The Best Canopy Chairs For The Tailgate Party

OK – so we all know that the weather is bananas these days. Most parking lots either have freezing weather or the sun is pelting down so hard that you almost could forget the grill and BBQ on the hood of the car. You need shade, shelter and comfort. I have been looking at canopy chairs lately and thought I would pass on to you my findings.  There’s lots of information here as well as the all important list of the best canopy chairs for the Tailgate Party.

My first finding is that they are generally well made and a little more expensive but that you should have them for a while. When making your selection, check how long the warranty lasts. Some are thirty days, others are a year. Some fold really small and others not so much. So I have chosen a small but nice selection of good chairs. There is only one better than this lot and that is reflected in its price. My take on that is that when tailgating, you need something that if it gets hit by a slumping drunk and snaps in two, you won’t have sent so much money on it that you are devastated. Pick the road well-travelled with chairs.

In general, these are a folding chair with the added bonus of a folding canopy that slips into either a separate bag or the canopy itself. You can forget the umbrellas and still have some shade. And really, they are not much more expensive that chairs sans roofs! These are all mid-range cost-wise so it’s really not a great concern if they degrade after a couple of years of beer-soaking, drunken slouching and collapsing. Heck, it’s a small price to pay for fun. The five I have chosen each have specific advantages, such as color range, compactness, large size, price, but all are worth buying. Check them out and ultimately, choose the one that suits your tailgate party style.

The Best Canopy Chairs For The Tailgate Party

Bravo Sports Quik Shade Chair

Quik Shade Fully Adjustable Folding Chair with Carrying Bag

Quik Shade Fully Adjustable Folding Canopy Chair

As well as having the benefits of a shady canopy, this chair has a wide, oversize seat. It hasn’t escaped me that there is more demand for chairs for people who, shall we say, represent the Hippoglottamus genus, being somewhat Rubenesque. Size ‘Big’n’tall’. Hefty. This chair is perfect and has a high capacity and will support more than 200 pounds.

It folds very easily into a compact bag which is the canopy (with a shoulder strap for comfy carrying) and features a patented design which allows the sun shade to be raised, lowered and tilted either side in the flick of a wrist. It is designed to block the sun from any angle and once clicked into position it is held taut. If you don’t need to use the canopy, just push it to the rear of the seat.

The canvas-like fabric is tough and moisture resistant and comfier than vinyl or polyester.
Has dual built in cup holders – one for you, one for a friend. Naaah, one for you, one for you after that.. In the tailgate party, sometimes, you just have to think of yourself.

Available Colors: Blue and Green.

Sport-Brella Recliner Chair

Sport-Brella Recliner Chair

Sport-Brella Recliner Canopy Chair

The Sport Brella has a 3 position recline design with a 3 position swiveling umbrella. You can stash up to 4 drinks in its built-in insulated pocket and there’s also a 12oz snug-fitting cup holder and a zipper pocket for the bottle opener, your hone or headphones (there’s a slit to thread it through). Metallic liner gives UPF 50+ protection. The articulating arm moves the canopy into many different positions to adjust shade and you can move it to the other side of the chair and on the umbrella ends, there are tiny safety tips to protect you from poking yourself in the eye.

It has a built-in footrest. Very simple to flip open or shut and replace in its own bag. You’ll appreciate its reinforcing bands of webbing and the fact that it is a tougher grade of plastic and metal at the heart of its construction. It will last for years. All this toughness does take a bit more space in the car/truck but it’s certainly a comfy chair and after the tailgate party, it doubles as a beach chair.

Rated 250 lbs maximum capacity but there are users who say chunkier sitters are OK as long as they are gentle. Comatose, maybe.

Colors? Orange with smart, grey trim, Midnight Blue and Red.

Brylanehome Camp Chair With Canopy

Brylanehome Camp Chair With Canopy

Brylanehome Camp Chair With Canopy

Continuing our search for a tailgate party chair tailored for the more muscular people in your life, we found this portable, tough-construction canopy chair that caters for people up to 350 pounds (stationary weight – not leaping around). Tailgating can proceed without restraint! It’s sturdy as anything on the market and creates a nice patch of shade.

Made of polyester canvas with a seat width of 22 inches. The metal frame is powder coated. The pull down canopy has zip openers to make two little windows.

Dimensions: 61″Hx34¾”Wx37″D.

The cup holder is awaiting your beverage and you can stash things in the storage pouch that is built into the seat.

Colors: Red and blue.

Kelsyus Premium Canopy Chair

Kelsyus Premium Canopy Chair

Kelsyus Premium Canopy Chair

Kelsys is a good name to watch for in chairs. The Premium is an upgrade from an earlier model and has a terrific canopy that locks at almost endless angles to prevent the sun from blighting your tailgate party.

For your personal tailgate party style, this one ticks a lot of boxes: again, an oversized seat, this one supporting up to 250 pounds, not quite as large as the previous chair but smartly designed. The manufacturers claim that this one is ergonomic design – there’s a rounded front to make it less angular and therefore, should be more comfortable. Parking lots are not known for their tailgate party comfort apart from what you bring with you and this is a good choice. This canopy is large and you can lock it in place either for sun or shade. Cup holder of course! The fabric is 50+ UPF. The canopy slips over the chair to make a bag for ease of packing away after you have finished partying. Again, a shoulder strap makes it simple to carry back to the car. The frame is powder-coated for extra protection. As well, the well-stitched fabric is stylish and has a mesh panel on the back and seat to keep you cool in the heat. Super easy to clean too. (ie. beer washes off easily …).

It’s a fine, stylish looking chair, one of the best aspects is its color range: there are Lime, Navy and Red versions all with cutting edge trendy grey bases made of its cool, comfortable, easily cleaned fabric.

Bravo Sports Shade Chair With Canopy & Carry Case

Bravo Sports Four Seasons Courtyard Shade Chair with Canopy and Carry Case

Bravo Sports Four Seasons Courtyard Shade Chair with Canopy and Carry Case

The Bravo has been ergonomically designed and suits short or tall people equally. It folds up neatly into a small package into its separate carry bag. There’s a shoulder strap. It only takes seconds to erect and you can slip it into your tailgate party kit without it taking up a lot of room. Note that the fabric is sun repellant, 50+ UPF and the canopy can be angled to many angles to create shade where you want it. There’s the normal cup holder (not two on this one).

Note to anyone over 250 pounds: If you are gentle, you can sit in this but don’t slump into it. If you a ‘Big and Tall’ then choose one of the higher rated chairs.

It’s OK but perhaps a little flimsy and that is reflected in its price.

Colors that I could find included red, blue and black.

Yes, there are some more expensive chairs. But, given the rough treatment that most tailgate party folk will give their furniture, I would go for mid-range and replace it a little more often. The key to this is that at the end of the tailgate party, some people (you know who you are) just don’t seem capable of folding and stashing a chair carefully enough to prolong its life. The Kelsys chair is actually a licensed brand of the famed top of the range Renetto Original Canopy chair which is more expensive but comes in a ton of colors.

The five I have chosen are way more affordable versions and I would say are a better deal for tailgating due to the fact that you will be treating them comparatively roughly. (Or is that just me?)

FOOTNOTE: The weight capacity on these chairs is typically around the 200 pounds rate but do I think you could push that higher. Anecdotally, people of 275+ seem to do OK. No reports of any collapses or injuries.

Top 10 Best Beer Keg Dispensers: Kegerator Reviews

A good kegerator is the key to fresh, frosty, tasty beer. You might be more familiar with the term Beer Keg Dispenser but now ‘kegerator’ has become a universal word! A kegerator is basically a fridge, drill, tap, faucet, hose, CO2 tank, CO2 regulator and a detachable keg. While it’s possible for the handyman to build their own, there’s now a huge range of quality, affordable (and some less affordable) beer keg dispensers available for purchase. There are a few places you can get them – but you can also get great bargains on Amazon.

Oh, and it can be spelt ‘kegorator’.  However you spell it, savvy connoisseurs and beer-a-holics claim that there is really nothing to beat draft beer from one of these clever household appliances for taste, foamy head and convenience.

You can improvise your own or buy a flashy looking one that will look very nice in your man-cave or outdoor kitchen and many are small enough to take tailgating and will do the job for a small party.

I’ve looked at a few through my beer goggles and sampled a brewski or two thousand and here are my best picks in no particular order… each has a specific happy drinker.

Note that these are representative of the ‘classes’ of kegerators on the market: compact, free-standing, one-tap – two-tap, three tap, built in, counter-top. While the ones reviewed here all have some negatives, they are the best of what is on the market at present.  Ask any bar server and he/she will tell you that even in the top rung commercial systems, the lines need to stay clean and servicing your machine is something to be done after every tailgate party.  (Sleep off the party, then clean thoroughly).

  1. Kegco K199SS-1 Kegerator Keg Beer Cooler – Single Faucet – D System
Kegco Kegerator Keg Beer Dispenser - Single Faucet

Kegco Kegerator Keg Beer Dispenser – Single Faucet

This Kegco is a solid freestanding appliance that has the pouring station/glass rack at the top.  It runs quietly though be warned that all kegerators give off little pops from time to time.  The company is very big on customer service which is a plus as owning your first one of these can be a bit freaky.

Just read the set up instructions carefully or check out some of our tailgate videos for help with kegerators!

  • The Kegco K199SS-1 Kegerator features a Black Cabinet with a Decorative Stainless Door
  • Includes Commercial Single Gauge Co2 Regulator
  • Commercial Grade D system Lever Handle Keg Tap Coupler
  • 3″ Diameter Chrome Plated Metal Draft Beer Tower
  • Includes a brand new aluminum 5 lb. Aluminum Co2 Tank
  • Quiet
  • Backed by service
  • Two Wired Shelves allow you to easily convert this Single Tap Kegerator into a regular Refrigerator
  • Has a Reversible Door to fit your layout.
  • Keg Cooler Holds up to a Full Size Keg
  • Includes everything needed to operate a Domestic D System Keg Tap Coupler
  • Has castors beneath so you can move it from room to room or your patio.  Would fit into an RV so if your thing is traveling around the nation tailgating as you go, this is for you.
  • Includes everything you need except gas.


  • 3 times as expensive as the low-end but that is relative. May be too ‘high end’ for student tailgating but on the other hand, this will last.
  • As with all kegerators, you need to source a local gas provider.nSo is it better comparative value than the cheap version?  I think it is as many people use this in commercial settings and they take a real beating.  It just looks like a small bar fridge but open the door and there’s room for a small or large keg and the gas bottle.

This Kegco K199SS-1 comes complete with all the necessary Draft Beer equipment you need to pour Fresh Draft Beer straight from your keg. Included with the Kegco K199SS-1 Kegerator is a 5lb Aluminum Co2 Tank, a Single Gauge Regulator, a Sankey Keg Coupler, and a 15″ Chrome Plated Metal Draft Beer Tower that will impress any Beer Aficionado. The Single Gauge Regulator measures Pounds Per Square Inch (PSI), features a Safety Blow Off at 55-65 PSI, and comes with a flow control inlet nipple filter as well as a permanent Quad-Ring Inlet Seal. The Sankey Keg Coupler is designed to fit most of your favorite Domestic beer kegs.

Note: The lightweight, 5lb Aluminum Co2 Tank is the preferred size of many brewers. It is shipped empty and does not come filled. You will need to get your Co2 Tank–for your Kegerator–filled locally. When filled, the 5 lb tank is good for approximately 5-6 full size kegs.

TIP: Coors Kegs will not fit into this Kegerator.

TIP: Most beer distributors and gas companies will only exchange Co2 bottles, (your empty plus a cost for the gas for their full one) so you can save bucks on the purchase by not getting the tank if there is nowhere near you that fills your own tank.  Stores that specialise in equipment including Fire Extinguishers will fill them up for about ⅓ the cost – cheaper in the long run to own your own tank.
TIP: Please check with your bottle shop to make sure the keg will fit.  The ones I have visited have a chart in the keg area.  Take your model number and specs with you.

MSRP = $803.13
Check Price on Amazon

2. KRUPS and HEINEKEN B100 BeerTender with Heineken Draught Keg technology

Krups and Keineken Beer Tender Kegerator

Krups and Keineken Beer Tender Kegerator

Of all the counter-top models on the market, the Krups and Heineken B100 reviews best as the preferred entry level machine.  Get a few months of practice and build your capacity to use this at tailgate parties before attempting to buy the others.  It is like the training wheels of the Keg Dispenser world: once you have mastered the basics, you will eventually need an upgrade.

It’s officially limited to Heineken and Newcastle beer which for some is a problem but read on to learn about a hack that broadens the range of beers you can put through it.


  • Maintains beer at the ideal temperature of 37.4 degrees F
  • Engineered to work exclusively with Heineken, Heineken Premium Light and Newcastle Brown Ale
  • Ultra quiet and efficient Peltier cooling system provides constant and consistent cooling of the keg
  • DraughtKeg and Beertender keep beer fresh for 30 days after tapping
  • Unit measures 21-Inch L by 12-Inch W by 18-Inch H; Comes with 5 draught tubes
  • Super compact and fits on kitchen counter top next to the espresso machine.
  • Can take it with you if you have a powered tailgate party site.
  • Cheap to run.
  • Can take advantage of the keg specials at your BevMo or other booze store.

Though the B100 is designed for Heineken and Newcastle beers you can hook up this Tap Conversion Kit which allows you to use any other 5-Liter mini kegs. This may void the warranty but at this price it seems worth the risk.


  • Not even intended for other beers. Specifically for the beers named on the box.
  • Very lightweight and you can’t use it to do a keg-stand.  Hmmm. That will rule out my Nana-Marjorie’s party-trick from now on.
  • Need to pre-chill the keg at least 10 hours before putting it in.
  • Some people say it dies after 12 months. Oops, just out of warranty.  Well, that seems to be the way with toasters, kettles etc. these days so think about extended warranty if that is offered.
  • Tubes are proprietary and are a little pricey.

TIP: To extend the life of the product, keep it clean and dry after use and avoid a build up of condensation beneath it.
TIP: Think about extended warranty or some kind of insurance to protect it beyond the life of your tailgate season.

MSRP = $149.99
Check Price on Amazon

3. Kegerator Beer Keg Fridge

Nostalgia Kegerator Black Draft Beer Dispenser

Nostalgia Kegerator Black Draft Beer Dispenser

The sleek black KRS2100 Kegerator Beer Keg Fridge is very smart for the man-cave or on the go (if you have access to power) wherever fine tailgate parties are held.


  • Full-size single-tap refrigerated beer dispenser
  • Accommodates 1 full- or pony-size keg or 2 5-gallon kegs
  • Keeps beer carbonated for weeks; chrome guardrail; 4 durable casters
  • Empty CO2 bottle included
  • Measures 20-2/7 by 26 by 32 inches; 90-day limited warranty. (about the size of a bar/dorm fridge)
  • Holds one full size 1/2 barrel keg, one 1/4 barrel pony size keg or two 5-gallon D system kegs
  • Keg coupler fits D system valves and does not fit non-standard keg sizes
  • Adjustable thermostat with interior temperature range of unit is 30-40 degrees F
  • Includes empty 2.5-pound CO2 bottle, double meter regulator and drip tray
  • Spring loaded beer tapper
  • Approved for commercial and household use
  • Four swivel casters make it mobile enough to roll around the car-park, patio, man-cave, clubhouse, BBQ, pool area or anywhere powered where you want to get the tailgate party started.
  • Black finish looks really cool.The fridge features a semi-gloss black tap tower with spring loaded, top-mounted tapper.
  • A chrome guard-rail and drip tray finishes the look of the durable black counter top.
  • The included 2.5-pound Co2 bottle (supplied empty – you need to fill it) is good for about four 15-gallon kegs.
  • This product is ideal for home brewers, tailgaters, RVs, and party animals as well as people who just can’t get enough beer on tap AND small businesses, such as professional tailgate party caterers.
  • The Double Regulator works the CO2 Tank and measures PSI (pounds per square inch), as well as the volume of the CO2 gas in the Cylinder. Set Output Pressure Gauge between 8-12 PSI for a nice, frothy head.


  • Specs do say it is for indoor use only, but I have seen these used in tents, RVs, trailers and other outdoor catered events. Keep it out of the sun and rain.
  • The kegerator is designed to be freestanding and should not be placed in a built-in or recessed area. This may limit where you can install it (eg. in your tailgating party bus!) The following dimensions are recommended for clearances around the kegerator: Sides 3/4″ (19 mm) Back 1″ (25 mm)
  • Heavy: Kegerator unit weight: 77.6 lbs.
  • Not cheap.  But then, you get what you pay for so the extra cost may keep it running all the way through your college years.

The kegerator comes with a 2.5 lb. CO2 bottle, which should be able to dispense four 15 gallon kegs of beer
Kegerator capacity: 4.6 cu. ft.
Kegerator unit dimensions: L 20.25″ x W 25.75″ x H 48.50″
Single faucet

TIP: The tank is supplied EMPTY so if you are considering this model, do some research and find your local Co2 dealer.
TIP:   Keep track of the amount of CO2 in the tank or adjust pressure with the included double meter regulator.  That way you won’t run out in the middle of a tailgate party.  It is quite a luxury to buy a backup tank but if you think you will need one, then it is better than being beerless.

MSRP   = $499.99
Check price on Amazon

4. Nostalgia Electrics KRS-6100SS Kegerator Double Tap Beer Keg Fridge

Nostalgia Double Tap Stainless Steel Kegerator

Nostalgia Double Tap Stainless Steel Kegerator

This is fundamentally the TWO TAP version of the above model with similar specifications. For the generous tailgate host who wants to provide variety in the beer offerings, say, a dark and light ale. It seems like a good ‘middle of the road’ appliance, not really a commercial quality but could easily be used in a small enterprise or by someone whose tailgate parties are awesome.

Holds the following keg sizes: Up to two 1/6 barrel (5.23-Gallon) kegs, one 1/4 barrel short (7-3/4-gallon) keg, one 1/4 barrel slim (7-3/4) keg or one ½ barrel (15 ½  gallon keg)

Stainless steel with black finish and 6.0-cubic feet of interior space (can be used as a standard fridge.

Includes two American Sankey “D” double tap systems, double meter regulator and 2-1/2-pound Co2 tank (unfilled) 13-Inch chrome beer tower and and guardrail with a removable stainless steel drip tray.

Adjustable thermostat.


  • Two taps
  • Holds 3 kegs (5 gallons)
  • Doesn’t suck too much electricity
  • Design is pleasant
  • Excellent range of temperatures (approx. 33-40 degrees F.)
  • Good quality dual gauge regulator.
  • Consistent delivery and service of beer.


  • Like others, I would prefer a 5 lb. tank. It’s too hard to change tanks in the middle of a tailgate party.
  • The black plastic on the top is disappointing and not really solid.
  • The drip tray is not ‘fixed’ but just sits there.
  • Castors seem a little light for such a heavy item but so far no problem.
  • Some feedback has commented on the beer and gas lines being inferior and you can change these to a more solid version and you cans pimp up the faucets as well.

MSRP = $699.99
Check Price on Amazon

5. EdgeStar Deluxe Mini Kegerator & Draft Beer Dispenser

Mini Kegerator Refrigerator & Draft Beer Dispenser

Mini Kegerator Refrigerator & Draft Beer Dispenser

This is supposed to suit certain home brew kegs in addition to the Heineken and Newcastle and some others so make sure you check sizes carefully.  Reports are that it is very limited in the beers that fit it.   It is a ‘mini’ so don’t expect too much.


  • Small and lightweight.
  • Dimensions: 15inches h x 15inches w x 13inches dAC and DC compatible with DC adaptor cord included for easy portability
  • Temperature Range: 38-54 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Accepts Heineken 5 liter Draughtkegs
  • Capacity: 1 standard 5L mini keg
  • This model has been on the market since 2008 and without modification and has sold well due to its compact size and slick look.
  • Nice little gift.
  • It is small and comparatively light weight at 29 pounds (heck, even I can lift a couple of these singlehanded) and if you have a powered site for your tailgating party, this is a great feature and will save you a lot of other beer-toting space on the day. You can even buy a couple and fill them with different beers in the range that fit.


  • Not very sturdy. It has the appearance of a kitchen appliance rather than a solid state commercial gadget.
  • They appear to have an expiry date of around a year and are expensive to mend (if that is possible).
  • The hoses tend to clog up with gunk from the beer and this can be affected by bacteria.  Some even need cleaning after every use. ••• (see below)
  • Tricky to use and to maintain until you get the hang of it.  Keep on testing! (Oh, that’s probably a PRO).
  • Do not shake the kegerator while travelling and be sure to keep it cold and out of the sun, or you will find that your beer can be 50% foam or more after tapping. Even the non-pre-pressurized kegs have a high pressure when first opened. Try turning off the Co2 completely for the first few serves, then gradually increase the Co2 flow of Co2 by opening the valve.  As the level of beer in the keg decreases, the foam problem will also decrease.
  • Add-ons and maintenance can be expensive (cleaning, new hoses)
  • Only used for Heineken, Heinken Lite and Newcastle Brown Ale. Limiting.

MSRP = $399
Check price on Amazon

6. T-fal VB2158 BeerTender Home Beer-Tap System

T-fal BeerTender Home Beer Mini Kegerator

T-fal BeerTender Home Beer Mini Kegerator


  • Ready indicator light ensure ideal drinking temperature.
  • Removable stainless steel drip tray.
  • Detachable pouring spout for easy cleaning.
  • Detachable tap handle.
  • Lighted On/Off button
  • Weighs only around 16 pounds so is a bit of a lightweight in the kegerator range and has been around for ten years or so, still selling well, no doubt for Father’s Day, wedding gifts and the emerging man cave phenom.
  • It is a simple design with limited gadgetry (eg. no digital display or clock but you can sacrifice this for the savings on models that are fully pimped out).


  • Its major problem was that it was limited to the Heineken size and Newcastle Brown Ale but the brewers promised to change this and if you ask at your booze retailer, most have a list of alternative beers that will fit.
  •  This is an entry level appliance and probably not for the heavy users.
  • It is not really made to last which is reflected in its low price.  It gets progressively noisier and then will eventually fail altogether and replacing it is cheaper than getting it mended due to the high cost of parts.
  • Price wise, this size keg is no cheaper than bottles or cans but obviously the fresh draft is way smoother and tastier once you master the technique of tapping it.
  • If you enjoy your experience, then next time, invest in one of the sturdier, larger and made-to-last models.

TIP: take your kegerator specs with you when you are shopping for beer.

TIP: Don’t forget to budget for your tubes on top of the keg cost. You can re-use these – sadly they are sealed in such a way that cleaning them is impossible but it’s worth a try!

MSRP   = $149.99
Check Price on Amazon

7. Haier HBF05EBSS Draft Beer Dispenser

Haier Draft Beer Dispenser

Haier Draft Beer Dispenser


  • Complete American Sankey Tap System that Holds 1/2, 1/4 & Mini Barrel Kegs.
  • Adjustable Thermostat .
  • Chrome Beer Tower & Guardrail, so you won’t fall off when you are doing your keg stand.
  • Heavy Duty Worktop & CabinetDecorative Stainless Steel Door with Black Cabinet.
  • Weight: 106 pounds which is still light enough for you to fit this into your tailgating RV.  Awesome!
  • Door to door shipping but have a friend to help you after that.Whoaaaa, tailgate party rehearsal! 5 gallons of beer to rehearse with.
  • Holds 5 gallons.
  • Takes many sizes and types of kegs.
  • Easy setup but before doing so, check all parts are there according to the instructions.
  • If you don’t like reading instructions, ask your mother to come and help.
  • High quality engineering but noted some reports of problems.
  • Once setup, it will keep the keg perfectly chilled and pressurized for many hours.  Sadly, I haven’t been able to test this as no kegs have lasted beyond tailgate party time.
  • Beer as good as in a brew pub.
  • A quiet unit to operate when it is new – this may change after months of operation (eg. like any appliance).
  • It is one of the few Kegerators that can fit a Coors Light 1/2 barrel keg.
  • The C02 tank is inside the fridge. Most other models it is on the outside which makes you unable to push it flush against the wall.


  •  Adjusting the Co2 can be tricky as you don’t want it to be too foamy (Co2 setting too high) so you have to experiment before your tailgate party turns into a foam party. Unless that is your thing. Well, that could be a PRO.
  • Locating a Co2 refiller can be a real drag.  It is annoying to hand over your empty brand new canister and be given a dinged old one (full) back.  Call around and find a REFILLER not an EXCHANGER if you have the time.
  • Haier America has a poor record for customer service.  You need to keep all receipts and shipping info and email these with any requests for service.  You’ll be lucky to get a response in 2 days.  When they call, be very assertive and put a deadline on the service requirement. They will then respond.  Their repair service has been run from overseas call centers.
  • Unit may have been redesigned since the manuals have been printed.  Do a bit of a Google search to check this before assembling your kegerator.  I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to order, install and test before your tailgate party!
  • Some have reported a short life for the compressor costing a heap to fix. Insure it and save money.
  • Others have had problems with the castors which have not been solidly welded and are of poor quality.  But guaranteed for a year so do a spot check after each use and contact the company for longer service life.
  • Temperature needs careful monitoring and must be accurate for correct foam proportion. Some have reported that this is a challenge.
  • Different beers have different types of couplers.  You may not know this and get the wrong one for your preferred beer.
  • Compressors that leak have been reported.
  • Screws are flimsy and mismatched in the restrainer for the C02 tank.  You can work around this if you install it with care.  Also don’t bother to install the restrainer if you are not planning to move the unit or take this with you on your tailgate car park-based party.

TIP: Check all screws and washers periodically to avoid any loosening or the possibility of leaks.
TIP: The product has a 1-year warranty for parts and labor, and 5-year for parts only on the sealed system.  This is quite a short time.  My preference would be to get extra cover and check that there is no sneaky  ‘do not operate while drunk’ clause because, well
TIP: Do not put it in the sun.  The temperature setting is too crucial for that.
TIP: Set temperature a day before adding your keg.
TIP: Set it down on a flat surface.  The castors are brake-less and will roll in a sloped area. If you are not tailgating away from home, just remove the castors altogether.

8. Marvel 60HK Triple Faucet Built-In Outdoor Stainless Kegerator

Marvel 60HK Triple Faucet Built-In Outdoor Kegerator

Marvel 60HK Triple Faucet Built-In Outdoor Kegerator

Now we are going a bit more aspirational, and who doesn’t dream of having one of these on the patio?

The reason I am including this triple faucet built-in model is that it would be ideal to install in your barbecue outdoor kitchen for home tailgate parties.  It will withstand the elements as it has a solid stainless steel cabinet. This bad boy ain’t called ‘Marvel’ for nothing!

Imagine your tailgate party at home when you unveil this monster to your buddies!  Three taps, no waiting for your beer, which can be one of several different brews.  Ah well, I can dream.  But seriously, it would be something that a group of friends could invest in.  Just install it at my place, please.


  • THREE taps, yes, three taps.
  • Outdoor Kegerator can be used for built in or freestanding applications
  • Commercial Grade Gauge Co2 Regulator with Air Distributor
  • Holds: 1/2 barrels / Full Size Kegs (15.5gal), 1/4 barrels / Ponies (7.75gal)
  • Stainless Steel Exterior, Stainless Steel Door
  • Includes 3 Ball Lock Homebrew Keg Couplers
  • Domestic and commercial in size and scale.
  • Clear instructions.
  • Range of keg sizes will fit.
  • Solid enough for outdoor installation.
  • Weather proof.


  • High end in price.
  • Not in the least portable.
  • Expensive to run and maintain but the more you drink, the more you will save by using large kegs instead of cans and bottles. Let the tailgating begin so that I can save money!
  • Professional installation recommended.

MSRP = $2659.00

OK, so now you have been to the mountain, come back to earth.  The following may be the only one you can afford.   It is not that it doesn’t work, it is more that you need to handle it with care, set it up and use it gently.

9. Koldfront KBC51SS Deluxe Stainless Steel Kegerator and Draft Beer Mini Dispenser

Koldfront KBC51SS Deluxe Stainless Steel Kegerator and Draft Beer Dispenser, Mini

Koldfront Deluxe Stainless Steel Mini Kegerator and Draft Beer Dispenser

Here’s a very lightweight counter-top model and when you read the specs you will see why it is cheap and light.  It looks like a coffee machine but really doesn’t have the guts to service a large tailgate party.  Thin plastic housing.   This is a long way from being of any commercial use and most tailgate parties need something more heavy duty than this little machine that only serves up 5 liter kegs.


  • Stylish black and stainless steel unit with LED thermostat control capable of maintaining temperature range of 36F – 50F
  • LED display shows internal temperature of your keg to help you dial in your desired serving temperature
  • Designed for 5L, non-pressurized kegs and includes starter CO2 cartridges and taps
  • Includes squeeze bottle cleaning kit to ensure clean, fresh beer lines (Only including it as this is one of the few that has its own cleaning kit).
  • Dimensions: 17 1/3″ H x 10 2/3″ W x 16 1/3″ D; Weight: 13.7 lbs.


  • Some have complained that this has shipped without instruction manuals and the instructions are confusing.
  • Some ‘new’ models were rusty inside suggesting that they were refurbished.
  • Servicing a problem.
  • Noisy fan.
  • Overheats.
  • Leaks.

MSRP                         = $225
Amazon price           = $169

10. Avanti CB350S-IS 1.7-cu.-ft. Portable Party Pub Beer Dispenser

Avanti 1.7-Cubic Foot Beer Dispenser

Avanti 1.7-Cubic Foot Beer Dispenser

This is another entry-level machine, perhaps a notch above some of the others as it is a little bigger.

It does all the same things as other counter top machines – but holds two kegs.

Excellent for tailgating when you have a power source but don’t jiggle it too much en route and make sure to keep it out of the sun.

Compressor cooled.
5 liter kegs.
Compact design.


  • Is more rugged than the smaller models.
  • Will allow you to keep a nearly empty keg in the machine – some other smaller ones will die if you do this and you end up wasting beer.
  • Small enough to take tailgating.
  • Seems good value.
  • Can use a range of kegs. Check the packaging for the latest as manufacturers are responding to demand and expanding the range.


  • Slow to pour due to narrow tube size.
  • Cheap regulator used.
  • Noisy. Don’t keep it near your home theatre.

MSRP               = $235
Check price on Amazon

Kegerator Accessories

A lot of kegerators will come with everything you need to get it going but there are some accessories that assist with cleaning and protecting your investment.

Kleen-Plug Draft Beer Tap Faucet Cap & Brush

A good faucet will keep your kegerator tap clean and the Kleen Plug ensures that no nasty bugs, sediment or yeast will get inside your beer dispenser. Trust me, it keeps the pure taste of the beer – no one wants dirty beverages! You need one for each tap and it is designed to fit both US and European tap sizes. Dimensions: 2 1/4″L x 7/8″W.

San Jamar Kegerator cleaning plug

San Jamar Kegerator cleaning plug

The Tap Soother- Draft Beer Faucet Cap

You need this to keep the ‘wine flies’ from your keg faucet.  This is basically a cheaper version of the Kleen Plug above so the Tap Soother works great as a good backup and is a very low cost preventative measure. You need a plug to prevent yeast and bacteria build-up inside your draught taps and it also prevents sticking of the faucet while blocking out bugs.

KegWorks The Tap Soother Draft Beer Faucet Cap

KegWorks The Tap Soother Draft Beer Faucet Cap

Kegerator Cleaning Kit

Cleaning is essential as beer is a yeasty drink and therefore, attracts bacteria, microbes and germs.  Check out this video on how to clean a kegerator properly. If your Kegerator Cleaning Kit comes with instructions, photocopy the instructions, laminate them or place in plastic pocket and hang near the kegerator when you are cleaning it.

Taprite Kegerator Cleaning Kit

Taprite Kegerator Cleaning Kit

Heineken BT06 BeerTender Tubes, Pack of 6
For all kegerators, you need to buy a set of keg dispenser tubes. Each time you put a new keg in the kegerator, you need to change the tube to retain beer freshness and integrity and these are specifically made for beer keg dispensers.  You can’t really chintz out on these items or you will get a blockage of gunk and bacteria and then the machine will not function and you could even vomit.  Ahhhhh, that’s what causes it.
Don’t forget to purchase it with your machine for free shipping! NOTE:  You need to buy the right sized tubes for your particular machine so be sure to check the instruction manual for specifications or send the question to your vendor.

Heineken BeerTender Tubes

Heineken BeerTender Tubes

Chalkboard Beer Tap Handle for Kegerator
This is a terrific low cost gadget that allows you to write the name of the brew on the little board and identify which is on today’s tailgate party drinking menu.
Nice way to make your setup look pro!  Can’t find any negatives with this little beauty which slips right on the tap.

Chalkboard Beer Tap Handle for Kegerator

Chalkboard Beer Tap Handle for Kegerator

It does come down to budget but the mid-range versions are quite impressive while the small ones are so cheap that it would be worthwhile buying these as gifts for the avid tailgaters in your life.  The Marvel is certainly something to think about when you are re-landscaping and remember the golden rule, with kegs, the more you drink, the more you save!

Happy tailgating!

‘White Trash Fix-up’ for kegerators:
Want to avoid that cost?  Not too fussed about the taste of pure, unadulterated beer?! Re-use the hoses.
Here’s a tutorial.

Tailgate Party Games: Washer Toss

The great thing about washer toss is that you can play it anywhere–you don’t need stakes or a sand pit: just 10 feet of space. Anyone can learn how to play as there really isn’t much to the rules. It just takes some time to develop the technique which is half the fun.

Washer Toss Rules:

Basically, in washer toss, players must toss metal washers toward a hole in a box. There are 3 ways you can play the game which allows for different skill levels: Tub, Flat or Slanted. Increasing or reducing the distance between the boxes controls the level of challenge but the official distance between boxes is 30 feet (which has usually been pre-measured using a string attached to the front of the box).

Pitching is normally done underhand from behind or next to one of the boxes with the aim to toss the washer at the opposite box. The second team to throw can rebut any points (or ‘wash out’) from the first team and add to their total. 3-points for a washer in the cup (a ‘non-rebutted ringer’); 1-point for a non-rebutted washer inside the box. First to 21 wins.

It’s very easy to build your own set but considering you can buy a good quality, lightweight unit for less than $50 it’s probably not worth the hassle, especially since many are made from molded plastic (which I’m assuming most people don’t have the industrial tools to do at home).
Standard Box size for one-hole washers is 16 X 16 X 4 inches. Standard cup is 4.5 inches in diameter & 5 inches high.

aka Washer Pitch, Holeyboard, Portuguese Horshoes, Washers

For: Singles, Doubles, Triples etc.

Equipment Required: 2 x Washer Boxes; Carpet; Pipe; 4 x Washes; scoreboard; drink holder

Look For:

  • High quality, weather-proof game boards (like polypropylene) that resist sun-damage and is water-proof.
  • Quality landing surface which provides grip for the washers and reduces impact noise (like rubber or felt).
  • Stable, well built design that prevents movement during play.
  • Versatility – can it be played Tub (easier, for beginners as you aren’t trying to land it on the surface), Slanted (a fun variation that requires a different technique), Flat (traditional)?
  • Storage, portability (does it fold up and come with a carry-bag?)

 The Best Washer Toss Sets

Washer Toss Premium GoSports

Washer Toss Set – GoSports

GoSports make a bunch of different Washer Toss Games which are all perfect for Tailgate Parties, and most sell  for under $50. They are hand-made with quality materials (like Birchwood) and built for durability and come fully assembled. All the joints are screwed and counter-sunk with trim head screws and they are built for use outdoors. They are regulation 16-inch x 16-inches and include painted washers.  The boxes are hand stained with a clear stain, leaving the grain of the wood visible and meaning that you can custom the washer boxes with your team’s logo. The inside bases are carpeted for friction. The retractable rope handles make it portable and storage is easy with the built in clips. Washer Toss Games include instructions as well. The washers that come with the set are power-coated for durability.

  • Pros: Durable, quality set. Portable. Affordable.
  • Cons: No customized.
Octagon Washer Pitching Washer Toss Horseshoes Game

Octagon Washer Pitching Washer Toss Horseshoes Game

Ohio Games Washer Toss A beautiful Octagonal set from Ohio games with strong build construction and light-weight materials as well as gate-hooks for safe storage and durable rope handles for portability. The wood is sourced from kiln-dried 2x4s and clear stained for weather-proofing. All joints are strengthened with indoor/outdoors glue glue for added durability. The idea behind the octagonal construction is to increase the challenge with you are playing at regulation 30feet. The washer boxes are 15-inch x 15-inches, meaning they are slightly smaller than regulation and require a high amount of skill to use. The washers are not powder-coated: they are yellow and silver zinc which means paint won’t chip and won’t need repainting though they won’t be as durable as other quality powder-coated washers.

  • Pros: Well Built.
  • Cons: Not true regulation 16×16.
Hole Slant Washer Pitching Washer Toss Horseshoes Game

Hole Slant Washer Pitching Washer Toss Horseshoes Game

Ohio Games Slant Washer Toss Another interesting innovation in Washer Toss from Ohio games, the slant-version is fully carpeted measuring 12″x18″ with a 4-inch incline and 4-inch PVC hole. The frame is plywood and parts are glued, nailed as well as stapled for added strength. The wood elements are stained for weather-proofing and the carpet is out-door proof. Slant Washer Toss is more difficult since the washers must land on the playing space which isn’t bordered by walls that will help keep the washers in play. For some this is only possible at 20 feet but more die-hard players can opt for 30 feet playing space.

  • Pros: Well built. More challenge.
  • Cons: Not so portable.
River City Washer Toss

River City Washer Toss

RiverCity Washers Molded Plastic A virtually indestructible Washer Toss set from River City since it’s made out of molded plastic. This means it truly is a weather-proof board but is also light-weight and stackable. The washers that come with the set (4 red and 4 white) are rubber-coated and have added texture for grip. The boards are slant-style and non-regulation 21.5 x 18.5 inches.

  • Pros: Truly weather proof and almost unbreakable. Will last forever.
  • Cons: Not regulation. Expensive.
  • RRP = $94.95
Back Door Sports Ultimate Washer Game

Back Door Sports Ultimate Washer Game

Back Door Sports Ultimate Washer Game A super cool looking Washer Toss set with a great design that enables you to play all three different versions of the game: slant, tub or flat. It’s a nice looking grey & black and made from thick, molded polypropylene so it is truly weather-proof and durable. The landing surface is industrial felt which means good grip for the washers and less clanging as they hit the surface. The legs are made from quality steel and are rubber coated so the set is sturdy and won’t move around during play. The washers are, however, not as durable and long lasting. Lucky these are easily replaced!

  • Pros: Quality materials. Durable and weather-proof. Versatile. Great price.
  • Cons: Washers imperfect.
3 Hole Washer Toss Boards Game

3 Hole Washer Toss Boards Game

Ohio Washer Games 3 Hole Washer Toss Boards This great set has three holes for added difficulty and gameplay. It’s the same quality construction as the other Ohio Washer Games sets with glued, nailed and stapled joints and carpet. This box is also extra-supported with cross-braces. It’s regulation 12-inch x 32-inches and includes rope handles for easy transport though it doesn’t include the string on the front which allows quick measuring of the regulation distance required between the boards.

  • Pros: Well built. Hand made in the USA.
  • Cons: Relatively Expensive (but it’s handmade!)
  • RRP = $69.99
Triumph Sports 2-in-1 3 Hole Bags and Washer Toss Combo

Triumph Sports 2-in-1 3 Hole Bags and Washer Toss Combo

Triumph 2-in-1, 3 Hole Bag Toss & Washer Toss Great little set from Triumph that combines a 3 Hole Washer Toss with a 3 Hole Cornhole. It’s easily converted simply by using a different pitching weapon: bag or washer. The nice thing about the set is the color coded holes which you can use for different point systems. Another great feature is the netting in the holes to catch the washers which many sets seem to be missing for some reason! It’s a very light, portable and packable set and has a really great price as well.

  • Pros: Versatile. Well made.
  • Cons: Not regulation.

2-Hole Washer Toss

2-Hole Rectangle Washer Game is the more challenging version of the single-hole version of washer toss. The 2-hole requires you to pitch the washer into the smaller, 3-inch tube in the rear. The rectangle shape and larger size means that it is easier to play on this set than a regulation set. So it’s great for beginners or younger folk. At the same time, there is more challenge attempting to get the washer into the 2nd hole. Same great construction as all Washer Toss Games sets.

  • Pros: Great construction. Different gameplay.
  • Cons: Not regulation.

2 Hole Octagon Washer Game is an upgraded version of the original washer toss game, with the added challenge of a 3-inch pipe which sits behind the standard 4-inch essentially giving you a smaller space to aim the washers into. The materials and build quality are the same as the standard washer toss game from the same company. Washer Toss Games also have a Single Hole Octagonal version of the set which is cheaper.

  • Pros:Durable, quality set. Portable. Added challenge.
  • Cons: More expensive than the standard set.

The Best Washers For Washer Toss

When you’re playing washer toss it’s perfectly natural for the washers to get chipped and scratched. The best ones should last quite a few games before you have to replace them though and these tend to be powder-coated. Cheaper washers will simply be painted. Always make sure your washers have a consistent weight. It’s when they start to bend that you need to look for some replacements! Or get some in great colors so you can have more players!

River City Pitching Washers For Washer Toss

River City Pitching Washers For Washer Toss

RiverCity Pitching Replacement Washers River City makes some of the best Washer Toss washers around. They’re grade-5 hardened rolled steel with a consistent weight and are powdercoated. They are always regulation 2.5 inches in diameter and come in all sorts of colors: yellow, orange, blue, white, pink, purple. As a bonus they are shipped to you in a collectible storage tin which also includes instructions.
RRP = $18.95 for 8 (in 2 colors)

Washer Toss Tips:

  • Learn how to hold the washer correctly. The right grip is your first step to a good toss.
  • To achieve correct grip, wrap your pointer finger and thumb around the washer’s edge. Rest your middle finger underneath to hold it in place during the toss.
  • When you toss the washer, the best technique produces a steady flight where the washer doesn’t wobble.
  • Correct pitching/tossing is achieved by keeping the movement of your arm on a straight plane toward the washer box.
  • When you release the washer, do so from the hip area and make keeping a straight arm movement and following through toward the target. The pointer finger should be the last digit to touch the washer as you release.
  • The angle of the washer during your toss affects how the washer lands on the washer toss box. Pitching it from a more horizontal plane will cause the washer to move more on landing than if you were holding it on a more vertical plane. A steeper, vertical angle will cause the washer to stop dead, or ‘sit’, when it hits the washer box.

I hope these washer toss tips help you! Leave a comment below if you have any tips for washer toss gameplay of your own or if you have any great tailgate party experiences playing the game that you’d like to share!

Tailgate Party Games: Ladder Toss

Ladder Toss Rules:

Ladder Toss (or Testicle Toss as it’s known as in some parts) is played by throwing two balls connected by a string (a ‘bola’) at a ladder with three rungs. Each rung has a different point value (usually 1, 2 and 3 from top to bottom). The awesome thing about ladder toss is that you can play either offensively (by aiming to get the highest points in a round) or defensively (by knocking your opponent’s bolas off the ladder).

Ladder Toss combines skill with luck since you often don’t know what’s going to happen to the bola as it’s spinning around the ladders. So it tends to be a very evenly matched game no matter who the opponent since bolas can be knocked off, fall off or bounce up into the ladder for a winning shot.

The first to 21 points is the winner.

aka Ladder Ball, Football Toss, Balls Awesome, Hillbilly Golf, Testicle Toss, Ghetto Golf, Dog Balls, Lasso Golf, Dangle Ball, Sling Nuts.

For: Singles (but you can have more than just two teams if you have more Bolas)

Equipment Required: Two ladders, 6 bolas, scoreboard, drink holder.

Look For:

  • Robust sets made from thick PVC (or similar materials).
  • Look for Bolas that have weight and can bounce (real golf balls as opposed to foam) – you want to be able to play bounce shots.
  • The more colors of Bolas you have, the more people can play!
  • Bolas made from rubber hurt less when they hit you…
  • Portability and easy set-up is important.

The Best Ladder Toss Sets

GoSports Premium Ladder Toss Game with 6 Bolos and Carrying Case

GoSports Premium Ladder Toss Game with 6 Bolos and Carrying Case

Go Pong Premium Ladder Toss Game The Go Pong Premium Ladder Toss set is the best set on the market by far. It’s a complete set with weather proof targets, 6 Bolas (3 red, 3 blue) a zip up carry case, as well as instructions. It’s very well designed for super quick set-up (many of the joints are pre-glued) and is a very robust set with 2.5mm PVC so the targets can withstand any strength of toss. The bolas are also really robust, being made from real golf balls connected by high density woven nylon that ensure they will securely wrap around the targets. This is a set that can withstand a lot of wear and tear and will last for years.

  • Pros: Very sturdy. High Quality. Weather-proof. Easy Set-Up. Portable.
  • Cons: No Cons!
Ladder Golf Double Tournament Game with 2 Sets of Bolas

Ladder Golf Double Tournament Game with 2 Sets of Bolas

Official Ladder Golf Double Ladder Ball Game A beautiful Ladder Toss set made of solid hardwood with brass hardware and durable unbreakable rungs–it’s designed to last a lifetime. Assembly is relatively easy due to the over-sized 1 piece knobs. Each set of bolas is made of real golf balls with unique brass inserts and joined with premium nylon rope. It’s an expensive set, but it’s also a very classy one.

  • Pros: Very nice looking set. Virtually unbreakable. Robust. Quality.
  • Cons: Expensive


Franklin Golf Toss Game

Franklin Golf Toss Tailgate Party Game

Franklin Sports Golf Toss Game A very affordable and reasonable quality set that includes a messenger-style carry bag for convenient portability. The targets are made from PVC and the bolas connected with rope. The set isn’t designed for the die-hard Ladder Toss player; it’s designed for those who need something portable to bring to the Tailgate Party that sits in the trunk, ready to dust off and quickly set up for a few games.

  • Pros: Includes everything you need. Portable. Affordable.
  • Cons: Not great quality. Not as robust as other sets.
Blongo Ball Complete Ladder Toss Game Set

Blongo Ball Complete Ladder Toss Game Set

Blongo Ball Complete Game Set This is a patented version of Ladder Toss designed by Mike Long. It has become one of the most popular sets because it’s high quality, USA built. The rungs are made from thick plastic and the bolas are real golf balls. If you play on grass the set includes a stake which you can pin the targets into the ground with for added sturdiness. It’s not as robust as the Go Pong but it’s a fine set for the recreational player.

  • Pros: Sturdy. Complete set. Quality PVC.
  • Cons: The joints aren’t glued.

    Triumph Sports Trio Toss - Ladder Toss, Bag Toss, and Washer Toss

    Triumph Sports Trio Toss – Ladder Toss, Bag Toss, and Washer Toss

Triumph Sports Trio Toss, Bag Toss / Ladder Toss / Washer Toss This is a great set and a fantastic idea. Three-in-one Ladder Toss, Washer Toss and Cornhole! Definitely not for the tailgate game purists but fantastic for the recreational players who need something portable and versatile that can satisfy the gaming tastes of several people at the tailgate party. It’s surprisingly well-built with sturdy bases that won’t get knocked over during play. It’s very easy to set up and equally easy to take apart for storage (the pieces velcro together for a tight, secure fit)

  • Pros: 3 games in 1. Sturdy. Portable. Value for money.
  • Cons: Not regulation.
Maranda Enterprises Metal Ladderball Game

Maranda Enterprises Metal Ladderball Game

Maranda Enterprises Metal Ladderball Game One of the only Ladder Toss sets made of metal instead of plastic, the Maranda is very robust and won’t fall apart. Bolas are included in the set but are made of soft plastic for safety. Also included are instructions and a canvas carry bag. It’s very easy to set up and would definitely be worth getting a pair of golf-ball bolas for more bounce.

  • Pros: Robust construction. Steel ladders won’t fall apart. Carry bag.
  • Cons: Soft plastic bolas.

Ladder Toss Bolas

Remember, the more bolas you have, the more people can play! It’s definitely best to get bolas that have some bounce since it adds another element of skill (or randomness) to the game. Golf balls are usually best but these hurt if they hit you so some companies sell bouncy rubber bolas.

Ladder Golf Bola Set

Ladder Golf Bola Set

Ladder Golf Bolas If you are looking for a spare set of Ladder Toss Bolas for extra players, or as a replacement for lost/broken bolas then the best company is Ladder Golf. They sell a large variety of different colored bolas like pink, silver, blue, purple, red, green, black, yellow, white and orange so pick your favorite color! Every player can have their own set. These are real golf balls with specially designed brass inserts and tied with premium nylon rope.

Maranda Enterprises 6 Pack Ladderball Bolas

Maranda Enterprises 6 Pack Ladderball Bolas

Maranda Enterprises 6 Pack Ladderball Bolas These are high quality, durable bolas made for safety. They are designed to have a similar feel to golf-balls but at the end of the day, they aren’t regulation golf-balls. They are, however, great quality, and a good replacement set.

Tailgate Party Games: Beer Pong

Beer Pong Rules:

Beer Pong isn’t just a mash up of ping pong, darts and basketball. It’s a mashup of ping pong, darts and basketball with copious drinking of beer. It’s also a game that you can play with up to 8 people (who all get to drink beer). So, after you’ve drunk some beers, fill up a few plastic cups (with beer) – doesn’t matter how many cups, as long as they are arranged in a triangle (usually six). Each player (or team) takes turns to shoot or bounce ping-pong balls into their opponent’s cup who then has to drink the contents of the cup. The empty cup then goes back into the triangle and if you land a ball into that empty cup, you must drink one of your cups of beer. The first player (or team) to eliminate the other team’s cups wins. Oh, and you might want to grab a copy of The Book of Beer Pong: The Official Guide To The Sport of Champions before you start playing.

aka Beirut, Throw Pong

Equipment Required: 1 x Regulation size Beer Pong Table (8′ x 2′ x 27.5″); Six, ten (or more) 16-US-fluid-ounce (470ml) disposable plastic cups (eg. red Solo cups) – the best ones to use have ridges for precise measurement of beer – plus a cup per team (for rinsing the ball with water); 38mm or 40mm ping pong balls; Racks (Freezable ones are better – keeps the beer cool!), Beer (light beer is recommended if you are planning several games and I’ve heard that sometimes…shudder… root beer is used…)

For: Singles; Doubles, Triples, Quads – etc.

The Best Beer Pong Tables

Look for:

  • Portability: Does the table fold up and pack away? Easy to store?
  • Is it easy to set up?
  • Regulation dimensions? Regulation balls?
  • Can the table be customised with your team logo?
  • Durable? Weather-proof? Warp-Proof?
  • Easy to clean?
  • Is the table surface quality good? Melamine coated?
  • Light weight?
  • Some come with a bottle opener.
Go Pong 8-Foot Portable Folding Beer Pong Table

Go Pong 8-Foot Beer Pong Table

Go Pong 8-Foot Portable Folding Beer Pong Table Go Pong make some of the best quality Beer Pong tables on the market. They are made to regulation specifications and are also available in 6-Foot length. Both versions are very sturdy with a high-strength aluminum frame and a waterproof melamine MDF surface. The table surface gives an even and true bounce and the whole set folds neatly up into the size of a small briefcase for easy transportation. Though 8-foot is regulation length, the 6-foot version tends to be easier and makes the games go faster.

  • Pros: Regulation. Solid construction. Portable. Compact. Easy to clean.
  • Cons: Not as sturdy as more bulky tables.
  • RRP: 8 Foot, $89.99 – ($81.57 on Amazon); 6-Foot, $74.89
Go Pong Pro 8 Feet Premium Beer Pong Table (36-Inch)

Go Pong Pro (36-Inch)

Go Pong Pro 8 Feet Premium Beer Pong Table (36-Inch) Go Pong’s professional table with a more solid construction and elevated playing surface increased to 36-inches. A lot of people prefer playing at this height since regulation Beer Pong tables tend to be knee-high for many. The Go Pong Pro is taller, more solid and much more handsome than most Beer Pong tables with a thicker, black power-coated aluminum frame with center scissor legs. Even with the bulked up feature the table can still fold up for compact storage.

  • Pros: Very solid construction. 36 inches. Cool looking table. Portable.
  • Cons: Not regulation.
  • RRP: $199.99
Red Cup Pong Football Table

Red Cup Pong Football Table

Football & NBA Sports Tailgate Beer Pong Table w/ Bottle Opener, Ball Rack, & 6 Pong Balls Red Cup Pong make high quality, sports themed Beer Pong tables for NFL, MLB and NBA tailgating fans. These tables have a unique design and, as an added bonus, features a stainless steel bottle cap opener attached to the table, a ball rack, 6 custom balls as well as a ping pong ball holder. Basically everything you need for Beer Pong apart from the beer! It’s regulation, 8-foot and has a durable, hard surface that’s easy to clean. It’s also easy to store and portable since it folds up and has carrying handles. There is a Football themed Beer Pong Table; a Sports Themed; NBA themed amongst many more.

  • Pros: Good construction. Light and portable. Good price. Nice print.
  • Cons: Not the most solid Beer Pong table out there.
  • RRP:$89.99 (as low as $76.99 on Amazon)
Bpong Tailgate Beer Pong Table

Bpong Splatter Edition

Bpong Tailgate Table Splatter Edition BPong make some great tables with regulation dimensions and solid construction. It’s easy to clean, lightweight and portable with a fold-up mechanism. Above all, the designs are unique and very cool

  • Pros: Unique design. Solid. Good construction. Easy to clean. Portable.
  • Cons: A little more expensive than others.
  • RRP: $199.99
The Pong Squad Beer Pong Table With Predrilled Cup Holes

The Pong Squad Pre-drilled

The Pong Squad Beer Pong Table With Predrilled Cup Holes The Pong Squad is another big name in the Tailgate Party Game scene with their very solid construction and unique designs. Along with NFL-themed and NBA-themed Beer Pong tables they have blank-canvas tables that can easily be customized with a decal. The most important feature though – and the one that makes them stand out from other Beer Pong Table manufacturers is the pre-drilled holes designed for easy re-racking as well as prevention from cup knock over when swiping at a bounced ball as well as being perfect for outdoor use on a windy day. It’s regulation sized but folds down to 2x2ft for easy storage.

  • Pros: A high-end, quality table. Unique designs. Portable. Easy storage. Easy set up. Sturdy construction.
  • Cons: More expensive than some of the other tables.
  • RRP: $125-$135
Beer Pong Portable Table Top Game

Portable Table Top Beer Pong

Beer Pong Portable Table Top Fabric Set The answer to our prayers! This portable table-top set is made from an ultra-portable fabric that sits on top of any table. It’s regulation game size and even includes the Beer Pong cups and balls. Perfect for road trips, spontaneous house parties, or smaller spaces. It’s a fantastic idea since you can set up a Beer Pong game on almost any table, at any time, in any situation.

  • Pros: Ultra Portable. A complete set.
  • Cons: Not for purists.
  • RRP: $24.99

Beer Pong Cups, Balls & Racks and more!

Now that you have your table in order you are going to need some Beer Pong cups, Beer Pong balls and a Beer Pong rack. Here are the best ones along with a bonus list of must-have Beer Pong accessories. Ok, they’re not all ‘must have’ but some are down-right funny and you’ve gotta see them!

PRO Quality Beer Pong Balls

PRO Quality Beer Pong Balls

PRO Quality Beer Pong Balls Not All balls are created equal! Have you ever bought cheap convenience store pong balls and wondered why your game was off? No you didn’t magically lose your edge over night, chances are you where playing with cheap pong balls. Worry no more! These PRO pong balls are regulation size and provide the correct amount of bounce and fly needed to pinpoint your beer pong accuracy. These balls are filled with pressurized Hydrogen, not air like cheap balls, giving these Pro balls awesome flight and better air time so you can float the ball right to it’s target (Hydrogen is lighter then air). Each ball comes complete with a pong themed decoration that adds to the fun! This set comes with 6 premium quality Pro grade competition style Beer Pong Balls.

  • Pros: Hydrogen Filled. Professional Grade.
  • Cons: Designs may not suit everyone.
  • RRP: $9.99
Beer Pong Ball Sack MySack Ultra-Suede Regulation

Beer Pong Ball Sack

Beer Pong Ball Sack MySack Ultra-Suede Regulation If you’ve got no balls, you’ve got no game. MySack is an ultra-suede beer pong ball holder, stuffed with 2 regulation size ping pong balls. Attaches to belt loop via convenient clip.

  • Pros: Somewhere safe to keep your balls.
  • Cons: Cons? There aren’t any cons!
  • RRP: $15.95

Reusable Beer Pong Cup Set

Reusable Beer Pong Cup Set

Reusable Beer Pong Cup Set Use the beer pong cup designed to improve your game. Made with practicality and purpose in mind, these reusable pong cups have the same size opening as a standard party cup with a unique wide base to prevent them from tipping over or sliding off the table mid-game. Four fill lines let you know exactly how much to pour and distinctly separate the “freshmen” from the “seniors”. Great for your Beirut game and tons of other drinking games (like flip cup), they’re made from translucent plastic so you can clearly see exactly how much beer is in each cup and make sure every contest is fair. In stock and ready to ship. Features: Made of sturdy translucent plastic (you’ll never hear “is there any beer in that cup?” again). Made specifically for beer pong. Equipped with 4 fill line levels to accommodate everyone from beginners to the pros. Unique design has a wide base to prevent cups from tipping over. Great for many other drinking games including flip cup. 100% dishwasher safe (place cups on the top shelf of dishwasher). Specs: Dimensions: 4.9″H x 3.9″ Diameter (top) and 2.9″ Diameter (bottom). Due to the cup’s wide base, they do not fit into most specialty inflatable tables or racks. Includes: (20) Red Beer Pong Cups. (2) Black Water Cups.

  • Pros: Reusable. Sturdy. Designed for Beer Pong.
  • Cons: Not regulation sized (wider base)
  • RRP: $30.20
Beer Pong Party Pack Pong Star Beer Pong Kit

Pong Star Beer Pong Kit

Beer Pong Party Pack Pong Star Beer Pong Kit A complete set with everything you need except the Beer Pong table! Includes: 20 Playing Cups 4 Seamless Pong Balls 2 Non Slip Mats 2 Wash Cups Pen & Players List Game Instructions

  • Pros: Complete Set
  • Cons: Not the highest quality
  • RRP: $18.99 – ($12.99 on Amazon)
Go Pong N-Ice Rack Freezable Beer Pong Rack Set

Go Pong N-Ice Rack

Go Pong N-Ice Rack Freezable Beer Pong Rack Set, Includes 2-Racks, 3-Balls and Rules  The days of tossing warm beer at the end of games are over! This genius is a rack, cup holder and cooler in one. Simply fill up each rack with water and freeze to keep your drinks cold for hours. Rack system also keep cups from sliding or spilling!

  • Pros: Keeps beer cool. Keep cups from spilling.
  • Cons: Awkward to fill.
  • RRP: $20.77
Beer Pong Champion - Trophy Award

Beer Pong Champion Trophy

Beer Pong Champion – Trophy Award It might be a bit of overkill but it would be hard to not buy this for the serious Beer Pong player. Or, maybe that’s for the not-so-serious player. Either way it would be a perfect finale to an awesome match.

  • Pros: I don’t think we need to talk about pros and cons here…
  • Cons:
  • RRP: $39.50
The Book of Beer Pong

The Book of Beer Pong

The Book of Beer Pong: The Official Guide to the Sport of Champions This is the book you need to study before playing the game. It’s not only useful to have around while you’re playing as a reference for the rules but it’s also hilarious. The creators of,, and the Official Bombed Beer Pong Kit have written the first and only guide to the worldwide craze. Featuring everything from basic etiquette to expert techniques, tactics for smack talk, cutting-edge ball grips and flight paths, and tips for hosting a tournament, this invaluable tome will make anyone a champion of this burgeoning sport. So, drink up and game on!

  • RRP: $15.95 – ($11.64 on Amazon)
Beer Pong Champion Bottle Opener Belt Buckle

Beer Pong Champion Bottle Opener Belt Buckle

Beer Pong Champion Bottle Opener Belt Buckle Need I say more? It’s a Beer Pong Champion bottle opener AND Belt Buckle. That’s right: A belt buckle that also is a bottle opener. And it’s got “Beer Pong Champ” written on it! Definitely a great gift or prize for the tournament.

  • RRP: $8.63
Official Beer Pong Drinking Glove

Official Beer Pong Drinking Glove

Official Beer Pong Drinking Glove Sometimes what seems to be the least important purchase you will make in your lifetime becomes the best thing you ever did. This Master Crafted glove will add +1 to all your throws!  Sometimes, just a little helps make the difference between an embarrasing fumble and a fairly sober night of absolute victory, so put on this glove and queue the victory fanfare!

  • RRP: $7.99 ($3.99 on Amazon)
Beer Pong Champion Embroidered Iron On Patch

Beer Pong Champion Patch

Beer Pong Champion Embroidered Iron On Patch So it turns out you DO need your Mom’s help with Beer Pong. Cos who else is going to sew or iron on this patch when you are crowned Beer Pong Champion?

Last Cup: Road to the World Series of Beer Pong

Last Cup DVD

Last Cup: Road to the World Series of Beer Pong Hey, Beer Pong is not just always about the Beer – sometimes it’s about the Pong too. Or, more specifically the competitiveness of the game. This film really captures the true spirit of the nature of tailgate games and how they can move beyond simple drinking games to something with more meaning.  “Last Cup” chronicles America’s wooziest subculture and the quest to conquer the fun and frothy sport of competitive beer pong. Experienced beer pong practitioners from across the US meet in Nevada for the second annual World Series of Beer Pong where the team with the sharpest accuracy (and highest tolerance) stands to walk away with $20,000. LAST CUP hilariously cuts through the drunken revelry and sets its cameras on four very different and talented teams, culminating in a sobering, nail-biter of a conclusion.

And, to finish up, here are some great Beer Pong Posters for around the house, your dorm or to pin up while you’re playing.

Beer Pong Art Poster

Beer Pong Art Poster

 The Wonderful World of Beer Pong College Poster

Wonderful World of Beer Pong

The Beer Pong Constitution

The Beer Pong Constitution

Beer Pong House Rules

Beer Pong House Rules

Beer Pong Tips:

Want to know how to be a great beer pong player? Then these tips are for you.

  • Like most ball sports, it’s all in the wrist! Good wrist action is key to good beer pong.
  • Find the right grip, using a single digit (either pointer or middle) and the thumb. Don’t hold the beer pong ball in your fist!
  • Follow through on the shot and use your legs like you would when throwing a free throw in basketball.
  • A large arc improves the chances that the beer pong ball will stay in the cup. Throwing in a flat line rarely leads to a point.
  • Don’t try for random shots. Pick a cup, aim your shot and then focus on hitting that one cup. If you miss, there’s still a chance you could hit one of the other targets.
  • Be consistent with your technique. Learn from your mistakes as well as your victories. Beer Pong is like any other sport: practice and consistency make good players.
  • Know your limits when drinking alcohol. You won’t play beer pong very well when drunk. Don’t drink before you play.
  • As with everything you can take the game of beer pong very seriously and practice before the game. This will definitely give you the advantage. Then again, being relaxed on the day of the big game and simply turning up and throwing a few balls might get you a better result. Remember, it’s just a game!


Tailgate Party Games: Cornhole

Cornhole is the staple game of any great tailgate party and probably the most popular. Like all great tailgate games, Cornhole was designed so that you can play while still holding a beer in one hand–which is not surprising considering the game was said to have been invented by 14th Century Germans and developed by farmers in Kentucky. Even Native Americans played a version of Cornhole and, as further research suggests, they played it with the Cornhole bag in one hand and with a maize-beer in the other.

Cornhole Rules:

Cornhole is super easy to learn and very fun. Two raised rectangular boards, each with a hole on the far end (the ‘cornhole’), are placed 27 feet apart (there should be 33 feet from hole to hole. Players take turns to toss bean bags towards the opposing board, scoring 3 points if the bag lands in the hole and 1 point if the bag lands on the platform. Points are calculated using a negation scoring method. eg. if Player A has 3 bags on the Cornhole board and Player B has 1 bag on the board then Player A would receive 2 points for the frame.
The first player to 21 wins.

Cornhole can be played as singles or doubles. In singles, after the players pitch a frame they walk to the opposing Cornhole board and pitch back to the board where they started. In doubles, teammates stand across from each other on the same side of their respective boards.
Despite what many think, there is no rule dictating the manner in which you toss the bag: overhand is just as legitimate as an underhand toss (though much harder to control for accuracy)

Cornhole: aka Tailgate Toss, Bean bag toss, corn toss, bag, bags.

Tips for the Cornhole player:

  • work on your grip to ensure it’s not too loose or too firm. Keep the thumb in the center.
  • lead with the foot opposite to your pitching hand
  • learn different pitching techniques such as ‘the pancake’ or ‘horizontal spin’
  • always ensure you have a beer in the non-throwing hand in order to balance yourself for the pitch.

Equipment: Two boards; 4 bags, scoreboard, drink holder.

The Best Cornhole Boards

Since Cornhole is the most popular tailgate party game there are many great boards available. It’s definitely possible to make your own and I’d recommend doing so if you’re handy with a lathe. For those of us who aren’t, here’s a list of the best Cornhole Boards and Bags money can buy as well as some awesome variations and the accessories you will need to play the game in style.

What to look for in a Cornhole Board:

  • Watch out for boards with an inconsistent surface.
  • The board must be sturdy and solid.
  • You want a board that gives true bounce and has just the right balance between grip and polished smoothness for the perfect slide.
  • There is a big difference between regulation Cornhole Boards and those not built to standard.
  • Rounded edges help prevent tearing to the Cornhole bags.
  • Portability is a plus. At minimum you want a board with folding legs.
  • Durable and weather-proof so you can play in all conditions, outdoors and indoors.

Regulation Cornhole Boards

Natural Cornhole Board

Natural Cornhole Board

Natural Cornhole Boards by BestCornBags For those who appreciate natural wood grain or want to customize their Cornhole Board this beautiful piece of American craftmanship is built to ACA standard with quality materials and is sanded to an ultra smooth finish. This type of board works perfectly for those who want to paint or decal their team colors onto it as it’s essentially a blank canvas. This board is solid and built to last.

  • Pros: High quality materials. Durable. Can be customized.
  • Cons: No carry bag. Not a complete package.
  • RRP: $110
The Baggo Cornhole Board

The Baggo Cornhole

The Baggo Cornhole Board – Officially Licenced NCAA Team Logos Said to be the best Cornhole Boards available these are backed up by a lifetime warranty. Made of very durable and weather-proof plastic this is a complete set that comes with two official Baggo NCAA logo game boards, eight official bean bags in your teams colors, 10 page color instruction booklet, wall mounting bracket (for storage & display), built-in scorekeepers, and distance regulator. BAGGO packs into itself & carries like a suitcase making it the most portable game on the market. It’s hard to look past this great set.

  • Pros: Complete set. High quality. Weather proof. Lifetime warranty.
  • Cons: Non-traditional plastic is more slippery a surface than most wood boards.
  • RRP: $144.95 – ($119.95 on Amazon)
Go Pong CornHole PRO

Go Pong CornHole PRO

Go Pong CornHole PRO Regulation Size Bean Bag Toss Game Set (Black) This is a great set for anyone who just wants the complete package with no fuss. You get two regulation sized Cornhole Boards, 8 regulation weight bean bags, a carrying case plus a set of rules. These Cornhole boards are designed to be portable and fold in half for storage and have fold-out legs. They are lightweight but sturdy with a waterproof MDF surface and an aluminum frame.

  • Pros: Lightweight. Durable. Portable. A complete set.
  • Cons: The Cornhole Bags aren’t durable and are filled with sand rather than corn.
  • RRP:  $129.99 – ($123.85 on Amazon)
Driveway Games All Weather White Cornhole

Driveway Games Cornhole

Driveway Games All Weather Cornhole A very durable, regulation Cornhole set designed to be truly all-weather being injection-molded plastic and will likely still be in perfect condition next century. Don’t turn your nose up at the choice of materials though – this set still provides a decent slide and is as good as all but the most expensive wooden Cornhole boards. The Driveway is cleverly designed for portability and storage with clips to lock it and carry handles (there is even space to store the Cornhole bags within the folded board. As a white board it can be customized using your own decal (though most decals won’t adhere to the plastic as they may on other materials).

  • Pros: All weather. Will last forever. Can take it anywhere. Lightweight. Easy to store. Customizable.
  • Cons: Non-traditional plastic
  • RRP: $94.99
Tailgate 360 Cornhole Set

Tailgate 360 Cornhole Set Tailgate 360 Cornhole Set

Tailgate 360 Cornhole Set Tailgate 360 makes regulation Cornhole Sets that are extremely lightweight and portable with folding design, carry handles as well as score counters on the boards. They are good looking boards with durable construction designed for use on both flat and uneven surfaces.

  • Pros: Lightweight. Portable. Everything you need in the set. Score counter on the board.
  • Cons: Not as sturdy as more expensive sets (but also not as bulky).
  • RRP: $69.99


Non-Regulation Cornhole Boards

Corn Toss Junior Cornhole

Corn Toss Junior

Corn Toss Junior It may be small but it’s no light-weight. This little set isn’t just for the kids–the smaller size makes it a lot more portable, easier to store and means you can play indoors. It’s handmade from plywood with a gloss finish to accentuate the grain and all the joints are counter-screwed for a super strong fit. Or you could customize the board with your favorite team using paint or decals. The set is easy to fold up and store, comes with retractable rope handles and lock-in safety hooks. The set also comes with 8 cornhole bags and instructions on how to play the game. If you are buying this for your kids, you might consider adhering to the ACA recommendation for the distance between Cornhole boards for juniors to be 21 feet (rather than the traditional 27 feet).

  • Pros: Quality Build. Complete set. Customizable.
  • Cons: Not regulation size.
  • RRP: $87.95 – ($59.95 on Amazon)
Mainstreet Micro Cornhole Toss

Mainstreet Micro

Mainstreet Classics Micro Bag Toss Unlike the Corn Toss Junior set, the Mainstreet Micro is designed for kids. Everything is miniature: the boards and the bags. It’s a solid build and basically a smaller version of a regulation set so definitely recommended for young children who want to learn the all-American game of Cornhole but don’t have the strength to play with heavier bags. It’s also a good set for indoors but there is only so high you can toss a Cornhole bag when there’s a roof over your head.

  • Pros: Good set for kids. Well built. Complete set. Cheap price.
  • Cons: Small – not recommended as a substitute for a regulation set.
  • RRP: $35.99 – ($33.61 on Amazon)
Mattel Toss Across Cornhole Alternative

Mattel Toss Across

Mattel Toss Across This is a fun alternative to the traditional Cornhole Board where the object is to be the first player or team to turn up three symbols in a row. Basically tic-tac-toe meets Cornhole! It’s a very lightweight, plastic set which is definitely indoors only.

  • Pros: Fun alternative. Cheap price. Good for kids.
  • Cons: Not true Cornhole. Not for outdoors.
  • RRP: $19.99

The Best Cornhole Bags

Tip: Before you buy your Cornhole bags, be sure that the they are regulation size (6″x6″) and weight (16 oz/1lb)

What to look for in a Cornhole Bag:

  • Tournament grade with regulation size and weight.
  • High quality, heavy cloth like Duck Cloth
  • High quality filling like Whole Feed Corn or regulation plastic pellets
  • Strong stitching.
The Baggo Replacement Cornhole Bean Bags

The Baggo Cornhole Bags

The Baggo Replacement Bean Bags – Officially Licenced Team Logos You don’t really have to look much further than Baggo for your replacement Cornhole Bean Bags. These are Officially licensed bean bags and are very durable being constructed of a heavy duty Poplin blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton with an all-purpose, dual duty, extra-strength thread.  The bags are surged on three sides and then reversed out.   The bags are filled with 9.5oz of treated unpopped popcorn for good weight and feel.

  • RRP: $19.99


Victory Tailgate Cornhole Bags

Victory Tailgate Cornhole Bags

Victory Tailgate Cornhole Bags Victory Tailgate Cornhole bags are the real deal with regulation weight, size and shape. They are made of quality duck cloth and double stitched at the seams. Unlike many of the other brands, Victory Tailgate Cornhole bags are filled with whole corn kernels and made to the standards of the ACA. Made in the USA.

  • RRP: $27.99


Becca Sports Cornhole Bags

Becca Sports Cornhole Bags

Becca Sports Cornhole Bags Another great American company who produces quality crafted Cornhole Bags. These are made to last with strong stitching and 12 oz duck cloth. They are regulation size and weight being filled with whole feed corn. Becca Sports also offers a one year guarantee on all of their bags and they come in many different color combinations.

  • RRP: $28.99


Cornhole Games Cornhole Bags

Cornhole Games

Cornhole Games Cornhole BagsCornhole games produce great bean bags that are ACA regulation size and weight and come in a variety of colors. They guarantee their bags with a 30 day money back guarantee being made of heavy cloth, real feed corn and very strong stitching. They have many different color combinations such as yellow, burgundy, black, green, turquoise, orange, brown, grey.

  • RRP: $19.89


Cornhole Games Waterproof Cornhole Bags

Waterproof Cornhole Bags

Cornhole Games Waterproof Cornhole Bags Perfect for the outdoors these weather proof Cornhole Bags by Cornhole Games are regulation size and weight as defined by the standards of the ACA. But, unlike other Cornhole bags, if they get wet, simply leave them out to dry. Instead of a corn filling they are filled with poly-resin beads. They won’t mold, rot and get eaten by animals or bugs. There are many color combinations to choose from.

  • RRP: $28.99


Victory Beer Print Cornhole Bags

Victory Beer Print Cornhole Bags

Victory Beer Print Cornhole Bags

Victory Beer Print Cornhole Bags

Victory Beer Print Cornhole Bags For the beer lover! These are more than just a gimmick though. The Victory Cornhole Bags are tournament-grade with ACA regulation size and weight. They are made of quality heavy duty cloth material, double stitched and filled with whole kernel corn. Oh, and did I mention they HAVE A BEER PRINT ON THEM!?

  • RRP: $29.98


The Best Cornhole Scoreboards

Not all Cornhole boards come with a score counter built-in. And you definitely need an independent, reliable score-keeper after you’ve knocked back a few beers. Look no further: here are the best scoreboards for keeping score for your Cornhole game.

Scorzie - Cornhole koozie that keeps score


Scorzie – The koozie that keeps score Possibly man’s greatest invention… Scorzie is a scorekeeping beverage holder designed for tailgate games that go up to 21 points. Featuring two scoring rings that click into place and a foam lined koozie, the Scorzie is a scoreboard and beverage holder all in one! These are always a great hit at tailgate parties and the ideal gift. Just make sure you keep your eye on your Scorzie though since they tend to disappear if you leave them lying around.

  • RRP: $17.99 – ($11.39 on Amazon)


Scoring King Portable Scoreboard

Scoring King

Scoring King Portable Scoreboard A very robust, weather proof and nice looking scoreboard with an incorporated beverage holder the Scoring King Scoreboard is over 5 feet tall and only weights 4lbs. The counter goes up to 21 which make it perfect for most tailgate games including Cornhole. It even has a built in bottle opener located under the scoreboard! It can be pushed into the ground or placed into the optional tripod stand for hard surfaces. The scoreboard easily removes so that the beverage holder can be used anytime. The Scoring King doesn’t require any assembly. It’s made of welded steel and then powder coated with a very durable weather resistant black powder coated finish. With two supports it is the  strongest scoreboard for outdoor gaming on the market. It is designed to be left outside in any weather condition. 100% MADE IN THE U.S.A.!

  • RRP: $49.95 – ($35.95 on Amazon)


Cornhole Overlay Magnetic Scoreboard

Cornhole Magnetic Scoreboard

Cornhole Overlay Magnetic Scoreboard The perfect scoreboard add-on for the Cornhole board that doesn’t come with its own scoreboard, this one attaches via powerful neodymium magnets. It’s super easy to install and will ensure that the integrity of your game will always be maintained no matter how much you’ve been drinking.

  • RRP = $21.99 = ($16.99 on Amazon)

Cornhole Tips:

  • When throwing the cornhole, make sure you use the right technique and you know how to control the distribution of weight (see below for cornhole throwing techniques).
  • Playing on a softer surface like grass or sand leads to less bounce, making the game easier. You can simulate this on asphalt by putting a few towels under the legs of the cornhole board.
  • Keep the cornhole boards at the right level to ensure the bags slide at the correct pace.
  • Adjust the distance between cornhole boards to increase or decrease difficultly of play.
  • More arc in the toss means less slide.
  • Cornhole bags will slide more in dry conditions. Some players like this because it helps them get it in the hole. Others don’t since the bag is more likely to slide off the boards. Spray water on the bags to create drag.
  • Most tailgaters are going to be playing cornhole in all weather conditions. Make sure you get a cornhole set that can withstand UV, rain, hail and a lot of abuse.
  • Remember to keep a cold beer on your non-throwing arm.

Cornhole Throwing Technique:

Choose and master a throwing style that suits you. There are several different ways you can throw a cornhole toss bag and they all respond differently to physics, but should all lead to the same result: a high score.

  • Fold Over: For beginners, start with the basic Fold Over throw: fold the bag in half with an even fill on both halves, then toss underhand. This will allow you to refine the perfect arc and distance.
  • Softball Pitch: As you improve you can try a softball pitching style which is exactly like a softball pitch except the grip in which you should hold the cornhole bag flat against your palm with the thumb on the opposite side, directly in the middle, with an even spread of filling throughout the bag.
  • The Double: Holding the bag by one of the corners and emptying all the fill into the opposing corner. Fold the empty corners diagonally, tucking them into you palm and then toss the cornhole bag underhand.
  • The Sling: Pinch one corner of the cornhole bag and then ‘sling’ it towards the board with an underhand toss creating backspin. This can create a very accurate dead-stop throw with less slide.
  • The Fling-a-Ding: The same as the ‘Sling’ except that you hold the cornhole bag by the edge rather than the corner.
  • The Pancake: Also known as the ‘frisbee’ because of the throwing motion which is exactly as you would throw a frisbee, but holding the cornhole bag with the same pinching technique as in the sling toss.
  • The Basketball Shot: Also known as the ‘jump shot’ you take a shot just like you would if shooting a 3 pointer in basketball.
  • Overhand: Similar to a baseball throw and most often used for extreme, long-distance cornhole toss. It is generally less accurate than an underhand toss but great for getting distance and velocity.



Top 10 Best Tailgate Grills For The Tailgate Party

If you’re the type of man who believes salad is what food eats then this post is for you! Grilling is the soul of a good tailgate party and no tailgater is complete without a good quality, portable grill. So here is a review of the best tailgate grills for your tailgate party.

Remember, no one can get fired up about the game without first having fired up the grill – and eaten enough meat to make our paleolithic ancestors proud.

You can’t just take any grill or BBQ to a tailgate party. When tailgating you need something that’s portable, reliable, robust and, most importantly, grills to perfection. It’s also essential to balance cost since not everyone can afford the latest Weber Q Portable, so this list includes affordable (but still high quality) options for those on a budget.

So here you have, in no particular order,

The Top 10 Best Tailgate Grills For The Tailgate Party.

Coleman Roadtrip Grill

Coleman Roadtrip Grill

1. The Coleman Road Trip LX Grill  Coleman is the most familiar brand at every tailgate party (as well as most outdoor events, picnics, camping sites etc). And there is good reason: it’s a quality brand with products designed specifically for an outdoor American lifestyle. This grill is perfect for tailgating due to its portability (it’s collapsible with detachable side tables) and rugged build. The Coleman Road Trip Grill has two fully adjustable 20,000 BTU burners with an aluminium grate and griddle and has the versatility to allow for mix-and-match cooking surfaces (grill, griddle, stove). I’m a big fan of the hibachi grills but the Coleman will win you over with its clever design and neat features like the side tables, quick setup, independent burners, utensil storage hooks, removable grease pan and easy push button ignition. The grills are porcelain coated with brushed stainless-steel table inserts making it much easier to clean than others. The Coleman Road Trip Grill works with a disposable 16.4 Ounce propane cylinder or 20 pound propane tank and is covered by a 5-year warranty.

  • Cooking Area: 285 Square Inches
  • Burner: 20,000 BTU
  • Pros: Ultra Portable, Folds up Small, Easy Clean, Fast Ignition
  • Cons: Price – you pay for what you get. It’s one of the more expensive tailgating grills
Weber Q Portable Tailgating Grill

Weber Q Portable Tailgating Grill

2. Weber Q 100 Portable Grill It’s hard to fault the Weber Q. It truly is a masterpiece of top quality and super compact design. It’s extremely sturdy, weather resistant, has precision controls and a well balanced cast aluminum grill that cooks to perfection. The burner runs at only 8,500 but the Weber Q works like a pressure cooker when it’s on. The cooking grates are made from porcelain enameled steel, stainless steel and porcelain enameled cast-iron which means it’s durable and easy to clean. The proof really is in the cooking and anyone who has used a Weber BBQ before knows that cooking meat is perfection in one of these beauties. Steaks and chops sear succulently in the Q. For the traditionalist there is always the Jumbo Joe. Comes with a 5-year warranty.

  • Cooking Area: 189 Square Inches
  • Burner: 8,500 BTU
  • Pros: Cooks perfectly, Portable, Robust, Easy to Clean, Fast Ignition
  • Cons: Small Cooking Area relative to other highend grills
Picnic Time Tailgating Grill Set

Picnic Time Tailgating Grill Set

3. Picnic Time Vulcan All-In-One Tailgaiting Cooler/BBQ Set with Trolley This great set-up has everything you need in one convenient tote. It’s not just a BBQ, it’s a cooler, storage bag and trolley. It’s big enough to hold 24 cans of soda and comes with three BBQ tools. The grill itself is nothing fancy but this is all about portability and convenience.

  • Cooking Area: 180 Square Inches
  • Burner: Propane
  • Pros: Very portable, multi-purpose grill and cooler and tote. Super convenient.
  • Cons: Not a great grill but does the trick. Price.
Weber Go Anywhere Charcoal Grill

Weber Go Anywhere Charcoal Grill

4. Weber Go-Anywhere Grill This is the super-affordable, super portable, super convenient, no mess, no fuss option for those wanting something simple, cheap and effective for their tailgate party. Well, it’s not actually ‘no mess’. It’s more like ‘less mess, less fuss’. But the grilling bars are triple nickle-coated while the bowl and lid are porcelain enameled making them easy to clean and the unit itself is so minimal that there isn’t really much to go wrong. The design is for compactness: the nickel-plated legs fold up to lock the lid in place for travel and storage and, when in use, the lid can be fit to the hangers on the side of the grill and acts as a wind barrier. But this is no light-weight. Being a Weber™ it has a well designed grill using patented ‘Flavorizer’ technology which basically means it can cook a good steak. There are both options: propane and charcoal (which is the same grill unit fueled with charcoal or gas).

  • Cooking Area: 160 Square Inches
  • Burner: Disposable 1-pound LP cylinder.
  • Pros: Ultra-compact and portable. Simple. Affordable. Good griller.
  • Cons: Small Cooking Area, Legs can be unsturdy. Sits low to the ground.
Smokey Joe Tailgating Grill

Smokey Joe Tailgating Grill

5. Weber Smokey Joe Silver Charcoal Grill The Smokey Joe might just be one of the greatest inventions ever made! So simple yet so effective it really is ideal for grilling at the tailgate party but should also be the required accessory to any meeting – or, should that be “meating”. It’s small and it grills. And the reason it is such a good griller is the Weber patented design triple nickle-plated grill. All essential parts are porcelain-coated for easy cleaning and weather-proofing, while the handle is glass reinforced nylon to keep it from heating. That’s why the Smokey Joe comes with a 10-year warranty.

  • Cooking Area: 147 Square Inches
  • Burner: Charcoal
  • Pros: Very affordable. Can use anywhere. Grills nice.
  • Cons: Legs a little unsturdy. Small grilling area. Sits low to the ground.
Pre-Seasoned Sportsman's Charcoal Grill

Pre-Seasoned Sportsman’s Charcoal Grill

6. Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned Sportsman’s Charcoal Grill If ever a grill had “Tailgate Party” written all over it, it was the Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned Sportsman’s Charcoal Grill. It’s rugged, very easy to clean, has no gimmicky parts and grills better than anything on the market. The draft door allows you to regulate heat so the Sportsman’s Grill can be used for heating, grilling as well as frying. But you have to be careful with a grill like this since hibachis get extremely hot. But what’s a few 3rd degrees burns between friends when you’re eating a perfectly seared steak and a couple of kabobs!

  • Cooking Area: 153 Square Inches
  • Burner: Charcoal
  • Pros: Anything cooked on this will be delicious. Easy to clean. Affordable.
  • Cons: Heavy. Takes time to cool. Slightly dangerous. Needs maintenance (oiling) every now and then.
  • RRP: $107.99 – ($69.97 on Amazon.)

Fire Sense Notebook Charcoal Grill

7. Fire Sense Notebook Charcoal Grill A clever idea that saves a lot of space,  the Fire Sense folds up like a notebook for storage down to a width of 1-inch. This is perfect for those with a small car or a motor bike who have limited carriage space. The setup is an extremely simple two-step process and it sits slightly higher than some of the other grills at just over 14-inches. However, the painted steel isn’t as robust as the porcelain coated grills and, because of the patented design, charcoal can fall out the bottom of the grill while barbequing.

  • Cooking Area: Approx 150 Square Inches
  • Burner: Charcoal
  • Pros: Very portable. Great for storage. Quick setup.
  • Cons: Not robust. Charcoal Embers not secure.
Cuisinart GrateLifter Portable Charcoal Grill

Cuisinart GrateLifter Portable Charcoal Grill

8. Cuisinart GrateLifter Portable Charcoal Grill The GrateLifter is a very high quality, durable charcoal grill from Cuisinart that has some really nifty features that make it stand out from the others. It has a large cooking area which is attached to the porcelain enamel cover and designed to lift up away from the charcoal bed so you can access the charcoal underneath. The base is very sturdy the the ash collection bin handy for easy cleaning. The GrateLifter also has a temperature gauge built into the lid so you can manage the temperature which is regulated by the precision designed air flow system. This is a very capable grill but, unlike a few others, doesn’t come with side tables or a lock. A lock really is essential for portable grills since you need to avoid spillage during transport!

  • Cooking Area: 240 Square Inches.
  • Burner: Charcoal.
  • Pros: Very capable grill. Robust. Quick setup. Sturdy. Looks nice.
  • Cons: No side tables. No lock. Pricey.
Bayou Classic Fold and Go Charcoal Grill

Bayou Classic Fold and Go Charcoal Grill

9. Bayou Classic Fold & Go Grill The Bayou is exactly what its name suggests: A Classic. When you want simple design you can’t get much more simple that this. The Bayou is focused on essentials: portability and large grilling area. It’s decent quality stainless steel grill is 198 square-inches and the body is black powdercoat finished. It’s cheap, compact, heats up fast and grills well. On the downside it isn’t made from top quality materials and won’t last many seasons of hard-core tailgate grilling. It also doesn’t have an efficient safe catchment area for the undercarriage so you wouldn’t want to use this on any flammable areas.

  • Cooking Area: 198 Square Inches.
  • Burner: Charcoal.
  • Pros: Cheap. Portable. Light weight. Simple. Fast set-up.
  • Cons: Not durable. Not weather-proof.
Margaritaville G1000 Tailgating Propane Grill

Margaritaville Tailgating Propane Grill

10. Margaritaville G1000 Ride-Behind Tailgating Propane Grill The G1000 was designed for the Tailgate Party to be used by the Tailgater while Tailgating.

UPDATE: August 2016: The Margaritaville is unfortunately no longer available! We’ll have updates as soon as it’s back on the market, or we find a better alternative tailgating grill.

It has a swing-out travel arm that attaches directly to the back of a standard 2-inch hitch receiver. But it’s not just a gimmick. This grill packs some real punch with 352 square inches of cooking surface it’s enough to grill up to 20 hamburgers or 4 or 5 good sized steaks with room for some corn. The grill is made from heavy-duty porcelain coated steel and the Margaritaville also features 2 resin side tables, fold down front condiment tray, utensil hooks and has integrated legs if you want to put it on a tab-top. Like the Coleman, it has push-button ignition for matchless startup but has a shorter warranty period of 3 years. It is designed for use with a 1-pound propane tank. This is really one very capable grill that won’t take up any space inside your SUV since it hitches to the back.

  • Cooking Area: 352 Square Inches
  • Burner: 20,000 BTU
  • Pros: Ultra Portable (fits to the back of your vehicle); Robust; Easy to Clean; Fast Ignition
  • Cons: Price; can only be used on a flat surface


So that’s the top 10 best grills for your tailgate party. And now for the bonus round!

Here are 4 fantastic little units by Coleman plus 1 from Cuisineart. They aren’t the greatest grills on earth but are really suitable to tailgating because of their small, compact size and clever portable design.

Coleman Roadtrip Tailgate Party Grill

Coleman Roadtrip Tailgate Party Grill

1. Coleman Roadtrip Party Grill A cute little grill designed specifically with tailgating in mind. It uses a small 8,000 BTU burner but the grill is balanced for even cooking via the Perfectflow flame regulator (though it tends to grill hotter in the center like most single burner grills). Like the high-end Coleman grills it has matchless lighting via the InstaStart Ignition and all the components are detachable so you can fold up the unit and pack it away in the carry-bag. Every part of the Coleman Roadtrip Party Grill (except the burners) are dishwasher machine safe which is awesome. It’s not a very sturdy grill but it is easy to set up and very small and portable.

  • Cooking Area: Approx. 120Square Inches
  • Burner: 8,000 BPU
  • Pros: Small. Cheap. Portable. Light Weight.
  • Cons: Unbalanced cooking surface. Not sturdy.
Coleman RoadTrip Sport Charcoal Grill

Coleman RoadTrip Sport Charcoal Grill

2. Coleman RoadTrip Sport Charcoal Grill The smaller cousin to the RoadTrip LX, the Coleman RoadTrip Sport is a decent grill at a decent price and very handy for tailgating. It has a generous 225 Square Inches of grilling area and a porcelain coated grate. It’s lightweight and easy to set up with collapsible legs that improve storage. It does lack the ability to raise or lower the gridiron which means that controlling the temperature is only done by controlling the amount or position of charcoal. The frame is made from durable steel but the handles are plastic.

  • Cooking Area: 225 Square Inches.
  • Burner: Charcoal.
  • Pros: Portable. Fold-up. Easy Setup. Wheels.
  • Cons: Not as robust as more expensive grills.
Coleman PerfectFlow Insta Start Propane Grill

Coleman PerfectFlow Insta Start Propane Grill

3. Coleman PerfectFlow Insta Start Propane Grill A fantastic little grill that is really simple to set up, has a generous grilling area, a quality burner as well as many of the features of the higher-end Coleman grills such as InstaStart matchless lighting, Perfect Flow pressure-control system for consistent cooking performance regardless of the weather or amount of fuel left, Windblock windshield which double up as a side-table, and a grease management system with a removable dishwasher safe tray. The grill plate is good quality die-cast aluminum plated.

  • Cooking Area: 180 Square Inches
  • Burner: 11,000 BTU
  • Pros: Portable. Even cooking. Fast setup. Works when windy.
  • Cons: Difficult to clean. Not designed to cook with lid down.
Coleman Fold N Go Instastart Grill

Coleman Fold N Go Instastart Grill

4. Coleman Fold N Go InstaStart Portable Grill The little brother to the Coleman PerfectFlow at the same price but with more compact size and portability but reduced cooking area and burner power. The Fold N Go really is just what the name suggests. At just 11 pounds it’s light enough for pretty much anyone to carry under one arm which still including the patented Coleman InstaStart matchless ignition as well as dishwasher safe removable porcelain-coated stamped-steel grate and water-tray/grease pan. The dome-shaped lid makes it great for “real grill” cooking performance and heating efficiency. A convenient carry handle and secure lid latch make for easy transport; folding metal feet and handle tuck out of the way when not in use, for compact storage. It tends to be good for things like burgers and wieners.

  • Cooking Area: 100 Square Inches
  • Burner: 6,000 BTU
  • Pros: Ultra compact. Well designed for less mess and easy cleanup.
  • Cons: Small grilling area. Low cooking temperature.
Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop Gas Grill

Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop Gas Grill

5. Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop Gas Grill  Said by some to be the perfect grill for the tailgate party, the Cuisinart Petit Gourmet has a great fold up design with a ‘briefcase’ handle and is lockable for safe transport. There’s enough room on the cooking area for 8 burgers, 10 chicken breasts or 4 p0ounds of fish. The aluminum legs fold up and out quickly and are very sturdy plus there is a very effective drip tray and an optional carry-bag (that doubles up as a cover).

  • Cooking Area: 145 Square Inches
  • Burner: 5,500 BTU
  • Pros: Ultra compact. Great, portable design. Generous cooking area. Strong burners.
  • Cons: Not as large as some of the more expensive grills.


Top 5 Best Tailgate Chairs For The Tailgate Party

Every tailgate party goer needs a good tailgate chair. One of the most important, if not THE most important factors to consider when planning a tailgate party is where you are going to plant your ass. Because you shouldn’t be uncomfortable and you should also know how to do comfort in style. So here’s a handy list of the top 5 best outdoor chairs for the tailgate party.

1. GCI Outdoor PICO Arm Chair

Pico Outdoor Chair For Tailgating

Pico Outdoor Chair

This is the coolest outdoor chair around. Not only is it very comfortable but it folds down to 1/16th of its size – the size of a laptop – via telescoping legs. The carry bag doubles as a storage caddy and it includes a beverage holder (for cans & bottles only – unfortunately there’s nowhere to hold your plastic cup of beer). The PICO supports 250 lbs even though it only weighs 9 lbs. It’s expensive but very high quality aluminium, 600- denier polyester and breathable nylon mesh seat. It can also be used indoors because the feet are nylon-coated and scratch-free! Comes in two colors: Sage; Midnight Blue

2. Picnic Time Portable Reclining Camp Chair

Picnic Time Portable Reclining Camp Chair

Picnic Time Portable Reclining Camp Chair

Ooooh yeah. If you bring this chair to the tailgate no one’s going to be able to convince you to join a game of cornhole – you might not even get up to watch the game. With a padded seat, back rest covered in durable 600D polyester canvas, three seating positions, insulated drink holder, adjustable armrests and a steel frame that can hold up to 300 pounds this will have to be the most comfortable chair at the tailgate party. It might even become your favorite indoor chair. Comes in three colors: Black/Gray; Sage/Gray; Navy

3. NFL Coleman Folding Chair With Carrying Case

NFL Coleman Folding Tailgate Chair With Carrying Case

NFL Coleman

It’s your standard Coleman camp chair with your team logo on the seat – SWEET! These are official licensed chairs so the quality and comfort are superb. Sure, they aren’t as comfortable as a reclining camp chair but you’ll appreciate it when you’re at a game with no bleachers. Come to think of it, you’ll probably be so drunk comfort won’t be an issue. The important thing is that they have your team logo. Period.

4.The Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Chair

Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Tailgate Chair

Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Chair

The Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Chair is a very safe chair that locks in both open and closed positions. It’s also extremely comfortable with improved posture and seat support as well as breathable mesh on the back. It can support 300 lbs. However, the best feature is by far that the chair has 2 cup holders. 2 cup holders! Genius.
Comes in 8 colors and various sizes.

5. Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler

Coleman Cooler Quad Chair

Coleman Cooler Quad Chair

Everyone needs a Coleman chair – especially an oversized version. You’ll be the coolest and coziest guy at the tailgate on this padded seat which includes a cooler that holds up to 4 cans and an ice pack. It’s the perfect chair for hours of sitting. Definitely one of the more comfortable outdoor chairs and super sturdy capable of supporting 325 lbs. Also has a mesh cup holder and 13″x9″ program holder.


Tailgating Insta Bench for 6

Insta Bench

The 6 Seater Insta-Bench by Open Mind is a fully portable, collapsible, lightweight solution to your sitting needs! It doesn’t require any setting up – just unfold it and you have seating for 6 people. The Insta-Bench is made from high density 600D polyester as well as sporting a heavy duty steel frame that allows each seat to hold up to 250lbs even though the entire thing only weighs just 20lbs. Perfect for tailgating with friends – well, at least with 6 friends.