Tailgate Party Games: Dizzy Bat

All these years I had  been whittling the top off a wiffle ball bat and using that for this game and now there is a superbly designed bat with the holes in the right place and the ability to hold (and that means ‘chug’) not one, not two but three 12 oz beers.

Dizzy Bat, (also known as Louisville slugger, D-bat, and The Spins) is a tailgate party game par excellence. It’s a fun drinking game for tailgate parties in car-parks as it combines drinking with dizziness and chugging.

Tailgate Party Game - Dizzy Bat

Dizzy Bat

How To Play Dizzy Bat Version 1

You need a bat, some cans of beer, a stopwatch for timing, some good repertoire of drinking chants to encourage the players.

Pour some beers into the hollow bat (you can use a wiffle ball bat and cut the top off but the one above works perfectly).  Keep the empty cans as they will be used in the game.

Players take turns. This is an individual game.

Player in play must chug the contents of the bat while the audience chants.  Someone times the turn.

Working at speed the player then must to 5 spins with his/her head on the top of the bat, and the hand on the ground.  At all times Player must be in contact via his/her head with the bat and the bat must also be on the ground.  (The audience counts down the spins the louder the better – ‘5-4-3-2-1!’.)

At the end of the 5 spins, the ‘pitcher’ takes an empty beer can and crunches it and pitches it to Player.

The Player must hit it with the bat.

If Player misses the pitch, he/she must refill the bat, chug, do the 5 spins and try again.  Any collapsing during the game means instant disqualification.

Dizzy Bat Spin

Dizzy Bat Spinning

The time is recorded and at the end of the round, one person is crowned Dizzy Bat champ.

Dizzy bat is a registered trademark of the company producing bats for the drinking game it got its name from.

How To Play Dizzy Bat Version 2

The Player chugs a full beer out of the holding end of a wiffle ball bat.

While the person is chugging, the surrounding audience counts off in seconds how long it takes for the person to finish the full beer.

The audience cannot stop shouting numbers until the batter turns the bat upside down to prove that every last drop has been consumed.

Then the Player must lean over and spin around forehead placed on the end of the bat for however long it took to finish chugging (in seconds). This could be a very long time!  Or not!

Once the Player has finished spinning, a person designated the pitcher throws the empty beer can and the Player must hit the can with the wiffle ball bat.

If the Player misses the can, they must spin an additional three times and try again to hit it again.

Dizzy Bat Chug

Dizzy Bat Chug

How To Play Dizzy Bat Version 3

“Team Dizzy Bat” requires two even teams with two bats competing against each other in a relay race, with the bats acting as the baton.

Each team splits into two even groups facing each other about fifteen yards apart with both bats starting on the same side.

Instead of the players drinking a full beer from the inside of the wiffle ball bat, they must drink a full beer (can, cup, or bottle) then spin around ten times and run over to their other group passing the bat to next player. Whichever team finishes first is the games winner.

This Dizzy Bat is made with high durable plastic, an easy grip handle and custom air hole for easy venting and fast drinking. It’s excellent for tailgating, and clearly this Dizzy Bat will become a staple game at your parties once you discover this bat.

Note that the longer you take to chug your booze, the more spins you will need to do so speed is important in the game as well as accuracy in the hitting.

The instructions on the package are:

To play fill the Dizzy Bat with the desired amount of liquid (make sure to plug the venting hole). Tip the bat back to your mouth, uncover the venting hole and chug away! Then the game gets fun. The number of seconds it takes you to drink the liquid equals the numbers of spins you need to do so make it quick. Put your forehead to the bat and start spinning (face down)! Once you’ve spun around the required amount of times, try to hit an incoming ball or can thrown by one of your buddies! Pass the bat to the next participant and keep the party going. Dizzy Bat is an awesome way to get everyone involved to have a good time. Dizzy Bat is intended for those of a legal drinking age. Have a good time with Dizzy Bat –  drink responsibly. Don’t drink and drive.

Homemade Dizzy Bat

Here’s the home-made game version.  Participants in the game of Dizzy Bat use any number of plastic, hollowed bats. Players can create their own bat using a standard Wiffle Ball Bat by removing the handle end to create an opening and punching a hole on the bat end to create air flow. Alternatively, players can purchase one of the commercially available bats, such as “The Dizzy Bat”.

32" Wiffle Bat

32″ Wiffle Bat

Nowhere does anyone mention that the bats are food-grade plastic so be aware and don’t chew on the bat just in case.

One day it will be an Olympic sport, mark my words, as you need some pretty awesome hand-to-eye coordination, speed and accuracy, not to mention bladder control to win this game.