The Best Games, Gadgets & Music For Tailgate Partying! Update 2017.

A totally amazeballs tailgate party experience gets down to the host’s ability to figure out in advance everything that is needed.  Think comfort, effortless presentation but most of all, FUN.  You don’t want any aspect of the day to stress you out.  (Awwww gee, maybe the game can cause a bit of angst if you’re backing the wrong team) …

We’ve got a heap of it covered at the Tailgate Party Site but here are a few of the more unusual things you could invest in to rock your tailgate party.

Play A Game

1. The PDGA Approved Deluxe Disc Golf set.

PDGA Approved Deluxe Disc Golf Set

Deluxe Disc Golf Set

If you have a bit of space in your site, then add Disc golf to your party games.

It is played kinda like traditional golf. Balls and clubs are replaced by flying discs, or Frisbees®. People played this for years but in the 1970s the rules became standardized. The object is to progress around each ‘hole’ in as few throws as possible starting with a ‘tee’ area and ending at the target (‘hole’) which can be one of a number of disc golf targets, such as a Pole Hole® which is an elevated metal basket.   Otherwise, it’s the same as golf, the landscape or area played in providing the obstacles and challenges.  There are no snobby green jackets, no caddies needed (yaaay no tip there) no massive club fees, no age or sex limits and in most places, it is free to play or to practice.

You can play this around the whole car-park or your garden or in a park.  As a player progresses down the fairway, he or she must make each consecutive shot from the spot where the previous throw has landed. The trees, shrubs, and terrain changes located in and around the fairways provide challenging obstacles for the disc-golfer. When the disc lands in the basket, the hole is completed and player #2 begins at the starting point.  Instructions are on the package and there are some great YouTube demos as well and these pros make our drunken efforts look … well, like the drunken efforts that they are.

Scare Off The Bugs

2. Thermocell Portable Mosquito Repeller

So you’re tailgating down in the car-park of, say, the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and out come the flies and mosquitoes spoiling your BBQ and stinging your guests.  Here’s a really effective way to beat the bugs.  It’s a portable mosquito repeller that provides relief from the airborne pests in any outdoor situation.  It’s around the size of half a drink can, is cordless and sends out a safe, subtle scent to repel mosquitoes, gnats, and midges.  No more spraying chemicals.  Just put it on your patio table.  I also like to put one under the table to protect bare legs and ankles.  Coverage is 15 feet square feet.  The Thermocell butane cartridge will last for around 12 hours protecting your fellow tailgaters from nasty bites. Insect mats last 4 hours.  You get 3 in a pack.

Bring Your Own Music!

3. ION Audio IPA17 TAILGATER AM/FM Lightweight Speaker System for iPOD

Ion Tailgater AM_FM Portable Speaker with iPod dock

Ion Tailgater AM_FM Portable Speaker with iPod dock

You need music at any party.  The best way is to play off your special tailgate party mix on your iPod or iPhone. Here’s a great iPod Dock speaker system with an eight hour battery (with level indicator) and a sound that will fill your tailgate party space.  It has inputs for microphones and other audio sources so that your crowd can belt out those team songs.

Comparable with the Bose unit, the Pioneer unit and the Bowers/Wilkins Unit it is cheaper and without the stellar sound of those three, but performs well enough whether outdoors or in the man cave.  Very portable and sturdy, kind of industrial looking rather than glamorous but that’s OK with me and it’s light enough to carry using one of the handles rather than both (which is a bit awkward).  You can run it while plugged in or for 8 hours battery.  The AM/FM tuner is a bit of a bust as it takes a while to set it and doesn’t save stations or have presents but you could use your iPhone as the radio and use an input instead. This is the old model so is incredibly barganacious at the moment and will give you a few seasons before you need to replace it.


If you want the grand-daddy version, have a look at the…


4. ION Audio Block Rocker Rechargeable Wireless Speaker

Ion Audio Block Rocker with Lights

Ion Audio Block Rocker with Lights

The difference between the Block Rocker and the Tailgater is that this rechargeable battery lasts 12 hours and the sound, well, I guess it can be heard all round a neighborhood block.  It’s portable and the sound is beefy enough for all massive scale tailgate parties, BBQs, neighborhood events, weddings and anything.  It’s not too strong on the bass, but that probably means the battery life is longer and also your neighbors won’t totally hate you.

So big, it needs wheels.  The AM/FM radio and antenna can be tuned to the Game of the Day and keep everyone informed just in case the party keeps you from actually getting inside to the game.  Just note that there is no control to save your station selections.  It just has to be scrolled through again from the start. Ugh!

Great performance and value for money and has independent volume controls for all sources. Tough as nails with metal edges to protect from dings.

90 day warranty.
Note:  Allow the unit to drain the battery totally before recharging.  This will protect it and give you a better unit life. Read the instructions carefully.

5. Riva Turbo X Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Riva Turbo X Wireless Speaker

Riva Turbo X Wireless Speaker

OK, so from the biggest, to this compact and sleek little speaker.  It operates via Bluetooth so no need for a dock for an iPod.  Just link to the iPod you stash in your picnic set.   It is not even 6” in length and around 9.1 x 4.1 x 3.5 inches and weighs 3 pounds.  Sweet!

Perfect stereo sound for your tailgate party and the sound won’t blast your neighbor sites into kingdom come.  The battery lasts 26 hours and is rechargeable (Lithium-ion battery).  It is very compact but has a volume that is excellent for the tailgating party.

It comes in a wide range of colors so you can select one to match your team logo!

USB charge port for charging other devices& USB data port.

Speakerphone with noise & echo cancellation technology

You can connect with 2 devices at a time so you can double up your music library.

Choose The Right Tailgate Party Songs!

6. Top Twenty Sports Songs For Tailgate Parties

Ok, so now you have your great speaker, what music do you want to feature at your tailgate party?  Here’s a list for your reference!  You can get these all from iTunes.

20           Kenny Chesney – “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems”

19           Craig Morgan – “Redneck Yacht Club”

18           Brad Paisley – “Alcohol”

17           Joe Nichols – “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off”

16           Jason Aldean – “She’s Country”

15           Trace Adkins – “Swing”

14           Alan Jackson – “Good Time”

13           Big & Rich – “Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy)”

12           Zac Brown Band – “Toes”

11           Billy Currington – “Pretty Good At Drinkin’ Beer”

10           Toby Keith – “I Love This Bar”

9              Gretchen Wilson – “Here For The Party”

8              Billy Currington – “People Are Crazy”

7              Hank Williams, Jr. –“All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight”

6              Eric Church – “Smoke A Little Smoke”

5              Zac Brown Band – “Chicken Fried”

4              Trace Adkins – “Ladies Love Country Boys”

3              Jason Aldean – “My Kinda Party”

2             Alan Jackson – “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere”

1.             Blake Shelton – “The More I Drink”

(These are as voted by the GAC network fans in August 2013.)

My two bonus picks are:

Deaf Havana – “Nicotine and Alcohol Saved my Life”

Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs – “Most People I know Think that I’m Crazy”.

7. Classic Collection from that icon of taste, Larry the Cable Guy.

Larry the Cable Guy

Larry the Cable Guy

Just go the whole hog and buy the Tailgate music collection from Larry the Cable Guy.  Self-explanatory.  Very appropriate.  Politically incorrect.  To inspire you, just think about these classic, uplifting and motivating tracks:

‘Prostate Professional’, ‘Half Cocked’, ‘Boob Tube’, ‘Male Enhancement’ – ahhh, that’s sure to get the party started.

Larry Cable Guy Tailgate Party CD

Tailgate Party CD - Larry The Cable Guy

Tailgate Party CD – Larry The Cable Guy

Finally, how about a bit of a disguise?  You may want to at some tailgate parties.

Here are some suggestions and you may want to haul these out for tailgate parties at horse racing events:


8. Magical Unicorn Mask

Magical Unicorn Mask

Magical Unicorn Mask

Nothing says you’re here to have a magic time than a Magical Unicorn Mask.  A bit eerie, but there’s still space for a beer bong in that cavernous mouth.  Made of latex, can be cleaned depending on just exactly what you intend doing in the mask.  It has a full head with a confronting stare. Air any of these masks out well before wearing to minimize the rubber smell and if you have a latex allergy, give them a miss. Please remove it while driving.  Unicorns are not eligible to pass a DMV test.


9. Horse Head Mask

Horse Head Mask

Horse Head Mask

More into horses than unicorns? Then here’s an awesome one which is not just suited to wear at, say, The Dallas Cowboys, the Denver Broncos games but also for horse racing events:



10. Pig Head Mask

Pig Head Mask

Pig Head Mask

Look, I’m the last person to point the finger, foam or otherwise, but some people just should be made to wear this mask.  As the sellers say, ‘We recommend this mask while grilling at your BBQ this summer or just ordering at the butcher counter.’  It’s worth checking this mask out just to read the witty reviews …

Finally, just remember that in the words of the philosopher, Homer – that’s Homer Simpson –

“We’re not here for the game. The game is nothing. The game is crap. The game makes me sick. The real reason we Americans put up with sports is for this: Behold, the tailgate party. The pinnacle of human achievement. Since the dawn of parking lots, man has sought to fill his gut with food and alcohol in anticipation of watching others exercise.”