Home Delivered Meat For The Tailgate Party

OK, so you can’t have a great tailgate party without buying appropriate food.  Ribs, patties, steaks, mmmmmmmmmdrool!  But do I hear you say you hate spending time hanging around supermarkets checking out those meat fridges?  Home delivered meat is now down to a fine art and so easy.  There are all kinds of options, some are really expensive and high end and I can’t see the value But many are really appealing deals and the savings on gas and time alone make them worthwhile and the quality control of the product is usually high.  Of course, you need to be sure that anything you buy on line has a 100% guarantee of quality and money back if it doesn’t live up to expectations.  Better than that is to know that the product will be excellent and worthy of putting on your tailgate party menu and your BBQ.

Wellness Meats

Wellness Meats Steak – Home Delivered Meat

I’ve spent time looking around for some top quality meats that can be delivered to your door, have this guarantee, and taste great.  Sure you can go to the local supermarket and buy some Manager’s Specials and transform these into burgers and ribs.  I’m all for that when I have tons of time and am in the mood to do that hard work.  Cheap, poor meat cuts require longer, slower cooking than you can allow in the parking lot.  BBQing does need good meat.  Besides, some sports occasions, such as the Superbowl, deserve a top quality approach and that’s when you pull out the organic beef and so on. You can go really high and buy the grass-fed organic beef from someone like California’s wonderful Novy Beef (local farmers’ markets are the best outlets for this particular brand) or you can save yourself the bother and have a product you know is excellent delivered right to your door whenever you feel the need to party.

Omaha Steaks is the biggest meat supplier in the USA shipping to all states.

1. Omaha Steaks 12 x 4 oz Steak Burgers

Omaha Steaks 12 x 4 oz Steak Burgers

Omaha Steaks Steak Burgers

You often see the Omaha Steaks boxes being home delivered and they have a roaring trade all over this great land.  At least to the contiguous states.  They supply packs of patties in many different quantities, suited to tailgate party BBQing, mid-price range and pre-made into standard ground beef sizes. You can order 24 to a pack, 12, 6, 8  or 4 to a pack. So when you get to checkout, be sure to specify how many items you want to purchase.

These are pretty much patties tailored to hamburgers so add to these your buns, salad items, condiments and so on.

2. Omaha Steaks Gourmet Variety Packs

Omaha Steaks The Complete Treat

Omaha Steaks The Complete Treat

If you want something that is a bit more upmarket than a BBQ burger, you will find something in Omaha Steaks’ broad selections.  They are 100% guaranteed and the packs come in different sizes in many configurations of meat cuts, vegetable accompaniments and sizes.  You can get steaks, sausages, patties, even potatoes, corn, pork and different cuts of meat.  There is no minimum order either.  Shipping is added to the cost but you save a lot of gas, time, the food is nicely packed and the variety is quite inspiring to the tailgate party chef.  Ordering through these links can give you a cheaper price than directly from the company website.

US Wellness Meats: quality grassland meat products

I also found and checked out a company, US Wellness Meats, that has become known for their personalized approach. Their products are really top-notch as their animals are all certified grass-fed which gives them a distinct taste.  Delicious!  Last tailgate party I attended, I took a box of their patties with me and sizzled them on the BBQ.  There was no dryness and the center was juicy and a great partner food for my ice cold beer.

US Wellness Meats has a $75 minimum for shipping as it is sent to you in a special cooler box for maximum freshness and to avoid spoiling.  It is labeled clearly as perishable so the mailman/woman won’t leave it to spoil on the stoop.  If you are ordering for a weekend tailgate party, be sure to allow enough time for a guaranteed arrival.  The shipping box is reusable and will keep food cool for a day just with normal ice and longer with dry ice.

The company specializes in beef but that’s just the start of things.  They sell all kinds of meat, poultry, fish and even game.  Well, if you’re tailgating at the game, maybe game is what you should eat.

3. Ground Bison – 1 Pound Package

Ground Buffalo

Ground Buffalo – Home Delivered Meat

For America’s Game (and I am not talking ‘Wheel of Fortune’ here)  why not choose a native American animal for your meat?  Bison is the latest eating craze due to its low cholesterol and deliciousness. Healthy, lean, grass-fed bison is now available from U.S. Wellness Meats. Cook for a short time only as the product is very lean and will dry if overcooked.  Makes excellent burgers or meat-loaf wrapped in bacon.

4. 75% Lean Beef Patties – 2 (6 oz) patties

Large Beef Patties

Large Beef Patties – Home Delivered Meat

This takes all the work out of creating the ultimate tailgate party burger!  Just order and keep frozen till the day.  They come in packs of 2 so just make a list or buy a heap and keep them on hand. The patties are juicy and jsut the right balance of lean and fat meat to sizzle on your flat-top.

5. 75% Lean Ground Beef – 1 Lb. package

Meatloaf - Home Delivered

Meatloaf – Home Delivered Meat

Of course, you can make your own patties as long as you have great meat to begin with.  Ground beef is the USA’s most popular meat and is versatile.  Either make your own preferred shaped patties from this meat or make a meat loaf or rissoles.  You’ll appreciate the richness the that grass-fed meat has compared with those battery-raised cattle in this pack. A generous sized beef pattie is around a quarter of a pound so 4 to a pack and so that you will be ready for the tailgate party, make these ahead and freeze them and take them to the parking lot.

6. BBQ Spice Pork Rinds

BBQ Spice Pork Rinds

BBQ Spice Pork Rinds – Home Delivered Meat

Here’s an interesting variety that’s a great gift item or feature these as a snack at your tailgate party.  Really yummy, they are almost like a spicy chicharron, that marvelous Mexican crispy delicacy.  They go down extremely well with beer as a pre-BBQ nibble or you can get creative and crumble them up as a topping on a meat loaf.

7. Tender Grass-fed Barbecue recipe book

Tender Grassfed BBQ

Tender Grassfed BBQ

‘Tender Grass-fed Barbecue’ is a reference for any tailgate party host or cook.  This book contains Traditional, Primal and Paleo recipes that will demonstrate to you a new way to prepare grass-fed meat and pastured pork using traditional barbecue methods adapted for modern times.  All the recipes in this book have been specifically created and designed for barbecuing grass-fed beef, bison, lamb, and pastured pork. There are over 120 step-by-step, easy to use recipes thoughtfully collected in this 225 page book.

The detailed barbecue techniques presented in this book will be new to most people, but are based on the traditional ways grass-fed meat was barbecued throughout history. These timeless and traditional methods are perfect for grass-fed meat, and have been adapted for modern times to be easy, yet full of wonderful, traditional flavor.  Just remember that cattle were never meant to be raised in stalls, unable to exercise or munch on grass.

The recipes use traditional flavors from many nations and cultures, even ancient Rome and ancient China. Also included are rediscovered bastes and marinades from the Native American traditions, the gauchos of Argentina, many European nations, the barbecue masters of Sardinia, and more.

Recipe books are mailed separately from perishable items via USPS media mail service.


8. $50 US Wellness Meats Gift Certificate

$50 Wellness Meats Gift Certificate

$50 Wellness Meats Gift Certificate

Gift certificates make great gifts, and what better gift than items from US Wellness Meats for your best mates?  Ideal for the BBQ cook, tailgate party host, male, female, young and old.  No more agonizing over what to buy for that guy who has everything.  Most tailgaters can’t get enough meat!  The gift certificates start at $50 but I noticed that the orders need to be $75 so 2 certificates make sense.  If your Mom is the chef at your tailgate parties, maybe give her a reward of these great gift cards.


9. Sockeye Salmon Burger

Sockeye Salmon Burger

Sockeye Salmon Burger – Home Delivered Meat

At tailgate parties, it’s actually possible to invite guests who are bacon and beef averse.  Yes, such a creature does exist. I haven’t met anyone who hates bacon but maybe it’s your responsibility as host of your tailgate party to be prepared to cater for someone who does.  I’ve included this great salmon burger, already prepared so you don’t have to do a thing.  It makes a thoughtful gift too. Each pack contains one fully prepared Alaskan Salmon burger, standard size is ¼ pounder and they are all pre-seasoned.

Like all the products from this butcher, this can be ordered online and you will have it delivered to you or your friends ready to slap on the BBQ. A grass-fed meat and caught-in-the-wild fish hamper – what’s not to love about that! Yes, you can cook any of these meats at your tailgate party and you will be delighted with the taste as well as the lack of effort.


For that special person in your life, consider sending them a box of meat instead of tchotchkes at gift time. You really can’t do better than that and food gifts are always welcome, especially if the recipient is as keen on tailgate parties as you are.