Best Novelty Drink Dispensers For The Tailgate Party

Well, heck, your tailgate party needs to be fun, doesn’t it?  Add an element of surprise in the way you serve up those drinks-other-than-beer.  Yeah.  There are some fun novelty drink dispensers on the market so check out these which are great for tailgate partying.

Here are a few ways to make people gasp at your ingenuity.

The Watermelon Keg

The Watermelon Keg

Let’s start with a keg made from the humble watermelon keg (or even a pumpkin).
Here’s how you do it –  The Final Touch Watermelon Keg Tap:

Cut a really neat hole in your pumpkin or watermelon towards the top/back of the fruit and carefully remove the pulp and seeds leaving the pith for stability.  I also cut so that the skin part of the hole is wider in circumference than the pith.  You can then secure the cut hole so that it has minimal leakage.  Attach the bung and tap as per the instructions on your kit.

You can use this novelty drink dispenser for margarita mix (take to the site in a heavy duty baggie with the crushed ice in the mix too if you want), or if you are using a pumpkin for Hallowe’en or Thanksgiving tailgate parties, fill it with eggnog.  Of course, you can fill with non-alcoholic drinks – watermelon, cucumber, iced coffee, cocoa etc. and these are always a hit with the young people. Or just try watermelon beer.

Watermelon beer, anyone?

Watermelon beer, anyone?

The great thing is that at the end of the day, you can just remove the bung for another day, (save that tap, obviously), put the dispenser  in the trash, lightening the load for the trip home.

Now here’s another oddball novelty drink dispenser.
Not 100% effective, but kind of fun at the tailgate party and you can prime it with the alcohol before leaving home.  Looks like a normal bottle of drink so …. I will leave that part to your imagination.

Fizz Saver Refrigerator dispenser for 2 liter bottle

Fizz Saver Refrigerator dispenser for 2 liter bottle

Fizz Saver Refrigerator 2-Liter Soft Drink Dispenser

The Fizz Saver gets mixed reviews but I kinda like the idea.  You can make it more leak proof by using some plumber’s tape (teflon tape) to tighten up the joints.

You can add the tap at the party or you can take it already attached.  Just test for leaks and you will be fine.

I am thinking you could put a tap into almost any oversized fruit or vegetable.  Pineapple is good, large marrows, canteloupes, pomelos.  You could stock each with its own juice for a really cool cocktail bar.

Then there are the Jelly Belly Draft Beer flavored jelly beans:

I can’t imagine why I have never noticed these in the store.  But they certainly seem like a great idea.  Can’t wait to try them.

Beer flavored Jelly beans

Draft Beer flavored Jelly beans

Then there’s a way to dress up your kegerator tap handle.  Such as this delightful dragon … particularly suited to some of those noxious home brews my friend Paul specializes in. From novelty drink dispensers to something for serving dragon’s blood.

Dragon Tap Handle

Dragon Tap Handle

Dragon Tap Handle

Dragon Tap Handle rocks!Of course, the only NFL team you could tailgate for would be the Barcelona Dragons but that’s quite a long way to go.  And you’d need to serve Tapas instead of a grill or mac’n’cheese.

This tap embellishment fits all standard kegerator handles and makes quite a statement about the brew within.  It’s made of strong plastic resin.  I found a range of these, more on a Goth/Hallowe’en theme.

But I digress – back to the drink dispensers.

All right, you asked for it: allow me to introduce …

Little Whizzer Novelty Liquor Dispenser

Little Whizzer Novelty Liquor Dispenser

Little Whizzer Novelty Liquor Dispenser

So here we have the veritable ‘a picture tells a thousand words’ situation.  All I can tell you is that it is battery operated and it is modeled after the famous Manneken Piss fountain.

Has a bit of an issue with squirting too hard and also some motor noise, but it is a cheap fun item for a raunchy tailgate party.

If you’re into Margaritas and have the Benjamins to fund one of these, check out the novelty drink dispenser to end all.

Margaritaville Mixed drink dispenser.

You can churn out the margaritas in an effortless motion, several flavors at a time.

Margaritaville Mixed Drink Dispenser

Margaritaville Mixed Drink Dispenser

This is a remarkable machine, everything at the touch of a button, easily cleaned and maintained and entertaining.  There’s an ‘I feel lucky’ button you can press which chooses the drink and strength for you.  A fun party game.  Theme your drinks in your team colors for an extra buzz.

There are 48 drink options (16 at a time) in this very well made appliance and it is so solid state that even a drunk can operate it.

You can choose which spirit to base drinks on and then put the mixers into the other canisters and it will create your drinks at the press of the button.

Tailgate Party games will be so darn easy with this amazing machine they will be twice the fun and so much less of a bar-tending chore. It’s kind of flamboyant in action, too and will certainly impress your buds.  They’ll want to drink more to see this thing in operation.  Really simple to clean up after the party too. The only disadvantages are that it doesn’t do the frozen margarita for the Ladies. Or the hair of the dog Bloody Mary for my Uncle Peter.

Check it out by following the links as there is quite a bit you can read and get inspired by in the manufacturer’s description.

There are also helpful videos on 

Oh, I can’t believe we just went from a watermelon to a pissing fountain to a professional dispenser in one short article!

But talking about novelty drink dispensers is kinda like that.

Happy tailgating!