Compact Tailgate Party Gear 2020

One of the greatest challenges in hosting a Tailgate Party can be getting your gear – think chairs, food, games – there. Some manufacturers have already though of this and many items are designed to make your trip easier.

Let’s start with chairs:

The Tinya Ultralight Chair

The Tinya Ultralight chair is small but strong
The Tinya Ultralight chair is small but strong

OK, so strictly speaking, this is a camping and fishing chair, but it is lightweight and ultra-compact. It has comfortable fabric which breathes and doesn’t stick to your butt when you are hot. The binding around the edges of the folding chair (trim detail) comes in enough colors so you can match to your team or preferences. (Orange, blue, red, black, green, navy, gray, purple – you choose). Nice! And when folded up this comfy chair takes around the same amount of space as a drink bottle. The details are: 2 pounds in weight, unfolded size is just 20.1×25.9×19.7 inches and folded size 13.4 x 5.1 x 4.3″ in its portable pack. The feet are extra-large and made from a non-slip plastic. Even nicer! Better still is their 12 month guarantee.

It’s my favourite in the ultra-light class and is also competitively priced. You can buy a few of these for the cost of a normal chair.

Perhaps you need something larger, say, if you or your buds are classed as , well, ‘husky’? Here’s the thing for you.

The KingCamp Heavy Duty Compact Chair with Side Table.

Let’s celebrate our husky beeriness by buying a chair that suits us perfectly. This one will support up to 300 pounds in weight. The KingCamp has a side table and a carry handle and packs super flat.

The KingCamp Heavy Duty Chair

There are no negatives about the frame which is strong but lightweight aluminum and the cover also has a wicking effect. Its 600D stretch Oxford fabric is reinforced at the back and bottom . It does not get slimy and sweaty to sit on for long periods. Can be easily washed and beer will just float off. I am pretty sure about that as I don’t spill much beer. I make a point to have it go in exactly the right direction. Down the little red lane past the toothy cave of my mouth. Here are the stats. Seat height 18. 5”, width 20. 5”, weight 11. 9 lbs. There’s a side table with a space for your booze. Yes, this is a little more expensive than the Tinya but it will last a lifetime and like that little one, is guaranteed. There’s a place for both in your tailgate party kit.

The KingCamp is quick to open and shut

Now to shelter.

The Tailgate Tailbrella Hitch Umbrella Canopy

Most tailgate party parking lots are way too small for all your fun. OK so some of us go with a gang and we pool our parking spaces and share one large canopy in the center. But that is not always possible. Parking Management can fine their customers for not sticking to their designated lots. This is a solution to providing that patch of shade/shelter in your lot. The Tailbrella easily attaches to your hitch and the large-sized umbrella (9 feet) is almost as good as a canopy.

The Talbrella on an SUV
The Tailbrella on a Pickup

The umbrella is 9 feet wide, is water resistant and has a tilt-feature to follow that sun. The color options cover pretty much any team. The makers call it a ‘portable patio’ and that is an apt description. Packs away neatly and takes very little space. All you do it provide your vehicle with a hitch attached.

We will add to this as we find more of these clever, compact products to make your party the best ever without all the hassle. We are in the process of doing our regular update of links, products and better buys for you. So keep checking back !

Happy tailgating!