Top 10 Best Beer Keg Dispensers: Kegerator Reviews

A good kegerator is the key to fresh, frosty, tasty beer. You might be more familiar with the term Beer Keg Dispenser but now ‘kegerator’ has become a universal word! A kegerator is basically a fridge, drill, tap, faucet, hose, CO2 tank, CO2 regulator and a detachable keg. While it’s possible for the handyman to build their own, there’s now a huge range of quality, affordable (and some less affordable) beer keg dispensers available for purchase. There are a few places you can get them – but you can also get great bargains on Amazon.

Oh, and it can be spelt ‘kegorator’.  However you spell it, savvy connoisseurs and beer-a-holics claim that there is really nothing to beat draft beer from one of these clever household appliances for taste, foamy head and convenience.

You can improvise your own or buy a flashy looking one that will look very nice in your man-cave or outdoor kitchen and many are small enough to take tailgating and will do the job for a small party.

I’ve looked at a few through my beer goggles and sampled a brewski or two thousand and here are my best picks in no particular order… each has a specific happy drinker.

Note that these are representative of the ‘classes’ of kegerators on the market: compact, free-standing, one-tap – two-tap, three tap, built in, counter-top. While the ones reviewed here all have some negatives, they are the best of what is on the market at present.  Ask any bar server and he/she will tell you that even in the top rung commercial systems, the lines need to stay clean and servicing your machine is something to be done after every tailgate party.  (Sleep off the party, then clean thoroughly).

  1. Kegco K199SS-1 Kegerator Keg Beer Cooler – Single Faucet – D System
Kegco Kegerator Keg Beer Dispenser - Single Faucet

Kegco Kegerator Keg Beer Dispenser – Single Faucet

This Kegco is a solid freestanding appliance that has the pouring station/glass rack at the top.  It runs quietly though be warned that all kegerators give off little pops from time to time.  The company is very big on customer service which is a plus as owning your first one of these can be a bit freaky.

Just read the set up instructions carefully or check out some of our tailgate videos for help with kegerators!

  • The Kegco K199SS-1 Kegerator features a Black Cabinet with a Decorative Stainless Door
  • Includes Commercial Single Gauge Co2 Regulator
  • Commercial Grade D system Lever Handle Keg Tap Coupler
  • 3″ Diameter Chrome Plated Metal Draft Beer Tower
  • Includes a brand new aluminum 5 lb. Aluminum Co2 Tank
  • Quiet
  • Backed by service
  • Two Wired Shelves allow you to easily convert this Single Tap Kegerator into a regular Refrigerator
  • Has a Reversible Door to fit your layout.
  • Keg Cooler Holds up to a Full Size Keg
  • Includes everything needed to operate a Domestic D System Keg Tap Coupler
  • Has castors beneath so you can move it from room to room or your patio.  Would fit into an RV so if your thing is traveling around the nation tailgating as you go, this is for you.
  • Includes everything you need except gas.


  • 3 times as expensive as the low-end but that is relative. May be too ‘high end’ for student tailgating but on the other hand, this will last.
  • As with all kegerators, you need to source a local gas provider.nSo is it better comparative value than the cheap version?  I think it is as many people use this in commercial settings and they take a real beating.  It just looks like a small bar fridge but open the door and there’s room for a small or large keg and the gas bottle.

This Kegco K199SS-1 comes complete with all the necessary Draft Beer equipment you need to pour Fresh Draft Beer straight from your keg. Included with the Kegco K199SS-1 Kegerator is a 5lb Aluminum Co2 Tank, a Single Gauge Regulator, a Sankey Keg Coupler, and a 15″ Chrome Plated Metal Draft Beer Tower that will impress any Beer Aficionado. The Single Gauge Regulator measures Pounds Per Square Inch (PSI), features a Safety Blow Off at 55-65 PSI, and comes with a flow control inlet nipple filter as well as a permanent Quad-Ring Inlet Seal. The Sankey Keg Coupler is designed to fit most of your favorite Domestic beer kegs.

Note: The lightweight, 5lb Aluminum Co2 Tank is the preferred size of many brewers. It is shipped empty and does not come filled. You will need to get your Co2 Tank–for your Kegerator–filled locally. When filled, the 5 lb tank is good for approximately 5-6 full size kegs.

TIP: Coors Kegs will not fit into this Kegerator.

TIP: Most beer distributors and gas companies will only exchange Co2 bottles, (your empty plus a cost for the gas for their full one) so you can save bucks on the purchase by not getting the tank if there is nowhere near you that fills your own tank.  Stores that specialise in equipment including Fire Extinguishers will fill them up for about ⅓ the cost – cheaper in the long run to own your own tank.
TIP: Please check with your bottle shop to make sure the keg will fit.  The ones I have visited have a chart in the keg area.  Take your model number and specs with you.

MSRP = $803.13
Check Price on Amazon

2. KRUPS and HEINEKEN B100 BeerTender with Heineken Draught Keg technology

Krups and Keineken Beer Tender Kegerator

Krups and Keineken Beer Tender Kegerator

Of all the counter-top models on the market, the Krups and Heineken B100 reviews best as the preferred entry level machine.  Get a few months of practice and build your capacity to use this at tailgate parties before attempting to buy the others.  It is like the training wheels of the Keg Dispenser world: once you have mastered the basics, you will eventually need an upgrade.

It’s officially limited to Heineken and Newcastle beer which for some is a problem but read on to learn about a hack that broadens the range of beers you can put through it.


  • Maintains beer at the ideal temperature of 37.4 degrees F
  • Engineered to work exclusively with Heineken, Heineken Premium Light and Newcastle Brown Ale
  • Ultra quiet and efficient Peltier cooling system provides constant and consistent cooling of the keg
  • DraughtKeg and Beertender keep beer fresh for 30 days after tapping
  • Unit measures 21-Inch L by 12-Inch W by 18-Inch H; Comes with 5 draught tubes
  • Super compact and fits on kitchen counter top next to the espresso machine.
  • Can take it with you if you have a powered tailgate party site.
  • Cheap to run.
  • Can take advantage of the keg specials at your BevMo or other booze store.

Though the B100 is designed for Heineken and Newcastle beers you can hook up this Tap Conversion Kit which allows you to use any other 5-Liter mini kegs. This may void the warranty but at this price it seems worth the risk.


  • Not even intended for other beers. Specifically for the beers named on the box.
  • Very lightweight and you can’t use it to do a keg-stand.  Hmmm. That will rule out my Nana-Marjorie’s party-trick from now on.
  • Need to pre-chill the keg at least 10 hours before putting it in.
  • Some people say it dies after 12 months. Oops, just out of warranty.  Well, that seems to be the way with toasters, kettles etc. these days so think about extended warranty if that is offered.
  • Tubes are proprietary and are a little pricey.

TIP: To extend the life of the product, keep it clean and dry after use and avoid a build up of condensation beneath it.
TIP: Think about extended warranty or some kind of insurance to protect it beyond the life of your tailgate season.

MSRP = $149.99
Check Price on Amazon

3. Kegerator Beer Keg Fridge

Nostalgia Kegerator Black Draft Beer Dispenser

Nostalgia Kegerator Black Draft Beer Dispenser

The sleek black KRS2100 Kegerator Beer Keg Fridge is very smart for the man-cave or on the go (if you have access to power) wherever fine tailgate parties are held.


  • Full-size single-tap refrigerated beer dispenser
  • Accommodates 1 full- or pony-size keg or 2 5-gallon kegs
  • Keeps beer carbonated for weeks; chrome guardrail; 4 durable casters
  • Empty CO2 bottle included
  • Measures 20-2/7 by 26 by 32 inches; 90-day limited warranty. (about the size of a bar/dorm fridge)
  • Holds one full size 1/2 barrel keg, one 1/4 barrel pony size keg or two 5-gallon D system kegs
  • Keg coupler fits D system valves and does not fit non-standard keg sizes
  • Adjustable thermostat with interior temperature range of unit is 30-40 degrees F
  • Includes empty 2.5-pound CO2 bottle, double meter regulator and drip tray
  • Spring loaded beer tapper
  • Approved for commercial and household use
  • Four swivel casters make it mobile enough to roll around the car-park, patio, man-cave, clubhouse, BBQ, pool area or anywhere powered where you want to get the tailgate party started.
  • Black finish looks really cool.The fridge features a semi-gloss black tap tower with spring loaded, top-mounted tapper.
  • A chrome guard-rail and drip tray finishes the look of the durable black counter top.
  • The included 2.5-pound Co2 bottle (supplied empty – you need to fill it) is good for about four 15-gallon kegs.
  • This product is ideal for home brewers, tailgaters, RVs, and party animals as well as people who just can’t get enough beer on tap AND small businesses, such as professional tailgate party caterers.
  • The Double Regulator works the CO2 Tank and measures PSI (pounds per square inch), as well as the volume of the CO2 gas in the Cylinder. Set Output Pressure Gauge between 8-12 PSI for a nice, frothy head.


  • Specs do say it is for indoor use only, but I have seen these used in tents, RVs, trailers and other outdoor catered events. Keep it out of the sun and rain.
  • The kegerator is designed to be freestanding and should not be placed in a built-in or recessed area. This may limit where you can install it (eg. in your tailgating party bus!) The following dimensions are recommended for clearances around the kegerator: Sides 3/4″ (19 mm) Back 1″ (25 mm)
  • Heavy: Kegerator unit weight: 77.6 lbs.
  • Not cheap.  But then, you get what you pay for so the extra cost may keep it running all the way through your college years.

The kegerator comes with a 2.5 lb. CO2 bottle, which should be able to dispense four 15 gallon kegs of beer
Kegerator capacity: 4.6 cu. ft.
Kegerator unit dimensions: L 20.25″ x W 25.75″ x H 48.50″
Single faucet

TIP: The tank is supplied EMPTY so if you are considering this model, do some research and find your local Co2 dealer.
TIP:   Keep track of the amount of CO2 in the tank or adjust pressure with the included double meter regulator.  That way you won’t run out in the middle of a tailgate party.  It is quite a luxury to buy a backup tank but if you think you will need one, then it is better than being beerless.

MSRP   = $499.99
Check price on Amazon

4. Nostalgia Electrics KRS-6100SS Kegerator Double Tap Beer Keg Fridge

Nostalgia Double Tap Stainless Steel Kegerator

Nostalgia Double Tap Stainless Steel Kegerator

This is fundamentally the TWO TAP version of the above model with similar specifications. For the generous tailgate host who wants to provide variety in the beer offerings, say, a dark and light ale. It seems like a good ‘middle of the road’ appliance, not really a commercial quality but could easily be used in a small enterprise or by someone whose tailgate parties are awesome.

Holds the following keg sizes: Up to two 1/6 barrel (5.23-Gallon) kegs, one 1/4 barrel short (7-3/4-gallon) keg, one 1/4 barrel slim (7-3/4) keg or one ½ barrel (15 ½  gallon keg)

Stainless steel with black finish and 6.0-cubic feet of interior space (can be used as a standard fridge.

Includes two American Sankey “D” double tap systems, double meter regulator and 2-1/2-pound Co2 tank (unfilled) 13-Inch chrome beer tower and and guardrail with a removable stainless steel drip tray.

Adjustable thermostat.


  • Two taps
  • Holds 3 kegs (5 gallons)
  • Doesn’t suck too much electricity
  • Design is pleasant
  • Excellent range of temperatures (approx. 33-40 degrees F.)
  • Good quality dual gauge regulator.
  • Consistent delivery and service of beer.


  • Like others, I would prefer a 5 lb. tank. It’s too hard to change tanks in the middle of a tailgate party.
  • The black plastic on the top is disappointing and not really solid.
  • The drip tray is not ‘fixed’ but just sits there.
  • Castors seem a little light for such a heavy item but so far no problem.
  • Some feedback has commented on the beer and gas lines being inferior and you can change these to a more solid version and you cans pimp up the faucets as well.

MSRP = $699.99
Check Price on Amazon

5. EdgeStar Deluxe Mini Kegerator & Draft Beer Dispenser

Mini Kegerator Refrigerator & Draft Beer Dispenser

Mini Kegerator Refrigerator & Draft Beer Dispenser

This is supposed to suit certain home brew kegs in addition to the Heineken and Newcastle and some others so make sure you check sizes carefully.  Reports are that it is very limited in the beers that fit it.   It is a ‘mini’ so don’t expect too much.


  • Small and lightweight.
  • Dimensions: 15inches h x 15inches w x 13inches dAC and DC compatible with DC adaptor cord included for easy portability
  • Temperature Range: 38-54 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Accepts Heineken 5 liter Draughtkegs
  • Capacity: 1 standard 5L mini keg
  • This model has been on the market since 2008 and without modification and has sold well due to its compact size and slick look.
  • Nice little gift.
  • It is small and comparatively light weight at 29 pounds (heck, even I can lift a couple of these singlehanded) and if you have a powered site for your tailgating party, this is a great feature and will save you a lot of other beer-toting space on the day. You can even buy a couple and fill them with different beers in the range that fit.


  • Not very sturdy. It has the appearance of a kitchen appliance rather than a solid state commercial gadget.
  • They appear to have an expiry date of around a year and are expensive to mend (if that is possible).
  • The hoses tend to clog up with gunk from the beer and this can be affected by bacteria.  Some even need cleaning after every use. ••• (see below)
  • Tricky to use and to maintain until you get the hang of it.  Keep on testing! (Oh, that’s probably a PRO).
  • Do not shake the kegerator while travelling and be sure to keep it cold and out of the sun, or you will find that your beer can be 50% foam or more after tapping. Even the non-pre-pressurized kegs have a high pressure when first opened. Try turning off the Co2 completely for the first few serves, then gradually increase the Co2 flow of Co2 by opening the valve.  As the level of beer in the keg decreases, the foam problem will also decrease.
  • Add-ons and maintenance can be expensive (cleaning, new hoses)
  • Only used for Heineken, Heinken Lite and Newcastle Brown Ale. Limiting.

MSRP = $399
Check price on Amazon

6. T-fal VB2158 BeerTender Home Beer-Tap System

T-fal BeerTender Home Beer Mini Kegerator

T-fal BeerTender Home Beer Mini Kegerator


  • Ready indicator light ensure ideal drinking temperature.
  • Removable stainless steel drip tray.
  • Detachable pouring spout for easy cleaning.
  • Detachable tap handle.
  • Lighted On/Off button
  • Weighs only around 16 pounds so is a bit of a lightweight in the kegerator range and has been around for ten years or so, still selling well, no doubt for Father’s Day, wedding gifts and the emerging man cave phenom.
  • It is a simple design with limited gadgetry (eg. no digital display or clock but you can sacrifice this for the savings on models that are fully pimped out).


  • Its major problem was that it was limited to the Heineken size and Newcastle Brown Ale but the brewers promised to change this and if you ask at your booze retailer, most have a list of alternative beers that will fit.
  •  This is an entry level appliance and probably not for the heavy users.
  • It is not really made to last which is reflected in its low price.  It gets progressively noisier and then will eventually fail altogether and replacing it is cheaper than getting it mended due to the high cost of parts.
  • Price wise, this size keg is no cheaper than bottles or cans but obviously the fresh draft is way smoother and tastier once you master the technique of tapping it.
  • If you enjoy your experience, then next time, invest in one of the sturdier, larger and made-to-last models.

TIP: take your kegerator specs with you when you are shopping for beer.

TIP: Don’t forget to budget for your tubes on top of the keg cost. You can re-use these – sadly they are sealed in such a way that cleaning them is impossible but it’s worth a try!

MSRP   = $149.99
Check Price on Amazon

7. Haier HBF05EBSS Draft Beer Dispenser

Haier Draft Beer Dispenser

Haier Draft Beer Dispenser


  • Complete American Sankey Tap System that Holds 1/2, 1/4 & Mini Barrel Kegs.
  • Adjustable Thermostat .
  • Chrome Beer Tower & Guardrail, so you won’t fall off when you are doing your keg stand.
  • Heavy Duty Worktop & CabinetDecorative Stainless Steel Door with Black Cabinet.
  • Weight: 106 pounds which is still light enough for you to fit this into your tailgating RV.  Awesome!
  • Door to door shipping but have a friend to help you after that.Whoaaaa, tailgate party rehearsal! 5 gallons of beer to rehearse with.
  • Holds 5 gallons.
  • Takes many sizes and types of kegs.
  • Easy setup but before doing so, check all parts are there according to the instructions.
  • If you don’t like reading instructions, ask your mother to come and help.
  • High quality engineering but noted some reports of problems.
  • Once setup, it will keep the keg perfectly chilled and pressurized for many hours.  Sadly, I haven’t been able to test this as no kegs have lasted beyond tailgate party time.
  • Beer as good as in a brew pub.
  • A quiet unit to operate when it is new – this may change after months of operation (eg. like any appliance).
  • It is one of the few Kegerators that can fit a Coors Light 1/2 barrel keg.
  • The C02 tank is inside the fridge. Most other models it is on the outside which makes you unable to push it flush against the wall.


  •  Adjusting the Co2 can be tricky as you don’t want it to be too foamy (Co2 setting too high) so you have to experiment before your tailgate party turns into a foam party. Unless that is your thing. Well, that could be a PRO.
  • Locating a Co2 refiller can be a real drag.  It is annoying to hand over your empty brand new canister and be given a dinged old one (full) back.  Call around and find a REFILLER not an EXCHANGER if you have the time.
  • Haier America has a poor record for customer service.  You need to keep all receipts and shipping info and email these with any requests for service.  You’ll be lucky to get a response in 2 days.  When they call, be very assertive and put a deadline on the service requirement. They will then respond.  Their repair service has been run from overseas call centers.
  • Unit may have been redesigned since the manuals have been printed.  Do a bit of a Google search to check this before assembling your kegerator.  I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to order, install and test before your tailgate party!
  • Some have reported a short life for the compressor costing a heap to fix. Insure it and save money.
  • Others have had problems with the castors which have not been solidly welded and are of poor quality.  But guaranteed for a year so do a spot check after each use and contact the company for longer service life.
  • Temperature needs careful monitoring and must be accurate for correct foam proportion. Some have reported that this is a challenge.
  • Different beers have different types of couplers.  You may not know this and get the wrong one for your preferred beer.
  • Compressors that leak have been reported.
  • Screws are flimsy and mismatched in the restrainer for the C02 tank.  You can work around this if you install it with care.  Also don’t bother to install the restrainer if you are not planning to move the unit or take this with you on your tailgate car park-based party.

TIP: Check all screws and washers periodically to avoid any loosening or the possibility of leaks.
TIP: The product has a 1-year warranty for parts and labor, and 5-year for parts only on the sealed system.  This is quite a short time.  My preference would be to get extra cover and check that there is no sneaky  ‘do not operate while drunk’ clause because, well
TIP: Do not put it in the sun.  The temperature setting is too crucial for that.
TIP: Set temperature a day before adding your keg.
TIP: Set it down on a flat surface.  The castors are brake-less and will roll in a sloped area. If you are not tailgating away from home, just remove the castors altogether.

8. Marvel 60HK Triple Faucet Built-In Outdoor Stainless Kegerator

Marvel 60HK Triple Faucet Built-In Outdoor Kegerator

Marvel 60HK Triple Faucet Built-In Outdoor Kegerator

Now we are going a bit more aspirational, and who doesn’t dream of having one of these on the patio?

The reason I am including this triple faucet built-in model is that it would be ideal to install in your barbecue outdoor kitchen for home tailgate parties.  It will withstand the elements as it has a solid stainless steel cabinet. This bad boy ain’t called ‘Marvel’ for nothing!

Imagine your tailgate party at home when you unveil this monster to your buddies!  Three taps, no waiting for your beer, which can be one of several different brews.  Ah well, I can dream.  But seriously, it would be something that a group of friends could invest in.  Just install it at my place, please.


  • THREE taps, yes, three taps.
  • Outdoor Kegerator can be used for built in or freestanding applications
  • Commercial Grade Gauge Co2 Regulator with Air Distributor
  • Holds: 1/2 barrels / Full Size Kegs (15.5gal), 1/4 barrels / Ponies (7.75gal)
  • Stainless Steel Exterior, Stainless Steel Door
  • Includes 3 Ball Lock Homebrew Keg Couplers
  • Domestic and commercial in size and scale.
  • Clear instructions.
  • Range of keg sizes will fit.
  • Solid enough for outdoor installation.
  • Weather proof.


  • High end in price.
  • Not in the least portable.
  • Expensive to run and maintain but the more you drink, the more you will save by using large kegs instead of cans and bottles. Let the tailgating begin so that I can save money!
  • Professional installation recommended.

MSRP = $2659.00

OK, so now you have been to the mountain, come back to earth.  The following may be the only one you can afford.   It is not that it doesn’t work, it is more that you need to handle it with care, set it up and use it gently.

9. Koldfront KBC51SS Deluxe Stainless Steel Kegerator and Draft Beer Mini Dispenser

Koldfront KBC51SS Deluxe Stainless Steel Kegerator and Draft Beer Dispenser, Mini

Koldfront Deluxe Stainless Steel Mini Kegerator and Draft Beer Dispenser

Here’s a very lightweight counter-top model and when you read the specs you will see why it is cheap and light.  It looks like a coffee machine but really doesn’t have the guts to service a large tailgate party.  Thin plastic housing.   This is a long way from being of any commercial use and most tailgate parties need something more heavy duty than this little machine that only serves up 5 liter kegs.


  • Stylish black and stainless steel unit with LED thermostat control capable of maintaining temperature range of 36F – 50F
  • LED display shows internal temperature of your keg to help you dial in your desired serving temperature
  • Designed for 5L, non-pressurized kegs and includes starter CO2 cartridges and taps
  • Includes squeeze bottle cleaning kit to ensure clean, fresh beer lines (Only including it as this is one of the few that has its own cleaning kit).
  • Dimensions: 17 1/3″ H x 10 2/3″ W x 16 1/3″ D; Weight: 13.7 lbs.


  • Some have complained that this has shipped without instruction manuals and the instructions are confusing.
  • Some ‘new’ models were rusty inside suggesting that they were refurbished.
  • Servicing a problem.
  • Noisy fan.
  • Overheats.
  • Leaks.

MSRP                         = $225
Amazon price           = $169

10. Avanti CB350S-IS 1.7-cu.-ft. Portable Party Pub Beer Dispenser

Avanti 1.7-Cubic Foot Beer Dispenser

Avanti 1.7-Cubic Foot Beer Dispenser

This is another entry-level machine, perhaps a notch above some of the others as it is a little bigger.

It does all the same things as other counter top machines – but holds two kegs.

Excellent for tailgating when you have a power source but don’t jiggle it too much en route and make sure to keep it out of the sun.

Compressor cooled.
5 liter kegs.
Compact design.


  • Is more rugged than the smaller models.
  • Will allow you to keep a nearly empty keg in the machine – some other smaller ones will die if you do this and you end up wasting beer.
  • Small enough to take tailgating.
  • Seems good value.
  • Can use a range of kegs. Check the packaging for the latest as manufacturers are responding to demand and expanding the range.


  • Slow to pour due to narrow tube size.
  • Cheap regulator used.
  • Noisy. Don’t keep it near your home theatre.

MSRP               = $235
Check price on Amazon

Kegerator Accessories

A lot of kegerators will come with everything you need to get it going but there are some accessories that assist with cleaning and protecting your investment.

Kleen-Plug Draft Beer Tap Faucet Cap & Brush

A good faucet will keep your kegerator tap clean and the Kleen Plug ensures that no nasty bugs, sediment or yeast will get inside your beer dispenser. Trust me, it keeps the pure taste of the beer – no one wants dirty beverages! You need one for each tap and it is designed to fit both US and European tap sizes. Dimensions: 2 1/4″L x 7/8″W.

San Jamar Kegerator cleaning plug

San Jamar Kegerator cleaning plug

The Tap Soother- Draft Beer Faucet Cap

You need this to keep the ‘wine flies’ from your keg faucet.  This is basically a cheaper version of the Kleen Plug above so the Tap Soother works great as a good backup and is a very low cost preventative measure. You need a plug to prevent yeast and bacteria build-up inside your draught taps and it also prevents sticking of the faucet while blocking out bugs.

KegWorks The Tap Soother Draft Beer Faucet Cap

KegWorks The Tap Soother Draft Beer Faucet Cap

Kegerator Cleaning Kit

Cleaning is essential as beer is a yeasty drink and therefore, attracts bacteria, microbes and germs.  Check out this video on how to clean a kegerator properly. If your Kegerator Cleaning Kit comes with instructions, photocopy the instructions, laminate them or place in plastic pocket and hang near the kegerator when you are cleaning it.

Taprite Kegerator Cleaning Kit

Taprite Kegerator Cleaning Kit

Heineken BT06 BeerTender Tubes, Pack of 6
For all kegerators, you need to buy a set of keg dispenser tubes. Each time you put a new keg in the kegerator, you need to change the tube to retain beer freshness and integrity and these are specifically made for beer keg dispensers.  You can’t really chintz out on these items or you will get a blockage of gunk and bacteria and then the machine will not function and you could even vomit.  Ahhhhh, that’s what causes it.
Don’t forget to purchase it with your machine for free shipping! NOTE:  You need to buy the right sized tubes for your particular machine so be sure to check the instruction manual for specifications or send the question to your vendor.

Heineken BeerTender Tubes

Heineken BeerTender Tubes

Chalkboard Beer Tap Handle for Kegerator
This is a terrific low cost gadget that allows you to write the name of the brew on the little board and identify which is on today’s tailgate party drinking menu.
Nice way to make your setup look pro!  Can’t find any negatives with this little beauty which slips right on the tap.

Chalkboard Beer Tap Handle for Kegerator

Chalkboard Beer Tap Handle for Kegerator

It does come down to budget but the mid-range versions are quite impressive while the small ones are so cheap that it would be worthwhile buying these as gifts for the avid tailgaters in your life.  The Marvel is certainly something to think about when you are re-landscaping and remember the golden rule, with kegs, the more you drink, the more you save!

Happy tailgating!

‘White Trash Fix-up’ for kegerators:
Want to avoid that cost?  Not too fussed about the taste of pure, unadulterated beer?! Re-use the hoses.
Here’s a tutorial.


  1. David Meredith says

    Kentuckiana Kegerator should be on the list.

  2. Hello,

    do you think it is possible to extend any of the mini kegs to put them under a counter and use put the pull on top of the counter?

    • Hi Scott – thanks for visiting! The keg is a finely balanced piece of equipment that needs to be at a certain temperature and also the line length is balanced in a way that foam is minimized to a reasonable head of froth on the top of each pull. I don’t think that a longer line would help. This is why kegerators are designed with some meticulous care.

      It’s all about the balance of chill and the pressure of the pull matching the length of the line. You COULD experiment with this and some people create their own using an old bar fridge with a hole drilled in it and have some success. But even my pal Seth who is an expert says it’s not worth the waste of the amber fluid. Kegerators have such a wide range of prices these days that I reckon there is one to match the size of every wallet. And the higher end ones that contain say, 3 months worth of beer, actually save you money after the first quarter.

      So my bottom line is: I wouldn’t – but I do have a tinkering friend who is content to fiddle around with lines, pressure gauges and his beer taps for days on end getting that right balance. He also had a coat hanger as a car antenna many years back.

  3. Hello,

    do you think it is possible to extend any of the mini kegs to put them under a counter and use put the pull on top of the counter?

  4. Great list but you should also include the Midea HS-199B Compact Kegerator which is a great price for what it is. Super affordable and very reliable. It can be a bit noisy but there’s a workaround for that.

  5. Michael Diaz says

    Great list! Which mini keg kereragtor comes as a universal one right out of the box? I found a website that sells a variety of 5L mini kegs but i’m afraid of buying a mini kegerator just to find out that I can only drink 3 different beers.

    • Hey Michael! Thanks for visiting! That’s the problem with a lot of mini kegerators: they are specific to certain brands.

      The Wyndham House Thermoelectric is the one suited to most kegs. Have yet to try one that it doesn’t fit. You can get em cheap on Amazon but double check who the seller is before you buy (some are dodgy) – here’s some info:

      This thermoelectric beer dispenser has digital temperature controls and the beer is served straight from the keg.

      Stats are: 110V, 70 watts, chrome trim, CO2 device, and temperature ranging from 37.4 to 53.6. Works with all types of mini kegs up to 5L. Here are the measurements: 15-1/8 ” x 17-3/8″ x 13-3/8″. An advantage is the limited 1 year warranty and the price ain’t bad either!

    • Can you share the website you found that sells a variety of 5L mini kegs? I’m looking to get a mini kegerator but also don’t want to be too limited in the beers I have to choose from. Thanks!

      • Hi Mary! Hopefully Michael gets a chance to reply to your comment. If not, maybe we can help! Of course, the answer does depend on where you are but here are two that may be able to provide you with interesting mini kegs:
        That is a pretty good source.

        Our local store beverage warehouse has a ton of different ones.

        Hope that helps! And, leave a comment if you find somewhere better! Oh – and if you are looking for the biggest range of kegerators then is the place to go for all different sizes.

  6. Any info on the Curtis Igloo Countetop Keg Cooler. Does it fit most 5L mini-kegs? I have found little information or reviews online…. Thanks!

  7. Any info on the Curtis Igloo Countertop Keg Cooler? Does it fit most 5L mini-kegs? I cannot find any reviews online or other information. Thanks!

    • Hi KT – Yes it is able to accommodate keg sizes 4L, 5L, 6L as well as Heineken kegs. It has compressor style cooling system and simple beer or wine tap. Not just for beer but for other drinks such as wine or wow, if you could get 5 L of Jack Daniels…

      It is quite versatile, not super high end or solid state but is great value for the money – you can get them for as cheap as $99 on Amazon here!

      Temperature is adjustable down to 34 degrees F. CFC free and easy to clean so ‘good for the environment’.

      It’s a pretty sleek looking unit and they are supposed to be pretty solid little units – especially for the price you’re paying. Remember – it’s not super high end and definitely does the trick so it’s a balance between cost and quality.

  8. Doing resesrvh in “the best kegerators” since I’m wanting to get one for my husbands upcoming birthday. Since I’m not a beer drinker this research isn’t easy. Please help! Two questions; should I consider a single or dual tap? What brand is best recommended? My budget is about $600-$700; please advise thank you!

    • Hi Daisy! Happy birthday to your best bud! The dual tap is worth the extra money as you can serve two different types of beer at the same time. They are appliances that hold their value so the investment is worth it. A good cleaning kit is essential too. MY favorite ? The Summit SBC-490-OS Stainless Steel UL Outdoor Kegerator which we have reviewed here.


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