Three Cheers For The Red Solo Cup: A Design Miracle!

Did you know that the lines on a red solo cup are actually measurements?  A learned friend told me this just today and I was happy indeed to know this piece of information.  You see, it means that a whole lot of thought went into this item that most of us just throw away.  We should revere it!

Line one =1 oz and is for spirits/liquor

Line two = 5 oz and is for wine

Line three = 12 oz and is for beer

The makers (Solo) say yes, they are pretty spot on, but really, they were not intended as legal standard measurements ie. for arguing your DUI.

And really, who stops pouring beer at the 12 oz line when foaming coldies are way better when you can sip them right from the brim of the cup?

And you can buy 240 of them for less than $20!  Wow!  An engineering miracle, worthy of a design prize.