Tailgate Party Games: Frisbeer

Who really knows what the origin of the popular tailgate party game Frisbeer is?  People love to claim it as their own invention.  One theory is that Beer Frisbee (Frisbeer) is Canadian. Players there were rumored to have used old, sawed off hockey sticks with pucks tapped to them to stand beer bottles on, but this seems like a load of hogwash to me. Since then, variations of the game and rules have emerged in every nation (well, maybe not North Korea or Iran) , wherever people tailgate, get together around a beer or go to have fun. Although Frisbeer has a strong following and is fast gaining popularity, it is still relatively new and is still being formalized with rules and standards. But in fact, it’s a simple process that is the best icebreaker at tailgating events.

Frisbeer is like tee ball with a Frisbee.

Matching cups or empty beer bottles (use the fake ones that don’t shatter) are balanced on top of tees or posts that are roughly 4 feet high (chest height) and hammered into the ground or mounted solidly in stands. By the end of the game, you too will be hammered.

The aim is to throw a Frisbee, one-handed, at the cups or posts from about 25 yards away (1 car space = 10 feet wide on average) . Players stand at the poles, opposite ends.

Each player must have a beer or full cup in the non-throwing hand on every play, thus you are throwing and catching one-handed. The goal is to catch the Frisbee before it touches the ground, or if it hits the post or cup to catch the cup without spillage before it hits the ground.

Players/teams alternate turns throwing one at a time and the non-throwers have to defend their poles by preventing the bottle from hitting the ground, catching the disc and not spilling their beer.  No striking the poles is allowed.

First to 21 hits wins and you get your points like this (or ad-lib your own rules)

Successful bottle hit = win point

Spilled drink = lose point

Successful disc catch = win point

Loser chugs his/her drink.

Winner get to drink his/her drink.

So you see, the point is to get inebriated.  But you’re getting exercise, right?

The Best Frisbeer Equipment

When you are buying Frisbeer equipment, check the following characteristics:

All equipment should be durable – Frisbees and posts get knocked around quite a bit.

Look for a weather-proof set – bits and pieces are sure to be left in the elements if you play it in the yard, and you do need them to be UV resistant.

Discs should be light.  The heavier ones will hurt when they hit you and are much harder to catch one-handed.  The official Frisbee weight is 175 grams but some sets contain discs that are as light as 110grams.

As an option, see if you can track one down that matches your team colors and keep that theme happening.

Easy to set up and easy to store.

Check that poles can be mounted either in the turf, garden or on blacktop or concrete.  There should be an optional tripod system or stands for the poles.

Frisbeer combines elements of virtually all outdoor games and lawn sports. Throwing, catching, strategy, teamwork, offense, and defense are part of every toss in game play. The game can be played with 2 players or 2 teams and teams are way more fun – never thought I’d say this but one on one demands too much drinking even for me and watching some of the nerdy guys for college getting into it – priceless.

Portable Metal Disc Frisbee Golf Goal Set Comes with 6 Discs – By Trademark Innovations

Ideal for Frisbeer, frisbee golf game

Ideal for Frisbeer, frisbee golf game

The set includes 6 Frisbees, stakes for stability and an upper and lower basket.  Easy to transport and put together on site. Good for playing in small spaces.  Designed to play on turf or other soft surface and if you take this tailgating you will need to purchase some tripods for the poles separately.  It is easy to set up and take down.

Poleish Sports Standard Game Set with Soft Surface Spike

Poleish Sports Standard Game Set

Poleish Sports Standard Game Set

The game can be set up in less than a minute.

Suitable for 20, 30 or 40 foot long areas so is equally good for kids and adults.

Contents of the kit are 2 x non-breakable ‘bottles’, 2 x telescoping metal pols for use on sand or turf

Built in scoring system on the pole.

Holders for use on hard surfaces (pavement, gymnasium floor or blacktop).

Has a metal frame which is sturdier than many plastic versions.

The disc is quite hard plastic, however, it is weighted so that it will not fly away in the wind.

Accessories sold separately include a multi-surface base with built-in cup.  If you don’t want to buy that one, you can dummy up a couple of crossed planks and using a hole-cutter of the same size as the poles, make a stand.  But that seems too much work and the stand is not expensive.

Base for above system.

FYI, here’s the base that you can buy for the My Pole-ish game.  Seems pretty good and could be useful for other applications especially on windy days.  You can fill it with water or sand to make it super heavy duty.  Water is quite enough for most tailgate party situations as it would be a drag to be lugging sand to the game.  Just be sure to drain well before you put it back in the car and dry it before storing.  Note that the supplied game bag is big enough to contain 2 of these.  They are shipped free if you buy the game so that is a bonus!  Personally, I prefer to use these than the spikes as digging divots in lawns is just not friendly behavior.

Regent-Halex Tailgate Disc Stix Game

Regent-Halex Tailgate Disc Stix Game

Regent-Halex Tailgate Disc Stix Game

This is a nice idea for a game set, packaged well in its own carry bag, but appears to be way too flimsy to take a Frisbee being thrown at it over and over.  The poles are not sturdy and PVC will bend if too thin but it does come with its own built in stand.

The Best Frisbees / Discs For Throwing

Even just throwing a disc or Frisbee is great tailgate party fun as there are so many variations on ways to play.  Throw, catch, do spins, throw high or play in teams, play Ultimate or disc golf.

You need to check that the disc (Frisbee is a registered name and there are many knock-off versions) is heavy enough to fly but light enough to catch.  If you are swamped with ankle-biters, just get them their own size.  Adult Frisbees are often too rugged for little hands.

Discraft 175 gram Ultra Star Sport Disc (Many Colors) – official disc of the USA 1991

Discraft 175 gram Ultra Star Sport Disc

Discraft 175 gram Ultra Star Sport Disc

Listed among the 31 things all men should own by Esquire Magazine, this is the world standard for the sport of Ultimate.  The USA won the gold, Australia the silver and Canada the Bronze in the 2013 Ultimate Championships in Colombia.  Never heard of it?  What is Ultimate, do I hear?  It’s a game that requires a heck of a lot of space, is like a Frisbee version of soccer and combines fat passes/throws with a heap of running and catching.  At a tailgate party or home-gating, you can play a scaled down version quite successfully and why not go for the pro-discs as they cost less than $10 which makes them extremely affordable for you and your guests.  This model comes in a heap of designs and colors.  It’s 175 grams and the foil color on the discs vary so that you and your guests never need to be confused about which one is in play.  Everyone loves Frisbees, from Dad, Mom to the family dog.  Takes up no space at all, you can make up game rules on the run according to the location of the tailgate event.  Keep one in the car at all times in case you pass an empty football field.

Good for all weathers.

Ergonomcally well balanced and designed.

Simple fun for the tailgate party.

Made in the USA.

High quality.


Innova Blizzard Boss Disc Golf Driver (variable weights)

Best Frisbeer Gear - Innova Championship Disc

Best Frisbeer Gear – Innova Championship Disc

There’s a range of price points for the Innova Blizzard Boss and that’s because it is a high tech version for specific throwers. A super long range, super fast little disc for sidearm or backhand throwers in particularly.  It handles moderate headwinds well because of the design, will float, dependable stability.  Pro and advanced users say that it has a slight high speed turn which helps maximize distance with a predictable fade.

Comes in many colors.

Sturdy engineering and manufacturing makes this a popular item. Doesn’t shatter when you hit a tree or other obstacle.  Ideal for Disc Golf due to the potential precision of its turns and directions.
Weight is 130 grams.

This is also a good substitute disc for any of the frisbees that come as standard in boxed games of Frisbeer as it is lightweight.

Discraft Ultra-Star 175G Ultimate Disc – Eagle Full Color

Best Frisbeer Gear - Discraft Ultimate 175 g disc

Best Frisbeer Gear – Discraft Ultimate 175 g disc

Here’s the ultimate in patriotic discs and yes, it has the word ‘Ultimate’ in its name.  Emblazoned with a eagle, it would have to make you proud to take and use this at a tailgate party.  Good gift for our troops too.

Well manufactured and its graphic alone is worth the price even if you didn’t know that it is ‘official’ 175 grams and therefore, competition standard.  But hey, even though we only want to play at a tailgate party we want something that flies well, is easy to catch and manipulate and good looking and this ticks all those boxes.  Excellent for small spaces as well as on wide open courses and good for throw and catch as well as Frisbeer and Disc Golf.  A very versatile disc.

Enjoy the game and happy tailgating!