NBA Gear For Tailgate Parties – Ultimate List 2017

NBA Gear can take your tailgate party up a notch!

Are you the kind of tailgater who likes to shout your NBA fandom from the rooftops when the party is in full swing?  Cover your party in NBA gear? Of course you are!  You wouldn’t visit this site if you weren’t.  Anyway, while I realize that on site tailgate parties are rare in the NBA leagues – their real estate is thin on the ground – there are many adjacent to green spaces where tailgating is OK.  So get there nice and early to set up in style.  NBA gear, licensed only please, is great.  The fakes are generally so disappointing that you wouldn’t want to be associated with them. Of course, you can do the same when home-gating. You can decorate with a lot of NBA gear from clothing to BBQ accessories.

Let’s start with the biggest shout-out you can find. (Assuming you have some power source, even one of those compact battery packs will do or if you have a generator that little beauty will last all party long).

NBA Neon Light

NBA Neon Light

Weneon® Nba Indiana Pacers Basketball Handcrafted Real Glass Tube Neon Light Sign

Put up a flashing neon sign that screams your NBA team’s logo day and night.

The Weneon Neon Light Sign is available in all team logos and if you let them know what you want well in advance, they can supply you with your heart’s desire.

Weneon is a Chinese based neon bender and they can make anything neon you can think of, including your team name and logo.  Be sure to explain exactly what it is that you want.  Custom is what these flexible light artists do best.  The light will be made for you and a few days later shipped by air which takes around two weeks at the most.  Any problems with your orders, contact the makers direct as they guarantee happiness.  The size around the metal frame is 19” x 15” which is big enough to be seen across a parking lot.  It is also bright enough to be visible in daylight.  Has trackable shipping and a 2 year warranty.  Of course, it’s an ideal home-gating accessory as you can mount it on your man-cave bar and impress your buds every time they visit.

And, speaking of bars – here’s a great portable bar specially designed for tailgate parties.  Pick your team. It’s truly portable, fast mount and demount and has its own case:

NBA Los Angeles Lakers Portable Bar with Case

Lakers color wrap for portable bar

Lakers color wrap for portable bar

Skeleton of Lakers portable bar

Bar skeleton without color wrap

Bag for portable bar


We’ve shown you these portable bars before, but here’s a reminder that you can get NBA styled portable bars as well as all the other conventions and codes.

This great portable bar has two shelves, can be put up without stress and breaks down after the party super fast even by a drunk.  It only takes a couple of minutes to pop up the bar frame and then cover it with all the beers and deliciousness you can muster.  You can line up a few of those small kegerators on the bar counter.

In the non NBA season, order a different code and use it for those conventions’ tailgate parties instead.  The beer never objects to you switching the game.

Note that the frame is metal and the shelves are solid enough to support your coolers.

Dimensions? 39” x 15’ at the top and 3 feet tall when assembled.  The skirt is a massive full color wrap. Transports in its own compact bag.

But if the flashing light and bar’s table logo aren’t enough to shout your fan loyalty, then get a bigger banner to add to your collection of NBA gear!  Nothing succeeds like excess, right?

Boston Celtics NBA Basketball Dynasty Banner

Boston Celtics Banner NBA

Boston Celtics Banner NBA

In the picture is a Boston Celtics NBA Basketball Dynasty Banner, flashing back to days gone by. Ideal for Home, Games room, Office, Man Cave, Den, or Parking Lot where your tailgate party is the talk of the town. You can order any NBA logo required.  Just be sure to specify what you need.  The best banners to hang at your tailgate party, they measure 36”L x 24”W. They are inspired by the true Dynasty Teams of the past, honoring teams, traditions and memories and if you are a fan, then these show the depth of your team love. Each banner is embroidered with appliqué over a tough wool blend felt. You can order a Banner Rod separately. Then hang it in your parking lot tailgate setting or in your man cave.

FANMATS NBA Chicago Bulls Nylon Face NBA Court Runner-Large

NBA Chicago Bulls mat for floor or table

NBA Chicago Bulls mat for floor or table

NBA Chicago Bulls Fan Mat

In the front of your bar, throw down a fan mat. These simple mats have logos on them of your basketball team and the colors are bright and clear.  Fully open, the mats are 30 inches wide but 54 long which gives your team somewhere to sit while tailgating (or just a nice look to your tailgate party site).  I noted that the edges are serged – that can easily unravel over time. So Ms. Tailgater and her friends tucked this hem under and made a reinforced pocket for a flat frame, sliding in a length of flexible but stiff vinyl edging in as a tough edge. Slide it out again when you are packing it up.  You could also just iron on some interfacing but use a cotton cloth to protect the nylon from melting. The backing is non skid and the whole thing can be washed in the machine.   Gives your tailgate party a real stylish appearance and does justice to the feast and the beers you know are in your portable bar.

And NBA gear used as decorations for the holidays can double as tailgate party ornaments too.

Boston Celtics LED Ornament Set

Boston Celtics LED Illuminated Ornament set

Boston Celtics LED Illuminated Ornament set

Just add a few sets of these inexpensive LED ornaments which are available for many teams and you’ve got yourself not just a tailgate party but a PAR-TAAAAAAY!  They are equipped with little glittering lights and will illuminate a dull day or night.  People love these and most buy multiple boxes as it’s that old rule of decoration.  More is more …

NBA Golden State Warriors Cake Toppers

NBA Golden State Warriors Cupcake toppers

NBA Golden State Warriors Cupcake toppers

You might think that CAKE is not appropriate tailgate party food.  But Ms. Rawahide begs to differ.  She generally supplies cake and we never take any leftovers home.  It all gets eaten fast along with that post beer coffee. Anyway, here’s a cupcake topper that shouts ‘I’m an NBA fan!’.  Colors and logos are bright and clear with awesome artwork and they ship anywhere.  A tower of these is an interesting centerpiece for your tailgate party, your man-cave located NBA birthday party or any other basketball styled party.

Spalding NBA Mini Hoop Set

Spalding NBA Mini Hoop Set

Spalding NBA Mini Hoop Set

You want games at your tailgate party and here’s the simplest form ever. It’s a Mini hoop set and has its own tiny 4” basketball of plush and a plastic back board.  You can mount them anywhere you have a pole or shelf – f’rinstance you can clip it to the portable bar described above.  There are no screws n the kit so check out where you would like to set it up and then get the appropriate clamps or hardware. Included is a door mount.  When the plush ball wears out, just buy one of those little mini nerf or pump up b’balls.  You can get this in the logos/colors of all teams.  It’s a cute diversion from the normal cornhole games and kids love this NBA gear too.

Rico Chicago Bulls Team Logo Economy Grill Cover

Rico Chicago Bulls Team Logo Grill Cover

Rico Chicago Bulls Team Logo Grill Cover

When it comes to preserving your tailgate party grill when it’s not in use, check out these light-weight BBQ covers with your NBA team logo on.  I’d recommend these for home-gating as most will not take a large grill to the parking lot for a tailgate party.

They are not expensive and do the job well enough.  Cheap enough so that if you change teams, you can heave it and buy a new one.   Looks great plus  there are  Velcro straps to keep it all in place on windy days.  It fits most large grills and doesn’t have the hefty price tag of the custom made models. Measurements are 67x21x35 inches. It is vinyl, so wait till the grill is cool before putting the cover on.

Los Angeles Lakers NBA Heavy Duty 2 piece vinyl car mats

Fanmats LA Lakers Car mats

Fanmats LA Lakers Car mats

On the way to and from tailgate parties, your vehicle needs to celebrate fandom as much as the party animals do.  Here’s a way your car won’t feel left out: these heavy-duty 100% vinyl mats will protect the carpet while sporting the NBA officially licensed emblem of your choice.  They have been constructed with non-skid backing and suit cars, trucks, SUVs and RVs and measure 18” x 27” and you get a pair in the pack.  Keeps the interior of your vehicle clean after a day of tailgate parties in the parking lot.

Fanmats NBA Boston Celtics Metal-Alloy 2-Pack from FanBrands

NBA Brand for your meat

NBA Brand for your meat

Here’s a great gadget that makes it easy for you to brand your meat with your team logo while you’re grilling!  This licensed 3-D NBA logo cooks onto your meat whether a streak, a pattie or any flat cut you have on your tailgate party menu.  This adds a really great tailgate party atmosphere to your party and shows just how you love your team.  It’s so easy to use (just like a heavy stamp) you just pre-heat and sizzle.

Oklahoma City Thunder Soft Side Cooler Bag

Oklahoma version of NBA soft sided cooler bag

Oklahoma version of NBA soft sided cooler bag

Here’s a compact synthetic cooler bag with logo of your fave NBA team.  A great way to transport your separate cold dishes is in a series of these small cooler bags that poke into corners really well and can double as soft packing to cushion any blows to your tailgate party gear.  After the tailgate party has ended, they are easy to store flat ready for the next week.  Kids can use them for school lunches  as well and the tough handles make them great for this use, but I like to keep my tailgate party equipment in a special box just for that purpose to make prep and transporting the food to the game so much easier.  Note that the company makes similar bags for other conferences.

New NBA Basketball 2014 Team Color Logo 6 Pack Lunch Tote Bag Cooler

Houston Rockets soft sided lunch box

Houston Rockets soft sided lunch box

Here’s another nice lunch bag with fan NBA logos available for your team.

The quality is great and the size is good for 6 pack or a special cold dish that you don’t want to travel with any warm foods. Eg. A rice salad which needs to be kept very cold for food safety.  Or anything cold that contains chicken. The food-safe rules need to be taken seriously and this is an inexpensive way to keep all your dishes separate.

NBA Golden State Warriors Pranzo Insulated Lunch Tote

NBA Lunch Tote - choose your team

NBA Lunch Tote – choose your team


Yet another version of the lunch box, the Pranzo will do the same job as the ones above but also is divided into isolated sections for hot and cold food and keeps both independently food safe.  It has a digital print NBA team logo.  Imagine a range of these lined up on your tailgate party table!  I like to serve directly from these insulated boxes and if you are in an area with insects buzzing your food, then you can flip the lid closed easily.  The material in manufacture is tough rip-stop polyester lined with easily cleaned nylon. There is a stainless knife, fork and spoon in a handy zippered front pocket, plus a set of salt and pepper shakers and coordinating 14-inch cotton napkin and it has an adjustable shoulder strap and handle with some zippered mesh pockets to keep everything neat and tidy. This great looking NBA branded lunch box is a good size at 12 by 8 by 11 for serving your tailgate party foods directly from say, a foil insert of the same size or your Rubbermaid lidded boxes.  Keeps the weight out of your tailgate party kit.

NBA San Antonio Spurs Jersey Bottle Koozie

NBA San Antonio Spurs Jersey Koozie

NBA San Antonio Spurs Jersey Koozie

Koozies are a must for tailgate parties and here’s a 4 pack of NBA licensed neoprene drink holders for bottles which will shout fandom at the same time as keeping that beer chillin’ cold.  It’s got a cute team jersey design but don’t be putting it on your Chihuahua.

Los Angeles Lakers Personal Folding Umbrella

NBA Lakers folding umbrella

NBA Lakers folding umbrella

Sometimes it rains during tailgate parties.  Well, that’s 98% certain in Seattle.  Other fans complain about the sun.  An umbrella is useful in either case.

This automatic folding umbrella that screams he brand of your NBA team is a large 42 inch in diameter but when folded is only 15 inches.  The official, licensed team brand is printed on the nylon canopy in vivid, true colors of the logo and livery.  You can get any team but this Lakers version will be around to protect from the tears sure to flow at Kobe’s departure.

I like to keep a few of these in my truck just in case.  A small hint: invest in some canopy clamps and you can erect these in various places to provide some hands-free patches of protection from the elements. Check the ‘no umbrella rule’ so it’s not confiscated as you go into the stadium.

NBA Dallas Mavericks Reclining Camp Chair

NBA Dallas Mavericks reclining chair

NBA Dallas Mavericks reclining chair

We’ve written quite a lot about chairs for tailgate party comfort so if you check those articles, you can see our list of things you need to be aware of when choosing one.  You can’t do much better that this NBA licensed portable reclining camp chair with its big, bold team logo at your tailgate party.  It ticks the boxes of having a padded seat and back-rest and the 600D polyester canvas that makes up most of its fabric is tough and strong.  There are three seating positions and the large, zippered back pocket can hold all kinds of things.  .  The arm rests are adjustable and there’s an insulated drink holder in the right arm. Why I particularly like this is that the frame is steel and tough enough to provide a seat for your huskiest buds.  At the end of the tailgate party, the chair folds up, slips into its own tuff tote and you can sling it over your shoulder with its handy strap. Very functional.  And beautiful with a bright NBA logo and colors of your team.  Keep one in the car in case you need it. Inexpensive too, so maybe buy a few.  They also make great gifts.

NBA Cleveland Cavaliers Portable Soft Top Travel Table

NBA Cleveland Cavaliers Tailgate party table

NBA Cleveland Cavaliers Tailgate party table

You have your chairs.  So what about a table? Here’s an NBA licensed portable soft-sided table with a team logo.  It’s designed to accommodate four people but can be used as a serving table for more.  Tuff polyester over a powder-coated steel frame will give you many tailgate party seasons of good use.  I was kind of smitten by the six sunken drink holders and the two zippered pockets that add to its compact design and it’s a good centerpiece for any tailgate party. Measuring 42-1/2 long by 27-1/2 wide by 27-1/2 high, it fits a heck of a lot of food on its top and after the tailgating has ended, you can fold it up easily and stash it in its own carry bag.

NBA Basketball Court Design Portable Folding Table/Seats

NBA Basketball Court design portable table

NBA Basketball Court design portable table and seats

Here’s a great portable table with an NBA team theme and a top that IS a basketball court. It unfolds from a small suitcase size into a great tailgate party table/benches set and your buds can play fantasy games on its court-graphic tabletop. The lightweight aluminum frame won’t weight you down and the optional umbrella (any standard beach umbrella with a 1.25 inch diameter pole will provide shade and shelter.  The dimensions are 54 by 33-1/2 by 25-3/4 when set up and it’s made from ABS plastic and molded polypropylene so cleaning up after the tailgate party is a breeze. Each of its 4 seats will hold up to 250 pounds and the table will hold 20 pounds of booze and ribs.

NBA Sacramento Kings Pro Toaster Elite

NBA Sacramento Kings Pro Toaster

NBA Sacramento Kings Pro Toaster – Toast your bread with team love.

OK, just putting this one out there as it is a bit of a novelty.  You want your NBA logo on everything, right?  How about on your toast and waffles?  The Pangea is the only machine that will burn on that logo for you.  Tried this out and I would  say don’t use it with high sugar breads and pastries as it can burn.  However, it’s a bit of fun for the die-hard fan.  It makes 2 slices at a time and does all the normal things a toaster can do. Power Supply: 100-120V, 700 W Maximum.  You probably won’t want to take this to a tailgate party but it makes a great novelty gift.

Picnic Time 3-Piece BBQ Tote New Orleans Pelicans Print

This is a great NBA licensed 3-piece BBQ set in its own carry-tote.  Imported from China, it’s not super high end but given that many of your BBQ tools will disappear during that rollicking tailgate party, maybe stick to these that are easily replaceable. Includes a BBQ fork; tongs; and spatula with bottle opener built in and rolls up into its own tuff black poly portable tote.  The tools are equipped with loop cords for hanging away from the heat while BBQing.

Trademark Gameroom NBA Champs Golden State Warriors Chrome Bar Stool with Swivel

Gameroom NBA Champs Chrome Bar Stool

Gameroom NBA Champs Chrome Bar Stool

Now let’s move on to home-gating and man caves.  Or you can take these next items tailgating if you have a truck. Impressive!  These are real man cave furniture, fully licensed NBA art chrome swivel bar stools just like in a real dive bar.  Note that the artwork is reverse printed on commercial plastic for longevity.  It’s a combo of luxurious foam padding, vinyl piping on edges and marine grade vinyl sides.  The legs are of tubular steel extruded to a level that is both lightweight and strong. Oh and these stools are a tremendous bargain right now.

NBA Oklahoma City Thunder Padded Swivel Bar Stool with Back

NBA Padded Swivel stools

NBA Padded Swivel stools

Here’s another version:  for your NBA tailgating or home-gating, this padded stool has a back. So it is a smidge more luxurious than the backless one.  Super comfortable and they are an ornament to your NBA themed man cave.  Tailgating or homegating need to happen in comfort and this gives you a real sense of having your own bar.  Again, these are cheap at the moment so grab your specific logo now or buy one for a friend.

NBA Chrome Pub Table

NBA Chrome Pub Table

NBA Chrome Pub Table

And now that you have your man cave equipped with bar stools, here’s an NBA themed dive-bar style table to make into the centerpiece of your sporting parties.  The top is scratch resistant as well as topped with UV protective acrylic.  Chrome banding and an adjustable foot rest set you up for some long beery sessions.  Note that all these are officially licensed by the  NBA to feature your logos and colors.  Put these in your garage and it will instantly become a man-cave.  Table top diameter is 27.375 inches and the height is 42 inches.

NBA 2K15 – PlayStation 4

NBA 2K15 music by Pharrell Williams

NBA 2K15 music by Pharrell Williams


If you’re into gaming, the NBA game 2K15 with music by Pharrell Williams is out and I am thinking that the 2K16 won’t be all that far behind.  The game has over 5000 new animations.  Create your own licensed logo and play along with the teams.


Oh I was right:  there’s this:

NBA 2K16 – Xbox One

A Spike Lee joint.

NBA 2K 16 - A SPike Lee Joint

NBA 2K 16 – A SPike Lee Joint

Both games above are NBA licensed and unite you with your team idols in great ways.  My buddy George has a man cave equipped with games and we play after the game has ended or when the dancing is happening.

Put your own brand on your PS4 controller by using these:

Super18 game® ps4 light bar decal anime – Play Station 4 stickers NBA 2K 16 Custom Led Light Bar Decal Sticker

NBA 2K 16 controller sticker

NBA 2K 16 controller sticker

These stickers are easily removed but when you are playing will help you figure out who is attached to which one and avoid those nasty confrontations in the man-cave.  This is from an authorized seller.

NBA 2015 Basketball Champions Sublimated Shot Glass, Clear, 2 oz

NBA 2015 Basketball Champs shot glass

NBA 2015 Basketball Champs shot glass

Who doesn’t do shots at a tailgate party?  Nobody I know.  Most games require it. So you need a range of interesting shot glasses and if you’re an NBA fan, then you want one with a basketball theme with your favorite players and teams.  Here’s the licensed NBA shot glass which gives you a 2 oz shot while saluting your NBA heroes.  These are made of quality glass with perfect team and championship graphics with all-round decoration.  Dishwasher safe, too and made right here in the USA.

NBA San Antonio Spurs Party Cup Tailgate Set, 16 oz., Black

NBA San Antonio Spurs party cup

NBA San Antonio Spurs party cup

I really like these NBA themed party cups which hold 16 oz of chilled beer (oh, OK, other drinks too) in its double walled design so you don’t heat up the brewski with your hand.  It can also be used in reverse, ie. for hot drinks and the double wall keeps your hot coffee hot.  Or your soup.  I have seen people use these to serve mac’n’cheese in and chili as they definitely keep the food hot. Makes a nice change from the Red Solo cups which you can reserve for playing games.  BPA free.


NBA License Plate

NBA Metal Tag License Plate

NBA Metal Tag License Plate

Want your vehicle to be as committed to the NBA as you are?  The guys at Wincraft make an NBA license plate which is officially licensed by the NBA so makes your vehicle into a genuine tailgater.  These are quality products and tell everyone on the freeways and highways that you are a proud fan.  Pick your teams and put in the order. The company is well reputed so I am sure you will be delighted with the look of these great auto accessories.

NBA Logo Projection Pen NBA Team: Chicago Bulls

NBA Logo Projection Pen

NBA Logo Projection Pen

Here’s a novel NBA gift or party accessory. It’s a light projection around the same size as a pen and  lights up with your NBA team logo.  Make sure you get some spare batteries to have on hand as you’ll love lighting up your tailgate party spot (whether at home or in the parking lot) with these logos.  They are bright and sharp with professionally cut goboes to cast the image of your team logo and a great NBA themed gift for any fans in your life.

NBA Dynasty Series: Los Angeles Lakers – The Complete History

NBA Lakers History

NBA Lakers History

Stumbled across this DVD boxed set of the Lakers complete history and I think if you are a Lakers fan, or friend of a fan, then you may consider this as a tailgate party host gift.

The doco contains over 22 hours of highlights, game footage, and interviews going right back to the 70s.  All the fan NBA stars and favorites are in there including Magic, Kareem and more in their rookie days and Shaq plus . Formatted for region 1 only (USA & Canada) but will play on your computer in other regions.

Minnesota Timberwolves BBQ Grill NBA Jersey Apron and Basketball Hot Mitt Set Vintage New Old Stock

NBA BBQ Grill Apron

NBA BBQ Grill Apron

Here is a rare tailgating item and as a vintage piece, will end when the stocks run out.  But I’m thinking that the diehard NBA fans will be all over these 1986 vintage apron and mitt combos.  They’d be greatly appreciated at the tailgate party.  The jersey details transform the apron into a full NBA uniform from the 80s and this is actually a genuine old-stock item from that era.  Terrific gift item for fans as it is even in the original packaging.  Suits men and women so pick the NBA fans in your life and buy this so you can dress up like a champ at your tailgate party.  Alternatively, buy one for yourself and wear it as you slap those burgers on the grill wherever your BBQ is cookin’.

NBA Trailer Hitch Cover

NBA Metal Diamond Plate Trailer Hitch Cover

NBA Metal Diamond Plate Trailer Hitch Cover

Many tailgate party fans have so much gear that they need to buy a trailer.  Here’s an inexpensive little trailer hitch cover made from ABS plastic and printed with quality team graphics.  So if you have any sort of towing package, with a 2” receiver, then this is for you.  There have been reports of the badge detaching from the hitch.  If this happens, contact the seller and they will replace it.

Instagate Tailgate In A Box

Tailgate Party in a Box

Tailgate Party in a Box


Instagate Tailgate in a Box was designed to have everything you need to cater for up to 10 tailgate party fans (not specifically NBA but for any convention or code).  All you do is add food, drinks and ice. Brilliant idea I think.

It’s lightweight and compact and therefore, as portable as you can get it.  Sort of like a picnic set but designed specifically for tailgating.  It contains a Grill that comes pre-packed with two bags of lump charcoal for up to a 2 hour grill which can cook up to 8 burgers at a time. The 60 quart cooler holds up to 90 cans. Three fold out tables are perfect height for tailgating chairs. Inside you will find all the other tailgating essentials you need including 3 grilling tools, 12 cups, 10 plates, 10 utensil sets, napkins, trash bag, recycling bag, condiments, beer pong, a lighter, and bottle opener. It’s also eco friendly and all recyclable. Great idea, great gift. 

The sad news is that it is not selling at present.  They may come back on the market in high season but for now, they are not going ahead.  Maybe with a few orders they could be revived.  When it does return, we will let you know.

So there you have it – our favorite tailgate needs for a licensed NBA themed tailgate party.  Keep reading our site as we are constantly on the lookout for new ways of making your NBA tailgate party the best ever.








What To Wear To A Tailgate Party: A Girl’s Guide

My friend Beth believes that ‘clothes maketh the woman at a tailgate party’ and to a point this is true.  (I think the booze at tailgate parties may have given her a permanent lisp).

But she may be right – the addition of a few ‘team accessories’ to your outfit really brightens up the party and when all the female guests are decked out in their gear, it will be like baubles on a holiday tree.  It’s not that you’re putting on a uniform, but more, wearing your team loyalty (ie. your heart) on your sleeve.

There’s a real protocol here – be sure to wear gear that has the logos of one of the playing teams.  Home team always rocks but if you are in the fan-base of the away team then that works too. Leave the gear from the other codes and conferences at home and even if you ARE besotted with, say, Metta World Peace, you don’t wear that hoody to a Clippers game. Naah, as if that would ever happen.

We are mostly talking about sports tailgate parties here but if you are tailgating for a concert, the protocol there is very different.  Don’t wear the fan shirts for the concert performer of the night.  Choose something in the hipster line with an ironic slogan or something generically cool, such as a Grateful Dead t-shirt even if you are thirteen and at a One Direction concert.  That’s how it works.

Sports are a whole lot more relaxed.

1. National Emblem New York Rangers Collectible Emblem

NHL New York Rangers Logo Patch

NHL Logo Patch

Sew or iron this (or your team’s equivalent) onto your sleeve  and it gently proclaims ‘team’.  But why be gentle? There are many great hoodies, t-shirts, skirts and dresses out there.  Even shoes.

MSRP                         = $12.99
Amazon price = $7.91

Oh, and it doesn’t have to be a ‘team’ as such.  Sport maybe the national obsession but if there’s nothing on, don’t stop the tailgating.  You can tailgate to celebrate your favorite beer, BBQ, reverence for bacon, hot sauce or anything.  It’s impressive just how many tributes there are to fans’ preferences in these modern times where customizing and personalizing can happen in minutes.  Just dress the part and I promise you more fun.

2. Praying Hands for Beer Embroidered iron on Patch

Praying Hands for Beer Embroidered iron on Patch

Praying for Beer

‘Nuff said!


MSRP             =$3.99

You can be sure that no matter what kind of event is the focus of your tailgate party, there’ll be people who will ‘theme dress’.  If it’s NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA or NHL they will be licensed from head to toe. If it’s a concert, say, a Lady Gaga or Bieber concert, probably not so much.  Some Little Monsters and Beliebers, but they won’t be socking back the beers and eating BBQ.  A different protocol there for sure but here’s one for them anyway, not that I am commenting on their maturity.

3. Lady Gaga Little Monster Baby Onesie

Lady Gaga Little Monster Baby Onesie

Lady Gaga Little Monster Baby Onesie

MSRP             = $16.99

But let’s concentrate first on the world I know best, the sports oriented tailgate event involving beer, BBQ, bacon and bawdiness.

4. Exercise Eggs Are Sides For Bacon T-Shirt

Exercise Eggs Are Sides For Bacon T-Shirt

Exercise Eggs Are Sides For Bacon T-Shirt

Oh what a tribute to bacon!  Dress for humor.  These are available for men and women.  Many colors and you are paying for the wit.  Cost depends on the size so I am thinking that after a lifetime of bacon, most tailgaters will be paying for the XL at minimum.  The t-shirt is Gildan brand and therefore, follows their sizes which do seem to run small for the ladies in the upper regions.

MSRP             $12.00 – $24.95 (size dependent)

5. Women’s This Girl Loves Bacon T-Shirt Funny Food Shirt For Women

Women's This Girl Loves Bacon T-Shirt

This Girl Loves Bacon T-Shirt

Made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton, high quality fabric and its design is copyright – perfect for the baconator in your gang, male or female.  The fit and sizing are described as ‘Vintage’ which usually means a kind of squared off t-shirt.  The manufacturers have taken on board feedback which stated that the women’s sizes run small so you should order a size up if you are over a B-cup.

Because of the way the slogan has been applied, they recommend cold washing inside out and hanging to dry rather than tumble-dry.

MSRP             = $24.99
Amazon price = $16.99 – $18.99 (size dependent)

Licensed or unlicensed?

Apart from teams with the name ‘Pirate’ in them I am very anti-piracy.  Sure, the licensing does cost a bit more, but they also have very strict standards on production and believe me, if you find something that is not up to par, contact them and they will take action.  For instance, I looked at a heap of stuff in Hong Kong’s Stanley Beach market area.  They had every team’s shirts, sweaters and other gear. Sometimes the logos were misspelt.

Oh, I forgot.  Sometimes the real stuff hasn’t been proofed either:

Anyhoo, I did notice that colors were off, logos were smudged and ugly, the fabrics were, well, crap and mostly in old styles.  And the stitching was like an elementary school sewing project gone wrong. So I didn’t buy. So please note, everything tailgatey here is licensed and the logos will be up to date.  I have included some patches that can be added to your own clothing to team-theme it.  Just follow the links to your own team’s gear but I am generally only including one logo in each preferred style for now, earnestly trying to be evenhanded across the codes but hey, I’m only human.

Ladies, you may think you have nothing appropriate to wear to the biggest sports events of the year.  But it’s really easy to pick up a ‘top to toe’ look without even leaving your house.  And while you’re surfing the net, pick up a garment or two for those men in your life.  Everything has excellent gift potential and remember, most tailgaters love getting unexpected pressies.

Ladies Tailgate Party T-Shirts

6. MLB Boston Red Sox Womens Crew-Neck Soft Camisole / Tank Top

MLB Boston Red Sox Womens Crew-Neck Soft Camisole / Tank Top

MLB Boston Red Sox Womens Tank Top

This is a soft and sexy tank top, sleeveless and great for those sunny days.   Plenty of room around the scoop neckline for a bit of themed bling (there’s a fair bit of that below) and is a long, slender t-shit style over-hip length which is a flattering look for most gals. As licensed MLB merchandise, this is made from high quality fabric, is machine washable 100% cotton. Look like the ultimate fan with the team logo on the front. The manufacturers call this hot and sexy but I am thinking that will have quite a bit to do with what goes in it.

Sizes are Small or Medium.

MSRP                         = $32.99
Amazon price             = $16.99

7. Pink Victoria’s Secret Women’s NFL Chicago Bears Pajama Pants

Pink Victoria's Secret Womens NFL Chicago Bears Pajama Pants

Pink Victoria’s Secret NFL Pajama Pants

You CAN wear these to a tailgate party, truly, you can.  These are 100% authentic Pink Victoria’s Secret merchandise, guaranteed and made from 100% machine washable cotton.  The logo is printed on the right leg and there’s an elastic waistband with a drawstring for added comfort.  Even though they are called P.J.s you can pop a t-shirt or hoodie on with them and make that your style.  Comfy and warm and you can even fit a pair of Long Johns underneath due to their loose and generous fit.  Great idea for NFL tailgating.  Search for your team by following the links at checkout.

Sizes are X-small or Small.

MSRP                         = $72.99
Amazon price             = $31.99

8. Womens NFL Chicago Bears Athletic Pullover Hoodie by Pink Victoria’s Secret

Womens NFL Chicago Bears Athletic Pullover Hoodie / Sweatshirt Jacket with Embroidered Logo by Pink Victoria's Secret Small Orange

Womens NFL Hoodie

This is double the fun as it is NFL licensed as well as being from Pink Victoria’s Secret.  100% cotton, Machine washable, the logo is Pro Quality embroidered rather than screen printed.  Washes easily.

They tell me all hoodies are not created equal.  Women wear a snugger fit so be sure to run a tape measure around any parts you want to make room for.  There is a full measurement chart on the site to avoid errors.

Sizes are Small, Medium, Large.

Amazon Price                         = $39.99

9. Oakland Raiders Kids Cheerleader Outfit

Oakland Raiders Kids Cheerleader Outfit

Oakland Raiders Kids Cheerleader Outfit

Don’t be put off by the fact that it is a kid’s cheerleader dress.  I’ve seen what those young ladies in the Playboy Mansion wear and it’s not much bigger than this fab little outfit from Reebok, made from easy-care cotton polyester.  It’s available in all team colors, has a contrasting bodice and flouncy pleats that do their magic while you do cartwheels.  The team name is on the turtleneck and the logo is embroidered on the jumper.   Honestly, I could have filed this under ‘kids’ but I think it is for skinny grownups. Head down to the car park wearing this, pick up a few pom-poms on the way and you can be the main event at the tailgate party accompanied by the beer, bacon and BBQ.

Note that the one in the picture is size 6X which is for a 6 year old.  Yes, I can see this would fit Miley Cyrus perfectly.

MSRP                         = $35.00
Amazon price             = $24.99

10. NCAA Washington State Cougars Scoop Neck Dress Women’s

NCAA Washington State Cougars Scoop Neck Dress Women's

Cougars Scoop Neck Dress

I’m guessing that a lot of women will find it appropriate to wear gear with Cougars’ logos emblazoned on it.  So here’s a really cute dress. Yes, you can get it for other codes and conferences but hey, tell it like it is and wear the Cougars frock no matter who you root for.

It’s 100% super-soft cotton which makes it easy to wash and dry in the machine on cool with like colors.  No need to iron and do not iron the logo. Vintage inspired (which coincidentally, describes most Cougars).

Comes in sizes from x-small to x-large.

In Checkout, you can follow the options to select your team if you don’t see yourself as a Cougar.

MSRP                         = $42.50
Amazon price             = $27.63

11. NCAA Washington State Cougars Women’s Knit Skirt

NCAA Washington State Cougars Women's Knit Skirt

NCAA Washington State Cougars Women’s Knit Skirt

Moving right along and ohhh, there are those Cougars again.  This is a very classy looking skirt, easy to care for in 65% Super soft Cotton/35%Polyester mix and Machine Washable.  It is available in many team colors.  It’s a versatile and feminine team item with a neat waistband held together by an eyeleted belt in the same color as your team and will dress up the tailgate party no matter what venue.

Select your team and size in checkout.

Comes in sizes from x-small to large.

MSRP                         = $36.50
Amazon Price             = $23.73

12. NCAA North Carolina State Wolfpack Burnout Sweatshirt Women’s

NCAA North Carolina State Wolfpack Burnout Sweatshirt Women's

NCAA North Carolina State Wolfpack Burnout Sweatshirt

Very cool looking sweatshirt with the thumb-holes in exactly the right place for keeping the cuffs over the hands to ensure maximum warmth for the wearer.  It’s 55% polyester and 45% cotton, a definite vintage inspired item.  Supersoft, the washing will make it more so.  Wash with care and no need to iron it.  Don’t put an iron near the logo.

MSRP                         = $ 48.50
Amazon price             = $31.53

13. NHL Boston Bruins Women’s Medallion Pant

NHL Boston Bruins Women's Medallion Pant

NHL Boston Bruins Women’s Medallion Pant

Made from 100% Cotton Sateen Charmeuse, these medallion print pants also have your team logo embroidered on the left leg.  They ae great for the tailgate party as you can dress them up or down depending on the venue.

Look equally smart with bling and accessories or just a hoodie.

These pants have been designed to give a relaxed fit (not straight leg) and will guarantee a comfy and casual appearance at the tailgate party with plenty of room for party games and all that goes with the best day of your life.

Supplier sometimes can’t deliver so marks them as ‘unavailable’ so my advice is to sign up for an alert when they are back on the list.

MSRP                                     = $27.00
Amazon price                         = $26.07

14. NHL Boston Bruins Women’s Medallion Short

NHL Boston Bruins Women's Medallion Short

NHL Boston Bruins Women’s Medallion Short

This is the short version of the pants above.  These shorts have a tie waist and are very comfy, being made of cotton charmeuse, machine washable and dryable.

Comes in a variety of sizes. Follow the links at checkout to find yours and also you can choose patterns for other teams.

MSRP                                     = $ 20.00
Amazon Price                         = $ 17.10

15. NHL Touch by Alyssa Milano Pittsburgh Penguins Ladies Fire Drill Premium T-Shirt

NHL Touch by Alyssa Milano Pittsburgh Penguins Ladies Fire Drill Premium T-Shirt

NHL Touch by Alyssa Milano Pittsburgh Penguins Ladies Fire Drill Premium T-Shirt

Super-soft burnout fabric in cotton/polyester, this T-shirt is one of actress/designer Alyssa Milano’s range of tailgate party clothing.  Definitely worth a look as it brings a sexy shape to a t-shirt which is usually square.  Easy care and comfy to wear, being burnout fabric means it has an element of translucency so it may be too see-through for some.  I think it looks awesome.  Available in many sizes and for many teams.  Check your preference at checkout.

MSRP                         = $30.00
Amazon price             = $24.99

16. MLB Colorado Rockies Ladies Sequin Wedge Flip Flops

MLB Colorado Rockies Ladies Sequin Wedge Flip Flops

MLB Colorado Rockies Ladies Sequin Wedge Flip Flops

There are quite a few versions of this on the market but the Colorado Rockies version is top of the pile, being pink for starters and then there are those sequins.  A great accessory for summer-time tailgating or just for wearing around the house to show your team love.

These have a bit of height in the heel which is around 1.25” high and is made of comfy foam with good traction made possible by its rugged outersole.

The team logo is subtley embroidered on the soft straps with quality workmanship making it a very cute item suited to giving as a hostess gift for the little lady who REALLY cooked that awesome BBQ sauce at the tailgate party.

Officially licensed to MLB, other codes are available, so choose your team and size at checkout.

MSRP                         = $20.00
Amazon price                         = $19.95

17. NHL Chicago Blackhawks Jonathan Toews Women’s Premier Player Road Jersey

NHL Chicago Blackhawks Jonathan Toews Women's Premier Player Road Jersey

NHL Chicago Blackhawks Jonathan Toews Women’s Premier Player Road Jersey

I don’t root for the Blackhawks but wow, this Jersey is fabulous and I’m out looking for a gal who does so that I can dress her in it.

For that #19 Jonathan Toews fan in your life.

It’s 100% polyester, easy care and moisture wicking with Twill and Embroidered front crest, printed twill shoulder patches (as applicable) and the Reebok wordmark on back and neck sleeve cuff. Reebok is the Authentic Outfitter of the NHL and presents a quality item here. Washing instructions are simple – cold wash with like colors, no chlorine, tumble dry at low heat and take out and hang. No need to iron.

Jerseys for other players are available in this style so trawl the links at checkout for your size and fave.

MSRP                         = $130.00
Amazon price            = $129.99

18. Los Angeles Lakers NBA Womens Players Zip Up Jacket

Los Angeles Lakers NBA Womens Players Zip Up Jacket

Los Angeles Lakers NBA Womens Players Zip Up Jacket

The classic style and superior comfort of this super warm LA Lakers jacket will make it a game day favorite all season long. The full zip jacket has an official Lakers logo embroidered on the upper left chest and back. Adult women’s sizing. Officially licensed by the NBA.   100% polyester so that it is easy to care for (washes like a dream) and will stand up to a season of tailgating really well.  Lots of generous sized pockets.

MSRP                         = $65.00
Amazon price            = $39.99

Tailgate Party Hats

19. NBA Trooper Knit Hat – Ke84Z, Boston Celtics, One Size, Green/white , Boston Celtics

NBA Trooper Knit Hat - Ke84Z, Boston Celtics, One Size, Green/white , Boston Celtics , Kelly Green/White

NBA Trooper Knit Hat – Boston Celtics

Made by Adidas, the official outfitter for the NBA, this cute and practical hat is unisex but looks oh so glam on a woman.  Very sexy.

It’s 50% acrylic-50% polyester, will take a fair bit of punishment at the tailgate party as it is very easily washed and air-dried though the instructions say ‘hand wipe’ – if you are worried, take it to the dry cleaner, but really, washing in cold water should be fine.  Drying in the tumble dry for no more than 5 minutes to fluff up the lining should be enough. It is fleecy inside and the ear-flaps will keep anyone snug and warm.

MSRP                         = $22.99
Amazon price                         = $14.94

Here’s another version, also for the Celtics:

20. Boston Celtics – Cuffed Pom Pom Beanie By Mitch and Ness

Mitchell & Ness Boston Celtics Kelly Green-White Throwback Jersey Striped Cuffed Knit Beanie

Mitchell & Ness Boston Celtics Knit Beanie

This is a traditional beanie, in team colors, with a pom pom and striped in team colors.  Very pretty even though 100% acrylic yarn, looks snug and comfy and the logo gives it real panache.

MSRP                         = $24.00
Amazon price            = $20.83

Tailgate Party Aprons

Let it be stated that aprons are not just for women. I am just listing them here because the frilly one will look out of place in the men’s clothing section.

These are equally heavy duty for BBQ chefs or for using in the home-gating kitchen and can be for men or women.  Heck, I’ve even included a kids’ one.

21. NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Chef Hat and Apron Set

NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Chef Hat and Apron Set

NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Chef Hat and Apron Set

Nicely designed and licensed by the NFL, this range of Chef Hats and Aprons is sure to please and should be an essential item in any tailgate party kit.  Quite a classy look with the small logo on the color-blocked background.  Look the part in more ways than one.  Protect your clothes from rib sauce spatter.  Hey, don’t just leave it on while you are cooking, but when you are tearing apart those juicy ribs, you can drip smoky sauce and nobody will notice. The hat keeps your hair from picking up the smoke flavor.

Cotton and easycare.  Perfect gift for ladies and men alike.  Follow the prompts in checkout for your teams as most are covered.

MSRP                         = $19.99
Amazon price            = $14.50

22. New Orleans Saints NFL Hostess Apron

New Orleans Saints NFL Hostess Apron

New Orleans Saints NFL Hostess Apron

I’m going out on a limb here and saying I don’t see Biff being seen dead wearing this one, so it belongs fairly and squarely amongst women’s clothes.

It’s frilly and pretty but also does the same rugged job of other aprons, protects the DKNY designer gear from the BBQ sauce.  I’ve looked at a lot of these and they are all beautifully made and classy.  An ideal gift for an überfan of tailgate parties or just a cook who loves her game.

Made of a cotton twill blend and has a handy pocket for cooking essentials.

MSRP                         = $19.99
Amazon price            = $14.50

23. Dallas Cowboys Grilling Apron Set

Dallas Cowboys Grilling Apron Set

Dallas Cowboys Grilling Apron Set

This is a cute cotton set with a hot pad/pot-holder, kitchen glove and apron and again, it’s essential in the tailgate party kit.  Protect your other fan gear with this easily washed apron.

Unisex, so don’t diss it as being ‘just for girls’ as nobody likes to be spattered with bacon fat, BBQ sauce or rib juices while grilling or eating at the tailgate party.  I’d buy one of these for all the guests and be done with it, as otherwise, you’ll be sitting next to something disgusting throughout the game.

MSRP                         = $29.99
Amazon price            = $22.99

24. NBA Los Angeles Lakers Tailgate Set

NBA Los Angeles Lakers Tailgate Set

NBA Los Angeles Lakers Tailgate Set

Nicely gift boxed this is essentially the same trio as above. Decorated locally, it is perfect for the #1 fan, no matter the game or sex.  And useful too.  If you’re a tailgater or just a messy eater, this will be practical.  The colors are bright and true to the logos and it is washable even in hot water.  Cotton.

Amazon price                         = $19.99

25. NCAA Jersey Apron NCAA Team: LSU Tigers

NCAA Jersey Apron NCAA Team: LSU Tigers

NCAA Jersey Apron NCAA Team: LSU Tigers

Here’s an apron with a difference as it is based on the Jersey design of the team.  It has a pocket in the front for kitchen utensils or your koozie pre-loaded with beer.  One size fits most, from a small woman to a burly guy.  Designed to wrap around the smaller figure for maximum coverage.

Dimensions: -40”H x 30” W x 20” D

Amazon price             = $39.80

And a bonus!

Child’s Black Chef Apron & Hat Small

Child Black Chef Apron & Hat Small

Child Black Chef Apron & Hat Small

Don’t leave the tailgate party children out of it.  Train them in the art of BBQ from the time they can manage a rack of ribs and you will prove that old saying ‘The family that tailgate together, stays together’.

The kit includes one chef hat and one chef apron for a child between the ages of 3 and 7.  At that age, there’s no need to go overboard and share your beers.

The apron and hat are poly/cotton fabric and the hat has an adjustable, soft-closure in the back so that it will fit snugly.

You can add your own team patch and initiate your child early into the wonderment that is the tailgate party.

Fabulous gift for all those nieces and nephews, and really, who doesn’t like to dress like a chef these days?

Amazon price             = $14.99

Keep checking back for more great clothes to wear to tailgate parties!


Top 5 Best Tailgate Chairs For The Tailgate Party

Every tailgate party goer needs a good tailgate chair. One of the most important, if not THE most important factors to consider when planning a tailgate party is where you are going to plant your ass. Because you shouldn’t be uncomfortable and you should also know how to do comfort in style. So here’s a handy list of the top 5 best outdoor chairs for the tailgate party.

1. GCI Outdoor PICO Arm Chair

Pico Outdoor Chair For Tailgating

Pico Outdoor Chair

This is the coolest outdoor chair around. Not only is it very comfortable but it folds down to 1/16th of its size – the size of a laptop – via telescoping legs. The carry bag doubles as a storage caddy and it includes a beverage holder (for cans & bottles only – unfortunately there’s nowhere to hold your plastic cup of beer). The PICO supports 250 lbs even though it only weighs 9 lbs. It’s expensive but very high quality aluminium, 600- denier polyester and breathable nylon mesh seat. It can also be used indoors because the feet are nylon-coated and scratch-free! Comes in two colors: Sage; Midnight Blue

2. Picnic Time Portable Reclining Camp Chair

Picnic Time Portable Reclining Camp Chair

Picnic Time Portable Reclining Camp Chair

Ooooh yeah. If you bring this chair to the tailgate no one’s going to be able to convince you to join a game of cornhole – you might not even get up to watch the game. With a padded seat, back rest covered in durable 600D polyester canvas, three seating positions, insulated drink holder, adjustable armrests and a steel frame that can hold up to 300 pounds this will have to be the most comfortable chair at the tailgate party. It might even become your favorite indoor chair. Comes in three colors: Black/Gray; Sage/Gray; Navy

3. NFL Coleman Folding Chair With Carrying Case

NFL Coleman Folding Tailgate Chair With Carrying Case

NFL Coleman

It’s your standard Coleman camp chair with your team logo on the seat – SWEET! These are official licensed chairs so the quality and comfort are superb. Sure, they aren’t as comfortable as a reclining camp chair but you’ll appreciate it when you’re at a game with no bleachers. Come to think of it, you’ll probably be so drunk comfort won’t be an issue. The important thing is that they have your team logo. Period.

4.The Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Chair

Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Tailgate Chair

Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Chair

The Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Chair is a very safe chair that locks in both open and closed positions. It’s also extremely comfortable with improved posture and seat support as well as breathable mesh on the back. It can support 300 lbs. However, the best feature is by far that the chair has 2 cup holders. 2 cup holders! Genius.
Comes in 8 colors and various sizes.

5. Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler

Coleman Cooler Quad Chair

Coleman Cooler Quad Chair

Everyone needs a Coleman chair – especially an oversized version. You’ll be the coolest and coziest guy at the tailgate on this padded seat which includes a cooler that holds up to 4 cans and an ice pack. It’s the perfect chair for hours of sitting. Definitely one of the more comfortable outdoor chairs and super sturdy capable of supporting 325 lbs. Also has a mesh cup holder and 13″x9″ program holder.


Tailgating Insta Bench for 6

Insta Bench

The 6 Seater Insta-Bench by Open Mind is a fully portable, collapsible, lightweight solution to your sitting needs! It doesn’t require any setting up – just unfold it and you have seating for 6 people. The Insta-Bench is made from high density 600D polyester as well as sporting a heavy duty steel frame that allows each seat to hold up to 250lbs even though the entire thing only weighs just 20lbs. Perfect for tailgating with friends – well, at least with 6 friends.