Tailgate Party Attire Doesn’t Have to be Beer Color – What Men Wear.

Tailgating parties don’t have to be restricted to sporting events.  Concerts, even religious meetings attract dyed-in-the-wool tailgaters.  Heck, some people see a crowd and just have to pull into a generous car space in the lot, drag out the BBQ, turn on some loud music and start playing flip cup.  Gals can usually figure out something cute to wear.  But what is the dress-code for men?  Let’s assume that if it is a prayer meet, then attendees will have some kind of level of decorum.  You can still tailgate, party like a crazy person and go right on into the event and beg forgiveness. My friend pre-games at the opera and ballet.  And there’s a fancy-schmancy dress-code including champagne flutes that would never do in one of my parking lots.

Pregaming shirt for the Ladies

Pregaming shirt for the Ladies

But you can’t have her shirt.

Anyway, what do the guys wear? Is there a dress code seeing as how there will be grease splatter and beer-stains?  Which could be the best of it.

Go for comfort, team spirit and durability.  Washable makes sense. Layers for unpredictable weather.

Everyone is familiar with the concept of dressing for the sports tailgate party versus for a music concert.  The simple equation is, for sport, dress for a home or away team.  For music, do NOT dress for the performer, but go coooool till it hurts, finding an appropriate ironic t-shirt if you can.

Below, are some very suitable tailgating outfits for men, and I am talking ‘men who like beer, bacon, bourbon, a level of bawdiness and a mountain of BBQ’.  NOTE to self. Investigate some cool bibs to wear when splashing and dripping that BBQ sauce.  On second thoughts, do those bibs EVER look cool?  Probably not.

Anyway, let’s start with Beer-themed clothing.  You can never go wrong with this. Babies, especially, wear beer themed clothing well, but that’s another chapter.

Cornholer T-Shirt


Salute to the game!  No, not the game IN the stadium, the one outside in the car-park.  Designed and printed in the USA, this smart logo shirt is made from pre-shrunk 100% cotton (except for the grey version which is 90%-10% Poly-Cotton) and the collar is ribbed (double-needle) with taped neck and shoulders so that it will not stretch, sag or become misshapen.  The design has been applied using 21st century technology and I am pleased to say, it is eco-friendly.  Heat treatment sets the design and dyes so that it is color-fast.  A high quality product, durable and comfortable yet smart enough to wear to any level of tailgate or home-gate party.

In the range created by this local, high-rated manufacturer, there are many slogans, graphics and designs that have been conceived specifically with the passionate tailgater in mind.  They are also competitively priced and the shapes of the tees and sizes are well in line with today’s styles.  Full range of 16 colors, that will harmonize with your team, and sizes from Small to XXXX-Large can be selected at checkout.

I Like Pig Butts and I Cannot Lie T-Shirt

I like Pig Butts and I Cannot Lie T-Shirt

I like Pig Butts and I Cannot Lie T-Shirt


And show your friends you are there for the pork.  Nicely made and finished off and will be durable enough to last for a few seasons of pork rind dribbles and beer staining.

How about an Instant beard?

This Barbarian Beard and Beanie combo is really useful for cold-weather tailgate parties and when the whiskers are full of cheese dip and ketchup, you can just throw it in the wash.

Barbarian Beard and Beanie for Tailgate Party

Barbarian Beard and Beanie for Tailgate Party

There are a few different color combinations, not really in team tones but near enough.  This purple one could do for a Lakers’ tailgate party.  The beard is removable (Velcro) and the only annoyance there is that the yarn can stick to the Velcro easily and tangle up.  But that’s easy to control by tucking it into the hat. Acrylic with 30% wool and the beanie is 100% acrylic.  Bit of fun!

List Hockey Grey Youth T-Shirt

List Hockey T-Shirt for tailgate party

List Hockey T-Shirt to wear to a Hockey Tailgate Party

From Coed Sportwear, this shirt knows more about the game of hockey than most young guys … ‘You might be a hockey player if … your dentist is on speed dial ‘ and so on printed on the front.  100% cotton, the size range is YMDYXL.

Football and Beer in Idaho

This is the iconic Idaho Tailgate Party football/beer shirt.  Will soak up those beer stains no worries. And celebrates the state… of inebriation.

I realize that hunting for t-shirts is like looking for shells on the beach.  There are millions.  Screen printed, 100% cotton for solid colors, the heather colors have between 10% and 35% synthetic component.  Aand tells it like it is.

By far the favorite piece of clothing at tailgate parties is the hoodie.  It has pockets, is usually cut wide enough so that you can layer wearables underneath to insulate you from the cold and that hood is the best invention ever.  Those monks sure knew how to dress in 13th century Europe.  Here is a list of my favorite hoodies for men from small to burly guys.  Everyone looks equally cool in a hoodie.

Pop Over Hoodie – Team Colors

Arizona Cardinals Hoodie

Arizona Cardinals Sunday Hoodie

This will keep you warm in the season and you can drink, eat, spill, whatever and then just throw it into the wash.  Nothing super special about the design but it is not expensive.  This means you can buy a few of these with different teams and conferences. Cotton 80%/Polyester 20%.

Here’s a jacket that says exactly what it means: You are the host with the most.
And you take tailgate parties seriously.

NFL Men’s Repeat Logo Ugly Business Jacket

NFL Men's Repeat Logo Ugly Business Jacket

NFL Men’s Repeat Logo Ugly Business Jacket

As always, when you order this one, you need to select your own team and size.  The range offered is amazing and I don’t know how they keep up!

And if a ‘sports jacket’ isn’t enough for you, then go the whole suit and you’ll be the hit of your tailgate party!

NFL Mens Repeat Logo Ugly Business Suit

NFL Mens Repeat Logo Ugly Business Suit

And would I wear this to the office?  Heck yeah! Well, only if we won that day.

Order a size larger than you normally wear and be aware that these are not lined. They are not luxury suits but a bit of a gag.

But wow, what a splash at the tailgate party when you show up!

Champion Men’s Champion Eco Fleece Full Zip Hoodie

Champion Men's Full-zip Eco Fleece Hoodie Jacket

Champion Men’s Full-zip Eco Fleece Hoodie Jacket

This is a low-priced, plain hoodie and the fabric that makes it up is partly spun from recycled fibers.  Here’s the breakdown of the materials from their label: “Solid Body: 9.3oz, 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester. Oxford Body: 9.3oz, 75% Cotton, 25% Polyester. Granite Heather: 9.3oz, 52% Cotton, 48% Polyester. Solid Trim: 98% Cotton, 2% Sapndex; Oxford trim: 89% Cotton, 10% Polyester, 1% Spandex; Granite Heather.

Easily machine washed it has a reinforced neck (with signature tape) and a smartly lined hood for extra warmth and style.  The fleece will keep you extremely warm and the wind is blocked out by the cotton component.

The hoodie design features a center pouch pocket and coil zippers for a classic look.  This will keep you warm but it’s not not waterproof – the beer will not splash off but eventually soak in to reinforce your inner beeriness.  Comes in lots of colors that will suit your team.

Dakine Men’s Wyeast Jacket

Dakine Wyeast Men's Jacket

Dakine Wyeast Men’s Jacket – waterproof.

This is almost a complete weather control jacket and while it is not in team colors, it really stands out in a crowd but will protect you from everything life can throw at you.  * Mental note: Wear while cornholing.*

Here’s a fully waterproof, has glove hooks at inner sleeve cuff, wrist gaiter and sleeve pass pocket, a regular hood and one handed drawcord system at front of hood,  YKK Aquaguard Water resistant zippers, 2- way opening center front zipper and collar venting System, attached powder skirt with Lycra in case you also want to take it to the slopes, fully taped seams and mesh goggle pocket and much more.

What you need for tailgate parties is something that repels water, keeps the wind out and can be washed after you cover it with BBQ sauce and beer.  (Read the labels for cleaning instructions).

I really appreciate the design of this jacket and know that it can get pretty vicious out there on the lot so you have to dress for extremes.  Buy a size bigger so you can layer with a sweater underneath or a hoodie.

It has a large hood and the tightening cords are well anchored.  The pockets are large and the coat is also vented so that you don’t feel claustrophobic.  The one pictured is quite smart.  If you want to make it into a team jacket, sew on a patch or two.


Men’s UA Tactical Fleece Hoody Tops by Under Armour – Navy

Under Armour Men's Storm Tactical Job Fleece Great for Tailgate Parties

Under Armour Men’s Storm Tactical Job Fleece Great for Tailgate Parties

21st century men have discovered that Under Armour’s clothing line is not just for soldiers.  The design elements in this Marine style lightweight thermal shell hoodie are not spectacular but the simplicity and generous sizing are in  line with its Defense contracts.  Charged cotton 80%/Polyester 20% (ie. treated to make it extremely waterproof) does keep water off and after a few months of wearing and washing, you can recharge it with any of the popular DWR sprays. This product will melt when exposed to extreme heat or open flames so don’t stand too close to the BBQ. Cotton-blend fleece, treated with Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish, repels water but stays breathable, for protection from whatever Mother Nature throws at you. Ultra-brushed interior is soft to the touch and traps heat like a champ, keeping you warm without any bulk. Lightweight, 4-way stretch construction improves mobility and comfort. Superior Moisture Transport System wicks sweat to keep you drier, longer. Ribbed cuffs and front pocket deliver stretchable comfort.  These are in limited colors. Add patches …  or look here for team colors (not logos).

MLB New York Yankees Thermabase Full Zip Jacket

MLB NY Yankees Thermabase Jacket

MLB NY Yankees Thermabase Jacket

I think I have tracked down a good price on this classic baseball team jacket (the one pictured being for the Yankees).   For tailgate parties, you can’t do much better than this.  Support your team (Yankees in this case) with this Triple Peak Premier jacket from Majestic. The jacket is designed around Therma Base technology featuring moisture-wicking fabric so that you won’t have that sweaty buildup.  Full-zip, waist to neck, 100% polyester woven tightly for protection, double collar, banded waist-band and hidden cuffs make this a great performer in the car-park.  Four-way stretch fabric gives a windproof and waterproof protection and the classic design will take you from party to game and back again.  The left sleeve features an authentic team logo.  It is an Official garment with genuine team color-blocking.

Other features include:

Soft fleece lining

Locker loop

Quality embroidery

2 side seam ventilation zippers

2 front pockets

Olympic collar

At this time of the year when people are trying to put heatwaves behind them, they can sometimes sell fast, so get your order in quickly.  Specify your team and size.  If you intend layering clothing beneath (ie. if you live in somewhere freezing like North Dakota and feel the need for extra clothes) buy a size up.

MLB Detroit Tigers Shut Out Full-Zip Hooded Fleece Jacket, Navy

Detroit Tigers Hooded Jacket

Detroit Tigers Hooded Jacket

Dakine Wyeast Men's Jacket

Dakine Wyeast Men’s Jacket

Detroit Tigers Hooded Jacket

Detroit Tigers Hooded Jacket

This is the Detroit Tigers MLB Spring 2013 Fleece by Majestic, that fine designer and manufacturer of team-wear.  It’s available in all sizes and for all teams so tick the right boxes in your order at checkout. It features  a Felt Tek patch for your team and the large hood can be tightened to shut out the wind.  It’s light enough to wear under a waterproof jacket and the company says that will guarantee almost Arctic protection.  That’s what you need in a carp-park when you are iced in with chilly beers.  That and a rack of juicy ribs or some pulled pork.

Don’t forget to accessorize.

EZ Drinker Drink Vest

12-pack EZ Drinker Drink Vest

12-pack EZ Drinker Drink Vest

Here’s the 12-pack that has never seen the inside of a gym. The EZ Drinker Drink Vest is fun and practical, giving tailgaters the ability to tote six cans of their favorite brew to share (or not) with friends!  Just don’t jump up and down while wearing it.

Made of waterproof black fabric, the belt fastens firmly in the back and features front and center personalization which can be ordered at checkout. Show up wearing this (filled with interesting brewskis) and you will create a sensation.


On that note … don’t forget to dress for success.  Good luck to your teams and …

Happy Tailgating, folks !