Tailgate Party Supplies — The Monster List 2017

Tailgate parties are monumental fun.  But they can also be hard work.  For the party planner, the cook, the person who packs and unpacks the vehicle, that is.  We think you, the host,  should be really organized with the food, entertainment, booze, games,  the setup and breakdown.  Best way to do that?  Make a list of everything you ever thought you might need at your tailgate party site.  Now read on for our updated monster list of tailgate party supplies, 2017!


Tailgate Party Supplies - Notebook

Tailgate Party Supplies – Notebook

Make a list of tailgate party supplies you need

Make a list. Get a plain old notebook or do it on your Smartphone such as ‘Ultimate to do list’.  Hey, that’s what I am doing.  Follow it as best you can.  It’s not a bad idea to maintain an ongoing tailgate party record from week to week of what you served, any site problems and the best games for your buds and then you can contact us and let us in on your experiences from site to site.

Read up and get some inspiration.

Of course, books such as this Game Day Fan Fare are fun to browse though and you will get some ideas on how to make your tailgate party a success.  Or just read each section here on our site that we have collated for you over the years we have been researching and writing all about awesome tailgating. There are also some good magazines and TV shows that feature tailgate parties.

Game Day Fan Fare inspires tailgate party supplies

Game Day Fan Fare inspires tailgate party supplies

Dress Rehearsal for Tailgate Party Supplies

Set up your tailgate party kit by staging it in a room. Lay out everything you want to take and make sure it fits in your vehicle.  Each year, we seem to gather more and more bits and pieces that are seen as standard equipment.  One year it just didn’t fit so I bought a trailer hitch AND a rack.  Just remember that your space in the parking lot is limited but if you have a small car with a trailer hitch or rack like this 60″ Folding Truck Car Cargo Carrier Basket Luggage Rack Hitch Hauler and you will fit everything more easily. Otherwise, buy a Silverado.

Trailer hitch to cart your tailgate party supplies

Trailer hitch to cart your tailgate party supplies

Contain your tailgate party supplies

Containers: some well-designed, well-sealed pantry containers can hold salads, meat, marinades, pie of course and cream. I don’t buy round or odd shaped ones but hunt out square ones with the straightest sides possible. These Rubbermaid plastic boxes don’t leak and when empty, the modular containers will fit inside each other for the trip home and the lids also clip together. We know they are not just for Tailgate Parties, but they are red and that could easily match a team logo or Solo Cup …

Keep Tailgate Party Supplies boxed

Keep Tailgate Party Supplies boxed

A Kegerator is the foundation of tailgate party supplies

You WILL need a Kegerator: get a nifty portable kegerator for travel (The Avanti Kegerator holds nearly 13 gallons.

Avanti Portable Kegerator

Avanti Portable Kegerator

Then have something like this Edgestar Kegerator full sized at home for the big kegs and home-gating.

Edgestar Ultra Low Temperature Kegerator

Edgestar Ultra Low Temperature Kegerator

Or if you have a large truck and a big party, bring your full sized kegerator too – even a double tap model – but scope out where the source of electricity is, well in advance of the day.  Note that we have examined many kegerators and you can read all about it in an article devoted to just those we felt were tailor made for tailgate party use.
You may need a generator if there is no power on your site. Read our comparison, our ‘dos and don’ts’ in regard to portable power on site. There are rules!

Add some growlers to your tailgate party supplies kit

Growlers are great for some specialty beers and drinks. Hey, the coffee can even go in there, say a nice cold brew.  Or hot.  This one is great for all kinds of drinks at any temperature.  Check out the handsome Hydro Flask.

Tailgate Party Supplies: Hydro Flask Growler.

Tailgate Party Supplies: Hydro Flask Growler.

Note that its multi-use extends to keeping beers chilled and at the right temperature for that excellent 1/2 inch of foam no more no less.  Many users say that a few judiciously filled quality growlers are just a good as a freshly pulled brewski.  I think I need to research that a while lot more. But if space is a problem, then growlers will be a good solution and this comes in black and silver as well. A great looking container, anyway don’t you think? Excellent man gift, too.  Hint! Hint!

Practice your Tailgate Party cooking and packing:

Practice your recipes and pack the food in sections according to when you will need them ie. snacks at the top and bottom, entrees second from top, desserts under that. Beer all the way around or better still, in a dedicated cooler.  Put your marinated meats in ziplocs or in well sealed and cooled containers such as the aforementioned Rubbermaid range.  The heat bags and so on are still the same as last year so stick with the one you already have.

Disposables or reusable dinnerware, beverage containers and silverware? I don’t like disposables and even my red solo cups are reusable.  But that’s because Ms. Rawhide is a fanatical environmentalist and now I am edging that way too.  It’s a bit of effort. On the upside, reusing saves money.  A lot of money. Apparently the average household in the USA throws out more than $1000 worth of plastic and paper each year. That can buy a lot of beer.  Just sayin’.

Tailgate Party Supplies

Reusable, dishwasher safe Red Solo Cup

Looks like the real thing no?  Or is IT the real thing and the plastic ones the fakes?  Not sure.  You be the judge. Yep, these really do go in the dishwasher. Between us, Beer Pong is a tad easier with these. As cheating is quite OK at tailgate parties, you can set up your beer pong game with these,  Actually, the upside is that you spill less beer.

Tailgate Party Supplies: Red Party Cup

Tailgate Party Supplies: Ultimate Red Solo Cup

Don’t forget to pack bottle openers and all the plates, cups etc. you need.

Keep Citrusafe in your Tailgate Party Supplies kit


Tailgate parties live or die on the memories and there’s nothing like the longevity of the memory of an attack of Moctezuma’s Curse attributable to a dirty grill. The flames for char grilling aren’t enough to kill all the bacteria.  You have to clean it.  And store it away from dust. I am sure you treat it like the first-born-son that it is and keep it in the best possible condition but if you have missed a day or two, then now is the time to give it a really good scrub. Citrusafe is excellent.  

Citrusafe is essential in your tailgate party supplies kit

Citrusafe is essential in your tailgate party supplies kit

Invest in a strong BBQ grill cleaning set

This terrific grill cleaning brush gets in between the cracks and will make the job easier.  It has a free basting brush and carry bag too.  It’s from USA Kitchen Elite, a BBQ Grill Brush  – 18″- 3 Stainless Steel Brushes in 1 – with bags and free silicone ribs baster.

Tailgate Party supplies perfect brush cleaner set

Tailgate Party supplies: Perfect for Char-Broil, Weber, Porcelain and Infrared Grills

Tailgate Party Supplies – Got Gas?

Got your propane supplies?  I think Walmart presently has the best price on the small bottles (which can change on a daily basis) but most hardware stores or Smart’n’Final have it for around the same price ($2.50 a bottle-ish). Bring a couple of spares.  Or invest in the grab and go large bottle exchange plan at your local gas station.

Tailgate Party Supplies – comfy folding chairs

How are your folding chairs holding up? Do they need replacing or just a good clean?  Check all the joints and make sure there are no splits in the covers. You don’t want anyone falling through …. Though it always gets a laugh.  Otherwise there are bargains galore at the moment.  Choose something like this one from Coleman the camping experts – has a great side table which has enough space for food AND drink.  It folds flat for easy carrying but that supports your beefy buds. But we have done a few articles on chairs so check out the full range.  We love ’em all.

Tailgate Party Supplies - the essential Coleman Portable folding chair

Tailgate Party Supplies – the essential Coleman Portable folding chair

And here’s a nifty bench that can even manage to support my beefy buds.  It’s from Insta-Bench Classic 6-Seater Bench and I think two of these would cover a good sized party while taking minimal space to transport.

Tailgate party supplies - seating

Tailgate Party Supplies: Insta-bench seat which can hold 6 x 250 pound drinking buds!

Freshen up your tailgate supplies with a modern cooler

So … each year I notice that cooler technology improves and improves and I add items to my wish-list.  Consequently, I get cooler coolers (pardon the pun) as often as most Dads get socks and ties.  I have a few ranging from this  complete set and a few even bigger Igloo wheeled industrial coolers that can double as seats.

Tailgate Party Supplies: BBQ Grill Cooler Set

Picnic Time Buccaneer All-In-One Tailgating BBQ Grill/Cooler Set

Tailgate Party Supplies: Cooler

Tailgate Party Supplies: Igloo Cooler

A Money Saver Suggestion for your Tailgate Party Supplies Kit

Ice Maker. Regardless of the naming of the months and seasons, the hot weather hangs on for months. And ice is always welcome.  Here’s  something we have that will eventually pay for itself and save you many trips to the store for overpriced-leaky bag ice.   It’s the Igloo ICE102-Red Compact Ice Maker, and it churns out the ice so fast you can’t help but be impressed.  It’s also bright red.  It’s not super big but you can stockpile the ice in containers or reusable Ziploc bags and save a lot of money.  Ms. Tailgater usually makes up a lot of small bags of ice and pokes them in at various levels of the cooler.

Tailgate supplies money saver iGloo ice maker

Tailgate supplies money saver iGloo ice maker

Fundamentally, tailgate supplies kits require  beer

Beer of course. Hopefully in your kegerator.  So do the rounds of the Bevmo branches and the supermarkets and buy some. Or brew your own. I recently stumbled on some pretty inspiring beer based recipes that will keep the girls happy.  As well, one is called ‘Vitamin C Brew’ which really puts it in the domain of health food which is essential for a good life.  Here’s the recipe:

‘Vitamin C Brew’

Put the following into a pint glass: 2 oz fresh orange juice,1 oz gin, top with Miller High Life and garnish with a slice of citrus.  You can also make these with limes or lemon.  Don’t bother with grapefruit.  It really doesn’t work and a lot of people can’t drink grapefruit juice as it clashes with statins.

Then there’s the ‘Raspberry Snakebite’

1 oz. crème de cassis topped off with raspberry lambic  eg.Lindeman’s Framboise.

OK, that’s my gift to the Ladies.

For me … don’t mess with the beer.

15.  Food – here’s the thing. You can be traditional: burgers, mac’n’cheese, hot dogs, pizza, fried chicken. Or creative.  Ms. Tailgater insists on the latter and I go along with it because she is so darn good at it.  We do all of the above but with a spin on the norm.  Her salads are amazing.  And her mac’n’cheese is also impressive.  So my advice is ‘practice makes perfect’.  Test and eat all the menu items all year and take the stress out of tailgate party life.  It’s not like you’re ever gonna get tired of eating that food!

Here’s a quick and easy starting point but branch out to Food & Wine magazine as well as they are very grill-savvy.  The Tailgater’s Cookbook has some nice, simple ideas.

The Tailgater's Cookbook

The Tailgater’s Cookbook

Bring water.

Water and non-alcoholic drinks. Yes, some people do have ‘em.  Water is essential.

This container

Water Bag Essential in your Tailgate Party Supplies Kit

Water Bag Essential in your Tailgate Party Supplies Kit

Water bag compactly folded is practical as you can shrink it up at the end of the day for the trip home.   You can freeze it too so it doubles as a cooler insert.  Buy a few.  Leave one just with water, use the others in place of ice then drink them. Just don’t over-fill- water expands when it freezes.

My Ma always reminds me …’son,’ she says, ‘alternating your beers with water will stave off the inevitable.’ She’s not wrong about much and hasn’t had a hangover for many years. Tailgate parties are notorious for drunken behavior and hangovers (that’s why we keep coming back for more) but I am thinking that at least the designated driver will need water. The Lifeunion 5 Litres Collapsible Water Container, BPA Free Plastic Water Carrier, Outdoor Folding Water Bag for Tailgate Parties is a great addition to any tailgate party.

Tailgate Party Emergency supplies

Emergency items in the Tailgate Party supplies kit.

Pepto Bismol/Alka Seltzer. Just sayin’.  Chewables – work fast. Very handy. Pack with the food not the 1st Aid Kit.

Tailgate party supplies: Pepto Bismol

Tailgate party supplies: Pepto Bismol

Cleaning up

Roll of paper towels, napkins, tea-towels depending on your environmental awareness. I know we have had to mop up some … well, I won’t go into that.

Trash bags

Tailgate party supplies trash bags

Trash bags

These will never go astray. All tailgate parties generate a heap of mess and it is great to clean up as you go. Get strong bags.  Cut armholes. Improvise a poncho in case of rain. No umbrellas are allowed in most stadiums.

Caffeine  may be essential in your tailgate supplies kit

Yeah someone will ask for it.  We used to maintain a proper coffee/tea station in our tailgate party setup but now, all I do is decant some brewed coffee into thermos flasks and take one with some milk.  Saves messing around and once it is finished, hey, it’s finished and you’ll save a trip to Starbucks.  A few of these great Thermos Flasks can store your coffee and keep it hot/cold for 24 hours.

Take ready brewed coffee in tailgate party supplies kit.

Take ready brewed coffee in tailgate party supplies kit.

Just in case …

First aid kit. BBQ-beer-games-beer-men behaving badly. What could go wrong? Pack a small first aid kit, check it before each party and replenish or customize as required.

Tailgate Party Supplies need the Coleman first aid kit

Your Tailgate Party Supplies box needs the Coleman first aid kit

Don’t get skin cancer out there at the tailgate party – slip slop and slap as they say in Australia. Use SolRX SPF 50. It works for the downunder dudes.



A Fire Extinguisher is essential to the Tailgate Party Supplies box

Maybe you better pack that fire extinguisher as well.  Make sure it is a multi-purpose one that attacks grease fires as well as other fires.  As well, keep a pound of salt on hand. Nothing better for a grease fire than smothering it in salt and a lid.  You certainly want a safe tailgate party.

Tailgate Party Emergency supplies

Tailgate Party Emergency supplies

Gussy up your tailgate party site

Table cloths, decorations, matching napkins in team colors.

Tailgate Party Supplies: Tablecloth

Tailgate Party Supplies: Tablecloth

And maybe that flag pole so your buds can find you in the parking lot just in case they can’t hear that yours is the happiest tailgate party in the lot.  This gadget will anchor your pole and then add the telescoping pole and flag of your choice: patriotic or team spirited.

Tailgate Party Supplies: Pole Stand

Tailgate Party Supplies: Pole Stand

Flag Pole stand - tailgate supplies

Flag Pole wheel stand – tailgate supplies

Tailgate Party Supplies: Flag Pole

Tailgate Party Supplies: Flag Pole

Of course, your guests could always use the GPS on their smartphones but it wouldn’t be as decorative as this flag.

Tailgate party supplies - team flags

Hoist a team flag to direct friends to your tailgate party.

Waze ‘ll do it for you though it may take you on a 5 mile detour to save you 30 seconds. Get the Waze app anyway.

Sundry items for your Tailgate Party Supplies kit

Koozies, cooking implements and so on.

Koozies are essential items in your tailgate party supplies kit

Koozies are essential items in your tailgate party supplies kit

You can theme most objects to your team preference. Yes, even the burger flippers.

NFL themed BBQ tools

NFL themed BBQ tools

Rain gear, a couple of blankets or very large towels.

Tailgate party supplies - team themed blankets are handy

Tailgate party supplies – team themed blankets are handy

A TV so you and your buds can watch the prelims.

TV and if required, some power source. See our articles on power generators and TVs. I am really keen on the Smart TV which you can run wirelessly from your laptop.  The Sharp LC-32LB370U 32-Inch 1080p LED HDTV (2016 Model) is plenty big enough and does everything you want.  32″ is small enough to carry but big enough for you all to see while the party is happening AND cheap enough so you don’t have to wait till Black Friday to buy it. 1080 is essential so you can get a better picture in daylight.

Sharp 32" 1080 TV

Sharp 32″ 1080 TV

Games, games, games!

Now, this is an area that can take pages on its own but the Number One is to bring a football or two and do NOT ask Tom Brady to inflate it for you.

Wilson Composite Football

Wilson Composite Football

We have some articles on games but allow me to add Giant Sized Jenga. (Mega Hi-Tower – Extra Tall 6ft During Play) (Includes Canvas Storage Bag). It is to the 21st century what Twister was to the 20th.  A lot of action-packed craziness while sober so you can imagine how good it is after a couple of doses of malt and hops.  Well worth the bother of transporting it.

Tailgate Party Supplies Giant Jenga

Tailgate Party Supplies Giant 6 foot Jenga

I like the big games but they do fill the truck fast and take some concentration.
The drinking games are sooooo much better.  I guess you knew I would go down that route.

IMHO stick to the traditional washer toss and corn-hole

Tailgate Supplies cornhole game

Tailgate Supplies cornhole game

Or beer pong:

Go Pong Beer Pong Table

Go Pong Beer Pong Table

Tailgate Party Supplies - Ladder Toss Game

Tailgate Party Supplies – Ladder Toss Game

Here’s a new game setup from ‘Kid Agains’ (yes, that is their name) that would cover a few different tailgate party fun times with a few beery rewards added in there.  It’s easy to transport and put together and does double duty as a beach game too.  It is called the Quarterback Touchdown Football Skill Challenge and Toss Game.  Seems like a clear winner for the new generation of tailgate party games.  Sets up and breaks down fast and folds up small for transporting.

Versatile football toss game for tailgate parties and beach

Versatile football toss game for tailgate parties and beach


Tailgate Party Supplies gotta have music.

Portable speakers for your music source. (I have a Sirius list specifically for tailgate parties).  You can’t beat the good ol’ Blockrocker though for its output. This one has an extended range to 100feet, long batter life and loud-as, and of course, Bluetooth which will keep your tailgate party hopping.

75 hour battery life Block Rocker with a 100 foot range!

75 hour battery life Block Rocker with a 100 foot range!

But of course, you can just connect your phone to this Football Shaped Bluetooth Portable Speaker:

Handy in the Tailgate Party kit

Handy in the Tailgate Party kit

It’s a bit lacking in oomph, but it could be OK for parking spaces for tailgate parties which are small anyway. And hey, it’s a football!

Rain, hail or shine gimme shelter

You may need an extra shade boost or shelter.  TV for instance, will need some shady space. Some people use full-on canopies and this pretty much gives them a room in their parking space.  This is appealing but then there’s also a shade sail.  The disadvantage of that is that you need to think about how to hang it and that will depend on your site. You need 3 or 4 anchors depending on the shape.  High ones so that you can walk under.  But they are great for keeping shade on that TV screen.  Some people have extended poles at the back of their trucks and, with a neighbor’s assistance, stretch the shade sail between spots.


12 foot canopy

12 foot shade sail

 An umbrella may be all you need.   Add in some sand bags to secure it.  The cantilevered design is great for a tailgate party.

10 ft. cantilevered umbrella for your tailgate party

10 ft. cantilevered umbrella for your tailgate party

Just note that many parking lots have restrictions on size and spaces are 10 x 10 ft. – this is for your can PLUS your party.  So unless you take 2 spaces, you will be squeezy.  If you have that second space, then


Portable bar. If you really want to make serving tailgate party food and booze a breeze, add in one of these. Set up your dishes, your drinks and everything you need and the bar becomes the centerpiece of the tailgate party.   You can get them themed to your team. If you already own one and it needs a freshen up, then changing the livery is simple as you can buy that separately from ‘Best of Times’.  We have written a comparison on tailgatepartysite.com.

Best Portable bar from Best of Times

Interchangeable team skirts etc. in full range of logos

Pong Bounce is another great game in the parking lot as it is fun and really only effective to play on a hard surface. Parking lots are a dream for this game.  I won’t even try to explain how to play but be assured it is wacky, loud, crazy and lends itself to beery rewards.

Pong Bounce for parking lot fun

Pong Bounce for parking lot fun

Avoid fines – put these in your tailgate supplies kit

Finally …. Do I have to spell it out? Consider some way of monitoring your booze content before you get into the car, homeward bound. A breathalyzer of some kind is a good idea.  This is the BACtrack S80 Professional Breathalyzer, Portable Breath Alcohol Tester, highly regarded and reviewed.

Bactrack Breathalyzer

Bactrack Breathalyzer

There is, of course, a Smartphone app breathalyzer, also by BAC and these are compact and definitely more ‘2015’ than the last lot of testers.  Check them out as there are a few in the range suited for your phone.  It features bluetooth connectivity, Xtend Fuel Cell Sensor Technology and of course, BACtrack’s police-grade sensor technology which has the highest level of accuracy and consistency professionals rely on.  Of course! After all, I am a professional tailgate partier! This is for me.

Bactrack app on your wearable technology

Bactrack app on your wearable technology

So there you have it, tailgate party dudes!  Stuff you need to think of for your tailgate party so that on the day, all you need to do is check off the items on the list before you leave home and spend the rent of the day with the glorious amber brews, tailgate party food, corn-hole and beer pong, and of course, your best buds! (Oh, and somewhere there’s a game happening.)

Happy tailgating!


More Unbeatable NCAA Accessories for Tailgate Parties in 2016-7

NCAA Accessories for tailgate parties updated for 2016-7

NCAA fans are often the most passionate of all the conference groupies. They are either still in school, straight out of school, devoted parents, alma mater fans in every area – oh, you know why you love the team! You can show your love in so many ways, but what better way than by following the guys around – one tailgate party at a time? What? You can’t get to every match? I believe that if you are an NCAA fan – and let’s just start with football (I’ll get to the other sports) you can go crazy with selecting NCAA accessories to liven up your tailgate party.  For the BEST tailgate party set up, start small and work your way up to the big items.  Say, with selections from the list below of my picks for the best NCAA Accessories for tailgate parties. Most are small enough to transport to a tailgate party in a normal vehicle.  They get you in the mood with little cost and effort involved.

Well, at least you can home-gate, decorating your yard, man cave or even your balcony with appropriate fanliness. This can be as tiny as a themed napkin. These NCAA themed napkins of course, weigh almost nil and you can tuck them into your kit as padding.

NCAA football tailgate party napkins

More great NCAA tailgate party accessories – napkins

Or as excellent as a kegerator with a fan tap!

The NCAA beer taps cover most teams and add a real touch to the top of your beer tap.

Miami Dolphins Beer Tap for Kegerator - Great Football accessory

Miami Dolphins Beer Tap for Kegerator – Great Football accessory – This is NFL but the company makes NCAA examples too.

This can be bought to match your team so check out the range.

Whether you are a fan of the Broncos, Bears, Cougars, Volunteers, Chippewas or Huskies, or any of the other 100+ exotically named NCAA football teams, there is some great branded merchandise out there that will enhance your tailgate party. And that’s not even looking at all the other sports, basketball, hockey, baseball and so on. At any given time someone somewhere is rooting for an NCAA team because they attend that college, their kids do, their Pappy or Gramma did or they just prefer the name or colors. NCAA fans are passionate and loyal. They love their logos, colors, names and mascots. To say nothing of the cheer squads. Anyway, they like to wear their hearts on their sleeves and take those emblems to their tailgate parties. So here are a few ways you can do that.

Firstly, my golden rule (and don’t call me a party pooper) ‘no piracy’.

Only purchase fully licensed gear.  Such as this excellent hat, by Adidas.

NCAA Accessory Miami Hurricanes Women's Adjustable Slouch Cap

NCAA Accessories Miami Hurricanes Women’s Adjustable Slouch Cap

This way, you can support your teams and also you have a guarantee of quality. The pirate stuff is mostly cheaply made crap anyway as the teams have a standard to which manufacturers need to adhere. The money from licensing goes back to the teams and overall, I think it raises the standard of the games.

Note that the items I list below are generally available for all the top teams. If your team is at the bottom of the conference ranking, then it is possible they don’t have all items – but most teams have at least some. So just follow the links and specify your desired team at checkout.

Where do you start?

Start with a chair and while you are sitting in it, check out the rest of the list! We have a number of chairs on specific listings but what I am looking at here is a couple of inexpensive ones. The logos on these are nicely screen-printed in both cases.

NCAA Louisiana State Fightin Tigers Folding Canvas Chair

NCAA Accessories - start with a chair

NCAA Accessories – start with a chair

Super cheap, takes up little space (it’s 22” x 22”) but it’s nicely made, this little chair is a great gift for any avid fan.   Comes ready packed in its own carrying case and folds away compactly. It is also comfy enough to prop in all day and has a space for a drink built in to it. Ships fast and efficiently. The fabric is 600 denier polyester.

The makers say that it will seat up to 225 pounds. Note that the cup holder is for a right-hander only with the space on the arm rest. If you drink left handed, you may want to check out another chair or sit on this one backwards. The logo is on front AND back of the headrest.  It is light to carry and folds to almost nothing so easy to transport.

NCAA Sports Folding Chair NCAA Team: Army / US Military Academy Black Knights

NCAA Accessories - Wide chair with side table and holders

NCAA Accessories – Wide chair with side table and holders

I like the look of this officially licensed Black Knights folding chair – the polyester fabric is actually padded for additional comfort over a lightweight aluminum frame. The removable, adjustable shoulder strap makes for easy carrying.

Here’s another good feature – a 300 pounder can slump in this NCAA themed chair and it has an extra 5 inches across the seat to give you lots of room.

The overall height from top to bottom is 24” and side to side it is a broad 33.25”. It weighs 11 pounds.

AND there’s a nifty fold-out side table. You can line up a few of these with the tables in between for a really functional effect.

You get a lot of bang for your buck on this compact, folding chair and side table.  Of course, it is available for other teams and there is a narrower version.

NCAA 4 Piece Barbecue Set

NCAA Accessories - 4 piece Barbecue Set

NCAA Accessories – 4 piece Barbecue Set

It’s great that even the essential BBQ set comes with a team logo. This officially licensed NCAA collegiate product has 4 pieces and the team logo is laser etched into the spatula blade with the team logo on each handle. The metal is stainless steel and these will last a lifetime of tailgate partying.  You need to take BBQ tools if you are BBQ-ing so you may as well get the ones that shout NCAA ‘TEAAAAAAAM!’.

NCAA Folding Picnic Table

NCAA Accessories - compact folding table and benches

NCAA Accessories – compact folding table and benches


Here’s a nifty, compact folding picnic table you can use indoors and outdoors and I reckon it has so many uses you’ll be glad you bought it. I have a couple of these (with different logos/team affiliations) and they are light framed Aluminum alloy construction with tough as nails sturdy ABS Plastic on top. Altogether it weighs only 20 pounds and you can seat 250 pounds of weigh on the fold-out seats and 20 pounds of beer, mac’n’cheese and nachos on the table top.   Oh, and Kale chips for the hipsters.

Length is 32 inches, Width is 36.375 inches and it is 26.5in high. That’s a good size for most folk from kids to adults and when it is time to pack up after the tailgate fun has finished, it is only 4 inches wide and 26 x 33.5 inches, slots into any car trunk and takes up little storage. It is available in many colors to suit your school’s logo.

The good thing here is that it has a lifetime warranty! It is smallish – no fatty boom-bahs at this table so look for something tougher for those burly guys. But if it breaks, the manufacturer has a good name for quick and easy no-fuss replacement.

Lots of NCAA football team logos can be selected just as decals and you can just replace the ones you don’t need.

NCAA Accessories Round Tailgate Party Table – Logo Brand

NCAA Accessories Round Tailgating Table

NCAA Accessories Round Tailgating Table

The Logo Chair company was founded as a real garage manufacturing company in 2001 by Bill McCauley and his family near Memphis, Tenn.. Logo Chair Co. was one of the first companies in the U.S. to hold a Collegiate Licensing Company license and that was for a folding chair. In less than a year, Logo moved into their first warehouse and expanded their products to include stadium seats, personal bags, tents, blankets, games, and more. In addition to the NCAA license, they acquired the MLB license for roughly half of their product line in 2005. For the past five years, Logo has been a top 10 non-apparel licensee for CLC and currently ranks No. 3. Now based in Franklin, Tenn., Logo continues to be an industry leader for new and unique tailgating and team spirit products. Because the McCauley family understands the whole tailgating/fan culture, their items are designed perfectly for that use but they also can be great for many other functions. They fold really well and are easy to store.

This is a highly recommended table made of heavy-duty 600-denier polyester. Licensed NCAA logos and colors and screenprinted logo make it a wow for a fan and it has 4 cup holders. In other words, your red solo cup won’t blow off the table mid-beer or mid-game.  They drop perfectly down, fitting into the holders. Makes game playing easy. It comes with carrying case as you can easily fold it up into almost nothing for easy transport. And you can clean it easily too!

Dimensions: 30 diam. x 24 H inches.

NCAA Iowa NCAA Iowa Hawkeyes 24 Can Soft Sided Cooler

NCAA Accessories - 24 can soft-sided cooler

NCAA Accessories – 24 can soft-sided cooler

I must admit to being a cooler junkie. I take ‘em shopping when buying cold stuff too and when we go on Puerto Vallarta vacations as melting is always on the cards for all food in Mexico. I have a range of coolers from soft-sided to the Yeti range and the Colemans I have had since scouting days. (well, I sometimes stashed beer in there).

Anyway, this one is a nice looking, well-made team logo style soft sided cooler that holds 24 cans. The liner that has any potential contact with food is FDA approved material so you won’t get any off flavors if you choose to carry food in it.

The embroidered logo on the front is smart and durable and the adjustable carry strap makes toting it easy. A nice feature is the caribiner which can hold your keys, bottle opener and so on or a leatherman tool and it also has mesh carrying pouches on each side.

It measures 12.6 x 9.9 x 3.7 inches and weighs under 3 pounds and folds down when it is empty for easy storage.

So consider this for that scaled down tailgate party where everyone brings drinks and their own meal. It will all fit in very nicely. Ideal for apartment dwellers and it still shows your team allegiance off well.

Montana Griz Portable Football Barbecue

NCAA Accessories - Montana Grizzlies Portable Football BBQ

NCAA Accessories – Montana Grizzlies Portable Football BBQ

Here is the ultimate NCAA football BBQ. It actually IS football shaped but is a good size portable grill that has a cooking surface of 20″ X 12.5″. It stands 18” from ground to top of lid and from handle to handle, measures 23 inches.

There are five logos on this grill – one on each side of the lid, and one on each of its three handles. These logos have been applies in a 600 degree burner so that all the colors and logos are hard core. It is a unique concept to BBQ IN a football! It is very heavy duty and yet portable and compact. Limited edition.

It operates with charcoal so check with your parking lot or tailgate party venue whether they allow charcoal grilling or whether you need a gas BBQ. Some apartments for instance, will not allow naked flames on balconies.

It’s perfect for game day, for a gift to that sports fan and has been designed in such a way as to minimize the spilling of ashes during transport.

On the top of the lid there is even a great feature of real white metal laces across the ‘football’ – very arty and definitely worth knowing about for that über-fan guy who appears to have everything. (but you can bet he doesn’t have one of these).

Specify your logo at checkout.

College “Line” Logo Fleece Throw Blankets

NCAA Accessories -College Line Logo Fleece Blanket

NCAA Accessories -College Line Logo Fleece Blanket

Here’s a lightweight but warm NCAA football themed blanket which you can use at a tailgate party in many ways or you can decorate your team-themed house or man-cave with throws over the sofas.   Nice NCAA accessories in many  logos so check before you order whether your team’s is in stock. It measures 50” x 60” and is 100% polyester which means you can treat it roughly and it will forgive you. Sit on it, snuggle under it or use as a tablecloth. It’s a terrific gift too and is inexpensive enough to bring along as a hostess/host gift to any tailgate party or event.

Nebraska Husker NCAA Artisan Wine Glass

NCAA Accessories - Nebraska Cornhuskers wine goblet

NCAA Accessories – Nebraska Cornhuskers wine goblet

Here’s something really off the wall – it’s a hand-painted one-of-a-kind Artisan Wine Glass featuring NCAA team logos. This is really for the die-hard fan who prefers wine over beer. It’s a specific market but the product is so interesting that I wanted to include it. The exterior only is painted – just plain glass interior so that the wine does not degrade the image. It is FDA and Prop 65 compliant.

The detail and workmanship are impressive and as people are always looking for great gifts for tailgate fans, you wouldn’t go wrong with this for the man-cave or the location tailgate event. They are collectible and cover most NCAA logos.  Dimensions are: 12 x 4.5 x 3.5 inches.

NCAA Great American NCAA 1 Liter Macho Mug

Well, from the sublime to the … oh never mind!

NCAA Accessories - Liter Beer Mug

NCAA Accessories – Liter Beer Mug

This 32 ounce NCAA themed drinking mug is the largest officially licensed sports mug in the universe as far as we or Stephen Hawking can tell. It’s 7 inches tall and half as wide.

Decorations on it are in hand-crafted metal, featuring your team logo, and it’s made in the USA. None of that cheap sweat shop trash! Anyway, it’s big enough to drown your sorrows if your team loses.

Oregon Ducks Stud Post Domed Earrings with NCAA College Sports Team Logo

NCAA Accessories Cloisonné Stud Post earrings

NCAA Accessories Cloisonné Stud Post earrings

Now a cute one for the Ladies.

Stud earrings are subtle and more stylish NCAA accessories to demonstrate your team lerv and these hard enamel/cloisonné post/studs make a great gift.  Or just a self-indulgent NCAA team purchase for the gals. Officially licensed for sure.
We are assured they are top quality by wearers. They won’t make your ears go black as they have surgical grade posts.  Note that there is also a dangle version and your team is sure to be represented – I have included the Ducks just to keep the Oregonians happy.

Duke Blue Devils NCAA License Plastic Plate Vanity Car Graphics Sign Tag Officially Licensed NCAA Merchandise

Duke Blue Devils NCAA License Plastic Plate Vanity Car Graphics Sign Tag Officially Licensed NCAA Merchandise

Duke Blue Devils NCAA License Plastic Plate Vanity Car Graphics Sign Tag Officially Licensed NCAA accessories

A license plate does not have to go on a car – you can place in on your coolers, your tables or your tailgate party canopy.

Here’s a durable plastic NCAA license plate measuring 6” x 12” featuring the official team logo and full color graphics with 4 pre-cut mounting holes.

Just a fun bit of decoration with this elegant NCAA accessory!

NCAA Accessories – 5’x8′ Ulti-Mat Floor Mat (Rug)

NCAA Accessories - Logo rug

NCAA Accessories – Logo rug

If you don’t have enough seating at the tailgate party, these are really good NCAA accessories. A high quality decorative 5 x 8 foot Ulti-Mat suited for indoor and out, perfect as an area rug or floor mat and available in all team livery, it features the team logo (specify yours and check availability at checkout before placing the order). Fan Mats have been selling these for some time – locally made in USA and high quality with all printing by Chromojet. Colors are true and of course, officially licensed.

Technically, it is 100% nylon with non-skid Duragon latex backing which can be machine washed.

Measures 5’ x 8’ and it is the largest tailgater floor mat area rug available. This fits nicely within a parking lot car space and will set your area up nicely.

No need to do anything more than roll out this rug to mark out your territory, gentlemen!

Logo Chair NCAA Pinwheel 9 x 9 Pop-Up Canopy

NCAA Accessories - Popup canopy

NCAA Accessories – Popup canopy


NCAA Accessories - Popup canopy

NCAA Accessories – Popup canopy

There are two types of Logo tailgate tents. A 28 pound one and a 50 pound one. Go for the better quality tent. The frame is so much more sturdy than the 28 pound tent and honestly, the light ones don’t take too much erecting and dismounting.  It will drive you nuts after a while.  I do always recommend quality, especially where an extra $50 will make such a difference.  Anyway, I don’t need to tell you that in peak NCAA season the addition of a nice shelter at your tailgate party can really make your day.  Stay out of the sun, rain, wind with this little treasure.  Usually, I recommend the California Palms brand but that is not as easily transportable as this one.  This fits in a vehicle easier.  And as I always say, test run it and practice putting it up before you arrive at the party.

NCAA Accessories –  Fan Collection Hard Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy S4

NCAA Accessories - Samsung Galaxy S4 case

NCAA Accessories – Samsung Galaxy S4 case

Made from durable material. Select your own logo at checkout!

This fitted hard shell plastic/rubber case is covered with an easy-to-grip fabric that is printed with your favorite design in bright, true inks. It has access to all sensors, ports, and controls on your phone/ipad.

NCAA Accessories – Basketball Champions 2-piece Carpeted Car Mats 18″x27″

NCAA Accessories Car Mats - order your team logo

NCAA Accessories Car Mats – order your team logo

Protects your vehicle’s flooring while showing your team pride with car mats by FANMATS which fit all cars, trucks, SUVs, and RVs and are made of 100% nylon face with non-skid vinyl backing. The officially licensed mat is chromojet painted in true team colors and designed with a large team logo and are proudly Made in the USA and not expensive to buy

NCAA College 2014 Team Logo Football Look Bottle Coolie Koozie Cooler 2-Pack

NCAA Accessories - Football Koozie 2 pack

NCAA Accessories – Football Koozie 2 pack

Designed to look like a laced up football, these koozies are …cool. Very cheap little gift for a fan friend. Leather look and feel.

NCAA College 2014 Team Logo Color Can Kaddy Holder Koozie Cooler 2-Pack

NCAA Accessories 2016 Koozies

NCAA Accessories 2016 Koozies

Here’s yet another cute koozie to add to your collection. We have a heap of these to match all conferences. Not sure how we got them all. Probably gifts. But they are all really useful and there have been occasions when they have all been in use at the same time. You never know!

NCAA Accessories – Wheeled Portable Travel L-Shape Umbrella Basic Bar

NCAA Accessories - portable wheeled bar

NCAA Accessories – portable wheeled bar

A steel frame means that your booze and food will not collapse under the weight of all the deliciousness.   There are 49 levels of shelving plus an attachable umbrella, a drop-in food-grade cooler and it all packs into a deluxe and compact travel bag with wheels. And it sets up fast with a few flicks of the wrist. You can wheel it or sling the bag over your shoulder – even a kid can carry it. Cooler Measures: 24″ x 11″ x 10″.

Here are the measurements:

63 inches long. 44 inches high. 70 wide. The depth of the bar top is 18 inches. It is L-shaped and very attractive.

Make sure that your team is represented in the list when you get to checkout. The logo and colors are printed onto the 500-D Polyester skirt (logo on front) and you pretty much have a full bar without that gi-normous cost but with a discount right now. It is water and sun proof so the weather won’t beat it to pieces. Note that a few additional shelves will make this even more awesome but the shelves that are provided should be enough and they lock into place. It’s easy to clean too. Treat it gently and it will last for years. Get two and keep one for the man cave and leave one in your trunk for tailgate party football season.

NCAA UCLA Bruins Kickoff Cheese Board

NCAA Accessories - football shaped cheeseboard

NCAA Accessories – football shaped cheeseboard


The more the merrier with your team branding, right? So here’s a great cutting board that celebrates fandom and fun, available in all logos. It’s dark renewable bamboo, made to the shape of a football and has a laser engraved logo with pale bamboo inlays. There’s a neat groove around the edge to catch any liquid. Measurements are 20-1/4 by 12 inches. A perfect host/hostess gift or essential equipment for slicing those limes to insert into your Corona bottle.

NCAA Portable Stadium Seat

NCAA Accessories - compact bleachers padded seat

NCAA Accessories – compact bleachers padded seat


Sick of sitting on the butt-numbing bleachers when you get into the actual match? Two remedies for that … don’t go in, just stay at the tailgate party. Or invest in one of these polyester canvas seats which are even useful for extra seating at the tailgate party. It’s a well-designed portable stadium seat in team colors and has a digital print team logo. The padded seat has above average support for your back and you can relax rather than shifting from buttock to buttock through the whole game. It’s tough, light to carry, made to last and you can wipe it clean. It has multiple pockets and folds into an easy-to-carry tote. Polyester canvas. If your backside will fit into a space 17″ x 15″ x 3″ then this is for you. Very inexpensive for the many years of comfort they provide.

Picnic Time Picnic Time Collegiate Reclining Ventura Seat

Picnic Time Picnic Time Collegiate Reclining Ventura Seat

Picnic Time Picnic Time Collegiate Reclining Ventura Seat

NCAA Accessories - Ventura padded Recliner seat

NCAA Accessories – Ventura padded Recliner seat

Here’s a different version which folds into a space of 20 Inches x 2 Inches x 32 Inches. It has 6 recline positions and the steel frame x 300-D polyester combo means it is built to last. I can think of many uses for this. Suits home-gating as well as you can line these up on a low garden wall around the BBQ area for a heap of inexpensive and easily stashed extra seating. Or take it to the beach. Very comfy. Oh of course, officially licensed.   Note that if you are over 175 pounds it may not fit you and you may want to lay off the mac’n’cheese this season if you want one of these comfy little beauties.

NCAA Metallic Travel Tumbler

NCAA Accessories - Travel mug with team logos

NCAA Accessories – Travel mug with team logos

This NCAA branded stainless steel tumbler is well made. Heavy and steady. Not likely to tip over. Great with hot or cold drinks from beer to water to hot coffee but wash by hand so that the color is still vibrant down the track. Dishwashing machines can ruin these printed logos. As usual, follow the links to find your team logo.

Florida State University FSU Seminoles College Football Oyo Mini Figure Lego Compatible NCAA Licensed

OYO Mini Lego compatible figurine

OYO Mini Lego compatible figurine

This is an Oyo Sports Toy Mini Figure which is not LEGO but is compatible. These are great party favors. At present there are only 21 NCAA teams represented but check them out well before you hit that finalize purchase button. Oyo Figures measure almost 1 3/4″ tall. Each package includes the player, football, helmet and facemask, water bottle, football cap, rectangular stand, and a unique OYO DNA number. My gut tells me they will be the new collectible. They are really charming and are great for decorating the bar with too. SO what if kids love ‘em??? That’s just a side effect. The unique ball design snaps onto the figurine’s hand and allows your OYO to grip and throw. Your mini player can cool down with the attached water bottle after making the great play. Knees and elbows swivel and bend. Each OYO comes with a stand, so that you can collect and display on any flat surface. Or, snap your stand onto a building block grid and build your own NCAA (or other conference) scenes! Super cheap so you can buy a heap! 


NCAA Oregon State Beavers Mascot Bobblehead

NCAA Accessories - Mascot Bobblehead

NCAA Accessories – Mascot Bobblehead

OK, where would life be without an appropriate bobblehead? These are great, you can find most teams represented and they add to the fun of the tailgate party, homegate party, man-cave or sporting themed BBQ. Check for your team but most are represented. Note that they are made in China these days so delivery can be a little slow so stock up at the start of the season and get those decorations and novelties in place in a timely manner.

Most of all, no matter what conference(s) you support, the more branding for your team, the more singing of team songs, wearing of team gear and saluting of team mascots, the better your day will be. Oh and a few cheer-leader moves are just great at the end of the day after the imbibing of chilled amber fluid from a finely tuned kegerator has occurred!

Tailgate party on!