Best Portable Pizza Ovens Reviewed – 2017 revised list.

Looking for the best portable pizza oven? I had one once.  But actually, it wasn’t portable. The last house I owned had a fabulous outdoor pizza oven. Wood-fired. All the neighbors would smell it cooking and come on over, especially if I set up the big-screen TV during peak sports days. Then we sold the house. Fortunately sold to an Italian family who didn’t even think of demolishing this mosque-like construction. But how I miss it! But that wasn’t a portable pizza oven. It was built-in. So, there was no way this was going to the tailgate party! Which got me thinking: isn’t it better to have a pizza oven you can take anywhere? So I’ve done the research and put together this list of the best available portable pizza ovens reviewed.

So here’s my pick for best portable pizza oven of the bunch!

Mobile / Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven “Maximus”

Maximus Portable woodfired Pizza Oven

Woodfired Maximus Portable Pizza Oven

Yummm pizza rolls Mobile wood fired pizza oven 'Maximus'

Here’s the grand-daddy of them all and you may want to check this one out if your tailgate parties attract large groups of people. The Maximus is probably better than the best of the best portable pizza ovens. But it’s not for everyone.

It is a pro model, imported from Portugal, wood-fired, which is something many parking lots do not allow, and would be the basis of a nice little tailgate party pizza service – a little business on the side, provided you have all the necessary county paperwork. Or you could just GIVE the pizzas away to your friends. A few of you could club together to buy this one, the price of which is a tad over three times more than the 30 inch Artisan oven but it cooks more pizzas simultaneously.

Can cook a pizza in 2 minutes or quicker.

Can reach temps of 900 degrees F.

Made of industrial grade stainless steel and aluminum with a ceramic blanket of insulation in between and terra cotta tiles as the heat bricks, it is 120 pounds of grunt waiting for you to slide your home-made, custom-topped pizzas into its hungry, fiery belly. As it is, you will need to supply 8 pounds of wood per hour to keep it alight.

It takes 2 people to move this, plus just 30 minutes of burning to reach the optimum, steady cooking temperature (depending on the chilly weather to some extent). Just remember that a brick/masonry oven takes almost 2 hours of burning to reach 700°F. And a lot more firewood. There’s a stainless steel chimney, oh and it comes in red or black. Very smart. The front of the oven (decor bricks) is made from LaFarge refractory cement which not only looks great but is practical. The door is 15.55″ at the bottom and 9″ high.

The cook surface area is around 27.5 inches square. On the diagonal, you could cook four small pizzas at a time but you are probably better off cooking one large one and feeding the troops as fast as possible. This oven can produce 30+ 12″ pizzas in 1 hour, according to the manufacturers.

This deal is a good one as it includes the pizza peel and terracotta cooking pan.

OK, so there’s no stand (buy as an optional extra) or cover (recommended to keep it pristine and smart looking) and my pal who owns a very popular LA mobile pizza service has his mounted onto a trailer with a hitch and leaves room for his logs and fire equipment. Looks pretty smart. He is available to do parties of all kinds, even tailgating.

Unlike a brick oven, this will cool down to a manageable level for transporting in a couple of hours once you turn it off.

You will receive in the shipping crate the oven, a pizza peel, a metal divider to keep charcoal away from the food, a wire for easy fire starting!

As far as a base is concerned, a few concrete blocks arranged in a brick weave would be fine unless you can cough up the funds for a small cargo carrier and a trailer hitch and cook directly on a layer of concrete blocks laid out on that. Which is what my friend does. The trailer below can carry up to 500 pounds weight so he puts his firewood on there and some other accessory boxes and his tailgate parties are awesome (and take place in areas where fire is allowed).

How to get the pizza oven to the parking lot

Transporting pizza oven to parking lot

Transporting pizza oven to parking lot

ransporting pizza oven to parking lot

Why pizza?

Pizza is a real staple at parking lot tailgate parties but those soggy- pick-up-on-the-way- boxed offerings bear no resemblance to the freshly cooked ones tailored to your own taste.

Who knew that there were so many ways of cooking a crusty, delicious pizza outdoors, beer in one hand, game in progress …. Ahhhh, what a perfect combo, especially in cold weather. Or hot! With leftovers for next day’s breakfast.

I’ve been doing the research for a while now and I was skeptical at first. Heck just a call to Domino’s and they’ll deliver to the tailgate party. A couple of friends swear by the DIY model and honestly, their pizzas are awesome. Mozza standard.  Mario Batali, eat your heart out!  The main questions are, do these small, portable gadgets reach a high enough temperature? What is their power source? Are they independent or do they just sit on a way more powerful grill? I have many answers below. FYI there is also a list of what I now know to be essential accessories for cooking a crispy-crust pizza. And more. It’s worth wading through as I have collated a heap of my findings below.

Note that they are all surprisingly affordable, running between $150 and $300 plus some great accessories. You can make this back in savings just at one tailgate party.

The list is in no particular order as I love most of these pizza ovens. But the Pizzacraft does come in at Number One as it is from a company really dedicated to Pizza and their accessories are terrific and oh, the price is right. Plus it fits on a trailer with the portable kegerator and a couple of coolers so, honestly, what more could a tailgate party fan want? There are a lot of people who would consider the Little Caesar’s pizza pizza to be the best portable pizza oven.

Smaller portable pizza ovens

Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven

Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven

Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven

Camp Chef Pizza Oven

Camp Chef Pizza Oven with gas bottle (extra)

There is a small version of the Italia Artisan Pizza Oven that will just sit on another grill unit but I am assuming that you want a pizza that is sized to accompany a couple of rounds of beer pong. That means I will cut to the chase here and review the 30 inch (exterior measurement) model which is almost 3 times the price of the small version. Worth it though as the larger models is one of the best portable pizza ovens.

This is the model most people talk about that is as close to a brick oven as you can get. That of course, comes with a bit of a learning curve on the part of the user and some variations. You get better at it as you go along, trust me. The double layered ceiling and walls have been designed to keep that heap circulating the way it should.

Fifteen minutes pre-heat is required to reach the magic 700°F. Some pizzas are OK to cook at 600°F so again, test this before the tailgate party. You can reduce the guess-work in the cooking process by getting used to the built-in valve ignition/micro-adjust valve which controls the flame from super low to high. The temperature gauge helps you monitor the internal air temperatures. This is also regulated through the ventilated door and that has a nifty handle. Specially designed burners and micro-adjust valves give you heat control and responsiveness to cook perfect artisan pizza with crispy crust and moist toppings. But practice makes perfect, so invite the neighbors in and experiment till you can sling those pizzas like a pro. Capacity is 2 small pizzas at one cook. You can buy the dough at Trader Joe’s. Or Wholefoods. Or any supermarket that has a bakery.

It is also remarkably easy to clean.

Technically, it is rated as 17,000 BTU and you can run it on a one pound propane canister. A 5 foot hose and regulator are INCLUDED so that you can buy a 30 pound tank if you prefer. (I would!).

It weighs 47 pounds which is really manageable at a tailgate party. The on-off knob has a built in ignition but you have to twist it to exactly the right place to light it. It can take a few tweaks after you change gas tanks.

Don’t forget a generator if you are in a non-powered situation.   Most tailgate parties are held in parking lots and it is rare to have power. So a genny is a good investment. Oh, and so many people will want to rent it from you that you will get your money back in no time. Oh, stand by for the results of my research on that in the next weeks.

Woodfired pizza ovens are NOT permitted in most places and this is a really good substitute. Bear in mind that you can also use it to heat up that mac’n’cheese, to crisp up some chicken wings, make bread or scones or do anything a normal oven will do, but do watch that temperature!

It gets super ouchy hot so allow plenty of time for it to cool down before packing in your truck. That heat takes quite a while to dissipate so you can use it to keep stuff warm or shove a bread stick in there pre-slathered with garlic butter and wrapped in foil. Nibbles all afternoon.

Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven Accessory, 16-Inch

Camp Chef Italia Pizza Oven Accessory

Camp Chef Italia Pizza Oven Accessory

Here then, for those who will be toting that grill anyway for the ribs, is the 16 inch accessory version of the same oven described above. Not one of the best portable pizza ovens but a handy size and very portable for tailgate parties. This one sits on top of the grill and is a cordierite ceramic pizza stone with a stainless steel cover. The design and air flow are the same as the 30 inch free-standing model but the heat source is your grill and therefore, not as controllable. You DO need to rotate the pizza several times for even cooking as the bit near the door burns cooler than the rear.

Cooking Surface Diameter is15″ x 20″ (300 sq. in) which is not a massive area, but for one at a time 14 inch pizza service in addition to running your grill, that’s a good food service for any tailgate party.

Pretty much everything applies in the same way as the free standing 30 inch model except for the heat source. It has a built in temperature gauge and is as well-equipped as its big brother and can reach 700°F if properly pre-heated and door is closed. It will fit on any Camp Chef grill (they are marked with compatibility) or a three burner grill of any kind really.

You will find that the predictability of this oven is great for cooking and Ms. Rawhide has made it her thing to bake a batch of bacon, tomato, chives and egg muffins to get us started when we arrive at breakfast time. Again, turn the pan once or twice for even cooking.

Thin crust pizzas will cook in a bout 5-7 minutes with the oven set on high to medium high.

Some very simple assembly is required – just screw in the stone.

It is very cheap, simple, easy to store when you are not in pizza mood (oh, really? Such a time exists?)

Camp Chef Home Somerset 3-Burner Cart Stove

Camp Chef Italia Somerset 111 Stove

Camp Chef Italia Somerset 111 Stove

When Camp Chef designed the accessory Pizza Oven it was for the 3-Burner cart stove.

This has a chef’s style grid on top and is quite solid-state which it needs to be for the pizza oven to sit on. So take that into consideration. But of course, it will fit on any 3-burner grill with a perfectly flat top and the power to heat it.

Check out your existing grill, for instance. Is it equal to three x 30,000 BTU per hour burners; range 90,000 total BTU? That’s the kind of power you will need to get the accessory pizza oven up to the temperature of 700°F.

In my book, there’s a case for packing one of the smaller grills and buying the larger stand-alone portable pizza ovens instead. Just remember that they are versatile cookers and you can even smoke ribs in them (be careful of the spatter though).

Blackstone 1575 Outdoor Oven

Blackstone Outdoor Portable Pizza Oven

Blackstone Outdoor Portable Pizza Oven

Pizza from the Blackstone Outdoor Pizza Oven The Blackstone Outdoor Pizza Oven roasts too

Small is good for tailgating and, because of that, this very small unit gets a big thumbs up from me. It fits on a patio but even so, offers a 60,000 BTU burner for quick and even heat, an easy push button igniter and durable steel handles PLUS a battery-powered rotisserie motor to rotate the pizza stone for accurate and reliable brick oven results. It will, once pre-heated, cook a 16 inch pizza crispy on the base and bubbling cheesy on the top in around four minutes flat. In a lot of ways you could consider this to be the best portable pizza oven if you are thinking homegating, tailgating, camping or trips to the beach.

The company is quick to respond to any issues and will replace or repair your unit as required. It also does way more than pizza. This sort of oven is really versatile and wow, in my Utopia, parking lots around stadiums would have one of these at the end of every row. Report any problems fast – eg. The pizza stone has occasionally cracked in shipping and if parts do not look like perfect seals, call the company for a replacement. Send them some photos of any damage and they will tell you exactly how to fix/replace the part if necessary.

Don’t forget that you need a hex screwdriver for assembly and also remember to buy AA batteries for the ignition and the motor requires two D batteries so that the tray rotates for even cooking. Advice from many users is to insert the batteries before doing the final assembly of it to the oven and remember which way they go in so that next time you need to insert them, you will not be confused. Hey, time away from beer pong and dizzy bat is totally wasted at a tailgate party!

Some good hacks include investing a few bucks in a thrust bearing to smooth out the rotation of the tray, protect the motor from a rough rotation and another is to add a small tray of wood chips in the back corner to add that smoky flavor (don’t overdo this though).

Buy a cover if you are storing this outdoors. Just remember that most covers are not fireproof and don’t put it on while the oven is still hot. Go off, have a few beers, watch the game and by then it will be cool.

In terms of carrying this with your tailgate party gear, it is a no-brainer. It is compact and smart-looking and the stand comes with it.

Bakerstone Bx/Pizza Oven

Bakerstone Portable Pizza Oven

Bakerstone Portable Pizza Oven

Bakerstone Pizza accessory

A low end, economical accessory to a BBQ it needs to be used with a 3-, 4- or 5-burner grill with a stable, flat top to reach optimum temperature but is cheap and very handy. You sit it on the top, crank up the heat and wait. It takes over 30 minutes to reach its highest temperature and when it does, go bam! Put the pizza in to cook and four minutes later it is cooked.   It does take an age to get hot enough and will cool down fast. Any spatters are difficult to clean, but then maybe that’s not a great problem. Most pizza ovens are stained in time. Not one of the best portable pizza ovens but a quick and easy substitute if you don’t want too many appliances and already have a BBQ.

Its pros are the cool look, the even cooking, the light weight (a distinct advantage to people transporting gear to tailgate parties) and the economy yet effectiveness of walls in its heat handling. It’s almost as big on the inside as on the outside. It’s easy to assemble too. The pizzas it makes have the moisture locked into the crust so that it is crispy on the outside but still nice and doughy inside, not just crispy cardboard.

Get a cover! An iron sizzle plate is good for some dishes too.

So basically, if you are already taking the grill to the tailgate party, then this accessory is the most compact on the market and maybe you could give it a go.

Remember, do a rehearsal at home before taking on the tailgate party.

Pizzaz pizza Counter Top Oven Cooker

Presto Pizzazz Pizza Maker

Presto Pizzazz Pizza Maker

OK, don’t laugh but I include this electric portable pizza maker in this review because it is small and for some people, it’s all they want or need from a pizza. Here’s the thing – It costs less than $100.

Plus you can buy in a heap of Costco frozen or premade pizzas and heat them up using only a small battery pack that can run electrical appliances for an hour or more.

Duracell 1300 battery pack

Duracell 1300 battery pack will run the pizza oven

You can cook frozen or fresh pizza, battered fish, tacos and all kinds of things on it. It does have a tendency to blow a fuse if you continually cook on it but users swear by them. Then go and enjoy the chilly contents of your kegerator!

Just for good measure, here is an alternative one of these electric thingies.

Hamilton Beach 31700 Pizza Maker

Hamilton Beach cheap portable pizza maker

Hamilton Beach cheap portable pizza maker

This one is even cheaper than the one above and you can almost look at it as a disposable product as it is so low end. Hand to have and again, use it with the battery pack. Ok – not even close to being the best portable pizza oven but, if you’re thinking quick and easy, portability and price… this may be the one for you!

There you have it. The BIG review of the best portable pizza ovens. There should be something here for everyone and they are all a good choice depending on your needs. And, as a bonus, I’m giving you a list of all the essential accessories you’ll need for pizza making once you’ve found the best portable pizza oven for you.

Essential accessories for your portable pizza oven

Ok, so you are all set with the items below, and I really think that all are required (plus a pizza chef’s hat and apron and a red checked t0wel) …

Pizzacraft Pizza Folding Peel & Stone Brush

Pizza Peel in portable pizza oven

Pizza Peel in portable pizza oven

Pizza Peel and Steel brush

Pizza peel and stainless steel brush


The ‘peel’ is kind of a long spatula. It has a long handle to keep the user away from the heat and so that you can transfer pizzas, delicate breads, pastries and food into an oven where placing them directly by hand could break them. Without the peel, the pizza will be a gluggy lump. The brush is for keeping your pizza stone clean. Clean it after use but don’t use detergents which will add a cross flavor.

Pizzacraft Wood Rolling Pin with Silicone Dough Rings

Pizzacraft rolling pin with silicone rings

Pizzacraft rolling pin with silicone rings

The other side of that skill is to roll the pizza to a consistent level. This nifty rolling pin has sized bands on each end to make that process easy. Pastry chefs also use this technique. Yeah, Ms. Rawhide watches all those crazy cooking shows on TV so she told me how this works.

Ateco Dough Docker

Ateco Dough Docker

Ateco Dough Docker

The dough docker stops the bread dough from rising up big and unevenly which can ruin your pizza’s cooking rate and final appearance. This can be done at the tailgate party. Impress your friends by your professional skills out there (but in that case, don’t be using one of those electric pizza ovens above). You’ll ruin the illusion completely.

Culina Pizza Cutter 14″ Wooden Handle (Walnut)

Culina Walnut pizza cutter

Culina Walnut pizza cutter

Ok, so this is just a pizza cutter. Up to you, but I prefer these over the rollers. Though the rollers are great for larger sized pizzas. Somehow these look more pro. The Culina has a walnut handle and you can use it to mince herbs, meat or anything. It is way more versatile than the roller cutter, and I’m all for using implements with more than one use as transporting a whole kitchen to the tailgate party is a bad trip.

Finally some Tailgate Party Pizza recipes and hints.

Look, the sky’s the limit for a pizza recipes list.

It takes a simple bread dough:


3 1/2 to 4 cups bread flour, plus more for rolling and a little cornmeal to sprinkle around to avoid it sticking. The rule is bread flour for crispy crust, all-purpose for chewy crust.

  • 1 teaspoon sugar or honey
  • 1 envelope instant dry yeast
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • 1 1/2 cups water, 110 degrees F – the temperature is crucial
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil, plus a splash to rub on the dough in the process.

Combine the bread flour, sugar, yeast and salt in the bowl of a stand mixer and combine using a dough hook. While the mixer is running, add the water and 2 tablespoons of the oil and beat until the dough forms into a ball. If the dough is sticky, add additional flour, a bit at a time, till the dough comes together in a solid ball. If the dough is too dry, add additional water, a splash at a time. Scrape the dough onto a lightly floured surface (onto parchment or a silicone mat to avoid mess) and gently knead into a smooth, firm ball.

Grease a large bowl with the remaining 2 teaspoons olive oil, add the dough, cover the bowl with a cleam tea-towel and put it in a warm area to let it double in size, at least 1 hour. Tip the dough out onto a lightly floured surface punch it down and divide it into 2 equal pieces. (Cut it in half with a sharp knife , don’t drag it apart.) Cover each with a clean tea- towel or plastic wrap and let the balls rest for 10 minutes.
Take these balls (in your cooler) to the tailgate party,

Once you are there, sprinkle the tray with cornmeal, roll the dough out into desired circles and run the dough docker over the circle lightly to punch some indentations in. Then set aside till the oven is at 700°F. Slide the cornmeal sprinkled pizza peel under the dough. And while it is on the peel, put on your toppings.

Brush on Olive oil first.

Then spoon on a yummy Tomato sauce.

Toppings (salami, artichokes, peppers, goat cheese, figs, etc. etc.



Be creative – pick whatever your tastebuds desire – oysters, calamari etc. etc.

You just need a combo of garlicky olive oil, tomato sauce, cheese and garnishes in that order (olives, meats including bacon of course, green stuff, goat cheese for The Ladies, and I always throw a couple of random cans of things like artichokes into the box.

Then slide the made pizza onto the tray and cook till half done. Rotate and cook the other side (unless you have a motorized one in which case skip that step).


Note that Trader Joe’s has great ready-made dough but also most supermarkets with a bread bakery department will sell you a ball of dough really cheaply. I have even pulled that one off in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (see Mega stores or even Wal-Mart).

Don’t over-stack toppings until you have experimented with them so that you know how long each combo takes to cook.

Use cornmeal to stop your dough sticking to your hands, the tray or anything. Keeps it neat. Clean it off the stone or tray at the end of the day.

Get a high quality pizza peel. It is, of course, intended to slide under your doughy food and lift it off without it breaking or collapsing. It needs to have a long handle so that you can keep your hands away from the fire.

Cold fermenting your dough (ie. Making the dough up to three days before the tailgate party, forming it into the balls and allowing a slow rise in the refrigerator) works really well. Pop it in Ziploc bags a pizza sized ball per bag, then shape and roll out on site.

Try a Baking Steel instead of a Pizza Stone:

It’s less likely to be dropped and broken and the Pizzacraft is made for its oven.  You could even buy some slate tiles from Lowe’s/Home Depot or your local stonemason.  Buy a few though as they tend to crack.  Great for cooking steak as well.

Use this Pizza Steel instead of pizza stone

Use this Pizza Steel instead of pizza stone

OK, so have you got all that?  Finally, what beer goes best with pizza??

Aw heck, you know the answer to that one.  EVERY brew under the sun. Yes, even weak old Pacifico is OK on a hot day.

Happy Tailgating!

Best Electric Smokers: Electric Smoker Reviews 2017

Looking for the best electric smokers? Read on, my tailgate partying friends and argue among yourselves!

I have a few mates who are smokers.  Some hide and do it hidden away in a shed in their yards but most are quite open about it.  Yeah.  They’re the ones with the home cured bacon and pork bellies hanging in their cool-rooms, with racks of baby back ribs and poultry as juicy as the good lord meant it to be.  Ohhh yeahhhh!

Best smokers for tailgate parties - bacon kit

Bacon curing kit – bacon at a tailgate party_ Yes please

Their tailgate parties make awesome the understatement of the century. This got me thinking: it’s about time I started smoking meats for my tailgate parties too! For tailgate parties, gas or electric are the best ways to go. So I’ve done the research, tested and tried the best electric smokers so I can now put together this article for you: the best electric smokers reviewed – 2016.

Meat, fish, nuts, pineapple, eggs – almost anything – can be sublime when smoked. Some might say the anchor of a tailgate party menu.  For a while now, I’ve been toying with the idea of buying my own full sized smoker.  I want one for tailgate parties before the end of this season.  My friend Craig wants me to buy one too, so that I can return his.

To do the research, first I consulted my buddy André, a professional pit-master and smoker, a BBQ genius.  His own rig is enormous, so I was surprised that his ultimate advice was that it is far easier, in a tailgate party situation, to go electric.  You can run with a generator or a battery large enough for your smoker.  Electricity makes it very stable and there are ways to compensate for the scaled down taste.  But we will get to that.  Remember that many parking lots, André pointed out, do not allow charcoal or wood burning fires, so gas or electric are the only choices in those situations.  At home, on the man-cave patio, wood or charcoal are the go but I’m going for lack of effort here.  And André’s ideas for making the smoked food taste great are essential too so check those out. It can be as simple as a different kind of injected flavor or added wood chips and these can be purchased.  You can have a whole repertoire of tastes (I’ve been watching too many pitmaster shows) on hand.  Don’t bother with rubs as the moisture in the air make them just melt off and drip away.

So here’s the big list of the best electric smokers for tailgating.  I hope that you will make some great smoked dishes and learn some new techniques to try for your winter tailgate parties.  Then you can put those smokers to good use to stockpile bacon and other goodies for the rest of the year.

Masterbuilt Black Electric Digital Smoker


The Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse - on best tailgate party smoker list 2016

The Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse – on best tailgate party smoker list 2017

Masterbuilt’s cooking products are not just a manageable size but high quality with a long reputation in manufacturing. We are looking at the 30” top controlled but there is a 40” model and the only difference is size and price.  If you are cooking for a tribe, then go for the larger one but for most tailgate party cooking, a 30” is adequate.

Having said that, you can start a nice little smoked garlic business on the side with the 40” … hmm, there’s an idea that my pal Randall has already put into action.

Powder-coated steel exterior makes it smart to look at and easy to clean.  That surface is durable. It can chip, but take care (don’t clean with abrasives) and it will last for eons.  The Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse has four smoking racks that are scaled for turkey, sausage, chicken, ham, pork, fish, jerky, vegetables, fruit, desserts and wow, anything that can benefit from that smoky flavor. People even smoke beer now.  Oh, please don’t.

It is 100° to 275°F thermostatically controlled for a perfect temperature every time.  I would also recommend the purchase of a temperature probe to check the inside of meats as you cook them.  Do monitor that aspect as it is important.  The CDN is a good one, being easy to read.  Most measure around 8” which is OK, but wear gloves when you put your hand in the smoker.

But back to that smoking beast.  It features a push-button precision digital control panel and an 0-24 hour digital timer with auto shut-off. A wood tray (for flavor chips) opens from the side which adds to convenience and you can set that up easily at the tailgate party.   Its neat side door allows you to leave the front shut and retain all the juicy smokiness.

Best smoker for tailgate parties - Masterbuilt smokehouse

Best smoker for tailgate parties – Masterbuilt smokehouse

You can run these smokers off a generator or a well-charged battery pack so they are, in effect, portable to some degree.

Insulation is always crucial and this one has 100% insulation on all sides.

730 sq. inches of cooking space are arranged as 4 dishwasher-OK chrome-coated racks and an 800 watt heating element with a range of 100 to 275 degrees F.

A removable drip tray and a top air damper gives the user additional control.

Cleaning is simple but don’t use detergents as these can damage the powder coating and also can impart off flavors to your dishes.  A 2 to one vinegar and water solution is recommended for wiping down anything that is not able to go in the dishwasher but the racks and all chrome parts are fine.

It reviews really well but as with all gadgetry, read the instructions before assembling and using.  There is assembly required so allow enough time for that.  Don’t just pick up the box from your delivery, load it onto your truck and expect to cook onsite immediately.  I recommend a couple of trial runs to get the feel for it and to experiment with the intensity of flavors.

A hint from my mate the pit-master: as soon as you get to the site, shove some garlic in your smoker.  Eh, you might not want to eat it, but it will drive your neighbors crazy with envy when they smell it smoking.

Also, cover with the custom Masterbuilt Electric Smoke cover it to ensure it has a long life. The cover is available for 30” or 40” so make sure you buy the right one for your preferred model.

And you might like to get a rib rack. Rib racks are inexpensive and nice as gifts though not essential.  But if you’re like most people and ribs are going to be cooked a lot, then these help you turn out the juiciest.

Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker

Electric Smoker Review: Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker

Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker

The Smoke Hollow electric smoker is a step down from the Masterbuit both in price and quality as it is not powder coated but just painted steel.  That to me is a disadvantage if your plan is to transport this model as they can scratch easily.  But if you are just installing in the man cave, that may be OK.  The major disadvantage is that you have to open the front door to add your flavor chips.  The temperature lowers fast each time you open the door.  It is, of course, for outdoor use only.

It is a 30 inch smoker. Assembly required and actual size is 22W x 19D x 37.5H” making it wider than the Masterbuilt.  Factor that into your cooking.

There are two cooking racks and 2 temperature settings.  The door closes magnetically and that takes a little getting used to but it is a firm seal which is a good thing.

Fundamentally, it is the similar size as the Masterbuilt but on little splayed legs that use some of the smoking area.  It is more transportable with two side handles making this a breeze though it weighs the same.

All instructions are included.  The actual measurements are 16 x 14 x 30 inches so factor this in when planning thanksgiving turkey smoking.  You can remove shelves. The exterior handle is one of those coiled designs which is quite good for protecting users from burns.

I’m not rapt in the temperature gauge on this model as it is not really explicit with degrees marked but opts for the fuzzy logic of ‘low-med-high’ and you can’t set it on a specific temperature.  Recommendations are that you can do a bit of refitting to improve the interior, firstly replacing the smoke box with a larger stainless steel box and drip pan.  I would also place a couple of high walled cookie sheets under as a drip pan.  This thing leaks grease which is particularly noticeable when cooking duck.  Catch that duck fat and can it for frying chips.  Here’s a hack from one kind user: Apply Permatex #81158 automotive black silicone (good to 450 degrees F) to both the outside bottom seam and also the 4 inside bottom sides to avoid this leakage.  Cure the silicone well before cooking and it is then food safe.  Read and follow the instructions on the tube!

With all these faults, it is cheaper than the Masterbuilt but you really can’t fault the cits constant power.  The low setting is around 240-250 degrees.  You may want to check its settings out with an oven thermometer before using it and get to know which part of the knob you require. If you have any problems with power, contact the manufacturer and they are quick to respond, no questions asked.

Char-Broil Electric Vertical Smoker

Char-Broil Vertical Electric smoker

Char-Broil Vertical Electric smoker


This vertical smoker (30”) is almost the same as the Smoke Hollow in all respects but is a little narrower.  There is some super simple assembly required (eg. Screwing on the legs and thermometer)

Here are the dimensions and description:

It has a 504 square inch total of cooking surfaces made up of 3 chrome plates racks which can be put in the dishwasher. 16 by 14 by 30 inches. The heating element is 1,500 watt which means it can be run easily off the Honda 2000 watt generator.

The element is a variable temperature heater which heats your wood chips and water (to make your smoke) and there is a handy front mounted temperature gauge.

The chip pan and ash pan are both porcelain and there is a grease cup which could be better but you can easily add some aluminum foil to the mix.  No oven seems to be perfectly sealed against fat drips and splashes but see above for hacks on prevention.  Of course, some airflow is required for the process so don’t be tempted to caulk it up too much. But do avoid the fat dripping into the chip box.

The handle is a long, chrome-plated design, a little close to the heat for my preference but it looks smart.  The temperature gauge is also nicely designed with a bezel and easy to read.

The adjustable shelves will allow you to cook a turkey and other side dishes.  Yes, you CAN smoke mac’n’cheese.

Unfortunately the cover is not included but is sold separately (like most of the electric smokers reviewed here). But you’ll need one as they are kind of important to have if you want to extend the life of your electric smoker.

Brinkmann Gourmet Electric Smoker and Grill

Brinkmann Electric Gourmet Smoker

Brinkmann Electric Gourmet Smoker

Generally, electric smokers run to about 40% more expensive than the charcoal models.  But then you don’t have any ongoing expense of charcoal and electricity use is minimal. Like the others in the range, this has a 1500-watt element that fits in the base with lavarocks.  There’s a smart domed lid which is kind of a Brinkmann look. They say it holds up to 50 pounds of food.  Heck, that’s a whole party right there! There are only two shelves (steel-chrome-plated) but I think that is OK.

The electric model does not include the cover so you need to order one.  If you write to the sellers when you’re negotiating your order, maybe they will cut you a deal on that and occasionally they are an add-on special on!

The water pan is porcelain-coated steel and the door has front-hinges for accessing the pan easily.  Always access it fast to avoid heat loss while the door is open. Ie. Don’t leave the door wide open while you are filling the chip pan etc. etc.  Pure logic, really.

Dimensions: 17 x 17 x 35 inches making it taller than others in the ballpark but the others weigh around 52 pounds shipped and this is only around 30 pounds shipped.  The handles on this one are also a selling point as they are cool to the touch, simple designed with wood.

The Gourmet Electric is Brinkmann’s top-of-the-line double grill electric smoker & grill. Here’s why: it converts easily to a waist high grill. It also has a separate base pan design for easy set up and clean up. It comes in shiny easily cleaned colors of red, black and green.  UL Listed.  (FYI ‘UL listed’ means that Underwriters Laboratories have tested and approved either it or its components in one of its national recognized testing labs in the USA and relates to its safety in the electric appliances market.)

The heating element is not adjustable but is set to 220-240 range which is ideal for smoking.  Some leakage through the lid and thin sides may be an issue affecting cooking times.  Use your probe thermometer to be sure that your meat is cooked.  You can add a non OE thermometer gauge to the smoker after and I think that would be worth the few bucks expense. Remember that the stability of the temperature is related to the water bath.  Keep that pan full of water as directed as this creates a barrier between the element (heat source) and the meat.  Thus it is stable and sloooooow smoking which makes for juicy, melt in your mouth meat.  It can be tricky to fill though so consider using a silicon funnel and a bit of silicon tubing and always fill with HOT water.

It is very easy to clean as it comes apart in all the cleanable places.  Some users have mentioned peeling paint.  In that event, write to the manufacturer or seller.  That’s kind of why I like to buy a lot through big re-sellers as they will replace, no questions asked and that service is worth it.
It is great value for money and I guess could be seen as the entry level smoker.

Keep reading to get the skinny on a smaller but great looking appliance by Brinkmann and this one is hard to find. 

The Brinkmann Smoke’n’Grill Model 810-5290-c

Brinkmann Electric Smoker

Brinkmann Electric Smoker

This is a smallish dual level water smoker but surprisingly portable and roomy all at the same time.  I’m thinking, ‘start with the small one and upgrade when you are an expert’. The Brinkmann range of electric smokers are some of the best electric smokers around.

Note with all smokers, a bit of breeze in there is required for proper smoking.  Don’t seal up things like a wobbly lid as it may be intentional.

Then there is this. It turns your grill into a smoker and comes highly reviewed and praised.

Smoke Chief Cold Smoke Generator

Smoke Chief cold smoker from Smokehouse

Smoke Chief cold smoker from Smokehouse

For starters, it’s electric and you just add it to your existing grill. And you get around three hours of smoking from just a cup of pellets. It is a small unit – only weighs 7 pounds at most – and can operate on 110VAC or 12V and has the appropriate leads for either. So in a sense, it is portable – ore so than many others.  The aroma and flavor imparted are terrific and of course, you get to choose from a wide range of pellets and Smokehouse (the parent company) makes these to suit this particular smoker.   Everything you need is included, even a cleaning tool.  It just fits on the side of your grill and is 12 x 4 x 9 inches.  I think it is a winner.  Only use this smoker outside.  It’s not for table use. There’s a considerable discount here at the moment.  I am keeping my eye out for these seasonal price drops as why pay a heap when you can get something this great for cheaper?

Gourmia Multifunction Electric Smoker – SmoCooker Turb0

Gourmia Electric Smoker, Pressure Cooker, Steamer. Slow & Rice Cooker

Gourmia Electric Smoker, Pressure Cooker, Steamer. Slow & Rice Cooker

I am including this as it is the only indoor pressure smoker on the market.  It is a small-batch cooker and only deals with up to 4 pounds at one cook.  It is a cold and hot smoker and was originally sold for cheese smoking and it pressure cooks, steams and cooks rice as well.  As it smokes under pressure, the cooking time is reduced by half – 1 hour is enough.

The Gourmia is  distributed in the USA and really hasn’t caught on yet but would be awesome for doing smoked dishes on site.  Make sure you retain all guarantees and the address and contacts of the distributor and manufacturer in case of any need for replacement.

This is a very unusual cooking tool and is around the same size as a rice cooker.  It is designed for table-top cooking which is an interesting idea.  As well, the small size and portability means you could easily use this model at a tailgate party, especially given the shorter cooking times.

The smoke is made by a few small wood chips (flavor of your choice)  inserted into a small container mounted on the heating electrode. The chips burn and fill the pot with smoke which is pressure cooked into the food. When you remove the lid, the previously sealed in smoke all gushes out.  Not great in a condo with sensitive alarms.  OK on the balcony and quite fine in a parking lot and the smokiness is really delicious smelling.

There are three metal racks where your food should be placed for the process.

Unlike the larger units, you need very few smoking chips, in fact only one may suffice.  Cooking time for poultry for instance is way down to around a half an hour.  And that’s why I think it is a tailgate party option.   You can smoke garlic, eggs, cheese, small briskets and so on.  Very handy.

It is a bit tricky to clean though so any covering of racks  with foil for instance would be advised.

It is amazingly inexpensive for such a versatile appliance.

Bradley Smokers Original Smoker

Electric Smoker Review: Bradley Smokers Original Electric Smoker

Bradley Smokers Original Electric Smoker

Slightly bigger than the Masterbuilt, the Bradley is one of the biggest and best electric smokers in the range. It’s super slick featuring an easily cleaned highly polished stainless steel interior with four racks (dishwasher OK) and a simple, stable temperature control (around 250 degrees maximum).  It doubles as a slow roaster as well as a smoker, but be aware that once you have smoked, the rest of your food will also have that smoky taste.  It is hard to budge.

The internal racks have a stopper which prevents them falling when you slide them out. The Bradley electric smoker has large front feet for extra stability and there’s a removable side panel to assist with cleaning and maintenance. At 500 watts, the smoking element is not as strong as other electric smokers.

The Bradley Smoker uses a unique system of bisquettes (manufactured wood impregnated with many flavors which gives the chef an amazing smoke flavor repertoire).  Note that you have to order those separately according to your taste or requirement in the recipe and happily, this unit comes with a recipe book.

It is well designed and seems more ‘solid-state’ than other smokers, yes, even the pretty Brinkmann.  It is easy to set up (once you figure out how the auto biscuit thingie works which in itself is an easy matter) and you can get smoking right away.  There is an aluminum biscuit sold and these just fill the space as the final two bisquettes in the cook don’t get spat out at the end onto the burner. These act as decoys in a way!

There’s a fair bit of reading to do before use.

Bradleys are a great company to deal with and you can get on the phone and bend their ear and they will give you great hints, advice and make sure you are getting the most out of the smoker.  My mate makes his own jerky and bacon and that is always the highlight of his tailgate parties.

The bisquette system is an automated one whereby the bit with the flavor on it   feeds through a magazine.  Every 20 minutes the burnt bisquette drops into a small pan of water before the wood’s ashes can start emitting rancid/toxic chemicals.   That may also be less carcinogenic.  You never get to that yucky taste that some amateur smokers delight in.  Or bad grillers!

Parts are always available through Bradley.

Finally, a few reviewers have written about cheap parts being used in this smoker.   For the most part, they are around the same standard as other smokers on the market.  The difference is that the Bradley company will always pick up your call.

Bradley Technologies offer a great range of Electric Smoker Bisquettes so you can pick the flavor (or flavors you love). They’re great!


Bradley Bisquettes comein many flavors

Bradley Bisquettes come in many flavors


Jim Beam Bradley Smoker 4-Rack Digital Outdoor Electric Smoker

Jim Beam Bradley 4 rack digital Smoker

Jim Beam Bradley 4 rack digital Smoker

This Jim Beam smoker is just the Bradley with a logo, but it’s a cool idea for the tailgate party set up.  Very appropriate.  Everything I have said about the Bradley applies to this great-looking unit so read the above!  It runs on bisquettes the same, has the same customer service but it made me think that you could quite easily apply your own team logo to your smoker.  Ahhhh, branding and licensing – there is a mine-field!

Landmann USA  Smoky Mountain Vertical Gas Smoker

The Landman Smoky Mountain Gas smoker

The Landmann Smoky Mountain Gas smoker

If my list of the best electric smokers hasn’t convinced you that these are the best option for the tailgate party, then you might be more interested in a gas smoker.  While the electric is by far the better deal, perhaps your parking lot does not offer the chance to plug in?  Or maybe you don’t have a generator?  Gas is your answer.

The Landmann Smoky Mountain 3495GLA 34-inch powerful Vertical Gas Smoker has a great feature – it has two heat saving, easy access drawers to get to the wood chip box and water pan without opening the main chamber door.  This keeps the temperature even. And capability is 13,500 BTU.  Dimensions are: 18 x 21 x 43.2 inches including the legs.

The door has been well designed with the same thing in mind and is a combo of sturdy hinges and magnetic closures with a large nylon plastic door handle for coolness, 4 adjustable chrome plated cooking grates and a meat hanger. It also features square, splayed legs for stability, porcelain coated steel water pan and heavy duty steel wood chip box with lid. Rotary igniter. The burner is made of cast brass for long life and the unit will not rust. This part has a 10-year warranty. Kudos to them for that but it doesn’t mean that the whole smoker has the same guarantee.  The meat hanger is suited to smoking large cuts of bacon and ribs as the unit is quite tall at 34 inches. Users say that a large tank of propane will last for months, even for heavy smokers.

The nice aspect of this being a propane run smoker is also that you are completely stand-alone.  In any emergency, such as a hurricane, flood, other natural disaster or losing team riots in the parking lot, you can still smoke some ribs. And that’s important.

The Smoking Gun Handheld Food Smoker

The Smoking Gun electric smoker

The Smoking Gun electric smoker

Smoking Gun Electric Smoker

Check out this cute little tool that will impart a smokiness to anything quickly and easily.  Yeah, they have these on cooking shows and even on Junior Master Chef the kids wield them with ease. You can even smoke a Jell-o shot!  Simply fill the Smoking Gun chamber with your choice of combustible, turn it on, light with a match or lighter and apply cool smoke where you’d like it, whether that’s on a freshly made casserole, a mess of beans, some mac’n’cheese or an ice cream.  You get: The Smoking Gun, acrylic stand, 18-inch nozzle extender hose, four AA batteries and two.5-ounce wood chip samples and it can infuse anything with that flavor or the taste of teas, herbs, spices and even hay and dried flowers. It is super portable, you can even put food into a Tupperware basin and give it a blast.

Excellent gift for that tailgate party nut who has everything.

Finally, a hint from my pro smoker mate: ‘Less is more’.  Don’t overdo the chips or bisquettes.  You just need a hint of smokiness to bring that flavor.  After all, you still need your taste-buds to be completely operational for beer.

BONUS: Electric Smoker Recipe

Here is a recipe for ABTs – the professional smokers’ secret food porn!

What?  You haven’t tried the famous (or infamous)  ‘Atomic Buffalo Turds’? Check out their recipe here.

Happy tailgating!





Great Tailgate Party Ideas: The Top 5 Tailgating Trends Survey

Arguably (and hey, I am not going to contend this), Weber is the über-alles of the grill. And when they start looking into what the latest tailgating trends are then we can all benefit! Looking at the results from the 24th annual Weber GrillWatch™ survey it looks like a great source for the latest and greatest Tailgate Party ideas and accessories! So check out the survey for some interesting observations and admissions from human grillers! Mental note: this is a committee I should be on.

Weber Jumbo Joe Gold Charcoal Grill

Weber Jumbo Joe Gold Charcoal Grill

The Top 5 Essential Items For The Tailgate Party

The top essential items among grill owners for a proper tailgating party are:

  1. A grill (…Duh…) (82 %)
  2. Food (80 %
  3. A cooler (80 %).
  4. Chairs (76 %)
  5. Alcoholic beverages (66 %)

And here’s the stinger:  Only 50% of grill owners believe tickets to the game are must-have items.

65% of respondents opted for a portable BBQ and 29% decide to bring their full-size grill to their tailgating events.

22% of people rank Tailgate Parties as most popular location to grill away from home  (4th most popular grill location) but predictably, Camping gets top spot (44 %), followed by the park (37 %) and the beach (23 %).

Nearly one-half (48 %) of grill owners report they stand their grill on the ground when tailgating or grilling away from home. Nearly one-third (32 %) of respondents bring a table to use as a grill stand, and 17 % use their truck beds.  Note: Health requirements demand minimum 6” above the ground for food, so bear that in mind and invest in an appropriate stand.

According to the survey, tailgating is up this year from 14% of grill owners to 20% and 67% of those party animals say that grilling is always a party activity.

Want to know the top grill food?

  1. Hamburgers = 71%
  2. Hot Dogs = 47%
  3. Brats = 40%
  4. Chicken  = 29%
  5. Steak = 25%.

Tofu ….. errrrrrr.  I couldn’t find the stats on that.

The average budget is $122 for the food and booze at a tailgate party.

Attending the game is secondary to many tailgaters, with 57 % admitting they have attended a tailgate in the past 12 months without going into the game. This number jumped 13 percent from last year. Well heck, given that games involving red cups and beer don’t happen in the bleachers, this is no surprise.

Of course, the survey was conducted by Toluna for Weber – makers of a new range of portable grills and all the accessories to go with them. including the Portable Charcoal Table and the Compact RapidFire® Chimney Starter. Check out these awesome must-have grilling accessories for the Tailgate Party.

Portable Charcoal Table

Weber Portable Charcoal Table

Weber Portable Charcoal Table

Compact RapidFire® Chimney Starter

Weber Compact Rapidfire Chimney Starter

Weber Compact Rapidfire Chimney Starter

For the full survey on the latest tailgating trends with more results and a list of great ideas for the tailgate party, checkout the original survey!

Home Delivered Meat For The Tailgate Party

OK, so you can’t have a great tailgate party without buying appropriate food.  Ribs, patties, steaks, mmmmmmmmmdrool!  But do I hear you say you hate spending time hanging around supermarkets checking out those meat fridges?  Home delivered meat is now down to a fine art and so easy.  There are all kinds of options, some are really expensive and high end and I can’t see the value But many are really appealing deals and the savings on gas and time alone make them worthwhile and the quality control of the product is usually high.  Of course, you need to be sure that anything you buy on line has a 100% guarantee of quality and money back if it doesn’t live up to expectations.  Better than that is to know that the product will be excellent and worthy of putting on your tailgate party menu and your BBQ.

Wellness Meats

Wellness Meats Steak – Home Delivered Meat

I’ve spent time looking around for some top quality meats that can be delivered to your door, have this guarantee, and taste great.  Sure you can go to the local supermarket and buy some Manager’s Specials and transform these into burgers and ribs.  I’m all for that when I have tons of time and am in the mood to do that hard work.  Cheap, poor meat cuts require longer, slower cooking than you can allow in the parking lot.  BBQing does need good meat.  Besides, some sports occasions, such as the Superbowl, deserve a top quality approach and that’s when you pull out the organic beef and so on. You can go really high and buy the grass-fed organic beef from someone like California’s wonderful Novy Beef (local farmers’ markets are the best outlets for this particular brand) or you can save yourself the bother and have a product you know is excellent delivered right to your door whenever you feel the need to party.

Omaha Steaks is the biggest meat supplier in the USA shipping to all states.

1. Omaha Steaks 12 x 4 oz Steak Burgers

Omaha Steaks 12 x 4 oz Steak Burgers

Omaha Steaks Steak Burgers

You often see the Omaha Steaks boxes being home delivered and they have a roaring trade all over this great land.  At least to the contiguous states.  They supply packs of patties in many different quantities, suited to tailgate party BBQing, mid-price range and pre-made into standard ground beef sizes. You can order 24 to a pack, 12, 6, 8  or 4 to a pack. So when you get to checkout, be sure to specify how many items you want to purchase.

These are pretty much patties tailored to hamburgers so add to these your buns, salad items, condiments and so on.

2. Omaha Steaks Gourmet Variety Packs

Omaha Steaks The Complete Treat

Omaha Steaks The Complete Treat

If you want something that is a bit more upmarket than a BBQ burger, you will find something in Omaha Steaks’ broad selections.  They are 100% guaranteed and the packs come in different sizes in many configurations of meat cuts, vegetable accompaniments and sizes.  You can get steaks, sausages, patties, even potatoes, corn, pork and different cuts of meat.  There is no minimum order either.  Shipping is added to the cost but you save a lot of gas, time, the food is nicely packed and the variety is quite inspiring to the tailgate party chef.  Ordering through these links can give you a cheaper price than directly from the company website.

US Wellness Meats: quality grassland meat products

I also found and checked out a company, US Wellness Meats, that has become known for their personalized approach. Their products are really top-notch as their animals are all certified grass-fed which gives them a distinct taste.  Delicious!  Last tailgate party I attended, I took a box of their patties with me and sizzled them on the BBQ.  There was no dryness and the center was juicy and a great partner food for my ice cold beer.

US Wellness Meats has a $75 minimum for shipping as it is sent to you in a special cooler box for maximum freshness and to avoid spoiling.  It is labeled clearly as perishable so the mailman/woman won’t leave it to spoil on the stoop.  If you are ordering for a weekend tailgate party, be sure to allow enough time for a guaranteed arrival.  The shipping box is reusable and will keep food cool for a day just with normal ice and longer with dry ice.

The company specializes in beef but that’s just the start of things.  They sell all kinds of meat, poultry, fish and even game.  Well, if you’re tailgating at the game, maybe game is what you should eat.

3. Ground Bison – 1 Pound Package

Ground Buffalo

Ground Buffalo – Home Delivered Meat

For America’s Game (and I am not talking ‘Wheel of Fortune’ here)  why not choose a native American animal for your meat?  Bison is the latest eating craze due to its low cholesterol and deliciousness. Healthy, lean, grass-fed bison is now available from U.S. Wellness Meats. Cook for a short time only as the product is very lean and will dry if overcooked.  Makes excellent burgers or meat-loaf wrapped in bacon.

4. 75% Lean Beef Patties – 2 (6 oz) patties

Large Beef Patties

Large Beef Patties – Home Delivered Meat

This takes all the work out of creating the ultimate tailgate party burger!  Just order and keep frozen till the day.  They come in packs of 2 so just make a list or buy a heap and keep them on hand. The patties are juicy and jsut the right balance of lean and fat meat to sizzle on your flat-top.

5. 75% Lean Ground Beef – 1 Lb. package

Meatloaf - Home Delivered

Meatloaf – Home Delivered Meat

Of course, you can make your own patties as long as you have great meat to begin with.  Ground beef is the USA’s most popular meat and is versatile.  Either make your own preferred shaped patties from this meat or make a meat loaf or rissoles.  You’ll appreciate the richness the that grass-fed meat has compared with those battery-raised cattle in this pack. A generous sized beef pattie is around a quarter of a pound so 4 to a pack and so that you will be ready for the tailgate party, make these ahead and freeze them and take them to the parking lot.

6. BBQ Spice Pork Rinds

BBQ Spice Pork Rinds

BBQ Spice Pork Rinds – Home Delivered Meat

Here’s an interesting variety that’s a great gift item or feature these as a snack at your tailgate party.  Really yummy, they are almost like a spicy chicharron, that marvelous Mexican crispy delicacy.  They go down extremely well with beer as a pre-BBQ nibble or you can get creative and crumble them up as a topping on a meat loaf.

7. Tender Grass-fed Barbecue recipe book

Tender Grassfed BBQ

Tender Grassfed BBQ

‘Tender Grass-fed Barbecue’ is a reference for any tailgate party host or cook.  This book contains Traditional, Primal and Paleo recipes that will demonstrate to you a new way to prepare grass-fed meat and pastured pork using traditional barbecue methods adapted for modern times.  All the recipes in this book have been specifically created and designed for barbecuing grass-fed beef, bison, lamb, and pastured pork. There are over 120 step-by-step, easy to use recipes thoughtfully collected in this 225 page book.

The detailed barbecue techniques presented in this book will be new to most people, but are based on the traditional ways grass-fed meat was barbecued throughout history. These timeless and traditional methods are perfect for grass-fed meat, and have been adapted for modern times to be easy, yet full of wonderful, traditional flavor.  Just remember that cattle were never meant to be raised in stalls, unable to exercise or munch on grass.

The recipes use traditional flavors from many nations and cultures, even ancient Rome and ancient China. Also included are rediscovered bastes and marinades from the Native American traditions, the gauchos of Argentina, many European nations, the barbecue masters of Sardinia, and more.

Recipe books are mailed separately from perishable items via USPS media mail service.


8. $50 US Wellness Meats Gift Certificate

$50 Wellness Meats Gift Certificate

$50 Wellness Meats Gift Certificate

Gift certificates make great gifts, and what better gift than items from US Wellness Meats for your best mates?  Ideal for the BBQ cook, tailgate party host, male, female, young and old.  No more agonizing over what to buy for that guy who has everything.  Most tailgaters can’t get enough meat!  The gift certificates start at $50 but I noticed that the orders need to be $75 so 2 certificates make sense.  If your Mom is the chef at your tailgate parties, maybe give her a reward of these great gift cards.


9. Sockeye Salmon Burger

Sockeye Salmon Burger

Sockeye Salmon Burger – Home Delivered Meat

At tailgate parties, it’s actually possible to invite guests who are bacon and beef averse.  Yes, such a creature does exist. I haven’t met anyone who hates bacon but maybe it’s your responsibility as host of your tailgate party to be prepared to cater for someone who does.  I’ve included this great salmon burger, already prepared so you don’t have to do a thing.  It makes a thoughtful gift too. Each pack contains one fully prepared Alaskan Salmon burger, standard size is ¼ pounder and they are all pre-seasoned.

Like all the products from this butcher, this can be ordered online and you will have it delivered to you or your friends ready to slap on the BBQ. A grass-fed meat and caught-in-the-wild fish hamper – what’s not to love about that! Yes, you can cook any of these meats at your tailgate party and you will be delighted with the taste as well as the lack of effort.


For that special person in your life, consider sending them a box of meat instead of tchotchkes at gift time. You really can’t do better than that and food gifts are always welcome, especially if the recipient is as keen on tailgate parties as you are.


Tailgate Food: Deviled Eggs – 50 Great Recipes

Eggs are very cheap, super high in protein and low in carbs making them a tailgate food staple. There are infinite things you can do with them and, apart from having a grilled one on top of a burger, one of my favorites is deviled eggs. They make a perfect snack, can be plain or spicy, simple or inventive. In fact, some deviled eggs recipes are so tasty that you could easily eat 10 in one sitting.

Deviled Eggs are definitely one of the most easy and satisfying tailgate recipes you can take to the parking lot. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can make them and even more surprised how quickly they disappear on game day!

For those of you who have never made Deviled Eggs before, here’s a very simple (but delicious) recipe to start you off. Remember that you can be very playful with the recipe and add or subtract things to your liking (like Tabasco Sauce for example).

For those who want to get a little more adventurous with their tailgate food then I highly recommend Deviled Eggs: 50 Recipes from Simple to Sassy by Debbie Moose. No stranger to the tailgate lifestyle herself, Debbie has put together 50 great recipes from the classic, to the exotic and to the painful (read: chilies, wasabi and jerk seasoning!).

Oh, and don’t forget to get yourself a good quality Deviled Egg Tray.

Simple Deviled Egg Recipe


See – it’s already looking so simple! Just 5 ingredients so far! And remember, if you want to get inventive you can simply chop and change this recipe. Instead of American mustard, try Dijon. Add some dill or Tabasco sauce. I’m sure you’ve already decided you’re putting bacon bits on top!


  1. Place eggs evenly in a large saucepan and pour enough water to cover them. Bring to a boil and then simmer for 9 minutes. When eggs have cooked, cool them by placing them in a bowl of ice-cold water.
  2. When the eggs have cooled, peel them and cut them in half lengthwise. Remove the yolks and mash them until smooth and then mix in the mayo, mustard, salt and pepper.
  3. Transfer the mixture to a piping bag. If you don’t have a piping bag, improvise by using a Ziploc Bag and snip the corner out. Squeeze (or ‘pipe’) the yolk mixture into the empty egg white halves where the yolk previously lived.

So simple yet so tasty! If you really want to complicate things a little more then sprinkle a little paprika for garnish. And if you want to go even further, then get your hands on a copy of Debbie’s book Deviled Eggs: 50 Recipes! Is this the perfect tailgate food? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below – perhaps you have a favorite take on the recipe that you’d like to share!

Tailgate Food - Deviled Eggs: 50 Recipes

Deviled Eggs: 50 Recipes

Tailgate Food: 10 Quick & Easy Tailgate Foods For The Lazy

Not everyone wants to be a gourmet Tailgate Party chef. Lucky there are some great tasting, super-quick, pre-made options for those of us who want to focus on the game, the beer and everything other than food preparation! Bring any (or all) of these tailgate foods to the party and you will be a hero. Most of these can be heated in a conventional oven in less than 20 minutes which is perfect for homegating. If you are heading off to a tailgate party then pre-heat the food at home and take them to the game in a quality hot/cold food carrier like the Picnic Plus Entertainer. Alternatively (or as well) a portable 12V stove–like the RoadPro 12-Volt Portable Stove–in the car means you can heat the snacks via the 12v while out at the parking lot.

10 Quick & Easy Tailgate Foods For The Lazy

White Meat Chicken Egg Rolls - Tailgate Food

White Meat Chicken Egg Rolls

1. White Meat Chicken Egg Rolls with Sweet and Sour Sauce Mmm. Take it from me, these are very tasty. The amount of meat is generous, the egg roll wrappers get really crunchy in the oven and the sweet and sour sauce is delicious.
Conventional Oven–>(1) Preheat oven to 400°F.(2) Place egg rolls on baking sheet.(3) Bake 18 to 20 minutes.

  • RRP = $10.25


Pan-Seared Pork Potstickers with Sweet Soy Sauce

Pan-Seared Pork Potstickers

2. Pan-Seared Pork Potstickers with Sweet Soy Sauce If you’re a fan of potstickers you’ll love these. They’re a generous size and taste great – easily as good if not better than you’ll get at the local Chinese. They recommend you microwave the potstickers but I like to pan fry them for about 10 minutes then throw in some water into the pan to steam them (with the lid on) until the water evaporates. That way the bottom gets really crunchy.
Microwave–>(1) Place un-opened bag of potstickers in microwave on microwave-safe plate.(2) Cook on HIGH (100% power) 1 1/2 – 2 minutes.

  • RRP = $10.25


Crispy Chicken Breast Strips

Crispy Chicken Breast Strips

3. Crispy Chicken Breast Strips Always a staple at my tailgate parties the crispy chicken breast strips are good on their own (with your favorite sauce of course) or cut up into bite sized pieces and mixed with a salad, or in a wrap, bun or two slices of bread. Totally versatile and totally delicious. Do not ever forget to bring crispy chicken strips when you’re looking for great tailgate food!
Conventional Oven–>(1) Preheat oven to 400°F.(2) Place strips on baking sheet.(3) Bake 20 minutes; turn strips over halfway through baking time.

  • RRP = $15.98


Sausage & Pepperoni Pizza Tailgate Food

Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza

4. Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza Pizza is great tailgate food. Well, pizza is great food anywhere. But you need to have a tasty one with good meats, quality cheese and a crust that is soft on the inside but crispy on the outside. This one is even nice when it’s cold. Buy a few because you’ll probably need one each.
Conventional Oven–>(1) Preheat oven to 425°F.(2) Remove plastic wrap from pizza.(3) Place pizza on baking sheet on center rack of oven.(4) Bake for 18-20 minutes or until golden brown

  • RRP = $4.99


Omaha Steaks Lobster Bisque

Omaha Steaks Lobster Bisque

5. Omaha Steaks Lobster Bisque A great tasting Lobster Bisque that you can water-down to make it go further. Most people don’t think of Lobster Bisque when they’re considering tailgate food but it’s an easy, hearty meal that stays warm and tastes great. The Omaha Steaks Bisque combines the flavors of lobster, onion with a hint of sherry. Simply heat it up, pour it into a good quality Thermos Leak-Proof Food Jar and you’re ready to go!

  • RRP = $34.99 (pack of four x 16oz)


Football Shaped Oreo Cookies

Football Shaped Oreo Cookies

6. Football Shaped Oreo Cookies If you like tailgating and you like football and if you also happen to like oreo cookies… well, then I guess this is the perfect tailgate food for you! Oreos definitely taste better during the football season when they’re shaped like footballs!

  • RRP = $32.01 (pack of 6)


Omaha Steaks Stuffed Baked Potatoes

Omaha Steaks Stuffed Baked Potatoes

7. Omaha Steaks Stuffed Baked Potatoes These are good quality, great tasting baked potatoes from Omaha Steaks. As a tailgate food they work extremely well since they keep longer than other foods post-heating–plus there’s bacon in ’em! Each baked potato shell is delicately filled with whipped potatoes, real sour cream, perfectly aged cheddar cheese, bacon bits and chives. Simply heat and serve.

  • RRP = $14.99


Omaha Steaks Gourmet Burgers

Omaha Steaks Gourmet Burgers

8. Omaha Steaks Gourmet Burgers Ok, so you got yourself a good quality tailgate grill and now you need the best quality meat to cook on it? Look no further than Omaha Streaks Gourmet Burgers. Yes you’ll have to do some cooking and maybe some burger-assembling too. But at least you won’t have to make your mince or press it. And, seriously, a burger is an essential tailgate food for everyone. Probably even vegetarians.

  • RRP = $13 (8 x 4 oz. )


100 Precooked Bacon Slices

100 Precooked Bacon Slices

9. 100 Precooked Bacon Slices This should really have a post all of its own. The importance of the existence of 100 Precooked Bacon Slices cannot be understated. This is basically meat candy. Forget chips. Forget everything. This is 100 slices of precooked bacon! 30 seconds in the microwave or a bit longer in the broiler and you’re done. This is from Omaha Steaks so you know it’s tasty. There’s no chemical taste in these – just pure, unadulterated bacon slices. You will be the most popular person at the tailgate party.

  • RRP = $39.99 (come in smaller packets of 50 and 20 but… you wouldn’t need any less than 100 would you?)


Astronaut Ice Cream Neapolitan

Astronaut Ice Cream

10. Astronaut Ice Cream Neapolitan Who doesn’t like ice-cream?! And who doesn’t want to be an astronaut when they grow up? With Astronaut Ice Cream you can eat like an astronaut. I love taking this to tailgate parties–definitely not your conventional tailgate food but it’s always a hit. So delicious and melts in your mouth (not all over the table, your arms or the dashboard!). Introducing people to Astronaut Ice-cream is the best ice-breaker and usually makes you a friend for life (yes, some people haven’t tried this stuff!)

  • RRP = $22.40 (pack of 10)


Tailgate Food: Sausage, Bean, and Spinach Dip Recipe

Want to find that perfect dip for the tailgate party? Look no further–this recipe, adapted from Southern Living, is a hearty, filling and very tasty dip designed specifically for tailgating. It freezes well and takes around 45 minutes to prepare. Of all the tailgate food, dip is one of my favorites since it’s so easy to prepare and, if you find the right recipe it can be a very satisfying companion to a good beer.

Definitely a nice spin on the old spinach dip and it’s a recipe that you can play with if you prefer more spicy or more sweet.

Tailgating Dip: Sausage, Bean & Spinach Recipe

Tailgate Dip: Sausage Bean & Spinach

Photo: Jennifer Davick; Styling: Lydia DeGaris Pursell


  • 1 sweet onion (diced)
  • 1 red bell pepper (diced)
  • 1-lb hot ground pork sausage
  • 2 garlic cloves (minced)
  • 1 teaspoon chopped fresh thyme
  • 1/2 cup dry white wine
  • 8-oz. package cream cheese, softened
  • 6-oz. package fresh baby spinach, coarsely chopped
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 15-oz. can pinto beans, drained and rinsed
  • 1/2 cup (2 oz.) shredded Parmesan cheese
  • crushed red pepper flakes and garlic powder to taste


  1. Preheat oven to 375°. Cook diced onion, pepper & ground sausage in a large skillet over medium-high heat, stirring often, until meat crumbles and is no longer pink (around 10 mins). Drain.
  2. Stir in garlic and thyme; cook 1 minute. Stir in wine; cook 2 minutes or until liquid has almost completely evaporated.
  3. Add cream cheese, and cook, stirring constantly, 2 minutes or until cream cheese is melted.
  4. Stir in spinach and salt, and cook, stirring constantly, 2 minutes or until spinach is wilted. Gently stir in beans.
  5. Pour mixture into a 2-qt. baking dish; sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.
  6. Bake at 375° for 18 to 20 minutes or until golden brown. Serve with corn chips, bell pepper strips, pretzels etc.

There you have it! A hearty, tasty tailgate food with enough zing to satisfy even the most fussy palates. What do you think? Do you have a favorite tailgate food that you always take to the parking lot? Do you have your own tailgating dip and want to share it with fellow tailgaters? Then leave a comment! We’d love to hear what tailgate recipes y’all come up with for game day!

Top 10 Best Tailgate Grills For The Tailgate Party

If you’re the type of man who believes salad is what food eats then this post is for you! Grilling is the soul of a good tailgate party and no tailgater is complete without a good quality, portable grill. So here is a review of the best tailgate grills for your tailgate party.

Remember, no one can get fired up about the game without first having fired up the grill – and eaten enough meat to make our paleolithic ancestors proud.

You can’t just take any grill or BBQ to a tailgate party. When tailgating you need something that’s portable, reliable, robust and, most importantly, grills to perfection. It’s also essential to balance cost since not everyone can afford the latest Weber Q Portable, so this list includes affordable (but still high quality) options for those on a budget.

So here you have, in no particular order,

The Top 10 Best Tailgate Grills For The Tailgate Party.

Coleman Roadtrip Grill

Coleman Roadtrip Grill

1. The Coleman Road Trip LX Grill  Coleman is the most familiar brand at every tailgate party (as well as most outdoor events, picnics, camping sites etc). And there is good reason: it’s a quality brand with products designed specifically for an outdoor American lifestyle. This grill is perfect for tailgating due to its portability (it’s collapsible with detachable side tables) and rugged build. The Coleman Road Trip Grill has two fully adjustable 20,000 BTU burners with an aluminium grate and griddle and has the versatility to allow for mix-and-match cooking surfaces (grill, griddle, stove). I’m a big fan of the hibachi grills but the Coleman will win you over with its clever design and neat features like the side tables, quick setup, independent burners, utensil storage hooks, removable grease pan and easy push button ignition. The grills are porcelain coated with brushed stainless-steel table inserts making it much easier to clean than others. The Coleman Road Trip Grill works with a disposable 16.4 Ounce propane cylinder or 20 pound propane tank and is covered by a 5-year warranty.

  • Cooking Area: 285 Square Inches
  • Burner: 20,000 BTU
  • Pros: Ultra Portable, Folds up Small, Easy Clean, Fast Ignition
  • Cons: Price – you pay for what you get. It’s one of the more expensive tailgating grills
Weber Q Portable Tailgating Grill

Weber Q Portable Tailgating Grill

2. Weber Q 100 Portable Grill It’s hard to fault the Weber Q. It truly is a masterpiece of top quality and super compact design. It’s extremely sturdy, weather resistant, has precision controls and a well balanced cast aluminum grill that cooks to perfection. The burner runs at only 8,500 but the Weber Q works like a pressure cooker when it’s on. The cooking grates are made from porcelain enameled steel, stainless steel and porcelain enameled cast-iron which means it’s durable and easy to clean. The proof really is in the cooking and anyone who has used a Weber BBQ before knows that cooking meat is perfection in one of these beauties. Steaks and chops sear succulently in the Q. For the traditionalist there is always the Jumbo Joe. Comes with a 5-year warranty.

  • Cooking Area: 189 Square Inches
  • Burner: 8,500 BTU
  • Pros: Cooks perfectly, Portable, Robust, Easy to Clean, Fast Ignition
  • Cons: Small Cooking Area relative to other highend grills
Picnic Time Tailgating Grill Set

Picnic Time Tailgating Grill Set

3. Picnic Time Vulcan All-In-One Tailgaiting Cooler/BBQ Set with Trolley This great set-up has everything you need in one convenient tote. It’s not just a BBQ, it’s a cooler, storage bag and trolley. It’s big enough to hold 24 cans of soda and comes with three BBQ tools. The grill itself is nothing fancy but this is all about portability and convenience.

  • Cooking Area: 180 Square Inches
  • Burner: Propane
  • Pros: Very portable, multi-purpose grill and cooler and tote. Super convenient.
  • Cons: Not a great grill but does the trick. Price.
Weber Go Anywhere Charcoal Grill

Weber Go Anywhere Charcoal Grill

4. Weber Go-Anywhere Grill This is the super-affordable, super portable, super convenient, no mess, no fuss option for those wanting something simple, cheap and effective for their tailgate party. Well, it’s not actually ‘no mess’. It’s more like ‘less mess, less fuss’. But the grilling bars are triple nickle-coated while the bowl and lid are porcelain enameled making them easy to clean and the unit itself is so minimal that there isn’t really much to go wrong. The design is for compactness: the nickel-plated legs fold up to lock the lid in place for travel and storage and, when in use, the lid can be fit to the hangers on the side of the grill and acts as a wind barrier. But this is no light-weight. Being a Weber™ it has a well designed grill using patented ‘Flavorizer’ technology which basically means it can cook a good steak. There are both options: propane and charcoal (which is the same grill unit fueled with charcoal or gas).

  • Cooking Area: 160 Square Inches
  • Burner: Disposable 1-pound LP cylinder.
  • Pros: Ultra-compact and portable. Simple. Affordable. Good griller.
  • Cons: Small Cooking Area, Legs can be unsturdy. Sits low to the ground.
Smokey Joe Tailgating Grill

Smokey Joe Tailgating Grill

5. Weber Smokey Joe Silver Charcoal Grill The Smokey Joe might just be one of the greatest inventions ever made! So simple yet so effective it really is ideal for grilling at the tailgate party but should also be the required accessory to any meeting – or, should that be “meating”. It’s small and it grills. And the reason it is such a good griller is the Weber patented design triple nickle-plated grill. All essential parts are porcelain-coated for easy cleaning and weather-proofing, while the handle is glass reinforced nylon to keep it from heating. That’s why the Smokey Joe comes with a 10-year warranty.

  • Cooking Area: 147 Square Inches
  • Burner: Charcoal
  • Pros: Very affordable. Can use anywhere. Grills nice.
  • Cons: Legs a little unsturdy. Small grilling area. Sits low to the ground.
Pre-Seasoned Sportsman's Charcoal Grill

Pre-Seasoned Sportsman’s Charcoal Grill

6. Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned Sportsman’s Charcoal Grill If ever a grill had “Tailgate Party” written all over it, it was the Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned Sportsman’s Charcoal Grill. It’s rugged, very easy to clean, has no gimmicky parts and grills better than anything on the market. The draft door allows you to regulate heat so the Sportsman’s Grill can be used for heating, grilling as well as frying. But you have to be careful with a grill like this since hibachis get extremely hot. But what’s a few 3rd degrees burns between friends when you’re eating a perfectly seared steak and a couple of kabobs!

  • Cooking Area: 153 Square Inches
  • Burner: Charcoal
  • Pros: Anything cooked on this will be delicious. Easy to clean. Affordable.
  • Cons: Heavy. Takes time to cool. Slightly dangerous. Needs maintenance (oiling) every now and then.
  • RRP: $107.99 – ($69.97 on Amazon.)

Fire Sense Notebook Charcoal Grill

7. Fire Sense Notebook Charcoal Grill A clever idea that saves a lot of space,  the Fire Sense folds up like a notebook for storage down to a width of 1-inch. This is perfect for those with a small car or a motor bike who have limited carriage space. The setup is an extremely simple two-step process and it sits slightly higher than some of the other grills at just over 14-inches. However, the painted steel isn’t as robust as the porcelain coated grills and, because of the patented design, charcoal can fall out the bottom of the grill while barbequing.

  • Cooking Area: Approx 150 Square Inches
  • Burner: Charcoal
  • Pros: Very portable. Great for storage. Quick setup.
  • Cons: Not robust. Charcoal Embers not secure.
Cuisinart GrateLifter Portable Charcoal Grill

Cuisinart GrateLifter Portable Charcoal Grill

8. Cuisinart GrateLifter Portable Charcoal Grill The GrateLifter is a very high quality, durable charcoal grill from Cuisinart that has some really nifty features that make it stand out from the others. It has a large cooking area which is attached to the porcelain enamel cover and designed to lift up away from the charcoal bed so you can access the charcoal underneath. The base is very sturdy the the ash collection bin handy for easy cleaning. The GrateLifter also has a temperature gauge built into the lid so you can manage the temperature which is regulated by the precision designed air flow system. This is a very capable grill but, unlike a few others, doesn’t come with side tables or a lock. A lock really is essential for portable grills since you need to avoid spillage during transport!

  • Cooking Area: 240 Square Inches.
  • Burner: Charcoal.
  • Pros: Very capable grill. Robust. Quick setup. Sturdy. Looks nice.
  • Cons: No side tables. No lock. Pricey.
Bayou Classic Fold and Go Charcoal Grill

Bayou Classic Fold and Go Charcoal Grill

9. Bayou Classic Fold & Go Grill The Bayou is exactly what its name suggests: A Classic. When you want simple design you can’t get much more simple that this. The Bayou is focused on essentials: portability and large grilling area. It’s decent quality stainless steel grill is 198 square-inches and the body is black powdercoat finished. It’s cheap, compact, heats up fast and grills well. On the downside it isn’t made from top quality materials and won’t last many seasons of hard-core tailgate grilling. It also doesn’t have an efficient safe catchment area for the undercarriage so you wouldn’t want to use this on any flammable areas.

  • Cooking Area: 198 Square Inches.
  • Burner: Charcoal.
  • Pros: Cheap. Portable. Light weight. Simple. Fast set-up.
  • Cons: Not durable. Not weather-proof.
Margaritaville G1000 Tailgating Propane Grill

Margaritaville Tailgating Propane Grill

10. Margaritaville G1000 Ride-Behind Tailgating Propane Grill The G1000 was designed for the Tailgate Party to be used by the Tailgater while Tailgating.

UPDATE: August 2016: The Margaritaville is unfortunately no longer available! We’ll have updates as soon as it’s back on the market, or we find a better alternative tailgating grill.

It has a swing-out travel arm that attaches directly to the back of a standard 2-inch hitch receiver. But it’s not just a gimmick. This grill packs some real punch with 352 square inches of cooking surface it’s enough to grill up to 20 hamburgers or 4 or 5 good sized steaks with room for some corn. The grill is made from heavy-duty porcelain coated steel and the Margaritaville also features 2 resin side tables, fold down front condiment tray, utensil hooks and has integrated legs if you want to put it on a tab-top. Like the Coleman, it has push-button ignition for matchless startup but has a shorter warranty period of 3 years. It is designed for use with a 1-pound propane tank. This is really one very capable grill that won’t take up any space inside your SUV since it hitches to the back.

  • Cooking Area: 352 Square Inches
  • Burner: 20,000 BTU
  • Pros: Ultra Portable (fits to the back of your vehicle); Robust; Easy to Clean; Fast Ignition
  • Cons: Price; can only be used on a flat surface


So that’s the top 10 best grills for your tailgate party. And now for the bonus round!

Here are 4 fantastic little units by Coleman plus 1 from Cuisineart. They aren’t the greatest grills on earth but are really suitable to tailgating because of their small, compact size and clever portable design.

Coleman Roadtrip Tailgate Party Grill

Coleman Roadtrip Tailgate Party Grill

1. Coleman Roadtrip Party Grill A cute little grill designed specifically with tailgating in mind. It uses a small 8,000 BTU burner but the grill is balanced for even cooking via the Perfectflow flame regulator (though it tends to grill hotter in the center like most single burner grills). Like the high-end Coleman grills it has matchless lighting via the InstaStart Ignition and all the components are detachable so you can fold up the unit and pack it away in the carry-bag. Every part of the Coleman Roadtrip Party Grill (except the burners) are dishwasher machine safe which is awesome. It’s not a very sturdy grill but it is easy to set up and very small and portable.

  • Cooking Area: Approx. 120Square Inches
  • Burner: 8,000 BPU
  • Pros: Small. Cheap. Portable. Light Weight.
  • Cons: Unbalanced cooking surface. Not sturdy.
Coleman RoadTrip Sport Charcoal Grill

Coleman RoadTrip Sport Charcoal Grill

2. Coleman RoadTrip Sport Charcoal Grill The smaller cousin to the RoadTrip LX, the Coleman RoadTrip Sport is a decent grill at a decent price and very handy for tailgating. It has a generous 225 Square Inches of grilling area and a porcelain coated grate. It’s lightweight and easy to set up with collapsible legs that improve storage. It does lack the ability to raise or lower the gridiron which means that controlling the temperature is only done by controlling the amount or position of charcoal. The frame is made from durable steel but the handles are plastic.

  • Cooking Area: 225 Square Inches.
  • Burner: Charcoal.
  • Pros: Portable. Fold-up. Easy Setup. Wheels.
  • Cons: Not as robust as more expensive grills.
Coleman PerfectFlow Insta Start Propane Grill

Coleman PerfectFlow Insta Start Propane Grill

3. Coleman PerfectFlow Insta Start Propane Grill A fantastic little grill that is really simple to set up, has a generous grilling area, a quality burner as well as many of the features of the higher-end Coleman grills such as InstaStart matchless lighting, Perfect Flow pressure-control system for consistent cooking performance regardless of the weather or amount of fuel left, Windblock windshield which double up as a side-table, and a grease management system with a removable dishwasher safe tray. The grill plate is good quality die-cast aluminum plated.

  • Cooking Area: 180 Square Inches
  • Burner: 11,000 BTU
  • Pros: Portable. Even cooking. Fast setup. Works when windy.
  • Cons: Difficult to clean. Not designed to cook with lid down.
Coleman Fold N Go Instastart Grill

Coleman Fold N Go Instastart Grill

4. Coleman Fold N Go InstaStart Portable Grill The little brother to the Coleman PerfectFlow at the same price but with more compact size and portability but reduced cooking area and burner power. The Fold N Go really is just what the name suggests. At just 11 pounds it’s light enough for pretty much anyone to carry under one arm which still including the patented Coleman InstaStart matchless ignition as well as dishwasher safe removable porcelain-coated stamped-steel grate and water-tray/grease pan. The dome-shaped lid makes it great for “real grill” cooking performance and heating efficiency. A convenient carry handle and secure lid latch make for easy transport; folding metal feet and handle tuck out of the way when not in use, for compact storage. It tends to be good for things like burgers and wieners.

  • Cooking Area: 100 Square Inches
  • Burner: 6,000 BTU
  • Pros: Ultra compact. Well designed for less mess and easy cleanup.
  • Cons: Small grilling area. Low cooking temperature.
Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop Gas Grill

Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop Gas Grill

5. Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop Gas Grill  Said by some to be the perfect grill for the tailgate party, the Cuisinart Petit Gourmet has a great fold up design with a ‘briefcase’ handle and is lockable for safe transport. There’s enough room on the cooking area for 8 burgers, 10 chicken breasts or 4 p0ounds of fish. The aluminum legs fold up and out quickly and are very sturdy plus there is a very effective drip tray and an optional carry-bag (that doubles up as a cover).

  • Cooking Area: 145 Square Inches
  • Burner: 5,500 BTU
  • Pros: Ultra compact. Great, portable design. Generous cooking area. Strong burners.
  • Cons: Not as large as some of the more expensive grills.