Happy New Year AKA ‘National Bloody Mary Day’ – Make a Bloody Mary Smoker Style

They tell us that Jan, 1 is actually National Bloody Mary Day so here’s a recipe with a twist. It uses a smoker and some great flavors.

There’s no better bloody mary recipe than the smoked version adapted from one on Steve Raichlen’s site.  It’s great to use your smoker if you have one already or use this recipe as an excise to go out and buy one.  They have dropped a lot in price since being released.

But before you go, check out the items you need to make this amazing (and healthy) drink that will kick start your Jan. 1 like no other.

The Smoking Gun

The Smoking Gun

A hand-held Smoker such as The Smoking Gun is essential and you will find heaps of ways to get the maximum use out of this great gadget from smoking meats, whole meals, salmon and trout, ice-cream to peaches and everything in between:

Tall glass rimmed with your fave rimmer eg. Demitri’s Rim Shot 

Demitri's Bacon Rim Shot

Demitri’s Bacon Rim Shot

Demitri’s has other flavors as well so a bit of experimenting is advised. They all go well.

Fill a tall glass with ice and the juice of a lime, 1 teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce, a dash or 5 of Frank’s Original Red Hot

Frank's Original RedHot

Frank’s Original RedHot

or Sriracha



and a teaspoon of prepared horseradish.

Strain the prepared cocktail mix into a pitcher BEFORE adding the vodka and apply the Smoking Gun. Pour back over the ice and proceed with the vodka.

Fill the glass half-way with vodka and then top up with 50% Clamato and 50% a quality tomato juice.  Taste and adjust seasonings -maybe add some freshly ground black pepper.

Garnish with a crisp celery top that doubles as a swizzle stick. Accompany this with a tray of nibbles such as Polish sausages or other smoked meats, salami, sharp cheeses,

Breakfast for one on Tailgate Party Day ? !!