New Gadgets and Grill Accessories for Tailgate Party Guys – 2018

New Gadgets for Tailgate Party Guys

The world of new gadgets for tailgate party guys has expanded considerably over the last couple of years.  So I thought it was time to add some of my favorite things.  These are some of the most useful and also many will be a talking point when you whip them out during the grill’n’beer process.  New gadgets are often quite affordable too, so think about these when you are doing your next round of birthday/holiday/random occasion gift shopping.  All are suited to males and it is a nice change to find something that is actually an easy choice for that fella in your life.  Please note that women can use a lot of these gadgets.  Well, OK then.  ALL of these gadgets.

New Gadgets for Tailgate Party Grilling

The Stonebreaker Gloves – Tailgating Gloves

New gadgets for tailgate party guys

New gadgets for tailgate party guys


A pair of gloves with a beer opener built in?  Yes please!

These gloves have been specifically designed for tailgate parties as they have a built in aluminum hex bottle cap opener in the pal of the right glove.   Very highly rated, they are made of quality leather and there is stitching a-plenty to keep these bad boys on your hands while you are grilling.  In truth, they are a tough as nails work glove which is a good safety element for the tailgate party.  I like to have a lot of protection on my hands and wrists while grilling so that I avoid burns.  These do the job and when you are not actually grilling, they still get use as the bottle opener.  Super comfy to wear as they are lined with a soft material. You can actually pick up a grill (well,not red-hot, but darn hot) while wearing them.  Previously, it was a hazard to drink and grill but now, it’s a cinch.

Of course, if you are a clumsy (or drunk) tailgater, you may prefer to get a pair of welding gloves with cuffs that come up to your elbows, but hey, I have never required that level of caution.  Better still, get a pair of these extreme burn-proof arm guards and then you can take it off when you are not in extreme danger.

Magicook Folding Portable Grill Table with Hooks and Table Tops.

Here’s a nifty folding table that is as portable as anything you will ever need to stash in your tailgate party gear box.  It has hooks for hanging cooking tools, heatproof gloves and other essential gear and 4 surfaces for prepping food or putting out drinks.

Magicook Folding Portable Cooking table for tailgate Parties

Magicook Folding Portable Cooking table for tailgate Parties

It’s really light weight yet durable and I can’t imagine anything better or more economical to take with you to the parking lot.  In fact, you can fold and fit this table into a carry bag.

Ironcat 7020 Leather Heat Resistant Sleeve

New Gadgets for Tailgate Party Guys - Ironcat Leather Sleeves

New Gadgets for Tailgate Party Guys – Ironcat Leather Sleeves

I bought two pairs of the red Stonebreaker gloves (One pair of gloves for me and another for Ms. Rawhide and the same large size fits both of us so it’s almost a backup set in case we lose a glove) and a pair of the Ironcat sleeves just in case – which we share.  The Ironcat sleeves snap closed and you can take them off easily when you are not handling hot items.

Stonebreaker’s glove range is awesome and I want to thank them for making these for tailgate party guys!  I’ll be buying all my grillmates a pair for whatever occasion comes up.

Tailgate Mate Portable Party Table

Tailgate Mate Compact Portable Table

Tailgate Mate Compact Portable Table

Here’s something that is way more useful than you would ever think.   It is a table with spaces for cans, mugs or bottles and folds down to fit in the carry bag supplied with it.  We all know that anything that you can fold up to pack is a bonus for the tailgate party and this is a great example.  yet I have never seen them in the stores, just online.  Maybe they haven’t taken it to the Shark Tank yet! The Red Solo cup fits perfectly.   You can pack a few of these useful gadgets for tailgate party guys and distribute them around your spot in the lot and trust me, you will bless the day you bought them.  The vial measurements are 22 x 10 x 11 inches.  Make sure you spread the legs to its extremity so that it stays in place as there is not locking clip.  But I haven’t had one fall apart.  Specify your preferred color and you should be lucky to get one to match your team logo.

EZ Hitch Tailgate Table

Great gadget for Tailgate Party - EZ Hitch Table

Great gadget for Tailgate Party – EZ Hitch Table

The EX Hitch Tailgate Table is the compact, handy invention that puts tailgate parties into their place – on a tailgate.  (NOTE THAT SUPPLY IS DELAYED AT THE MOMENT BUT PUT IN YOUR ORDER AND SEND THE MAKE A HURRY-UP. THESE ARE GREAT!)  It’s a brilliant idea as you can slip this one into your vehicle and take it out and click it on in moments and voilà! You have a party.  It literally takes less than a minute to set up and there’s a space for an umbrella to give you that essential shelter.

A free EZ Hitch umbrella is included as is a steel bottle opener that is part of the rig.  The table has many positions so pick the way you want it to suit your site.

It’s high quality made from steel and plastic.  Very new on the market.

The Simp-L-Shade


Lonely Guy's Tailgate Party

Lonely Guy’s Tailgate Party


Simp-L-Shade Tailgate Party Gadget

Simp-L-Shade Tailgate Party Gadget

Gadgets for Tailgate Party Guys also includes ways to get shade.  This umbrella shade stand (Simp-L-Shade) clicks into any 2″ hitch receiver and one person can mount it in seconds.  The angle of the umbrella is resistant to wind gusts and it anchored to stay.  The umbrella insert is 1-5″ which is OK for a patio umbrella . (Note that you use your own umbrella, what you are buying is this holder which is locally made with precision and very strong unlike some of the flimsy imports).  And unlike the guy in the photo, be sure to firm up the arrangements on the day so your best buds will come to your tailgate party.

Simp-L-Shade easily inserts into any 2″ towing receiver, insert your own patio umbrella, tighten the screw and in seconds you have shade. Simp-L-Shade easily extends up to thirty five inches from vehicle to allow clearance for the tailgate, hatch, swing out doors or for access to the goodies in the back of the vehicle.   Simp-L-Shade also easily adjust to five different angles to accommodate for the sun’s rotation to maximize shade. The Simp-L-Shade’s patented design allows for compact, easy storage when not required. Free limited lifetime warranty.

Portable Football Cooler

OK, so what’s better than a cooler?  A cooler that looks like a football. Themed gadgets for tailgate party guys are fun on the day!

Tailgate Party gadget - football shaped cooler

Tailgate Party gadget – football shaped cooler

It’s very much a practical novelty item but it is well-insulated and stands off the ground so will prevent stooping.  Should be a good item for people with back problems as bending for those beers can be so darn exhausting.  It holds more than 40 cans (that’s my share). It’s a good policy to stash food above the ground (Health bureaucracies insist on a minimum of 6″ off the ground to avoid contamination).   It closes with a zipper, has a carrying case of its own as well as the box it was shipped in.  It is simple to put up and take down.  What more could a football fan want?  20″ x 20″ x 38″.

Make sure you come back to this article regularly because, as I find some quirky items, I’ll add them to this list.  It’s a good stopping off point for gift-shoppers!


Happy tailgating  in 2018!