Is This the Greatest Tailgate Party Cooler Ever?

I couldn’t wait to tell you all about this incredible piece of equipment for your tailgate party.  It’s a cooler.  No.  It’s a PA system.  No. It’s a bluetooth speaker system.  Oh heck.  It’s ALL of those things!

It’s the Tunes2Go CA-E065A Koolmax Bluetooth 350 watt portable speaker.

KoolMax Bluetooth Cooler Speaker Combo

KoolMax Bluetooth Cooler Speaker Combo

This amazing piece of equipment comes in 4 colors so you can match your team logos and uniforms.  It cuts down the bulk of gear you have to lug to the parking lot.

Holds 48 cans or 28 bottles of beer and is a 40 quart cooler.

When fully charged, you’ll get 16 hours of battery life and it has all the bells and whistles needed for a great central sound system for your tailgate party.  XLR Mic input, bluetooth connection, USB port and so much more.  You can check the specs here.

This link will take you to the best deal at the moment.

Great holiday gift for someone you really love (yourself, maybe?).

Then tailgate party on ! (and everyone will be jealous).