Kegerator Review: Summit Professional Outdoor Kegerator

summit professional outdoor kegerator review

Summit Professional Outdoor Kegerator


Kegerator Review: Summit Commercial Kegerator–Perfect for Outdoor Use and Made by a USA Family Company!

There are not too many USA made kegerators on the market and I went hunting for one that was well-reviewed. The lower end kegerators don’t really fill that bill. The upper level ones, more of an investment kegerator that some of those that really, you don’t expect to last more than one NFL season, have mixed results. But after a long search and a lot of questioning of friends and family, I think I have one you will like. And I’m proud to do a kegerator review of a 100% All-American company.

Summit is a manufacturer of outdoor refrigerators and semi-professional outdoor gear and they have around 600 refrigerator models in their range. They are as American as apple pie, so, with the outdoor kegerator specifically in mind, I took a look at this one they make. Felix Storch, Inc. was founded in 1969 and has been a leading supplier of compact, specialty, commercial, and medical refrigerators and freezers ever since. In its first year, they trademarked the Summit brand name to guarantee quality at the highest level. Distribution started in Long Island City, New York, before moving to the Bronx in 1983, where the company headquarters is now located with warehousing in Edison, Noo Jois-ey.

Summit is a private, family-owned business with no outside investors and that’s kind of great, isn’t it? I reckon that one of the grandsons has invented this smooth appliance. This is your perfect July 4th Kegerator!! Also perfect for Thanksgiving. Oh and Rose Bowl parties, Superbowl Sunday, Friday Night Lights and all that stuff. Mmmm, and watching soccer matches on the outdoor TV screen.

It’s been designed and made for the commercial outdoor market – outdoor bars, cafés that serve beer, resorts, beer gardens and … home BBQ areas where beer is king!

Remember the golden rule – most of the kegerators for indoor use need to stay there. Temperature fluctuations caused by the conditions in your yard will make beer heat up and foam too much and so there is wastage. Nooooooooo! You need a specific outdoor kegerator for the Great Outdoors. So, is it fair of me to include this in a site specifically about tailgate parties? Well, yes, as homegating has become the new tailgating. So many of my friends are tricking out their yards with BBQs,, upmarket grills, rotisseries, smokers, fire pits and of course, a great big TV. I think it is worth looking at the possibilities of adding value to your house and turning it into your own little touch of paradise – beer on tap whenever you want it!

Allow me to present the Summit SBC490OS kegerator and draft beer dispenser which has been constructed to meet commercial quality standards outdoors. It is set in a stainless steel, non-corroding 304 grade stainless steel with a matching door. With finished sides and top with a professional steel rail around the edge and generous drip tray, the Summit SBC490OS is equally suited for built-in or freestanding applications. I have seen these slotted into masonry work and others integrated into custom cabinets. This is a genuine full-sized kegerator which can readily accommodate standard 1/2, 1/4 or pony (mini) beer kegs. This gives you a cooler with a draft tower made for your beer whether purchased or home-brew. There’s a special fan to cool the compressor if it has been built in plus extra shelves are provided to convert the unit into an automatically defrosting refrigerator. Yeah, right, ladies, as if I will be allowing that to happen. You won’t be keeping your designer salads and tiramisu in my kegerator.

You can actually customize this kegerator to some degree. For instance, you can request a diamond-plate door to give it a cool industrial design. This is the great thing about buying a locally made product. The Summit company has a good name and they stand behind every kegerator they make. (I don’t mind them standing behind my kegerator as long as they just keep quiet don’t demand too much beer …).

The list of inclusions covers all draft beer drinking eventualities. You get the CO2 tank, a regulator, a coupler, beer and air lines, a tap, a basic cleaning kit, a tower, faucet and faucet handle (which you can convert and customize).   You supply the keg of your choice from the sizes mentioned – half, quarter and mini keg only. Don’t try to force a larger one into the interior as if you don’t keep the door shut snugly, you will never be able to keep the beer chilled. The result – one foamy mess. The appliance is quiet while operating and has been designed to run economically. I would highly recommend shelling out for a really great cleaning kit and build the cleaning regimen into your keg-maintenance routine.

Here’s a really great cleaning kit that easily looks after lines, taps etc. and remember not to scour or scratch the stainless steel finish.

Deluxe Beer Line Cleaning Kit

Deluxe Beer Line Cleaning Kit

This deluxe cleaning kit has all the brushes you need to get into nooks and crannies and also has a pound of Brew Clean, the best chemical (read, ‘safest’ and non flavor ruining!) you can buy for your kegerator. There’s no point in buying a kegerator and leaving it to build up gunk and sludge as the beer will be ruined, you’ll have a smelly mess in your BBQ area and probably get sick. Sicker than you would if you are drinking pure, icy beer!

Manuals on setting up and operating are provided and it is important to follow these instructions carefully. The manuals can also be downloaded online so when you spill beer on the paper versions, you have a backup.

The Summit comes with a one-year warranty on parts and labor and 5 years on the compressor. It is also environmentally friendly being 100% CFC free.

Technical Specifications

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this Kegerator review of the Summit professional outdoor kegerator. And, before I finish, don’t forget to double check these Technical Specifications and never forget California’s Prop 65 warning!

The power you need to run it? 115 volts, 60 cycle, 3 prong plug. Treat it right and it is energy efficient. Don’t continually open the door and don’t install in direct sunshine. It is one of the few outdoor kegerators on the market that gets high praise from all buyers.

It weighs 150 pounds and the dimensions are: . 34 1/2″h x 23 3/4″w x 26″d

For Californian residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING:
This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

No kegerator is a slam-dunk when you first put it in. It will take you a little effort to get used to correct settings in your environment. But if you persist. all the while ensuring that you follow the instructions, keeping the unit cool, all parts spotlessly clean and always using correct keg sizes, you will pay for it in beer savings over the first few years of owning the appliance, depending on how much you drink. In these economic times, doesn’t it give you a warm, fuzzy feeling to realize how much you can save by drinking more beer?

Avanti Kegerator Review: Avanti 2 Mini Keg Portable Party Pub Model:CB350S-IS

Avanti 2 Mini Keg Portable Kegerator

Avanti 2 Mini Keg Portable Kegerator

The Universal Problem of transporting draft beers to the tailgate party may have a working solution. The Avanti 2 Mini Keg Portable Party Pub is a real contender. For starters, Avanti is Florida based. When last I looked, Florida was the party state. I am assuming they know a lot about beer… so read on for a very detailed review of the Avanti kegerator “Portable Party Pub”. And, don’t forget: this is more than just an Avanti Kegerator Review–we have included valuable information on cleaning, transporting, accessories and how to make the most out of your new kegerator!

Avanti Kegerator Review

Strictly speaking, this is not an outdoor kegerator and it only holds 2 mini-kegs at a time. Around 30 beers. However, it has been designed to be extremely portable. So, with that in mind, this is a great choice for the best kegerator to take to the tailgate party. It measures 21” high, 18.25” wide and 20.25” deep, so it is possible to carry this to your parking lot site and set it up on a solid surface (table that won’t collapse under the weight of the unit, 2 kegs) – never mind so much about the 2 kegs as they will be drained pretty fast, problem solved.

Like a fridge, there’s a cool LED light inside with an on/off switch. Avanti has equipped this kegerator with a glass-storage shelf where you can stand a couple of not-too-large glasses to chill. It’s not really solid state inside but Avanti has good warranties so if you run in to trouble when the carousing gets out of hand, send it back and replace it.  The exterior is platinum finish and the surface just wipes clean.  You don’t need to use abrasives.

A mini-keg holds 5 liters. You get 3 x 12 oz drinks to a liter, the keg holds 2 x 5 liters so you get around 30 drinks in this kegerator.   Sooooooo, that’s my share. What are you drinking? Bring your own along please ….

Still 30 drinks of draft ale perfectly chilled is a nice foundation for a tailgate party, no?

Avanti’s Party Pub is a good description as you can store and keep chilled two kegs of different brands.  On the outside of the door there is a digital temperature control for easy temperature regulation. It is really important to keep the door closed so there is a neat safety latch to make sure the door stays closed while you’re dispensing your brew of choice.  It is equipped with one tap so you can’t switch between kegs with great ease, but you will have the luxury of draft beer on site. The tap is just a generic, black pull-down one but I could see it would not be too much of a strain to swap this for something more team-ish. Don’t lift the unit by the tap – you can pick it up by the stand. The tap is fine for what it does, but it is not heavy duty enough to serve as a handle.

The see-through window showcases and identifies your kegs and that window is reasonably hardy.

This Avanti Kegerator weighs around 35 pounds without the beer. Allow for this and its packing (see below) when you are configuring your portable gear for the best tailgate party ev-ahhhhh …..

Avanti Kegerator Accessories

The Avanti Portable Party Pub has only one challenge as a portable unit: you need to keep it really cool and temperature-stable. Don’t site it in the sun and keep it out of rain, water spray or drips.  Wind can affect it too. It needs to stay plugged in to a power source for starters. A surge protector is recommended for a wall socket – some cities have terrible power surges which will cause your unit to burn out. Yes, I’m looking at you, Detroit!

Refrigerator and Appliance Voltage Protector 115v 10 AMP with 3 MIN Delay

Surge Protector

A portable battery pack is essential if you have a long way to travel or your tailgate party site does not have a power source (most don’t). I have a Duracell battery pack and it works OK with this. The specs say 115 V and the battery will last a few hours with the kegerator plugged into it.

Duracell DRPP300 Powerpack 300-Watt Jump Starter and Emergency Power Source

Portable Battery Pack

When the beer has all been drunk, you can use the power pack to run a light so that you can re-pack the truck for your trip home.

Now, this is more than just an Avanti Kegerator review. Here are some tips to get the most out of your system. Keeping the unit cool is a bit of a challenge but not one that a large space blanket or foil faced bubble wrap can’t handle. Foil-faced bubble wrap is a radiant barrier. It’s not insulation. However, you can line a carton with it and slip your Avanti Portable Party Pub in the box so that you can avoid the radiant heat.  In brief, here’s your little craft exercise for the week.  It’s so darn easy you can get your bratty nephew to do it instead of practicing graffiti on your garage walls.

Buy 2 rolls of Reflectix Bubble Pack Insulation.   Cut it in squares to your box size.

Stick it together with this Reflective Insulation Tape.

My advice is to cut it to 6 inches larger than the size of the kegerator (allowing for proper air circulation) which will allow you to make yourself a nice loose box liner (again, for air circulation). Line said box. The box needs a sturdy base, flat as a table top. Seal it with the tape around all raw edges for a pro-look and to prevent tearing and place the kegerator in this airy, yet insulated cave. Don’t place the kegerator next to the BBQ or any other heat source. You need to keep it cool and certainly not in direct sunlight, rain or wind as said earlier.  Warm beer goes foamy, doesn’t tap right, overflows and wastes.

As long as you allow space around it, the unit will not overheat. If the temperature in the parking lot is going to be gruesome, then consider double walling your Reflectix bubble pack and inserting some flat cooler sheets in each wall to maintain the cold. Flexi Freeze Refreezable Ice Sheets are good as they can be refrozen many times and are flat enough to slip between the layers.

This may seem a bit Gyro Gearloose/White Trash fix-up, but it does work! You can even cut this to size to make window covers for the SUV or RV and it works out way cheaper than the custom made ones on the market.

The digital readout is flush with the surface and the light glows with a pleasant blue. It is easy to clean. Read up on the instructions on how to keep it clean. You will want to make sure to wipe it over after every use. Keep a couple of team bar towels handy! Hand wash only. Well, no idiot even is going to think of putting this in the dishwasher but I’m just sayin’ ….

NFL Chicago Bears Kitchen And Tailgate Towel Set

NFL Chicago Bears Kitchen And Tailgate Towel Set

A kegerator cleaning kit is a must: get one with a pressurized line-cleaning system. It will pay dividends as gunk in the kegerator will ruin your beer. Clean it on every keg change.

Kegco Deluxe Hand Pump Pressurized Keg Beer Cleaning Kit w/ 32 oz. Cleaner

Kegerator Cleaning Kit

How Long Will The Beer Last In The Kegerator?

The life of the beer in the kegerator? Indefinite. It will last as long as you don’t drink it, provided the temperature is stable. That is a benefit in itself as you can pull beers in tiny glasses for the Ladies. Normally, they just sip off the top of a can and throw the rest away. This way, you can’t help but save money.

Just remember that, despite what it says in the instructions, your actual keg needs to be pre-chilled and the kegerator needs 24 hours at least of running time prior to putting the beer in it. Do not be tempted to flash-cool the beer in your freezer.  It could freeze or even burst.  Then you’ll be REALLY sorry.

The Avanti is a compact design and will be easily fitted into your trunk with a small BBQ and your Poleish Game, red cups, food and coolers.

There is an instruction book and a One Year Limited Warranty. Only use the CO2 gas cylinders recommended for the unit.

The instruction book is really great. Pictures, diagrams and clear descriptions plus a neat trouble shooting section.  Congrats Avanti!  This is one of the best instruction books I have seen.  It’s in Spanish and English, too.

They are only shipped within the USA at present.

A great solution to the tailgate party draft beer dilemma to be sure!


This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.


EdgeStar Kegerator Review: Full Size Triple Tap Built-In Outdoor Kegerator – Stainless Steel Model:KC7000SSODTRIP

EdgeStar Kegerator Review

Edgestar Full Sized Kegerator

For any novices passing by, a kegerator stores, refrigerates, and dispenses a keg of beer in brewery-recommended conditions. Beer on tap! One keg of beer can be enjoyed for several months at a time and save you money and many trips to the store and so not only is the beer cheaper as you are buying it in bulk, but you are saving time and money trekking to your liquor store. There’s something very fulfilling about having your own draft beer on tap – it tastes better too. The best kegerator is a full-sized kegerator and some of the best kegerators are made by Edgestar. Check out this EdgeStar Kegerator review to learn how you can be serving up cold draft beer in the comfort of your own home!

Before we get to the EdgeStar Kegerator Review, let me tell you about a great offer from exclusively for Tailgate Party Site visitors. Just visit their website and use Coupon Code TAILGATE for $25 off any full sized EdgeStar kegerator or Coupon Code TAILGATE15 for $15 off the TBC50S mini Kegerator.

Use Coupon Code TAILGATE for $25 off any full sized EdgeStar kegerator!

EdgeStar Kegerator Review

Ok, so this Edgestar Full Sized Kegerator, is probably not one you are going to want to be dragging along to the parking lot for your weekly tailgate party. No Sir-ee Bob! This one is designed specifically for the home-gating you do when the USA has made it to the FIFA World Cup and you haul your big screen TV to your backyard kitchen and invite the lads over for a pint or two (as they say in Old Blighty). Allow me to translate. If you have a BBQ area with a good sheltered space to build in a kegerator, and you feel that football (soccer) is worth cheering along in between beers, then this is the kegerator for you. (U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A! ohhhhhhhh …. Germany ….?)

Just remember that you cannot use an indoor kegerator outside. Only outdoor kegerators should be used. Because of the intensity of temperatures and other environmental factors, using an indoor kegerator outside stresses the unit’s compressor, shortens its life, and will not chill beer to its optimal temperature. That can lead to foamy beer and wastage. Most home kegerators function best in room temperature environments (mid-70 degrees Fahrenheit). For any environment above 85° Fahrenheit or below 50° Fahrenheit, an outdoor kegerator is recommended. This one fills that bill perfectly as it has the additional insulation and manufacturing robustness to cope with changes in temperature.

This sleek kegerator is kind of industrial looking. But that has its advantages as any spills don’t have nooks and crannies and decoration to make cleaning a chore. A quick clean is all it takes. But do read my other story about the King of Kegs. Careful maintenance and cleaning (faithfully after every party) will guarantee it gives great service for many years AND it will retain its value.

Not only can you serve up a cold draft beer at home, but THREE different brews of the cold, amber fluid. It has not one, not two but THREE taps on its top and you can serve your own choice of drinks in it. You can have it installed in the man-cave, the BBQ area, the outdoor kitchen, garage, workshop or hey, maybe in your breakfast room. I know people who could appreciate the latter option. NOTE: If in the workshop, install at the opposite end of the room from your super-sharp power tools. Oh and it is very simple to install. There’s an installation manual that spells it out for you.

The first thing I must tell you is that you can get your beer in this quantity and SAVE 50% of the cost of the equivalent in bottles or cans. So, in this economic climate, it is a must for the serious beer drinker.   A kegerator with a half barrel keg will hold up to 165 beers (12 oz. servings) so run the numbers on that! If you use reusable glasses instead of red cups, there’s another saving and hey, you are doing a good deed for the environment. But who can resist the red cup? They are essential for beer pong after all.

Freestanding kegerators cannot be built in. This is because many refrigerators vent heat out the back of the unit, which would be trapped if built into cabinetry. The front ventilation of the Model:KC7000SSODTRIP keeps it cool and inexpensive to run. The system operates on powerful forced air, cold air being evenly distributed throughout the kegerator to maintain your desired temperature. Because of that system, possible hot spots are eliminated. No warm beer! A perfect pour every time!

Beer temperature

Firstly, just remember it isn’t just for beer. You can fill your kegerator with stout or anything you like. Whether you prefer a cool stout or an ice-cold lager, you’ll be able to keep your kegs as cold as you need using the integrated thermostat that goes as low as 32ºF.   You could put root beer in there for your designated drivers. The temperature control is really important for correct delivery of beverages. In this kegerator, cold air is directed up to and throughout the beer tower during a pour. This prevents the beer from foaming which is a result of warming. That’s a great feature as you get the most from your beer purchase if you don’t waste half of it as foam.   HINT: keep your glasses (if you are using glasses for that frosty drink) in the fridge or even the freezer and your beer will taste spectacular.

The Kegerator can be installed as a free-standing unit or you can build it in beneath a counter for a flush look. The materials used in the walls on the exterior are hardy and tough in order to cater for their ability to be installed outside. Its heavy-duty door, entire cabinet, and professional towel-bar handle are fully wrapped in tough stainless steel and this makes it extremely rust, heat and water resistant. It’s able to withstand outdoor elements and this kegerator refrigerator is approved for use in your outdoor kitchen, bar or garage.

Technical Specifications

Here’s the technical info in regard to the contents:

  • 1 x 5lb Luxfer CO2 tank. Note, you will need to get this filled when empty so google your supplier before you commit. Refillers can save you money.
  • 1 x dual gauge regulator
  • 3 x D Sankey couplers
  • 3 x NSF PVC Beer lines
  • 3 x red CO2 lines
  • 1 x stainless steel triple tap beer tower
  • 3 x 304 stainless steel faucets for the tower
  • 3 black tap handles.

BONUS: You can customize these by adding tap handles with your team logo.

Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Beer Tap Handle Kegerator

Baseball Beer Tap Handle

or chalkboard so you can put your homebrew’s name on there. And please come up with a better name than ‘Biff’s Panther Piss’. That’s so old-school.

There is also a stainless steel top cover with a drip tray, guard rail and 4 casters which you can use if you prefer your kegerator to be mobile rather than built in. There is an advantage to having the casters installed as, if you have any kind of spillage, it is great to be able to slide the kegerator out and clean beneath it before the beer solidifies. You want to avoid that old stale beer smell if you possibly can. Even my hardest-drinking buddies don’t enjoy that smell. NOTE: if you do have the casters put on the base, be sure to allow for their extra height when you are planning your counter space. You won’t want to cover the top of the keg as that is where the taps, guard rail and spill-tray are, but you will want it to be flush with the counter either side.

Operating this kegerator is really easy. All unit settings, including temperature and interior lighting, are easily adjusted using an electronic control panel that features push buttons and a digital temperature display. Inside it, LED interior lighting illuminates your keg and keeps your electricity consumption low as it is a cold light (doesn’t give off any heat). The temperature of the beer kegs remains uncompromised.

Just like on those upmarket fridges, the door on the Model # KC7000SSODTRIP is reversible. Say you want it to swing left, then all you need do is install it that way. The holes are already there for your need. If you are installing it in a line with your BBQ and other cabinets, you will appreciate this feature as there is a definite logic to the way an appliance door swings.

Here’s what you can fit inside it:

  • 1 full sized keg. Holds 165 x 12 oz. glasses.
  • 1 oversized beveled edge keg. Holds 82 x 12 oz. glasses.
  • 1 quarter keg. Holds 82 x 12 oz. glasses.
  • 1 slim quarter keg. Holds 82 x 12 oz. glasses.
  • 1 – 3 sixth barrel kegs. Holds 56 x 12 oz. glasses each Sixth.
  • 1 – 3 Cornelius keg. Holds 53 x 12 oz. glasses each Corny.
  • 1 slim quarter plus sixth barrel keg
  • 1 slim quarter plus 1 Cornelius keg.

If you put say 3 different sixths in there, you can make them all contain a different ale. How impressive you will be to all those party animals in your life!!

A note on sizes – Because keg fit varies between different kegerators, some units cannot hold certain brands of beer kegs.   Coors Light and Miller Lite, for instance which are “oversized” or bulkier than other standard kegs often have an overlap and don’t fit. An easy way to gauge if these brands will fit in your kegerator is by checking its width. Kegerators with an overall width of 23 inches or more can accommodate light brands. Do your homework. Go to the store with a measuring tape and measure those kegs before deciding.

A manual is provided and a One Year Warranty along with clear assembly instructions and you can also download these from the manufacturer.


HEIGHT: 34 3/8″ WIDTH: 23 13/16″ DEPTH: 25 3/8″ D

The interior dimensions are a little less than that. I have read some reviews of the Edgestar that say that normal sized kegs do not fit inside. Be very aware of the exact sizes and before you order, ask the question whether your specific kegs will fit. I know that some kegs have small variations that may make this not work. However, the list above is what the manufacturer claims will fit.

At 120 watts you CAN if you need to, run it off a battery pack in the parking lot. 1.03 amps. Handle with care, though, if you are going to transport this kegerator. I think I would avoid transporting it full and carry your actual kegs in a cooler and install at the tailgate party site. However, the ultimate use of this model is as a built-in.

Input voltage = 115V/60Hz

Weight 115 pounds so it will fit on the back of your Silverado if you so desire!

When your kegerator arrives, unpack, install, switch on and wait 24 hours before adding beer. Only put chilled beer in. But after that, let the drinking begin! Enjoy!!

Kegerator Cleaning Kit

Kegerator Cleaning Kit

Kegerator Cleaning Kit

Cleanliness is next to beeriness.

It’s highly recommended that you purchase this specifically tailored Kegerator Cleaning kit.

The key to buying beer from a legitimate brewery (boutique or not) is the spotlessly clean environment that all components are kept in. This kit will help you ensure that your beer tastes brewery fresh. It works by removing buildups of bacteria, molds, yeast, and beer stone from your beer lines, faucet, and keg coupler. It is extremely vital to keep to a strict regimen of cleaning so that all components are spotless.

Included is a one quart shatter proof bottle, enough beer line cleaning compound (powder) for about 17 cleanings.

The 5/8″ Nylon Faucet Brush can clean the toughest buildups in your coupler and faucet.

The Check Ball Lifter inserts into the bottom of the coupler probe and lifts the check ball, permitting cleaning solution to flow through the coupler when cleaning your system. This saves time by eliminating the need to remove the coupler while cleaning the system. There is an extra neoprene washer and faucet wrench in case you lose your originals which is a thoughtful inclusion.

A handy instruction manual walks you through the cleaning process and in as little as 15 minutes, you will have a sanitized kegerator, providing you with perfectly fresh beer. As your kegerator has 3 taps and lines, you may find it takes a bit longer than 15 minutes. But trust me, it is really important to keep those lines and taps clean. In fact, the more regularly you do the cleaning, the quicker it is to clean. More challenging is if you let that gunk build up for a few parties. Then you have a real handful of soaking, scrubbing and so on. Don’t be tempted to boil those components to sterilize them. You will ruin them. Only mentioning this as I do have a mate whose missus did exactly that thinking they were the same as baby bottles.

So the golden rule: after every keg, clean those lines and taps. Wipe up all spills as you go. As it is stainless steel water is enough to clean the exterior. Avoid abrasives.

It is NSF Approved.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review of the EdgeStar Full Size Triple Tap Built-In Outdoor Kegerator! If you went out and purchased it (or, if you already own it) leave a comment for our visitors with your own EdgeStar Kegerator Review to let them know what you think!


This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.


The #1 Best Kegerator: A Better Investment Than Shares!

Over the years, I have been asked ‘What is your favorite kegerator?’ and ‘What is the #1 all-time best kegerator?’ by countless folk.  My friend Seth has a good take on this.  He says that the best keg is the one you can slip into your man-cave and when it seems to be too small for your beer intake or when you need money, you can sell it and get a heap of your money back to put towards an upgrade or something else you need. You’ll notice a lot of ‘starter kegs’ in our article  Top 10 Best Beer Keg Dispensers Reviewed such as the KRUPS and HEINEKEN B100 BeerTender with Heineken Draught Keg technology

KRUPS and HEINEKEN B100 BeerTender with Heineken Draught Keg Technology,Black

KRUPS and HEINEKEN B100 BeerTender

The BeerTender is great. But you’re not likely to want to trade it in on a more expensive model but more likely to be leaning towards buying them a big brother.
Here are the two main alternatives.

Buy a few of these and stock your favorite compatible brands of beer in separate containers.  Buy a nice branded tap and identify them with their contents. The Pros of doing that are that you can, with the assistance of one of these Duracell Powerpacks take them to your tailgate party and there ain’t a thing wrong with that!

Duracell DPP-300EP Powerpack 300 with Built-in 300-watt Inverter and 250 PSI Air Compressor

Duracell DPP-300EP Powerpack 300

I have one of these battery packs and use it when I need light, when tires need to be pumped up or the car needs a jump-start.  You can run a little portable kegerator on it for a few hours.  Nice.  So that’s done and dusted for the tailgate party on the move.  But at home?

The Best Kegerator

Buy one of these first up:

EdgeStar Full Size Built-In Kegerator – Stainless Steel (KC7000SS).

EdgeStar Full Size Built-In Kegerator

EdgeStar Full Size Built-In Kegerator

This EdgeStar kegerator is, in my friend Seth’s opinion, the nearest thing to having a pub in your own house.  It is designed to be built-in but you can also use it freestanding and whip it out if you need to transport it or sell it.  I don’t need to tell you all the stuff about how great it makes the beer taste etc. – that is a given.

Don’t forget that you can also get a $25 discount using Coupon code TAILGATE which will take $25 off any full sized EdgeStar kegerator at Coupon code TAILGATE15 will take $15 off the TBC50S mini Kegerator.

It works like an industrial, commercial machine.  Perfect beer.  You can accessorize it with taps and hoses and gadgetry.  Check out the manual and so on before you buy as you need a bit of a list of things to make it tick.  Many licensed concession stands and ‘food trucks’ have these.  Just ask.  Imagine one of these in the man cave, BBQ area, kitchen or home bar!  Click on the link for all the details of the specifications and so on.

Anyway, the point of telling you this is that Seth got married recently, moved to a tiny apartment and had to sacrifice the chapel that he had installed to the Gods of Beer.  He sold his beautiful kegerator and got back 111% of the money he had spent on purchasing it some years ago.  It more than held its value as he had bought it cheaply, kept it in pristine condition and accessorized it.  Amazing!  Had he bought shares, his money would have been down the toilet and been taxable as well. And you can’t drink shares, not even if they are in the Heineken company.

So my point is that the top level home kegerators can actually be a great investment.

Just sayin’

The Best Portable Bars & Beverage Accessories For Your Tailgate Party

Portable Bars transform any place whether a basement or a parking lot into your own pub, man-cave, party site or tailgate party extraordinaire.  I am constantly surprised at how cunning designers have been able to devise ways of using sophisticated origami techniques to make tailgate party items fit in a normal car.  So many times when I pull up at my spot in the parking lot, I see a neighbor pulling out what unfolds into a complete party rig – canopy, bar, portable restroom, coolers, music source and thumpin’ speakers, games table and the BBQ.  Plus food and drink to make it all a sublime experience.  Why bother with a bar?  Well, if you’ve ever tried to entertain a heap of friends with all the drink mixing, pouring, and cooling, that question is really a moot point.  A bar makes it easy.  You have a central position for the booze that can contain a keg or two, ice, bottles, red cups and so on and it’s all at a comfortable height.  Bending down into the cooler a few hundred times in the day can wreck a perfectly normal spine and, if you’re feeling no pain, you’ll do even more damage without realizing it. Plus opening and closing that cooler to replenish drinks can run into the hundreds and suddenly your cooler is a warmer. You need a portable bar – so read on for a guide to the best portable bars around.

I’m a fan of the bar.  Whether plain or embellished with team logos and colors, it’s a practical choice. Plus some are so good you can use them to play games on!

So here’s a selection of my favorite bars that can be transported and put up and packed away easily and I’ve also included some pro style equipment you may like to add to it for complete tailgate party ambiance.

Deluxe Portable Bar

DELUX by BEST is a Spectacular Portable Bar with Amazing Light Effects

Deluxe Portable Bar by BEST


To start off with, let’s look at the ultimate, best of the best portable bars. These are the deluxe, gold standard… but come with a big price tag to match. Hey, you get what you pay for–but, college students might want to skip below for more wallet-friendly options.

The Deluxe Portable Bars are sold by BEST and named that for a reason! These are top of the range, fully customizable, high end portable bars. Some might say: the portable bar for the connoisseur. If you are setting up a high end tailgate party or an office tailgate party, then check this out. Lots of different color options to choose from, high quality stainless steel, very easy to set up (1 minute set up time!) and they store away a lot more efficiently than the cheaper models.

Best thing is you can add a 3-D holographic light effect system (with remote control) as well as plenty of other options like an integrated sink, ice bin and extra shelves. The design also allows you to join up several Deluxe bars to create a longer section of bars. You could theoretically have infinite portable bars if you wanted!

These are fine both indoors and outdoors as they are rust resistant stainless steel. The legs are adjustable so you can work on uneven surfaces and the interior lights can be dimmed for better working conditions.

Make no mistake: this is a top of the line portable bar–definitely amongst the best portable bars you’ll find. If you homegate a lot then you’ll want to invest in one of these. Definitely portable enough for tailgate parties but only if you know it won’t get stolen or damaged. Insurance is your friend!

Best of Times Patio Bar and Tailgating Center Deluxe Package

Best of Times Patio Bar and Tailgating Center Deluxe Package- Kansas State

Best of Times Patio Bar & Tailgating Center

This Ultimate Tailgating/Homegating centerpiece includes steel frame, 3 levels of shelving, umbrella, drop in food-grade cooler, 4 padded bar stools, and a deluxe travel bag set with wheels.  The whole kit and caboodle sets up in minutes without any tools. Considered by many to be one of the best portable bars for tailgating when you weigh up size, portability and price.

The embellishment with your team logo is a cinch.  Just choose your team in the checking out process. One team selection is included in the price but you can select and pay for as many others as you need to cover all the teams and conferences or all your family’s faves and switch them on the day.  There are over a hundred to choose from!  The skirt and all the fabric are 500D Polyester, water resistant and UV protected.  Even though extremely lightweight (around 25 pounds), it is quite tough and well made and you really have to see it to believe how compact it is when folded away.  That’s important.

The bar area is OK for some tailgate party games such as flip cup.

You can also buy each of the components as separate purchases in case you need, say, more bar stools.

Dimensions: 41 x 63 x 44 inches

GoPong Portable High Top Party Bar, Includes 3 Front Skirts and Carrying Case

GoPong Portable High Top Party Bar, Includes 3 Front Skirts and Carrying Case

GoPong Portable High Top Party Bar

The GoBar is a lightweight, easy to erect high-top party bar with three interchangeable front skirts perfect for tailgaters, especially if you follow a heap of different sports. In fact you can order skirts for different teams so you can cover all the options, even a Tiki skirt if that’s your preferred theme. Another contender for one of the best portable bars for tailgate parties.

Sturdily built of high-strength aluminum, the GoBar’s counter top is made from waterproof MDF, there’s a shelf for storage in the back, for holding liquor, bar glasses, extra bags of chips and so on. You can also personalize the top surface with tailgate party appropriate team logos. Taking it down at the end of the day?  Easy as pie.  GoBar folds up and fits inside a handy carrying case that measures 39 by 15 by 3 inches (W x H x D).

Holds up to 25 pounds on the bar surface and another 25 pounds on the storage shelf. The table weighs 14 pounds by itself.

In summary, this is a lightweight item, slipping open somewhat like a small card-table, but treat it well, store it out of moisture and it will last for years.  Nice that there are three Velcro-attachable skirts included for it so that you can change them for different occasions and you can buy optional extras in team colors.

Dimensions: 15 x 39 x 36 inches (Open)

Red Cup Pong Portable Bar Table – Two Skirts and Carrying Case Included

Red Cup Pong Portable Bar Table - Two Skirts and Carrying Case Included

Red Cup Pong Portable Bar Table

This eminently portable bar table from Red Cup Pong is easy to set up for any tailgate party.   It comes with both a green or black skirt and has a convenient storage bag so you can slip it into the tailgate party kit and bring it even in a smallish vehicle.  The carry case has a wide shoulder strap which means you still have hands free to wheel the cooler or carry other gear.

The lower shelf has a center brace so that is the sweet spot to place any heavy items. The top is big enough to play flip cup or other tabletop drinking games.

Super easy to set up. It is the perfect height for a bar, sturdy enough to be used outdoors on grass and elegant enough looking to be used indoors yet can be rugged enough to look good in a man-cave. Tailgaters’ perfection: easily one of the best portable bars around when you’re factoring in price.

Dimensions: 40″ Tall and Surface 16″x40″

Cambro BAR540401 Cambar Portable Bar

Cambro BAR540401 Cambar Portable Bar

Cambar Portable Bar

OK, so this one really only suits you if you have a Ram truck or something like it and some inactive bucks sitting around waiting for a purpose, but wow, it really has all the features you need in a bar… but definitely not one of the best portable bars for those with smaller vehicles. Cambro are restaurant suppliers so this is pretty pro. Has a draining ice sink, various racks and a speed rail. Strong wheels.  Nothing would beat this say, as equipment in the man-cave and rolling right on out to the BBQ region of your mansion.  Naturally, if you are the kind of guy who has a regular space in the parking lot for tailgating, you and your buddies may want to chip in and buy this as a co-operative salute to the importance of the bar ambiance and make it a shared centerpiece.  Faultless.  It is already assembled. It has shelves for various kinds of bottles and a recessed work area for making and serving drinks. Tough enough to support a kegerator or two.  Its high density, double wall polyethylene construction is durable and easy to clean.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 54″ x Width: 24 7/8″ x Height: 46 1/8″

Margarita/Cocktail Glass Rimmer

Margarita/Cocktail Glass Rimmer

Margarita/Cocktail Glass Rimmer

Shots and Margaritas play a big part in many tailgate parties and if you like to make even the red cup look the part, then get one of these nifty gadgets for the official salting of the beverage container rim.  It is a three-compartment glass rimmer that makes the perfect salt or sugar-rimmed container simple with a convenient system. Clearly labeled trays hold your salt and sugar (or whatever else you may like to attach to the rim) and there’s even a sponge for water to make the grains stick! Easy to use, simple to store, and quick to clean, it folds for easy storage and accommodates containers up to 5.5 inches in diameter.

13 Piece Professional Bar Set

13 Piece Bartender Kit

13 Piece Bartender Kit

Most people won’t be doing too much drinks mixing in the parking lot at the tailgate party.  But I do have buddies who swear by the perfectly mixed drinks from their fully-equipped bar and getting all the right tools for your home bar can be a daunting challenge. This smart-looking pro-bartender mixing set includes everything you need to re-enact the Tom Cruise scene from ‘Cocktail’ and impress your guests.  It  includes: 1 Cocktail Shaker (28 oz.), 1 Short Shaker (15oz.), 1 Strainer (4 prong), 1 “Signature Series Bottles-Up” Speed Opener, 6 Plastic Pour Spouts, 1 Corkscrew, 1 11″ Red Knob Bar Spoon, 1 Jigger.  You provide the recipes!

The best thing is that it is so inexpensive that you can throw it in your kit and if anything breaks, replace it at very little cost.    Great gift for your drinking buddies.

The Complete Bartender’s Guide: Expert Advice on Equipment, Bar Craft, Cocktails and the World of Alcoholic Drinks

The Complete Bartender's Guide: Expert Advice on Equipment, Bar Craft, Cocktails and the World of Alcoholic Drinks

The Complete Bartender’s Guide

This is a great guide to mixology with a heap you need to know.  Well, who is to say that you are not going to get all fancy schmancy out there at the parking lot tailgate party?

10,000 Drinks: How to Turn Your Basement Into the Most Happening Bar in Town!

10,000 Drinks: How to Turn Your Basement Into the Most Happening Bar in Town!

10,000 Drinks: How to Turn Your Basement Into the Most Happening Bar in Town!

This recipe book takes the drink mixing business to a new and dangerous level, just what is required.  If you don’t use it for the tailgate party, give it to your nephew as part of his College orientation package.  Well, heck, he may as well get the art right first time!

Buffalo Bills NFL Rally Towel 15×18 Sports Fan Football Hand Kitchen Bar Rag Officially Licensed NFL Merchandise

Buffalo Bills NFL Rally Towel 15x18 Sports Fan Football Hand Kitchen Bar Rag Officially Licensed NFL Merchandise

Buffalo Bills NFL Rally Towel

100% absorbent cotton, this bar towel in your team colors (choose your eam at checkout) is essential.  Forget the paper towel, these will pay for themselves in no time.  Buy a few for mop-ups and spilled drink absorbing or just flick ‘em at the opposing team fans.

Dimensions: 15″ x 18″

Trudeau Double Wall Reusable Red Party Cups

Trudeau 16-OunceDouble Wall Reusable Red Party Cup, Set of 4

Trudeau 16-OunceDouble Wall Reusable Red Party Cup

OK, so we all love the Solo red cups but it’s time we stopped throwing our our bar-and-party-ware.  The Double Wall Reusable Red Party Cup features durable, double-walled insulation, keeps drinks cold and is equally good for hot drinks (won’t burn your hand). The Reusable Red Party Cup is similar in look, but not feel, to the iconic disposable red cup. It is a 16 oz. cup, completely reusable, sturdy, chip-resistant and has a thicker body and smooth, comfortable drinking lip for easy sipping.  Goes in the dishwasher up the top. Eventually pays for itself in replacing the disposables but you may need to educate your guests not to throw them in the trash.

The Manufacturer says: “The Reusable Red Party Cup is made entirely in the USA, where sustainability is no longer a trend, but a lifestyle. There’s no better way to decrease your impact on the earth than by replacing an old habit with an environmentally responsible one. That’s what makes this red cup the new life of the party! With the Reusable Red Party Cup by Trudeau, you can avoid purchasing and destroying disposable cups over and over again…”.

You can play flip cup with these though you may need to practice as they are heavier.

Global Decor 170 Rotating 4 Bottle 1-1/2-Ounce Drink Dispenser

Global Decor 170 Rotating 4 Bottle 1-1/2-Ounce Drink Dispenser

Global Decor 170 Rotating Drink Dispenser

Wow!  How impressed would your guests be if you put one of these amazing dispensers on the bar next to the kegorator?  It’s a really pro way to serve spirits from 1 liter bottles and looks stunning.  Make your tailgate party games involving shots a real cinch with this system which allows you to pump out the shots accurately (1.5 oz shots) and fast.  Hey I am thinking ONE of these isn’t enough for some tailgate parties I have attended and maybe three would be better equipped to keep up with the drinking.  The base is quite heavy so that the dispenser is stable (doesn’t fall over).

So there you go – one more for the bulging wish-list – the fab BarTender from Global Décor with rotating 4 Bottle 1-1/2 Oz. Drink Dispenser which I am already earmarking for tequila, bourbon, vodka and rum.

In putting this list together I was surprised at how few options there are available.  It is a niche ready to tap and can add heaps to any tailgate party on the road.  Enjoy the party and happy tailgating!

10 Best Beer Bongs For The Tailgate Party Reviewed

Everyone knows that beer bongs are an essential part of the tailgate party experience, mainly because the activities in the parking lot take place in a small window for fun. Then you have to leave your beer, bbq and games and go sit in the stadium.  So you need to get a sinful skinful and get buzzed faster than the normal rate of sipping from a Solo cup. Here’s a list of the best beer bongs out there – sure you could use any old funnel and tube but who knows where that’s been? And what’s the fun of that when you could potentially be drinking out of a spine!

The golden rule with all these items is to make sure you clean and dry them before use.  If it really worries you, run some vodka through as that really sterilizes those hard-to-reach places.

You need to look at the capacity (anything bigger than you can drink will be wasted), the length of the tubes and whether it has a tap or not.

Here are the few ways to jazz up what is essentially a siphon, a funnel and a tube.  My favorite is obviously the 6-seater arrangement around the pole, but each item on this list has merit either for its low price or functions.

Barbuzzo Russian Roulette Beer Bong

Barbuzzo Russian Roulette Beer Bong

Barbuzzo Russian Roulette Beer Bong

Great idea but leaks and doesn’t siphon properly plus breaks easily.  The barrel/funnel part never really opens wide enough to get a good flow. Holds up to 72 ounces of fluid.

Cute though and cheap enough if you buy it with other items so that you get free shipping.

Skull Beverage Funnel

Skull Beer Funnel

Skull Beer Funnel

Finish him! If you’re into cold beers and Sub-Zero is your Mortal Combat hero then this beer bong is for you! With this bad boy you can skål a Skol in a skull! Beer goes in the head and down the spine-tube so technically the beer bong can double as a Halloween party item.  Make sure to wash it well before and after use and air dry it before stashing it in your tailgate party kit.  Get a buddy to help you fill it then let the fun commence!

Pink Flamingo Bird Beer Bong

Pink Flamingo Bird Beer Bong

Pink Flamingo Bird Beer Bong

It’s never a bad thing to cater specifically for the lady-drinkers on your team.  This is certainly a girly item and performs a lot slower than most manly beer bongs.  As a novelty item to bring out at your tailgate party, it says fun for the girls and that makes it worth a spot in your tailgate party kit.  You chug from the bird’s beak with the bottle attached underneath. Very simple.

The Double Header – Funnel and Tube Beer Bong

The Double Header

The Double Header

The Double Header has twin 2 foot hoses with taps so you and your best (or worst) bud can race to a stupor.  Have another friend top it up and another clean up the spill.  A hint is to put plumbers’ tape (Teflon) on all the joins to avoid spilling a drop of that precious amber ale.  It’s not a high-priced item and so it isn’t built like code plumbing, but is a fun thing and does the job.  Nice to be able to turn your favorite activity into a legitimate contest.

Extreme Beer Bong

Extreme Beer Bong

Extreme Beer Bong

Similar to the basic funnel/hose/valve (tap)  combo, this version has a 6 foot hose and works well.  The hose is somewhat narrower and you may find a build-up of foam but hey, just keep sucking hard and fast and that will calm down.

Very inexpensive so you can throw a few of these in your tailgate party kit.  Wash and dry well prior and after use and if it develops any leaks at joins, apply the Teflon tape as discussed above.

Bongzilla Beer Bong with 6 Tubes

Bongzilla Beer Bong with 6 Tubes

Bongzilla Beer Bong with 6 Tubes

OK, this one is almost unbeatable for a fun party-starter.  It’s pole mounted on a sturdy base which, when filled with water, keeps it all anchored to the ground.  Best of all, it allows six people to slam down the beer simultaneously and darn fast.  From the Head Rush Beer Bong ultimate party people, it features a six-way funnel, six hoses and six valves.  The pole is adjustable so you can either sit or stand.  I guess most start standing, gradually sliding into a seat and maybe eventually playing at floor level.  Just keep adjusting the pole closer to the ground.  You can plug any tube that is not being used with one of the supplied stoppers.  Capacity is 12 cans of beer or half a gallon (5 or six beers), so keep those growlers happening and get a friend to top it up as I know my friends will drink more than the starter funnel full.

Head Rush 1 Hose 18ft Balcony Beer Bong with On / Off Valve

Head Rush 18ft Balcony Beer Bong

Head Rush 18ft Balcony Beer Bong

I’m including this as I know there are some who have their tailgate parties near balconies, roof-gardens, home-gating in some cases.  Naturally, it is a ‘must-pack’ for your trip to Cancun and Cabo, but idea for some situations where the beer can flow fast from a height of 18 feet.  Yes, that is what it says.  18 glorious gravitational feet causing the beer to flow so fast that your alimentary canal will be challenged in the best way possible.  Do I need to explain more?  It has the Head Rush Beer Bong quality and good design and will give you hours of fun.  Not that you will remember much of it till the hilarious photos are featured on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Beer Bottle Bong (Head Rush)

Beer Bottle Bong

Beer Bottle Bong

If your beers come in bottles, then this is for you.  It can pump the beer from the bottle in seconds without loss of quality.  Suck it in fast!  The gadget fits over the bottle and the tube goes in the bottle and the small part of the tube (of course) goes into your mouth.  You have to see one to know what I am talking about.  Super fun and everyone gets his or her own.  You can hold contests to see who can drink the fastest.  There are no negatives with this invention which has taken what was a college students’ makeshift gadget and finessed it so that it is reliable and well made. Inexpensive and you can use it many times.  Wash and air-dry before and after use.  No moving parts.  Oh, that is the drinker also.  Note that you get one,, not the whole container full of these for the advertised price.

Russian Roulette Revolver Shots Drinking Game

Russian Roulette Revolver Shots Drinking Game

Russian Roulette Revolver Shots Drinking Game

Neat way to play Russian Roulette and nobody gets hurt!

The handle holds a shot (2.5 ounces) and when the trigger is pulled, the barrel will go around, allowing one chamber only to shoot the liquor into a lucky drinker’s mouth.  A one in six chance to be … Winner!  It’s a bit dinky but a very fun accessory to have at a tailgate party to mix up the ways and methods of taking a swig of liquor in amongst all that beer.  Inexpensive for the laughs you will get.  And the gratitude the winner will show you after a shot of tequila or whatever you want to fill it with.  Again, wash and air dry before and after use or it could become nasty!!!

Glow In The Dark And Under Black Light Beer Bong

Glow In The Dark And Under Black Light Beer Bong

Glow In The Dark And Under Black Light Beer Bong

This Beer Blaster Beer Funnel is the one you will take out when the sun goes down or on those Friday nights. Guaranteed fun for everyone this Funnel & Tube Beer Bong is the classic style Beer Bong.  Holds just a smidge over 2 beers and comes with a 2 feet long hose.  A nice novelty at a low price.  Doesn’t have a tap so if you stop to belch then you’ll be wearing your booze.

Best Beer Towers For The Tailgate Party Reviewed

So you’re in the middle of a tailgate party, you want to BBQ, play games and serve your frosty beer at the same time.  Where’s the waiter?? And what can you do when you don’t own a kegerator? How about a few Beer Towers, each with its own beverage! Check out this list of the best beer towers for your tailgate party.

Awesome looking lined up in Drinks Central at your tailgate party, they’re known as Booze Tubes, Tabletop Beer Dispensers, Bazooka Tubes, or Beer Pitchers. They are low tech – few moving parts – probably the secret to the design’s affordability.  It pretty much adds up to a Yard of Beer but unlike those massive steins, glasses and containers, they stay cold.

Of course, the difference between this and the draft models can’t be denied.  But these are cheap and if your look after them, you’ll have them forever.  The bottom line is that they are a great accessory for the ‘bar’ or picnic table in the parking lot.

If you have a larger budget and a powered site, then you might want to consider a large kegerator and the draft beer towers and taps to go with that.  However, many people really can’t afford to throw down that much moolah – there are heaps of accessories and maintenance required for the big rigs.  So these little low-tech units are a great alternative and not to be sneezed at (or on).

Basically, this is like a well-sealed very tall pitcher, around a yard of beer, except many have a tube full of ice down their center.  Some light up with amazing colors.  They have a spigot tap for serving.  It’s up to you what you serve from them but I keep a dark beer in one, a light Pilsener in another and a medium bitter in another.  That seems to keep everyone happy.  Oh, and one with non-alcoholic beverage in for the designated driver.  You can purchase logos separately for the taps to identify your drinks.  Next day, fill it with a Bloody Mary with pickle juice and oysters for that essential pick-me-up hangover cure, hair of the dog and Vitamin C/Zinc hit and you’ll be rearing to go, ready for the next tailgate party.

Choosing a beer tower, you need to look for stability, an ice tube, (AKA chill stick, chill bat)  or flexible ice wrap, to keep the booze cold. Ease of cleaning and durability of the tube, tap and base are important too.  That’s it. Simple.

Note that the beer taps are intended to be carefully pulled down only a quarter of the way to dispense liquid. Taps will be damaged, if pulled completely down but if you break them you can easily get replacements.

Beer Tower from BarProducts.

Bar Products Beer Tower

Bar Products Beer Tower

Standing on a base of 8” diameter, this Beer Tower in just under a yard tall at 34”.  The tube is clear plastic and holds 3 liters (101.4 fluid ounces) of liquid.  A standard beer is 10 ounces, so you will get a little over 10 glasses from this.

Drinks are dispensed by pulling down the spigot handle (bar style) or pushing the button on the spout.

The ratio of base width to height is good and it should not tip over under normal circumstances.  Turn the tower to lock it into place on the stand.

Handy in a crowd situation – a few of these will keep the beer cold and people can help themselves.  Fill it with your home-brew!

This model does not come equipped with an ice tube and it is recommended that you purchase a freeze sleeve and wrap it around the tube, at least at the base of the beer section.  Obviously that doesn’t look as amazing as the amber liquid glowing through the tube, but it is functional.

Techni-ICE Sheets, Better than Ice or Gel Packs! Reusable, Dry Ice Replacement

Techni-ICE Sheets

Techni-ICE Sheets

These flexible sleeves are as good as dry ice, can be heated as well as frozen and will last for ever.  A great investment.  You can wrap these around anything to keep them cold and put one on your head next day to reduce your hangover.

Wyndham House 3.7qt (3.5l) Beverage Dispenser (No Ice-Tube)

Wyndham House 3.7qt (3.5l) Beverage Dispenser

Wyndham House 3.7qt (3.5l) Beverage Dispenser

With a capacity of 7 pints (3.7 quarts or 3.5 liters) this is quite large and surprisingly, is around half the price of most on the market.  The dimensions are 9-3/4″ x 33-1/2″ x 7-3/4″ so it is a little wider than most which may add to its stability.

Half the price of most on the market. as this model does not include an ice tube down its center so you would need to ‘sleeve’ it to keep the booze icy or buy a separate ice-tube.  Some say there is little need to do that as the turnover is quite fast at tailgate parties.

If you want the complete beer tower with matching ice-tube, check out the model here:

Wyndham House 3.7qt (3.5L) Beverage Dispenser (With Ice Tube)

Wyndham House 3.7qt (3.5L) Beverage Dispenser

Wyndham House 3.7qt (3.5L) Beverage Dispenser

Fundamentally, it’s the same as the beer tower above, but has a refillable ice-tube which you slip into the center.

The removable cooling chamber ensures drinks stay cold from the first fill-up to the last. Features ABS body, large dome base, removable ice cooling chamber, and removable tap for ease of cleaning.

Beer Tubes Stainless Steel Chill Stick (Beverage Cooler)

Beer Tubes Stainless Steel Chill Stick (Beverage Cooler)

Beer Tubes Stainless Steel Chill Stick

You want the beer chilled enough for drinking but not so cold that you get the ice-cream headache when the beer bong is in use.  The Chill Stick is designed to keep the product at optimal slamming temperature.

The investment is worthwhile though it is a little skimpy for a yard of beer. You may need two of these or a sleeve at the base as well depending on the day and where your tailgate party will be held.  In the heat, I would recommend a sleeve as well as the ice-tube.

Beer Tower 3 Liters with Ice Tube Draft Beer Tower Dispenser

Beer Tower 3 Liters with Ice Tube Draft Beer Tower Dispenser

Beer Tower 3 Liters w Ice Tube

Capacity is 3 liters or around 10 standard beers.   The ice-tube is removable and detaches from the base for easy cleaning and re-fills with ice.  DO NOT fill with water and freeze.  It is designed to hold ice-blocks and will not stand up to being put in the freezer and frozen.

At least this one comes with its own ice-tube.  It’s a standard beer tower not much different from many on the market.

As with others, your tailgate party guests can help themselves to cold drinks of all kinds from this dispenser. I would never put dairy drinks in this as the cleaning would be painful.  And heck, what a waste!  Beer is so much less labor intensive ….

Lighted Beer Tower with Ice Tube

Lighted Beer Tower with Ice Tube

Lighted Beer Tower with Ice Tube

But if you are looking for a point of difference, this may be it!

As with the beer towers we have already looked at, you have your yard of beer in a clear plastic tube firmly fastened to a base measuring 8” in diameter and the removable ice-tube is keeping the beverage frosty which you are accessing through the pull-down bar-style handle.  But then … whoo-hoo!  It lights up!  The battery operated light effects make it look like your tailgate party has its own cool bar.

Note that the ice-tube is very well sealed.  You just fill it with cubes and seal it and no leakage into the beer to water down that great taste.

Holds 9 – 10 standard beers or 2 blenders full of margaritas.

To fill the tower without spillage or an excess of foamy froth, place it low down and have a friend hold it on an angle as though you are pouring a beer.  Dribble the beer slowly down the side.  The tap will add a nice head to the beer when drinkers are pouring their own booze from it.

Cleaning hints can be found below!

The BrewTender Tabletop Beer & Beverage Dispenser

The BrewTender Tabletop Beer & Beverage Dispenser

The BrewTender Tabletop Beer & Beverage Dispenser

The tube holds up to 80 ounces and keeps it cold, ready for your guests to serve themselves. Sack the waiter!  It’s perfect for tailgate parties and has built in lights that glow up through the drink for an amazing effect.

Beer dispensing happens within a few seconds.

Dimensions: 20 1/2″H x 7″D

Note that for these Beer Towers with onboard lighting, don’t leave the light on all the time or it will heat the beer.  A good hint is to buy a backup ice-tube and add this in when the first has defrosted.

If you want to store this in the fridge, you will need to remove all the shelves as it is almost a yard high.

You can take it to your local pub and get them to fill it with their beer tap.  Way easier than doing it yourself.

It is an essential ingredient for tailgate party drinking games as it keeps the action happening fast.

80 Oz Bever. Cooling Dispenser – Style KTBEVDS

80 Oz Bever. Cooling Dispenser

80 Oz Bever. Cooling Dispenser

Same size as the one above, this also lights up and I guess what you are paying for are the design, the concept and manufacturing as the materials are not exactly solid state, though it works and will last if you take care of it.

Like the other lit up beer towers, this one will lose its cool if you keep the lights on all the time so either get a backup ice-tube or turn the lights off from time to time.

NOTE: Put the ice-tube in the fridge (not freezer) overnight before you put the ice in to maximize the cooling effect.

3 Liter “Shorty” Beer Tube with Ice Tube

3 Liter "Shorty" Beer Tube with Ice Tube

3 Liter “Shorty” Beer Tube w Ice Tube

Here’s a Beer tower that is a lot easier to cart along to your parking lot tailgate party.  It still holds 3 liters (10 standard serves of beer approx..) but s only 23” tall and sits on a wide, 14” base.  The tower is large, 5 ¾” in diameter and the kit includes the ice-tube insert that you can fill with ice and keep the drink cool.  Because it is rather squat, it is more stable and will fit into your tailgate party food kit more easily.  It is simple to transport with integrated handles and The Shorty is lightweight in design and manufacture.

So far, it’s my favorite for parking lot use due to its stability and ease of cleaning and transporting.  Easier to fill also.

Chrome Metal 1-Faucet Beer Tower – 3″ Column. For Draft Beer.

Chrome Metal 1-Faucet Beer Tower

Chrome Metal 1-Faucet Beer Tower

OK, so I am just including this as a comparison.  If you invest in a kegerator, you can use one of these on the top for dispensing your booze.  It’s chrome and has one faucet for serving and the size is 3” across and  approximately 18” tall.  It has 5 feet of hose leading to your beer supply (which would be in the keg) and the nuts and couplers for it are standard.  Mounting gasket screws are in the kit.

Even though this is a commercial grade single faucet chrome-plated metal draft beer tower and the same tower that is found on all commercial grade kegerators such as True and Beverage Air, it’s not a heck of a lot more expensive than the cheap counter-top beer towers. Of course, buying the kegorator is another thing entirely but if your tailgate party is rowdy, the beer front and center as the entertainment, then you might want to cut straight to the pro equipment.   No flashing lights though.  Oh, and the counter-top models are cheap enough so that you can buy one for each beverage.

Double Tap Stainless Steel Draft Beer Kegerator Tower – 3″ Diameter

Double Tap Stainless Steel Draft Beer Kegerator Tower

Double Tap Stainless Steel Draft Beer Kegerator Tower

And now, here’s the dual tap version.  Again, you need a kegorator for this assembly to work and it is connected with 5 feet of hose.

Has a stainless steel tower with two brass taps on top to keep that beer flowing fast.

It is air cooled.  Mounting assembly is included.  Solidly engineered. Some people use this one for mounting on the top of a mini refrigerator and converting it into a kegorator.  If home brewing is for you, then this system is perfect as you can keep the kit in the fridge to stay sterile during the process.  If tailgate parties are all about the beer, then this fast-flowing tap is all about tailgate parties, particularly the home-gating type.
And for keeping those beer cans cool:

Kalorik Mini Cooler

Kalorik Mini Cooler

Kalorik Mini Cooler

This little cooler holds and dispenses 12 cans of beer.  Or soft drink if that’s your thing.  It has a built-in refrigerating system to keep all of the drinks nice and cool

The hardware is very sturdy and retro in design.  You can shove it in small spaces when packing for the tailgate party.

Needs an external power source to stay cold. So really, it’s better for home-gating than tailgating.  Unless you have a generator.

Now a word about cleaning your precious beer dispenser.  Beer can be susceptible to bacteria if the equipment isn’t kept clean.  So here are some suggestions. Cleaning is actually quite simple as the tube detaches from the base.  Clean with the longest handled brush you can find.

1. Invest in this super long handled beer tower tube brush and you will make life easy after the tailgate party has long since ended and guests have migrated to the stadium to watch the play.

Beer Tower Tube Brush

Beer Tower Tube Brush

The brush assembles to a 32.5” length, long enough to reach the bottom of your Yard of Beer Tower or just use it half size for the Shorty.  It has a durable plastic stem with a hook on the end for convenient storage when not in use, and soft but powerful scrubbing bristle to attack the edges of the tower.

2. Rinse the tower and tap after the use.  I appreciate that you may be in some remote parking lot and can’t get to a convenient place to do this immediately.  So if you miss this step, you may need to progress to step 3.

3. Scrub the tower using a few drops of a detergent that has NO PERFUME.

4. Rinse, rinse and rinse again.

5. If your tower has been contaminated by yeasty molds from standing beer, soak it in a food grade bleach such as the solution baby bottles are soaked in.  Milton tablets are fast and reliable (15 minutes soaking only and also don’t affect the taste of the brew) and you can buy them at

Milton Maximum Protection

Milton Maximum Protection

Then rinse and dry prior to adding beer.  It is not a bad idea to rinse it out with a shot of cheap vodka.  It is a great tool to have in the first aid kit or your cleaning kit.  Yes, truly.  And you could even drink it after … or clean your shoes.  If you have left your beer tower full of beer (yeah, that will happen – well, not at my tailgate parties … ) and have a yeasty mold problem, you can also use vinegar to clean it and then rinse well with warm water and air dry.  Alternatively, throw in some grains of uncooked rice (about ¼ cup) and shake it with some warm soapy water before rinsing thoroughly to remove all residue.  The combination of one or all the methods above will keep your tower 100% clean.

The Best Beer Koozies To Keep Your Drink Frosty.

Keeping beers cold (in your hand) is an important skill at tailgate parties.  It has led to the invention of that customizable commodity, the ‘Koozie’. And here’s a list of the best beer koozies to keep your drink frosty for the tailgate party.

Yes, now ‘Koozie’ is a real word, in Urban Dictionary!  It’s not too long before someone will open a Koozie exhibit in a museum as the inscriptions, logos, pictures and shapes of these items tell lots of stories about their owners.  They’ve come a long way from those old-timey knitted or crocheted drink holders.

Here’s the official definition:

‘A cylindrical insulator for beer can and beer bottles (it probably also works with other beverages in aluminum cans or glass bottles). Usually made from foam and cloth and sold at convenience stores.’

(alternative spelling ‘coozie’)

The beer koozie (koō-zie), “beer hugger”, or “beer huggie” is a misnomer as it is not always used for an alcoholic beverages. Other names are “coastie”, “cozy”[ “coosie”, “coolie”, “coldy-holdy”, “can cooler”, “beer sleeve”, and “bottle jacket”. In Australia it is called a “stubby holder” due to the shape of the 375 millilitres (13.2 imp fl oz; 12.7 US fl oz) bottles of beer being shorter and fatter compared with the more slender 330 millilitres (12 imp fl oz; 11 US fl oz) bottles.

 Simply put, the ‘Koozie’ is an insulated, sometimes ornamental slip-on cover to keep a can of beer or other drink cool while hand-held.

Do they work?  I’ve tested a heap of these of different types.  They are all effective in varying degrees.  The very best is not necessarily the most fun and it is:

Thermos Stainless steel can insulator

Thermos Stainless Steel Can Insulator

Thermos Stainless Steel Can Insulator

Yes, it works – it keeps drinks cold for hours, even in extreme heat, the Middle East, Mexico and the Mojave Desert which is what you may want.  It’s almost indestructible and holds your cans tightly, almost vacuum sealing them into the Koozie.  Icy cold for an hour and cold for two hours and cool for two more hours. It fits into most cars’ drink container (an elastic band will keep that tight or a sheet of paper towel, but really, you don’t need it to be that tight.)  The can will sit quite low in the koozie but don’t push it in all the way and it is fine.  If you are using non-standard small cans, try putting a paper towel beneath, folded small into a little mat.  MSRP = $14.75

But for those who don’t need an extreme beer cooler and prefer that added zing of fun … there are many alternatives.  Any party or group of friends wanting a bit of a laugh while enjoying a cold beer is somewhere you can often see a wide range of Koozies. They can be personalized, printed with messages, logos or anything and you will find them among team licensed merchandise such as this Raiders one:

Oakland Raiders Koozie Soda Can Holder

Oakland Raiders Koozie Soda Can Holder

Oakland Raiders Koozie Soda Can Holder

Definitely, you can add to your atmosphere by choosing your Koozie collection with some plan in mind.  If you want everything to look like it coordinates with your team, that is an easy task.  You can buy Koozies that have you team logo, or just in team colors.

But here are some that really made me laugh.  I think they’d be terrific hostess gifts or stocking stuffers.  Oh, and you can use them for any cans – mixed spirits, soft drinks, mineral water… some are a little on the adult side though and if political correctness is your thing, you’re not coming to my tailgate party anyway!

A word about their ability to keep beer cold: they do an average job.  They are not expected to stay cold for hours, but they do stop your hands from warming the contents of the can and keep the chill in quite efficiently for an hour or more.   That is more time than it takes to drink a beer.The plastic can be a little slippery with condensation, but, well,  there’s plenty to grab hold of.

Average price is around $9.

DCI DrinKooliez Drink Sleeve Koozie, Assorted

DCI DrinKooliez Drink Sleeve Koozie, Assorted

DCI DrinKooliez Drink Sleeve Koozie, Assorted

These come in a few different designs and the one shaped like a coconut cocktail with an umbrella on the side cracks me up as does the Don Draper Bourbon glass …

Next is a simple red plastic cup approach.  Don’t over-think this one!

Big Mouth Toys Kool Koozie, The Red Cup

Big Mouth Toys Kool Koozie, The Red Cup

Big Mouth Toys Kool Koozie, The Red Cup

The red cup style may just be the ultimate post-modern piece of self-reflexive design.  But wait, there’s more …

Big Mouth Toys Prescription / Pill Bottle Drink Kooler

Big Mouth Toys Prescription Pill Bottle Drink Kooler

Big Mouth Toys Prescription Pill Bottle Drink Kooler

Think your beer is therapeutic?  Now you can make it look the part with this Koozie that looks like a prescription pill bottle.  Tailgate party stress will be relieved in an instant!

Big Mouth Toys The Beast Giant Fist Shaped Drink

Big Mouth Toys The Beast Giant Fist Shaped Drink Kooler

Big Mouth Toys The Beast Giant Fist Shaped Drink Kooler

Does this one confuse you?  At your tailgate party you could embellish the fist adding chains, dog tags, a watch, a bracelet, a hand-cuff or … well, you decide!

Boobzie – Classic Collection

Boobzie Can Koozie

Boobzie Can Koozie

Ah, now we come to the classy ones!  They will certainly be a talking point at your tailgate party.  The more worthy among us have made a nice link between these and breast cancer awareness while others just state that the combo of breasts and beer is a tailgate party must!

Boobzie – Classic Collection

Boobzie Can Koozie

Boobzie Can Koozie

 Insert your own boob joke here (though it’s a bit redundant as the Koozies above and below ARE the joke).  Besides, I’ve probably heard them all at some tailgate party or other.

“World Cups” (Sporty collection) Boobzie Can Cover / Koozie

"World Cups" (Sporty collection) Boobzie Can Cover / Koozie

“World Cups” (Sporty collection) Boobzie

Boobzie – Special Occasion Collection

"First Aid" Boobzie Can Cover / Koozie

“First Aid” Boobzie Can Cover / Koozie

There are many more in this range and as a novelty with a purpose, they will add some laughs to your event.

Big Mouth Toys Toilet Shaped Drink Kooler

Big Mouth Toys Toilet Shaped Drink Kooler

Big Mouth Toys Toilet Shaped Drink Kooler

Some drinkers wait until after the party to have their heads in the toilet.  With this one, you can remind yourself where you don’t want to end up

Finally, just a word of warning if you have to travel to your tailgate party … don’t take this last one to the airport!  It needs no further comment!

Big Mouth Toys Gun Shaped Drink Kooler

Big Mouth Toys Gun Shaped Drink Kooler

Big Mouth Toys Gun Shaped Drink Kooler

Amazing Shot Glasses That Will Astound Tailgate Party Guests!

Himalayan Salt Tequila Shot Glass – Set of 4 Glasses

Himalayan Salt Tequila Shot Glass

Himalayan Salt Tequila Shot Glass

Recently, I was at a friend’s house and she initiated me into the world of Himalayan Salt – she has salt blocks to cook on and these shot glasses.  Now I can attest that (at least to my refined and elegant palate) drinking several shots of rough as guts tequila from these enhances the experience.  At least I think it did.  We had really cheap Tequila initially.  They went down a treat.  Then some Reposado.  Even better.  Some of the liqueur ‘43’ which was AMAZING when served in this salty glass.  They are hand-carved from blocks of salt from Nepal and thereabouts and wow, you don’t need to dust the rim of your glass with anything.  Somehow, this cuts through the roughness.  Occasionally, your booze will erode a little hairline crack or pinhole which will allow the grog to seep out so do drink it fast.  Never been a problem at tailgate parties as we tend to be efficient with our drinking.  That’s all the advice I can offer right now.  Oh, apart from ‘order more than one set so you’ll minimize your postage and have some backups in case of breakages or melting.  And follow the directions for cleaning and storage that are given on the pack.’ Enjoy this amazing creation.  P.S. when your shot glasses are deteriorating, just put them in a ziplock back and pound them with the rolling pin and use them as salt to cook with. You get four to a set, they are cutting edge popular but not always available.

Three Cheers For The Red Solo Cup: A Design Miracle!

Did you know that the lines on a red solo cup are actually measurements?  A learned friend told me this just today and I was happy indeed to know this piece of information.  You see, it means that a whole lot of thought went into this item that most of us just throw away.  We should revere it!

Line one =1 oz and is for spirits/liquor

Line two = 5 oz and is for wine

Line three = 12 oz and is for beer

The makers (Solo) say yes, they are pretty spot on, but really, they were not intended as legal standard measurements ie. for arguing your DUI.

And really, who stops pouring beer at the 12 oz line when foaming coldies are way better when you can sip them right from the brim of the cup?

And you can buy 240 of them for less than $20!  Wow!  An engineering miracle, worthy of a design prize.