The Best MLB Gifts & Gift Ideas For MLB Fans

So you like tailgate parties and you like MLB? We’ve got a lot in common! In the spirit of this 2016 holiday season when MLB is back in training mode, and 2017 when they are on the diamond again, I’ve put together a list of the best MLB gift list and ideas for MLB fans. The list is family friendly and should make any MLB follower happy if they’re on the receiving end. But if you’re not in the mood for hunting for an apt MLB gift in physical stores, some of these might just tweak your interest.  You can sit right there in your chair as we have done some hunting for you. Note that the MLB gift list is constantly changing and being updated so check back regularly.

MLB Gift – Red Sox Snowglobe – World Series Championship – Rare!

What can I say? This MLB gift is one for all seasons, holiday or not?  It’s rare, limited edition from way back in 2004 so is already an antique and will take pride of place in your home if you are a fan. But they are selling like hot cakes so put in your order fast.

MLB gift - Red Sox World Series Champs Snow Globe Limited Edition

MLB gift – Red Sox World Series Champs Snow Globe Limited Edition

A baseball piñata? Yes please, said the kids.

MLB Gift - a Piñata

MLB Gift – a Piñata

What can I say?  It’s a piñata. Someone will want candy.  Someone at a tailgate party will want to hit something with a big stick when their team loses. For me, fill it with beer flavored candy.

MLB Gift or tailgate party favor – Temp tattoos in your team colors.

MLB team temporary tattoos - great MLB gift

MLB team temporary tattoos – great MLB gift


MLB Gifts – Derek Jeter Final All Star Game Line Up Card Framed Photo And Commemorative Gold Coin – Limited Edition


MLB Gifts Derek Jeter Final All-Star Lineup and Gold Coin framed

Derek Jeter Final All-Star Lineup and Gold Coin framed

This is one for the New York Yankees fans. Most of us have at least one framed commemorative photo of our favorite player. Make sure yours (or your gift) is officially licensed from the MLB. Limited edition is better and adds value!  It doesn’t need to be a New York Yankees player of course. Find your favorite player and favorite team – make sure the seller is legit and you’ll do ok.

Great MLB Gift – Jahlil Okafor Autographed and framed action shot

Great MLB Gifts - Jahlil Okafor Autographed action shot

Jahlil Okafor Autographed action shot

I love a good action photo! Sports photos make a fantastic MLB gift idea, especially when they are signed. This image of Jahlil Okafor of the Duke Blue Devils is in a custom frame and printed in a decent size (16×20). It definitely takes the gift value one step further when it’s a signed image. Find the right MLB player for the right MLB fan and you have one of the most awesome gifts you can buy.

MLB Gift -Women’s Baby Jersey Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Tee

MLB Gift - Women's Baby Jersey. Dress like a fan!

MLB Gift – Women’s Baby Jersey. Dress like a fan!

For the ladies – you can’t really go wrong with a top quality team tee! There are a lot of different styles so pick the right one that suits! It’s all about letting the MLB fan show their team pride while looking goooooood. You want top quality cotton, the right fit (figure hugging or relaxed – which would she be comfortable in?), color, v-neck or round, and of course the right MLB team! Remember, an officially licensed MLB shirt can make an awesome gift for the MLB fan. They might not be expensive but, if you pick the right one, a good tee can be a companion for many years! Every time the person on the receiving end of this gift wears the shirt they’ll not only think of their favorite MLB team, but also of you!

MLB Gift – Men’s Back the Field Fleece Hooded Sweater

Great MLB Gift - MLB Men's Back The Field Hooded Sweater

Great MLB Gift – MLB Men’s Back The Field Hooded Sweater

Hey – it’s cold out especially at night games! So maybe a tee isn’t the best MLB gift idea… you might want to check out some of the cool MLB themed hoodies and sweaters. There are a lot to choose from – so find the right MLB team and the right style (and the right color!) and you’ll have the perfect present! Hoodies are so cool because they suit men and women. Men love them, women love them. Pretty sure even animals love them. Come to think of it – who doesn’t love a hoody?!

Best MLB Gift for kids – Franklin Sports MLB Youth Team Uniform Set

Great MLB Gift - kid's uniform set

Great MLB Gift – kid’s uniform set

Well this is too cute! For the junior MLB fan what could be a better gift idea than these MLB Youth Team Uniform sets?! They have versions for every team and they are made in the USA too! These are the perfect MLB gift for the little baseball fans in your life! Each set includes a team batting helmet, team shirt, and team logo wristbands. These MLB uniforms look like the perfect gift for little MLB fans – I’d say you could also describe them as happiness in a box!

 MLB Men’s Colorblocked Raglan Button Down Jersey

Great MLB gift - colorblocked raglan button down for guys

Great MLB gift – colorblocked raglan button down for guys

Let’s not forget the men ‘cos we like gifts too! And, since we’ve been looking at clothing, these are some of the best MLB jerseys you’ll find. They come in all the team colors and logos and, let me tell you, these are great quality. Nice and thick, good sizing, great fit. Put one of these on and your team will be sure to win the game!

MLB Gift –  ’47 Franchise Hat

Great MLB Gift - '47 Franchise Fitted Hat

Great MLB Gift – ’47 Franchise Fitted Hat

Ok, let’s keep things simple and get back to the basics. If you’re a fan of MLB you’re gonna want a good hat. So, when you’re thinking of the right gift for that die-hard MLB fan, then don’t look past these hats from ’47 brand. They have a classic, vintage look and feel and are super soft. The fit is relaxed and they come pre-bent! The design has a unique interior sweatband with a custom bronze button. These just might be the perfect MLB hat. Just make sure you pick the right team and the right size. I know some guys who bring a heap of these to their tailgate parties and award them as prizes along with the beers of course.  It really spices up the day when, no matter if your team wins or loses, you go home with some goodies.

MLB Baseball Card Collector’s Box with Over 600 Cards – Great Mix of Rookies & Stars

Great MLB Gift - a box of vintage baseball cards

Great MLB Gift – a box of vintage baseball cards

This could just be the ultimate MLB gift for the diehard fan. Sometimes it’s just too darn hard to find the right gift that brings the kind of excitement that we associate with the holiday season and gift-giving. You know, most of us these days can buy anything we want online so, being on the receiving end of most gifts can be a bit of a let down. That’s where these baseball card collector’s boxes come in. Each one is unique! How awesome is that?! And the exciting part is that, on top of the massive 600 card count, every collection has a bonus Babe Ruth baseball card as well as one unopened vintage pack of baseball cards that is at least 25 years old! These collections are great fun to go through and you can all do it together. What fun! You’ll never know what you’ll find and that’s what I call a great gift. Love it.

Rawlings Official Major League Baseball

Great MLB Gift - Rawlings Official Major League Baseball.

Rawlings Official Major League Baseball.

Ok – this is the MLB gift we all came to see. The perfect stocking stuffer actually. No one should be without a good baseball so get the right one. It’s official and it’s top quality. This is the perfect gift for the kid who wants to make the transition from Little League to High School ball. Get it signed and you’ll be the perfect parent! And get an extra one to play with. Oh and an extra one that replaces the one that went through Mrs. MacGillicuddy’s window …

MLB Gift: Hand signed autographed bats

Great MLB Gift - hand-signed bat from a champ

Great MLB Gift – hand-signed bat from a champ

For the one you love. And I mean, reeeeeeally love. A hand-signed autographed bat is probably the perfect gift for any MLB fan. This one is Carlos Correa of the Houston Astros. Absolutely unique, these are a treasure that will also improve in value. Some are really just priceless like an autographed Hack Wilson Bat which has such a beautiful patina and evokes the feeling of the old game. Make sure the bat you buy is 100% Certified Authentic as well as backed by an Authenticity Guarantee.

There are more here.

MLB gift – Official Hugh Special tote for women.

MLB Gift for ladies - Hugh tote

MLB Gift for ladies – Hugh tote

Here’s a really nice-looking selection of totes/handbags for that female MLB fan in your life.  Follow the links to dredge up the team of her choice.  She will be happy.  It’s lightweight and 14 x 15″ in size so will be a handy stash for her essentials.

Game Time MLB Gladiator Series Watch

MLB Gift - Game Time Men's MLB Gladiator Watch

MLB Gift – Game Time Men’s MLB Gladiator Watch

You want a great MLB gift idea? Check out the Game Time official MLB watches. The Gladiator series is very cool – check out the pictures here where yu can look for your own team! Super rugged and water-resistant and they look awesome. Game Time have a few different styles of MLB watches but I think the Gladiator series is by far the best looking. Each team is represented too so pick the team your loved-one follows!

So there you have it – the big list of MLB gift ideas! Not just for the holiday season but for birthdays and special days too. For host gifts at tailgate parties. I’m sure your dad will love one of these on father’s day. I hope it’s helped you get some great ideas and I’d love to know what great gift ideas you’ve discovered in your search for top quality MLB-themed presents.

Leave a comment and come back to visit when you need some more great ideas because I’ll be adding to this list regularly.

Happy tailgate partying!