Tailgate Party Video: An Art & A Science

This is a neat little report from ABC news on the evolution of the tailgate party titled Art of tailgating: Pre-game partying to the extreme. It’s a short piece about how the humble beer and burger have been replaced by extravagant tailgate gear and gourmet foods. As the host says:
“When I was in college tailgating involved a 6 pack of beer in the parking lot… now they are doing some incredible things.”

And, incredible things at these tailgates means chandeliers, barbeque alligator, jumbalaya, pastalaya, seafood dishes and incredible drinks.

There’s some awesome footage from the Washington tailgate where at least 200 boats turn up and they have the tailgate party on the water! Awesome.

But the report is best summed up by Ole Miss Tailgater Curtis Wilkie who emphasizes that the tailgate party is more like a family reunion or a class reunion.

“We may lose the game but we’ve never lost the party.” – Curtis Wilkie, Ole Miss Tailgater.

What do you think? Are you into gourmet cooking at the tailgate party or still devoted to beer, burgers and wieners? Do you have any tailgating recipes to share or some great ideas for the pre-game party? If you’re looking for inspiration, head on over to our tailgate food section which has some great tailgate food ideas, tailgate recipe book reviews as well as some delicious recipes of our own!