The #1 Best Kegerator: A Better Investment Than Shares!

Over the years, I have been asked ‘What is your favorite kegerator?’ and ‘What is the #1 all-time best kegerator?’ by countless folk.  My friend Seth has a good take on this.  He says that the best keg is the one you can slip into your man-cave and when it seems to be too small for your beer intake or when you need money, you can sell it and get a heap of your money back to put towards an upgrade or something else you need. You’ll notice a lot of ‘starter kegs’ in our article  Top 10 Best Beer Keg Dispensers Reviewed such as the KRUPS and HEINEKEN B100 BeerTender with Heineken Draught Keg technology

KRUPS and HEINEKEN B100 BeerTender with Heineken Draught Keg Technology,Black

KRUPS and HEINEKEN B100 BeerTender

The BeerTender is great. But you’re not likely to want to trade it in on a more expensive model but more likely to be leaning towards buying them a big brother.
Here are the two main alternatives.

Buy a few of these and stock your favorite compatible brands of beer in separate containers.  Buy a nice branded tap and identify them with their contents. The Pros of doing that are that you can, with the assistance of one of these Duracell Powerpacks take them to your tailgate party and there ain’t a thing wrong with that!

Duracell DPP-300EP Powerpack 300 with Built-in 300-watt Inverter and 250 PSI Air Compressor

Duracell DPP-300EP Powerpack 300

I have one of these battery packs and use it when I need light, when tires need to be pumped up or the car needs a jump-start.  You can run a little portable kegerator on it for a few hours.  Nice.  So that’s done and dusted for the tailgate party on the move.  But at home?

The Best Kegerator

Buy one of these first up:

EdgeStar Full Size Built-In Kegerator – Stainless Steel (KC7000SS).

EdgeStar Full Size Built-In Kegerator

EdgeStar Full Size Built-In Kegerator

This EdgeStar kegerator is, in my friend Seth’s opinion, the nearest thing to having a pub in your own house.  It is designed to be built-in but you can also use it freestanding and whip it out if you need to transport it or sell it.  I don’t need to tell you all the stuff about how great it makes the beer taste etc. – that is a given.

Don’t forget that you can also get a $25 discount using Coupon code TAILGATE which will take $25 off any full sized EdgeStar kegerator at Coupon code TAILGATE15 will take $15 off the TBC50S mini Kegerator.

It works like an industrial, commercial machine.  Perfect beer.  You can accessorize it with taps and hoses and gadgetry.  Check out the manual and so on before you buy as you need a bit of a list of things to make it tick.  Many licensed concession stands and ‘food trucks’ have these.  Just ask.  Imagine one of these in the man cave, BBQ area, kitchen or home bar!  Click on the link for all the details of the specifications and so on.

Anyway, the point of telling you this is that Seth got married recently, moved to a tiny apartment and had to sacrifice the chapel that he had installed to the Gods of Beer.  He sold his beautiful kegerator and got back 111% of the money he had spent on purchasing it some years ago.  It more than held its value as he had bought it cheaply, kept it in pristine condition and accessorized it.  Amazing!  Had he bought shares, his money would have been down the toilet and been taxable as well. And you can’t drink shares, not even if they are in the Heineken company.

So my point is that the top level home kegerators can actually be a great investment.

Just sayin’