Best Kegerator 2017 For Your Tailgate Parties.

What was your New Year’s Resolution? Have you broken it already? ‘Don’t do this, don’t do that’? Here’s one I tailor-made for my tailgate parties and love of kegerators and it has nothing to do with ‘don’t’. Each year I keep it rigidly, never straying off the path of being true to my aim and my friends now have leaped on the bandwagon. Actually, I have two. The first is to find the best kegerator for 2017. Because, without the best kegerator, my second resolution is impossible to stick to:

Drink more beer, drink better beer!

But how do you achieve that without being stony broke? Buy an investment kegerator for your tailgate party, of course. One that is of commercial quality but for home use. We’ve updated our list of the best kegerators : a lot of these are priced really well on Amazon especially in the lead-up to NFL game season and as well, there are discounts at the end of the season as companies clear out last year’s stockpile.

Whether home-brew or off the shelf kegs in different brews, there is no better way to save beer-loving money by indulging your thirst for perfectly chilled malt and hops.

Here’s a tip: I saw on TV the other day that the start AND the end of the NFL year are both great times to buy a higher end commercial quality kegerator. The discounts around are amazing – some are $1000 off original price. There’s massive demand and inventory fills their warehouses. The situation drags on for a few months right through the Holiday season, Rose Bowl and then immediately after, there is a great clearance sale.  In February, for instance, you can start getting ready for the next season and can pick up bargains.

So, with that in mind, and the requirements of tailgate party site in the parking lot as your main criteria for beeriness (and the BBQ area/outdoor kitchen in your yard being second with the man cave as the third), here’s my list of the best of the best kegerators for 2017.

Best Kegerator updated list for 2017

Outdoor Kegerator 2017: Freestanding.

This is the kind of outdoor kegerator that has casters or wheels on it to make transporting easier. That can be home to parking lot or room to room.  Really, all you need to manage is to preserve the integrity of the temperature – keep it low, transport gently to the parking lot where you are having the tailgate party. Wrap it if necessary in a space blanket as well as soft material (flexible insulating foam such as hardwood floor underlay) so that you avoid dings. You can even do a white-trash fix-up and make a fitted cover using duct tape.  Hmmm, maybe in team colors …. Note that supply is limited.

Twin Summit Outdoor Kegerator

Summit freestanding kegerator

Summit freestanding kegerator can be used outside in shade

This versatile, commercial quality stainless steel-constructed and well finished kegerator is by far the best for the parking lot tailgate party. It features a cabinet made of non-corroding 304 grade stainless steel as well as a stainless steel door.

Roll it up onto your truck, pad it up with insulating covers and let the party begin. Note that it already has in its design three levels of weatherproofing but the extra cover would be advised. You can dispense from the back of your truck or roll it down to ground level.

It is suited to half, quarter or pony (mini) kegs and the size is 26 x 23 x 34.5 inches.

The twin draft tower also fits in standard cabinetry with auto-defrost and includes a fan to cool the compressor for built-in applications.

You can convert it to a refrigerator as there are shelves included. But really, who wants to do that? Keep it for dispensing that all-important Amber Food Group.

Be patient with learning the settings and before you dash out to a game with it in tow, run a few kegs through and note the optimum temperature for avoiding too much foam. ALL kegerators have an element of skill included. Read the instructions which come with it and remember that constant temperature is crucial.

There is a stainless steel tray to catch the drips and it is nicely made and finished and a really great accessory to your tailgate party hospitality.

You can easily run this as freestanding OR built-in, but the mobility is what attracted me to this model. They work well out in the field. (Remember to pack the generator – here is one of the gennies of my dreams!)

Honda Quiet Generator

Honda Quiet Generator

What’s In The Package?

Ships complete with all components needed to tap a single keg: CO2 tank, regulator, coupler, beer line, air line, tap, tower, cleaning kit, faucet, and faucet handle (keg not included). You will need extra gear if you are putting in more than one keg and a double or triple tap. (eg. A different draft tower).

Marvel 24 Inch Deluxe Outdoor Draft Beer Dispenser with Easy-Roll Casters & Built-In Drain

Marvel 24" indoor outdoor kegerator

Marvel Kegerator

Well, hey, this had me at ‘Marvel’ and I imagine that this is the superheroes’ choice of kegerator. Superhero or not, I can tell you this is definitely one of the best kegerators you’ll find this year!

Made for mobility, the non-corroding stainless steel Marvel 60HK-SSX-B-LR 24 inch model includes easy-roll casters, stainless steel mug railing and an efficient built-in drain system connected to drip tray for overflow beer. It has a year’s warranty of parts and labor and features a 5 year sealed system which makes it pretty solid state.

It stores half, quarter, or a sixth barrel kegs but when there’s no beer, the unique removable shelf-design converts to a full refrigerator. Yeah, as if that will happen! But in that case, the auto-defrost is really useful.

It is so versatile that it is classed as a portable, freestanding, or built in model suited to a 24″ wide counter top. In that case, you can use the simple height adjustment which levels the legs up to 1 inch to avoid that wobble.

It is designed for the 5lb. CO2 tank and features adjustable temperatures from frosty cold to 52F for dark lagers and ales. Marvel has also created a unique hinge system on its door that ensures that the seal is always reformed to keep beer cold and your energy costs down. No more slamming that door.

Note that if you use two 1/6th barrels, you will require the addition/installation of a double tower.

All the necessary tapping equipment is included: single draft tower, hoses, 5 lb.CO2 tank with its own regulator, and interior floor shield to protect the inside liner.

Height: 33.75″; Width: 23.87″; Depth: 24.5″

It weighs 140 pounds so factor that in to your tailgate party transportation list. Remember that some of the weight of the disposable containers for any beer you carry will offset the cost and size of this unit (except that you are taking it home with you).

Best Outdoor Kegerator 2017: Built-in.

EdgeStar Full Size Triple Tap Built-In Outdoor Kegerator

EdgeStar Full Size Triple Tap Kegerator

EdgeStar Full Size Triple Tap Kegerator

The EdgeStar Triple Tap kegerator is rated for outdoor due to the stainless steel heavy duty construction (cabinet and door which are above standard to resist corrosion). So you can build this kegerator into the outdoor kitchen and not be lying awake imagining it crumbling around your favorite brew. The door is reversible for convenience so that you can build it into an existing kitchen and reverse the swing.

All its parts are solid. The floor is reinforced stainless steel to provide a solid base for full kegs. It also has front ventilation which is another good feature. These built-ins are not good if they only vent from the back as they are often set into a stone/brick/concrete cavity and this causes temperature fluctuations. Cold at night, very hot in the daylight hours. This model has an adjustable thermostat with a temperature range between 32° – 60ºF and cool interior LED lighting. Due to a powerful forced air refrigeration system, cold air is evenly distributed all the way through and around the kegerator to preserve a consistent chilly temperature. This eliminates possible hot spots and guarantees a perfect pour with every pull of its tap. It has an electronic control panel with push buttons and digital temperature display. In addition, the beer tower is air-cooled so that it will not ramp up that foam during the pouring process.

Designed with a professional handle and safety lock, it is controlled by you, Oh Master of the Amber Fluid.

This is a commercial unit but well suited to the home and what I would call an ‘investment kegerator’. Ie. The more beer you drink, the more money you save, PLUS if you take care of it, it will maintain its resale value.

Four (4) casters are included if you want to convert it to a mobile unit.

The usual stainless steel drip tray, glass/mug guard rail and stainless steel top cover are included. Stainless steel cabinet and door; Draft components are included. You can switch out those tap pulls to ones of your choice, team logos, for instance. They just screw on. This one is awesome if you are a Florida Gators fan… But the Kegco Coupler Tap Lever is probably more practical ….

This is what you can fit inside:

  • 1 full size keg, or
  • 1 oversized beveled edge keg, or
  • 1 quarter keg, or
  • 1 slim quarter keg, or
  • up to 3 sixth barrel kegs, or
  • up to 3 Cornelius kegs, or
  • 1 slim quarter w/ 1 sixth barrel keg, or
  • 1 slim quarter w/ 1 Cornelius keg

Dimensions are 34 3/8″ H x 23 13/16″ W x 25 3/8″ D

It’s definitely perfect for an outdoor bar, man-cave say in a converted garage, home-gating,  anywhere you want to build it under a counter but it is also finished off in a way that to use it free-standing is great too.

Included are premium draft components to preserve the clarity of your beer.

1 x 5 lb. Luxfer CO2 tank, 1 x dual-gauge regulator, 3 x D Sankey couplers, 3 x NSF PVC beer lines, 3 x red CO2 lines, 1 x stainless steel triple tap beer tower, 3 x 304 stainless steel faucets, 3 x) black tap handles.

Best Indoor Kegerator 2017

Summit Triple Tap Built-In Kegerator

Summit Kegerator

Summit Kegerator

So you have a man-cave and you want to slot this one in next to your bar fridge. That’s fine. Or you want to roll it into the kitchen. Yep that will work. Whether you want it to be built in on all sides or free-standing, the design of the Summit Triple Tap Indoor Kegerator will accommodate your needs. I note that the feedback is not great, but the company does get back to you for any complaints and have modified their packing and shipping in response to these low ratings. Nevertheless, the Summit is fully finished so can be completely free-standing without looking raw.  It also will hold three Cornelius kegs or two 1/6 kegs. And this kegerator will dispense the contents through its triple tap system which is fully equipped. The chrome tower features three separate faucets which you can configure so that each tap line has a different connection — including various sankey & homebrew couplers.

The Summit kegerator converts to a normal refrigerator and has built in shelves should you want to do this. Flexibility is its strong suit, for sure.

Being able to dispense three different types of beers simultaneously is pure gold. The only caution here, and this is picky, that for the darker ales, the temperature should be warmer, so don’t mix the dark and light kegs if you are a purist.

It does have the option of portability with heavy duty casters. A 5lb. CO2 tank with regulator is part of the kit. There’s an adjustable dial control thermostat which is a bit old-school but reliable and easy to adjust. When it is empty, select the auto defrost and pack away for the non-beer-drinking season. Which doesn’t exist on my calendar.

Slightly larger than most kegerators at 24.9 x 23.6 x 34.5 inches.

It looks like a highly polished and finished black cabinet so makes more of a man-cave statement IMHO than the stainless steel but that’s up to you!


  • 1 x 5 lb CO2 tank and single gauge regulator;
  • 1 x3-faucet chrome beer tower;
  • 3 x draft beer line assemblies
  • 3 x American Sankey “D” style couplers
  • 1 x cleaning kit.

A great indoor kegerator for the home bar!

Here are some handy tips I’ve put together for those who have found their best kegerator for 2017 but don’t know how to use it yet!

When empty, it is recommended that you keep the temperature between 35-38ºF.

When you brew your own beer you are paying less than $0.50/bottle – an affordable 6-pack would cost more than twice as much.

A kegerator saves you around 50% of a normal bottle or can of beer.
Good for the environment. Count up how many individual containers you are replacing!

When you are ‘learning’ the temperature adjustment technique, dispense a jug/pitcher of beer. It may be drinkable. If it isn’t, give it to the Missus for hair shampoo.   Or use it as snail traps in the garden.

No matter what kegerator you buy, I would recommend buying a spare set of beer and CO2 lines.

Bonus Round: Best Wine Dispenser (aka Winerator)

I have noticed at some tailgate parties that the imbibing of wine, particularly among the hipsters, has begun to sneak in. So why  not provide these people with a kegerator of their own? I did some research and… wow, there really is one!

Summit Wine Keg Dispenser – Wine on Tap System

Summit Winerator


Well, who knew that winos would get onto the kegerator bandwagon? This takes those bladder-filled wine casks to another level entirely.

Can’t really vouch for the quality of wine that is kept in this kegerator/winerator/wine keg, but if you are constantly catering for a crowd of wine-drinkers, then this is a great buy, reducing your spend to around $3 a glass. A few cents if you are serving them Two-Buck Chuck. You can buy big containers of wine that fit in this little beauty from wine warehouses and even on line. A deal with a wine company to buy their vintages in carboys and dispense into a keg would be amazing. Consider it a different colored home brew!  They are so hot in this hipster town right now that event producers are buying them and dispensing the wine to their clients with massive markups.

Here are the advantages:

It protects the wine from light and heat.

Keeps a consistent temperature with great ease. White wine storing temperature = 45°F; Red wine storing temperature = 55°F

Saves twenty-six bottles per keg which is around 130 glasses.

The dispensing components have been carefully designed to be wine-friendly (eg. They don’t stain, corrode or impart flavors.

It is equally happy in the dispensing of champagne as it is with red or white wine.

Eliminates wine oxidation so it stays fresh (as in a bladder).

Stainless steel of high quality just as in wineries (Wine Certified 304 stainless steel dispensing hardware components).

It has been designed with barrier tubing and limits vibration which can kill a


Internal dimensions: 28.5″ H x 16.5″ W x 15.5″ D

External dimensions (including the draft tower): 48.5″ H x 20.1″ W x 24.81″ D

Smart, black cabinet.

By eliminating bottles, corks, spunky labels and boxes and by using reusable casks, the use of the Winerator cuts down the amount of waste produced by you and the wine industry big-time.

Easily Convertible to a Kegerator too: Converting this Wine Keg Dispenser to a beer keg dispenser is simple. All you do is either replace the current tank valve or switch the tank itself to a CO2 tank and you are ready to dispense beer.

Buy the kegs for your wine from Key Keg. Buy the wine in bulk in a carboy from your local winery or already in a keg from these suppliers and more are being added as time goes by.

The latest trend is a Kimchee Kegerator.  But I think I will leave that alone. So far, Kimchee has not featured at my tailgate parties.

Samsung Kimchee refrigerator

Samsung Kimchee refrigerator

JUST FOR FUN here’s a link to 100 beer hacks to get you through college.