Great Tailgate Party Ideas: The Top 5 Tailgating Trends Survey

Arguably (and hey, I am not going to contend this), Weber is the über-alles of the grill. And when they start looking into what the latest tailgating trends are then we can all benefit! Looking at the results from the 24th annual Weber GrillWatch™ survey it looks like a great source for the latest and greatest Tailgate Party ideas and accessories! So check out the survey for some interesting observations and admissions from human grillers! Mental note: this is a committee I should be on.

Weber Jumbo Joe Gold Charcoal Grill

Weber Jumbo Joe Gold Charcoal Grill

The Top 5 Essential Items For The Tailgate Party

The top essential items among grill owners for a proper tailgating party are:

  1. A grill (…Duh…) (82 %)
  2. Food (80 %
  3. A cooler (80 %).
  4. Chairs (76 %)
  5. Alcoholic beverages (66 %)

And here’s the stinger:  Only 50% of grill owners believe tickets to the game are must-have items.

65% of respondents opted for a portable BBQ and 29% decide to bring their full-size grill to their tailgating events.

22% of people rank Tailgate Parties as most popular location to grill away from home  (4th most popular grill location) but predictably, Camping gets top spot (44 %), followed by the park (37 %) and the beach (23 %).

Nearly one-half (48 %) of grill owners report they stand their grill on the ground when tailgating or grilling away from home. Nearly one-third (32 %) of respondents bring a table to use as a grill stand, and 17 % use their truck beds.  Note: Health requirements demand minimum 6” above the ground for food, so bear that in mind and invest in an appropriate stand.

According to the survey, tailgating is up this year from 14% of grill owners to 20% and 67% of those party animals say that grilling is always a party activity.

Want to know the top grill food?

  1. Hamburgers = 71%
  2. Hot Dogs = 47%
  3. Brats = 40%
  4. Chicken  = 29%
  5. Steak = 25%.

Tofu ….. errrrrrr.  I couldn’t find the stats on that.

The average budget is $122 for the food and booze at a tailgate party.

Attending the game is secondary to many tailgaters, with 57 % admitting they have attended a tailgate in the past 12 months without going into the game. This number jumped 13 percent from last year. Well heck, given that games involving red cups and beer don’t happen in the bleachers, this is no surprise.

Of course, the survey was conducted by Toluna for Weber – makers of a new range of portable grills and all the accessories to go with them. including the Portable Charcoal Table and the Compact RapidFire® Chimney Starter. Check out these awesome must-have grilling accessories for the Tailgate Party.

Portable Charcoal Table

Weber Portable Charcoal Table

Weber Portable Charcoal Table

Compact RapidFire® Chimney Starter

Weber Compact Rapidfire Chimney Starter

Weber Compact Rapidfire Chimney Starter

For the full survey on the latest tailgating trends with more results and a list of great ideas for the tailgate party, checkout the original survey!