Kegerator Review: EdgeStar KC2000 vs Keggermeister KM2800BK

There’s huge trend for tailgate party fans to equip their own homes with kegerators, setting up their BBQ/grill areas as a perfect homegating venue. Isn’t that the Great American Dream? Well, it’s reality for so many people now that I have a few reviews of the more fixed kegerators. The kegerator review below checks out the Edgestar KC 2000 and the Keggermeister KM2800BK which are both mid-range price-wise, both are single taps but fall into the category of small café size/big party size (as you will see in their specs).  They are well-priced and actually will save you money on your beer purchases over time. Since the beer stays chilled and fresh for up to three months, it seems like a way to go. So, read on for this very detailed kegerator review in which we compare the Edgestar KC2000 with the Keggermeister KM2800BK and find out which one is right for you!

Note that these are not for outdoors but in the man-cave or even the kitchen or just a bar area. They kind of both polarize their customers so I have set out to try to figure out why. In my experience, and after reading more than just one kegerator review, some people will either LOVE the Edgestar KC2000 and hate the Keggermeister KM2800BK or LOVE the Keggermeister and hate the Edgestar. Why? Yes, there IS a reason.

Kegerator Review: Edgestar KC-2000.

EdgeStar Full Sized Kegerator

EdgeStar KC-2000

Can’t for the life of me work out why this model, made at the same place as other Edgestar Kegerators, has received so much negative feed-back. All I can say is that occasionally in manufacturing, there is one lemon. One of these may be it. And yet it also gets glowing reviews. It is made with the same solid-state attention as others we review but somehow, there are problems with sizing and with the temperature.

I spoke with my pal, Seth, about this conundrum and what he said seems to make sense. The KC 2000 is specifically made for certain kegs that are listed on its specs and also are well identified by name, capacity, cup quantity and any problems you may encounter (such as the rim around some of the kegs in their designs). If you use this list as a guide (ie. do your homework) you should be quite safe with this kegerator. Another aspect he stressed was that all kegs need to be pre-cooled before use. Many users skip this step, but it is vital. Every time your kegerator welcomes its load of sweet amber nectar, the kegerator needs a 24 HOUR cooling period, no cribbing on the time, please, your lines and so on must be spotless and gunk free and the beer itself needs to be pre-chilled. It is pointless loading a warm keg into the kegerator as all it will tap is foam and that will overflow and waste beer.

It’s a nice, black finished kegerator and it does look darn suave in the man-cave.

Firstly, you must be aware that this kegerator CANNOT be used outside. It is strictly for indoor use. If you use anything apart from an outdoor kegerator I say, a BBQ area or even in the parking lot, out in the sun, you will compromise the temperature, your beer will bubble and froth like a witch’s cauldron and you will waste your brew. It will not be kept cold. Pure and simple.

However, in an indoor application, this is really good if you treat it right.

Owning a kegerator does require some dedication and logic. You must clean it regularly for a start.

Follow the instructions, check the interior size in the specifications sheet and you should be fine. Especially in regards to pre-cooling before any keg is installed.  Also use only the keg specified to slot easily inside – there’s a list of recommended sizes. For instance, the Kegerator KC 2000 specifies that half barrel will fit. So don’t go trying to fit a full sized barrel in it! The interior is 14.5 inches deep–from the condenser shelf in the back to the front edge at the door. If you intend using kegs with the additional rim, they will not fit, so make sure you select the keg to suit this model. Pony size, for instance will not fit due to the temperature gauge at the top and the hoses inside.

This is considered a mid-budget kegerator and, as such, is not going to be in the league of say, a Viking industrial refrigerator or your Miele imported kitchen appliances. However, it is engineered to last and another hint is to check it all over when you remove it from the box. Make sure that any screws, bolts etc. have not jiggled loose in transit. There is an element of assembly in owning one of these. I have not a lot of skills in that area and I sort of figured that a heap of owners may have just jammed it together. If you don’t put the door on right, then nothing will fit properly. Again, read the instructions and if you can’t figure it out, find a 10 year old child to do it for you. Never assemble while drunk. Drinking and assembling is a beer hazard.

Some reviewers say that the materials used in couplings and spellings are inferior. If this is the case, call the company who sent it to you and get them to pressure Edgestar as I get the impression the manufacturing company doesn’t have great people skills. Sounds like they’d rather make or use kegerators than deal with their customers. Well, that’s a crying shame as they have a large chunk of the market share.

So if you don’t have the courage to take all this on, what is the alternative? Maybe this will do it ….

Kegerator Review: Keggermeister KM2800BK Kegerator

Keggermeister KM2800BK Kegerator Full-Size Single-Tap Beer Refrigerator

Keggermeister KM2800BK Kegerator

Designed for home brewers or just regular beer drinkers, the Keggermeister KM2800BK is a full-size single-tap refrigerator. The makers claim it will keep your beer chilled and prevent it from going flat for up to three months. Bingo! Make or buy beer to put in it. (Be sure to check keg sizes). The stainless steel tower features a black and chrome spout that can accommodate a variety of different height beer glasses, mugs, Red Solo cups in all sizes, Mason jars if you’re a hipster or even bottles. There’s a chrome guardrail on the top so that you can line those glasses up on the counter-style top. The black exterior adds a very stylish finish and it is durable. Four tough casters will make it easy to move for cleaning or just for changing position. The temperature control is adjustable and of course, there are instructions on what temp is the ideal for beer.

This is labeled ‘full-sized’ so a full sized keg should fit. The specs say it accommodates a full-size keg, pony keg, or 2 5-gallon kegs. These, by the way, are enough for a decent party and there is a great chart on how many glasses you can tap from each keg here:


This is by far the best reference on the web for keg sizes and what each can deliver.

Note that this is a single tap beer dispenser and you won’t have the choice between beers.

As with all the larger models, the 2.5 pound CO2 bottle is included. I had a lot of specific enquiries on where to access CO2 for refills. Most areas have a dealer in gas and the best people, I find, to provide this service on a reliable basis are your paintball companies. The fill only costs around $10 at present. Cheap! Whoohoo, check out the paintballing and maybe you will want to spend a day splattering each other with something other than beer!
Tempting ….. though it does take time away from the beer.

At 35.5 x 28.1 x 23.5 inches it is a large kegerator. While the item is around 80 pounds, when shipped it weighs almost 100 pounds. The shipping packaging in this kegerator is awesome. Double boxed with poly in between and small components and instructions in a small container, well-wrapped – so they don’t get lost. I liked the instruction book for this one as it is clear and has pictures that actually relate to the kegerator. It is a simple job to put it together. That gets 5 stars from me as so many units are damaged in shipping. The makers label this well with ‘This side up’ and ‘fragile’ so someone is taking care.

Be sure to invite some burly friends on delivery day, unwrap, read the instruction book together, christen it with a red solo cup of bottled beer, follow the instructions in regard to leaving it to cool down for at least 24 hours (many recommend 3 days prior chilling) and don’t add the (pre-cooled) keg of beer until it has reached Beer Chill Optimum temperature. Good hand-brewed (boutique) beer is generally drunk at a temperature of between 38° to 45° F as like cheese, it needs a little bit of warmth for the taste-buds to snap to attention. Of course, serving it warm as they do in the U.K. is not an option in my neck of the woods.

Just so you know, the unit is virtually silent. There’s a slight motor sound when you switch it on, but after that, it just quietly chills and serves the beer without complaint

Here are a few hints from other users. If you are opening and closing the door a lot, this will impact on your overall temperature. So don’t. But maybe you need to? A good idea is to add a little cooling fan in the back of the unit to circulate the air.   This tiny fan  runs off a computer, or any power outlet that is USB compatible (think chargers) or your computer or solar charger.

IO Crest USB Powered Desktop cooling fan

IO Crest USB Powered Desktop cooling fan

You can run the cable through the kegerator quite easily. Outdoor kegerators are definitely tricky in regard to maintaining optimal temperature but the fan certainly helps.

Some users like to customize by adding a small motor to force cold air up the tower for super-chilled beer which you can do with any of the manufactured brands (any that have ‘Ice’ in the title, for instance or those you purchase at Ralph’s).

The unit is only available in the U.S. at present.

You could add a dual or even triple tap conversion kit but in that case, you would be restricted to really small kegs which may not fit so I don’t even advocate a dual. Better in that case to buy a couple of small kegerators (under $100) on the side and set up your beer smorgasbord that way. Say, Guinness style in one and a Pilsener style in the other. You can run almost any beer through it Pyramid Hefeweizen, Budlight, Budweiser, Dos Equis, Corona, Stella, Heineken and more. Just check the keg size each time on the comparison chart or you may strike trouble.

When you do your first pour, don’t open the CO2 valve to the maximum. This will over-pressurize the keg and you will have a foamy overflow. With the valve in closed position, adjust the regulator to a position that is minimally open to begin with and pour your first glass. Take a moment to sip. If you ever accidentally over pressurize the tank, pull the pressure release pin on the coupler, release the built-up CO2 in the keg and start again. No problems! Drink another test glass.

Some people like to pour a jug of beer for the table. Pre-chill your jugs for a nice frosty drink and the head will be perfect and will stay for the life of the beer in the jug which, in my Grillstation area is an easy task. Those Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chillers can add a nice touch!

Accessories for Portable bars and drinks

Keep beer cool with chill sticks

The tap handle can be changed to one of your own choosing, say a customized one or a team one for your homegating …

Don’t over chill by the way. Beer popsicles are not that nice. And hard to get out of a keg.

If you have ANY problems, no matter how small, call the manufacturer. Make sure that you have followed the advice above and read all instructions well. Be patient. You are dealing with some gases and temperatures here which need adjusting and balancing.

Note that with the Keggermeister, you can buy a stainless steel version if you so desire. The Keggermeister is shipped with additional parts and a dual regulator so that is a plus.

EdgeStar KC2000 or Keggermeister KM2800BK: Which is better?

Ok, you’ve read the kegerator review of the Edgestar and the review of the Keggermiester. But what is the conclusion here? They each have their avid fans, they each have their haters. It certainly seems that installation could be the main problem as the pressure set up is a little vague in the instructions. Do not run at full open position (on the CO2 tank. Just start small. After a few changes of position and a few foamy beers (yes, go on, you know you want to drink it!) you will find the right position. It just takes time and experimentation. If you are one of those rare buyers who received a broken kegerator, complain! Raise the roof till you get good service. And remember that cleaning is just a small price to pay for beer that stays fresh and chilled for three months.  The payback is that you will save 50% of beer money by using the kegerator.  Either one.  I have no preference.  They each seem to suffer from the same critiques and the users who are diligent about the installation/cleaning/setup rules seem to do OK.  So here are some videos that will assist you in that crucial set up step.

Video: How to set up the Keggermeister Kegerator

Video: How to set up the EdgeStar KC2000

Let the drinking begin!



EdgeStar Kegerator Review: Full Size Triple Tap Built-In Outdoor Kegerator – Stainless Steel Model:KC7000SSODTRIP

EdgeStar Kegerator Review

Edgestar Full Sized Kegerator

For any novices passing by, a kegerator stores, refrigerates, and dispenses a keg of beer in brewery-recommended conditions. Beer on tap! One keg of beer can be enjoyed for several months at a time and save you money and many trips to the store and so not only is the beer cheaper as you are buying it in bulk, but you are saving time and money trekking to your liquor store. There’s something very fulfilling about having your own draft beer on tap – it tastes better too. The best kegerator is a full-sized kegerator and some of the best kegerators are made by Edgestar. Check out this EdgeStar Kegerator review to learn how you can be serving up cold draft beer in the comfort of your own home!

Before we get to the EdgeStar Kegerator Review, let me tell you about a great offer from exclusively for Tailgate Party Site visitors. Just visit their website and use Coupon Code TAILGATE for $25 off any full sized EdgeStar kegerator or Coupon Code TAILGATE15 for $15 off the TBC50S mini Kegerator.

Use Coupon Code TAILGATE for $25 off any full sized EdgeStar kegerator!

EdgeStar Kegerator Review

Ok, so this Edgestar Full Sized Kegerator, is probably not one you are going to want to be dragging along to the parking lot for your weekly tailgate party. No Sir-ee Bob! This one is designed specifically for the home-gating you do when the USA has made it to the FIFA World Cup and you haul your big screen TV to your backyard kitchen and invite the lads over for a pint or two (as they say in Old Blighty). Allow me to translate. If you have a BBQ area with a good sheltered space to build in a kegerator, and you feel that football (soccer) is worth cheering along in between beers, then this is the kegerator for you. (U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A! ohhhhhhhh …. Germany ….?)

Just remember that you cannot use an indoor kegerator outside. Only outdoor kegerators should be used. Because of the intensity of temperatures and other environmental factors, using an indoor kegerator outside stresses the unit’s compressor, shortens its life, and will not chill beer to its optimal temperature. That can lead to foamy beer and wastage. Most home kegerators function best in room temperature environments (mid-70 degrees Fahrenheit). For any environment above 85° Fahrenheit or below 50° Fahrenheit, an outdoor kegerator is recommended. This one fills that bill perfectly as it has the additional insulation and manufacturing robustness to cope with changes in temperature.

This sleek kegerator is kind of industrial looking. But that has its advantages as any spills don’t have nooks and crannies and decoration to make cleaning a chore. A quick clean is all it takes. But do read my other story about the King of Kegs. Careful maintenance and cleaning (faithfully after every party) will guarantee it gives great service for many years AND it will retain its value.

Not only can you serve up a cold draft beer at home, but THREE different brews of the cold, amber fluid. It has not one, not two but THREE taps on its top and you can serve your own choice of drinks in it. You can have it installed in the man-cave, the BBQ area, the outdoor kitchen, garage, workshop or hey, maybe in your breakfast room. I know people who could appreciate the latter option. NOTE: If in the workshop, install at the opposite end of the room from your super-sharp power tools. Oh and it is very simple to install. There’s an installation manual that spells it out for you.

The first thing I must tell you is that you can get your beer in this quantity and SAVE 50% of the cost of the equivalent in bottles or cans. So, in this economic climate, it is a must for the serious beer drinker.   A kegerator with a half barrel keg will hold up to 165 beers (12 oz. servings) so run the numbers on that! If you use reusable glasses instead of red cups, there’s another saving and hey, you are doing a good deed for the environment. But who can resist the red cup? They are essential for beer pong after all.

Freestanding kegerators cannot be built in. This is because many refrigerators vent heat out the back of the unit, which would be trapped if built into cabinetry. The front ventilation of the Model:KC7000SSODTRIP keeps it cool and inexpensive to run. The system operates on powerful forced air, cold air being evenly distributed throughout the kegerator to maintain your desired temperature. Because of that system, possible hot spots are eliminated. No warm beer! A perfect pour every time!

Beer temperature

Firstly, just remember it isn’t just for beer. You can fill your kegerator with stout or anything you like. Whether you prefer a cool stout or an ice-cold lager, you’ll be able to keep your kegs as cold as you need using the integrated thermostat that goes as low as 32ºF.   You could put root beer in there for your designated drivers. The temperature control is really important for correct delivery of beverages. In this kegerator, cold air is directed up to and throughout the beer tower during a pour. This prevents the beer from foaming which is a result of warming. That’s a great feature as you get the most from your beer purchase if you don’t waste half of it as foam.   HINT: keep your glasses (if you are using glasses for that frosty drink) in the fridge or even the freezer and your beer will taste spectacular.

The Kegerator can be installed as a free-standing unit or you can build it in beneath a counter for a flush look. The materials used in the walls on the exterior are hardy and tough in order to cater for their ability to be installed outside. Its heavy-duty door, entire cabinet, and professional towel-bar handle are fully wrapped in tough stainless steel and this makes it extremely rust, heat and water resistant. It’s able to withstand outdoor elements and this kegerator refrigerator is approved for use in your outdoor kitchen, bar or garage.

Technical Specifications

Here’s the technical info in regard to the contents:

  • 1 x 5lb Luxfer CO2 tank. Note, you will need to get this filled when empty so google your supplier before you commit. Refillers can save you money.
  • 1 x dual gauge regulator
  • 3 x D Sankey couplers
  • 3 x NSF PVC Beer lines
  • 3 x red CO2 lines
  • 1 x stainless steel triple tap beer tower
  • 3 x 304 stainless steel faucets for the tower
  • 3 black tap handles.

BONUS: You can customize these by adding tap handles with your team logo.

Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Beer Tap Handle Kegerator

Baseball Beer Tap Handle

or chalkboard so you can put your homebrew’s name on there. And please come up with a better name than ‘Biff’s Panther Piss’. That’s so old-school.

There is also a stainless steel top cover with a drip tray, guard rail and 4 casters which you can use if you prefer your kegerator to be mobile rather than built in. There is an advantage to having the casters installed as, if you have any kind of spillage, it is great to be able to slide the kegerator out and clean beneath it before the beer solidifies. You want to avoid that old stale beer smell if you possibly can. Even my hardest-drinking buddies don’t enjoy that smell. NOTE: if you do have the casters put on the base, be sure to allow for their extra height when you are planning your counter space. You won’t want to cover the top of the keg as that is where the taps, guard rail and spill-tray are, but you will want it to be flush with the counter either side.

Operating this kegerator is really easy. All unit settings, including temperature and interior lighting, are easily adjusted using an electronic control panel that features push buttons and a digital temperature display. Inside it, LED interior lighting illuminates your keg and keeps your electricity consumption low as it is a cold light (doesn’t give off any heat). The temperature of the beer kegs remains uncompromised.

Just like on those upmarket fridges, the door on the Model # KC7000SSODTRIP is reversible. Say you want it to swing left, then all you need do is install it that way. The holes are already there for your need. If you are installing it in a line with your BBQ and other cabinets, you will appreciate this feature as there is a definite logic to the way an appliance door swings.

Here’s what you can fit inside it:

  • 1 full sized keg. Holds 165 x 12 oz. glasses.
  • 1 oversized beveled edge keg. Holds 82 x 12 oz. glasses.
  • 1 quarter keg. Holds 82 x 12 oz. glasses.
  • 1 slim quarter keg. Holds 82 x 12 oz. glasses.
  • 1 – 3 sixth barrel kegs. Holds 56 x 12 oz. glasses each Sixth.
  • 1 – 3 Cornelius keg. Holds 53 x 12 oz. glasses each Corny.
  • 1 slim quarter plus sixth barrel keg
  • 1 slim quarter plus 1 Cornelius keg.

If you put say 3 different sixths in there, you can make them all contain a different ale. How impressive you will be to all those party animals in your life!!

A note on sizes – Because keg fit varies between different kegerators, some units cannot hold certain brands of beer kegs.   Coors Light and Miller Lite, for instance which are “oversized” or bulkier than other standard kegs often have an overlap and don’t fit. An easy way to gauge if these brands will fit in your kegerator is by checking its width. Kegerators with an overall width of 23 inches or more can accommodate light brands. Do your homework. Go to the store with a measuring tape and measure those kegs before deciding.

A manual is provided and a One Year Warranty along with clear assembly instructions and you can also download these from the manufacturer.


HEIGHT: 34 3/8″ WIDTH: 23 13/16″ DEPTH: 25 3/8″ D

The interior dimensions are a little less than that. I have read some reviews of the Edgestar that say that normal sized kegs do not fit inside. Be very aware of the exact sizes and before you order, ask the question whether your specific kegs will fit. I know that some kegs have small variations that may make this not work. However, the list above is what the manufacturer claims will fit.

At 120 watts you CAN if you need to, run it off a battery pack in the parking lot. 1.03 amps. Handle with care, though, if you are going to transport this kegerator. I think I would avoid transporting it full and carry your actual kegs in a cooler and install at the tailgate party site. However, the ultimate use of this model is as a built-in.

Input voltage = 115V/60Hz

Weight 115 pounds so it will fit on the back of your Silverado if you so desire!

When your kegerator arrives, unpack, install, switch on and wait 24 hours before adding beer. Only put chilled beer in. But after that, let the drinking begin! Enjoy!!

Kegerator Cleaning Kit

Kegerator Cleaning Kit

Kegerator Cleaning Kit

Cleanliness is next to beeriness.

It’s highly recommended that you purchase this specifically tailored Kegerator Cleaning kit.

The key to buying beer from a legitimate brewery (boutique or not) is the spotlessly clean environment that all components are kept in. This kit will help you ensure that your beer tastes brewery fresh. It works by removing buildups of bacteria, molds, yeast, and beer stone from your beer lines, faucet, and keg coupler. It is extremely vital to keep to a strict regimen of cleaning so that all components are spotless.

Included is a one quart shatter proof bottle, enough beer line cleaning compound (powder) for about 17 cleanings.

The 5/8″ Nylon Faucet Brush can clean the toughest buildups in your coupler and faucet.

The Check Ball Lifter inserts into the bottom of the coupler probe and lifts the check ball, permitting cleaning solution to flow through the coupler when cleaning your system. This saves time by eliminating the need to remove the coupler while cleaning the system. There is an extra neoprene washer and faucet wrench in case you lose your originals which is a thoughtful inclusion.

A handy instruction manual walks you through the cleaning process and in as little as 15 minutes, you will have a sanitized kegerator, providing you with perfectly fresh beer. As your kegerator has 3 taps and lines, you may find it takes a bit longer than 15 minutes. But trust me, it is really important to keep those lines and taps clean. In fact, the more regularly you do the cleaning, the quicker it is to clean. More challenging is if you let that gunk build up for a few parties. Then you have a real handful of soaking, scrubbing and so on. Don’t be tempted to boil those components to sterilize them. You will ruin them. Only mentioning this as I do have a mate whose missus did exactly that thinking they were the same as baby bottles.

So the golden rule: after every keg, clean those lines and taps. Wipe up all spills as you go. As it is stainless steel water is enough to clean the exterior. Avoid abrasives.

It is NSF Approved.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review of the EdgeStar Full Size Triple Tap Built-In Outdoor Kegerator! If you went out and purchased it (or, if you already own it) leave a comment for our visitors with your own EdgeStar Kegerator Review to let them know what you think!


This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.