flight paths, and tips for hosting a tournament, this invaluable tome will make anyone a champion of this burgeoning sport. So, drink up and game on!

  • RRP: $15.95 – ($11.64 on Amazon)
Beer Pong Champion Bottle Opener Belt Buckle

Beer Pong Champion Bottle Opener Belt Buckle

Beer Pong Champion Bottle Opener Belt Buckle Need I say more? It’s a Beer Pong Champion bottle opener AND Belt Buckle. That’s right: A belt buckle that also is a bottle opener. And it’s got “Beer Pong Champ” written on it! Definitely a great gift or prize for the tournament.

  • RRP: $8.63
Official Beer Pong Drinking Glove

Official Beer Pong Drinking Glove

Official Beer Pong Drinking Glove Sometimes what seems to be the least important purchase you will make in your lifetime becomes the best thing you ever did. This Master Crafted glove will add +1 to all your throws!  Sometimes, just a little helps make the difference between an embarrasing fumble and a fairly sober night of absolute victory, so put on this glove and queue the victory fanfare!

  • RRP: $7.99 ($3.99 on Amazon)
Beer Pong Champion Embroidered Iron On Patch

Beer Pong Champion Patch

Beer Pong Champion Embroidered Iron On Patch So it turns out you DO need your Mom’s help with Beer Pong. Cos who else is going to sew or iron on this patch when you are crowned Beer Pong Champion?

Last Cup: Road to the World Series of Beer Pong

Last Cup DVD

Last Cup: Road to the World Series of Beer Pong Hey, Beer Pong is not just always about the Beer – sometimes it’s about the Pong too. Or, more specifically the competitiveness of the game. This film really captures the true spirit of the nature of tailgate games and how they can move beyond simple drinking games to something with more meaning.  “Last Cup” chronicles America’s wooziest subculture and the quest to conquer the fun and frothy sport of competitive beer pong. Experienced beer pong practitioners from across the US meet in Nevada for the second annual World Series of Beer Pong where the team with the sharpest accuracy (and highest tolerance) stands to walk away with $20,000. LAST CUP hilariously cuts through the drunken revelry and sets its cameras on four very different and talented teams, culminating in a sobering, nail-biter of a conclusion.

And, to finish up, here are some great Beer Pong Posters for around the house, your dorm or to pin up while you’re playing.

Beer Pong Art Poster

Beer Pong Art Poster

 The Wonderful World of Beer Pong College Poster

Wonderful World of Beer Pong

The Beer Pong Constitution

The Beer Pong Constitution

Beer Pong House Rules

Beer Pong House Rules

Beer Pong Tips:

Want to know how to be a great beer pong player? Then these tips are for you.

  • Like most ball sports, it’s all in the wrist! Good wrist action is key to good beer pong.
  • Find the right grip, using a single digit (either pointer or middle) and the thumb. Don’t hold the beer pong ball in your fist!
  • Follow through on the shot and use your legs like you would when throwing a free throw in basketball.
  • A large arc improves the chances that the beer pong ball will stay in the cup. Throwing in a flat line rarely leads to a point.
  • Don’t try for random shots. Pick a cup, aim your shot and then focus on hitting that one cup. If you miss, there’s still a chance you could hit one of the other targets.
  • Be consistent with your technique. Learn from your mistakes as well as your victories. Beer Pong is like any other sport: practice and consistency make good players.
  • Know your limits when drinking alcohol. You won’t play beer pong very well when drunk. Don’t drink before you play.
  • As with everything you can take the game of beer pong very seriously and practice before the game. This will definitely give you the advantage. Then again, being relaxed on the day of the big game and simply turning up and throwing a few balls might get you a better result. Remember, it’s just a game!